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Barton contract ‘furore’ most likely a storm in a tea cup

February 23rd, 2011 | 17 Comments |

Joey Barton contract speculation
Gis a contract. Pretty please.
Speculation about disagreement between Joey Barton and Newcastle United has been hitting the press but there is little of substance to back it up.

Joey Barton has been the subject of press speculation regarding his new contract recently. I should say at this stage that I can find nothing ‘official’ – by which I mean a direct quote from someone who counts – to back it up, so it could all be complete tosh.

However, the press speculation is as follows.

Apparently Barton has offered to take a £1m/year drop in wages in return for a 3 year extension to his current contract, which runs out in 18 months.

Allegedly, though, the club have only offered him a 2 year extension to his contract and that is a point of disagreement between Barton and NUFC.

Add to that potential interest in the player from the likes of Hamburg and suddenly there’s a story about an unsettled player at Newcastle United. (more…)