4-4 fallout – Pardew speaks, Barton blamed and Interpol deny interest

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Joey Barton gets the blame for the Middle East troubles
Caused the banking collapse?
Alan Pardew comments more about Newcastle United’s 4-4 draw with Arsenal, Joey Barton get the blame for all the world’s ills and Interpol deny being Arsenal supporters.

The remarkable 4-4 draw on Saturday certainly caused a stir with some Arsenal supporters, even to the point of them blaming Joey Barton for all the ills of our society. I’m surprised the Gooners haven’t blamed him for the Afghanistan war, the troubles in Egypt and possibly even the flood that had animals two-by-twoing into Noah’s Ark. I hear one disgruntled supporter has demanded an inspection of Joey Barton’s head to see if there’s a 666 on it anywhere.

There was also a brief rumour that Interpol were investigating the game on some sort of match-fixing charge but that has since been proved unfounded. Inspector Clouseau of Interpol said:

Interpol is not aware of any request for assistance and any investigation would be conducted by national authorities. Interpol’s general secretariat has not been asked to provide any assistance in relation to this matter.”

Anyway, Alan Pardew has had some more to say about the game. After the first half, he took some stick from a particularly vociferous fan behind him, about which he said:

I was aware of him. That ain’t the first time it has happened.

I have had it several times.

I have had it at West Ham, Southampton, Charlton and Reading.

You get days when it does not look right.

It did not look right and if I was a fan I would be questioning the manager about the preparation of that team.

Pardew then goes on to explain that he didn’t think things were right at the outset:

The truth is I even felt before the game that it did not feel right. I could sense something was wrong.

We were genuinely feeling sorry for ourselves.

There was a hangover from the events of this week and to some degree, some of the players, maybe they were asking, ‘is it all about Andy Carroll?’

Well it isn’t. It is about Newcastle and they showed that.

I am not saying to you anything different than what I mentioned at half-time.

It was not how to approach a Premier League game. You have to pressure people, tackle people, turn people around, force them into errors. You can force any team into errors.

Part of my message was that you cannot sulk in front of 52,000 people at St James’ Park.

They were letting themselves down more than anyone else.

They showed to their family and friends that they are better than that.

It has been a tough week to be a football manager here – a tough and the toughest I have had, as you can imagine – but at the end of it I am elated. It is just a weird feeling.

Fair play to Pardew for instigating the turnaround at half time after borrowing Sir Alex Ferguson’s hairdrier. It should do wonders for the confidence of the team and will certainly help to put any bad feeling about the Andy Carroll sale behind them.

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187 Responses

  1. You should be thanking Dowd – he was the key. The most bent officiating I’ve seen in 35 years of watching football. Arsenal could have been 6 up and he’d have found a way to even it up.

  2. Dowd is actually about the only ref in the prem who doesn’t referee AGAINST Newcastle. I hope we get him more often. Glad he told Arsenal players to shut-up and #### off, words to that effect. :)

  3. Simon an Arsenal fan? the key was Arsenal’s big ego and lack of bottle! have some sense and ackowledge the great game and great comeback!

  4. Arsenal fans in general have no problems being gracious about defeat in recent years, except when it comes to spurs. Did you not see our fans have in fact, congratulatrf teams like West Brom, Hull & even Newcastle when they beat Arsenal fairly and squarely? I’m sorry, but I will not acknowledge your ‘great comeback’ because the referee had a direct influence in 3 of your goals. But I am happy to congratulate your win against us at home earlier in the season. Cheers

  5. To the tune of “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin:

    When you’re facing a rout, and you’re 30 yards out, Cheik Tiote!
    From the Ivory Coast, squeezed just inside the post, Cheik Tiote!
    He left Cesc Fabregas, lying flat on his ass, Cheik Tiote!
    When we made it 4-3, he said leave it to me, Cheik Tiote!

  6. Newcastle will certainly celebrate it as though they won a trophy, the sad part is that they only have a handful of trophies which I can count with one hand.

    What A Small Club With No History.

  7. true northern grit showed against soft southern b&#%?ds when we had are backs to the wall taken blow by blow we came out fighting rocky rocky the story of the under dog

  8. Aye say what you like gooners. I bet you would have Barton on your team anyday. Not since viera have you had a player with any toughness, you dance and mince around the pitch, get into your players and they are little whine like bitches. Weak chinless players.

    Barton and Nolan could beat your on their own lol!!

  9. This ref just took no stick from the winging, acting and bad sportmanship from the arsenal players.
    If they concerned themselves more about the game than the referee they might have actually won this game.
    Also it’s an indult to NUFC that all the press are discussing is how bad arsenal were…What about the performance for NUFC to come back….Be it against 10 men!

  10. Well Barton did jump into the tackle and could have caused a really bad injury. And those pen’s, i would be fuming if they were given against us!

  11. @10 Barton Gay Friend

    You mean you can actually count ? Try counting the points we have taken from you this season – I will give you a little clue, its the same number of goals you shipped in the second half !!!!

    Spineless side – spineless manager and spineless fans !!!

  12. Born Again Geordie Born Again Geordie says:
    February 7, 2011 at 12:46 pm (Edit)

    Fabregas has t obe the biggest cheat in the history of the premier league !!!


    Drogba runs him pretty close though.

  13. Well u see Vieira is a pure class player who has won everything there is to win, Barton none. When Barton dies (I Hope He Does) he will not bring any legacy or trophies to his grave. He will jus be forgotten like every other average football.

    Vieira is a world class footballer, well Barton is more like a Sunday league player and will definitely not be able to fit into our champion league standards. Well he won get the ref protection like in the BPL, but get sent off in every game.

    I Am Sure You Guys Would Die To Have Vieira In Your Team!

  14. Just love the fact 2 days on and they are still pissed off about giving a 4 goal lead away , just a pity they can’t believe they have no leaders in the team no fight and when teams get stuck in against them their manager blames everyone and everything but his own players who were responsible for their own downfall . Bartons tackle was one of the best i have seen in years , one footed and won the ball cleanly .

  15. wow, so many bitter non-toon fans today…….
    let the record show it was 4-4, whether you want to count the dodgy penalty out, you can always add-on the disallowed goal
    it was a great comeback and a fantasic game of football, grow up and piss off back to your own sites please

  16. @ Born Again Geordie

    Just be careful not to get relegated again!!!

    HAHA!! Jealous Ass

    Spineless side – spineless manager and spineless fans !!!

  17. Listen up you northern monkeys, you couldnt beat us without the ref giving you three soft goals, sending one of our players off, not sending one of yours off for a worse offence and ruling a rvp goal offside, even though it was clearly onside. Dont try and give it like you can actually play football. Your so called hard men were diving around all over the pitch like girls, it was almost as embarrassing to watch as the referees performance.

    Is that how Ashley has decided to try and keep you up? By oaying off the referees? Newcastle and Ashley deserve each other – neither has any class and both are full of sh*t. Hope you get relegated again. Its no less than you deserve for cheating.

  18. 1.the foul on arshavin was a red barton should be off therefore the tackle on diaby does not take place
    2.diaby pushes barton , nolan pushed diaby trying to protect his fellow thug so……..?????
    3.nolan armwrestles shezzer to the ground …what hes still on the pitch? yes folks he sure is

    i have been watching foot ball for 50 years and that was the most inept reffereing i have ever seen even worse than tuesdays debacle against everton

    i sincerely hope you get relegated , and your gate will be down to 20000 when cameron sorts out all you non productive pr*cks in toon land

  19. Lovely to have the Arsenal fans here, good to see you have to come and complain on a Newcastle blog. Why not sulk amongst yourselves? Ah well, cheers for coming along, given me a good laugh at your desperate attempts of insults.
    Barton Gay Friend – You do make me laugh, your ridiculous comments and your simply stupid name are brilliant. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t take money for Viera, too slow, too old, out of it. Give me Barton over him anyday. As for complaining over the tackle, Ball first + one footed = Fair tackle.
    As for DSVG, your comments make no sense whatsoever. Sure you weren’t confused and thought Newcastle were playing in red, as they were the ones falling like girls (and that’s an insult to girls). I the referee sent off your player for violent conduct. Not sure how you see it, but throttling someone up here is classed as V.C. Ok, so if RVPs goal was onside, what about Leon Bests? There we go, that makes it 5-5. Was Bests ACTUAL goal soft? No, it was poor defending on your behalf and a well taken goal.
    Now piss off.

  20. Oh dear!

    First pen-tackle from behind-PEN
    Best has good goal chalked off, refs ass evens it up with soft 2nd pen.
    Nowt wrong with goals 2 & 4 like.

    Arse tried to kick Barton into a reaction-Didn’t work.

    You took your foot off the gas & paid the price.

    It’s obviously created some serious psychological damage to arsenal this game, judging by the comments above & no doubt below.

    Howay lads, you won a point at SJP, look on the bright side.
    All the best for the rest of the season.
    Gooners for the title, this game could be pivotal.

  21. Asrsnal fans should look only at themselves, Arsenal have no fight, no sprit, Arsenal players buckled and did not stand up to an average side, 4 nil up and you cant win??
    Sorry, but any arsenal should look at themselves and not blame anyone else fo their EMBARRESSING 2nd half performance!!
    Grow up! Arsenal have had the same strong players in the past, Keown, Adams, Viera, Petit!! you would win the league if you had them now, instead you buy prima donnas who cheat (febregas) and winge (fabregas again) he is not worthy of being a captain, he does not rally his side, he was hiding on saturday!!
    Only aarsenal to blame for Saturday, not Dowd, not Barton!

  22. @ edge

    Nolans manhandling of our keeper (i cant spell his effing name) was worse than Diaby’s supposedly violent conduct and what did he get? Nothing. In fect our guy got a yellow. Please explain? Maybe us soft southerners dont understand the rules of football. or maybe you lot are a bunch of effing cheats. I think the latter is more likely.

    Barton spent the whole game clattering through our players, there was at least one challenge that warranted a straight red and others that warranted multiple yellows. What did he get? Nothing. Please explain as it defies all logic.

    I guess i cant expect you to be objective when it comes to your supposed hardmen falling all over the place like little girls, but the telly doesnt lie, i know what i saw however much you try and deny it. You soft northeners should take up ballet, your getting very good at the pirrouettes and the swan dives.

  23. dvsg yeah your right we could not beat you without the ref giving us 3 soft goals and all the rest . What was the score down in London again ! god you pricks are not only soft as shit but thick as well . you even make up your on rhyming slang because your too stupid too understand the English language .

  24. Er,
    Nolan along with your ‘keeper got a yellow card for that infringement.
    Trying to get the ball from a ‘keeper trying not to hand it over.

  25. Which was the 3rd ‘soft goal’ we got, was that Tiote’s piledriver or Best’s slot home?

  26. dvsg says:
    February 7, 2011 at 1:01 pm
    Stuart 79

    Do you know how to read and write up north?

    If you see anyone walking a dog in North London today ask them to call 0800 40 41 42 43 44 – They will give them advice on how to keep hold of a lead!

  27. Look, arsenal were luck to get a point on Saturday. You all know it. It’s ironic that you say nufc can’t play football are a sh1t team etc.. Doesn’t that make your team look worse? If we are so bad, the how did we manage to win at your place and be the only team in premier league history to come back from a 4 goal deficit? The amount of stick the arsenal fans must be getting today from every other team must be a bit of a bind hence why the kids on here are so wound up. Instead of wasting your £5 top ups on here use it to call someone who cares what you think. I can hear the school bells ringing, time for you to get back to class.

  28. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    February 7, 2011 at 1:23 pm
    Which was the 3rd ‘soft goal’ we got, was that Tiote’s piledriver or Best’s slot home?

    The penalty, mate…

  29. dvsg if telly does not lie look at refs finger just after Diaby red he put one finger then two fingers for two pushes also tells you lot to feck off

  30. @ Axel

    I give credit where its due. You beat us fair and square at ours. I have never raised an issue with that game other than to say our defending of the set piece that led to Carrols goal was shocking. Our fault no-one elses.

    That is a world away from Saturday’s fiasco. The referee made some shocking decisions and failed to make others, and that leaves us questioning his(and your) integrity. The correct decisions would have led to a different outcome and im sure, even though none of you will admit it, that you all know it to be true. Barton should have been sent off for his challenge on Arshavin, and even if not for that, he should have seen two yellows for his persistent fouling. Nolan struck our keeper in the head. That should (according to the rules) be a straight red. The second penalty was for what exactly? Ive watched it over and over and i still cant figure out where the contact or the foul was. Help me out here? Did you see any contact? I seriously doubt it because there wasnt any.

    Arsenal 4 Newcastle 1 Phil Dowd 3 was the final result.

  31. Stu,
    he reckoned we got 3 soft goals from the ref.
    I know he didn’t agree with the pens, but that still leaves one outstanding.
    First pen was a ‘nailed on’ clumsy tackle from behind, the 2nd was ‘given’ as Best’s disallowed goal was unjustified.
    The refs ass felt a need to ‘even it up’.
    That makes a refreshing change.

  32. STuart 79

    Good one!

    If you see anyone walking a dog up north, ring home and tell them to light up the coals, dinners on its way.

    Or was that Dowd who turned a football match into a dogs dinner?

  33. Second penalty was not a penalty, never in a million years. But do I look like I care? Best had a perfectly decent goal ruled out, the pen balanced this out. I just wish nolan had scored at the end to really send arsenal over the edge. Apart from those two errors I thought the ref was good and to show my gratitude I let his family out of my garage unharmed.

  34. Poor poor Arsenal.

    To be fair when we went 0-4 down I feared the worst, however I haven’t got the foggiest what Pards said to them at halftime but it worked!

    Diaby saw red for 2 fouls, not just the one. Grab and push on Super Joey after a fair challenge, then a push in the back on Nolan after he stepped in to protect his team mate. Nolan saw yellow for a grab and push on the keeper, 1 foul. 1+1=2 – Gooners can’t count obviously!

    So, because you can’t defend with 10 men you capitulated and shipped 4 goals. Thats a shame, but you can’t take it away from the lads as they were fantastic second half!

    What I’m trying to say is Wenger is a nonce, Arsenal fans are all Nonces, and the entire Arsenal team are whining little homo’s, waiting for Wengers next delivery of Paedo Pellets!


  35. Clunt

    Oh how witty you are, questioning my sexuality and all.

    Anyway you lie, just ask your mum mate, she’s had more than a mouthful.

  36. dvsg,
    i’m sure she has mate, she’s got 4 kids.
    Her grave was disturbed recently, was that you?

  37. @EdgeToon

    Your Comments sure are as hilarious as they are baseless. Most probably you are one of those guys who left the stadium when you were 4 nil down, but, now talking as though you were by Newcastle’s side all the while.

    I have a sneaky feeling that you were a Sunderland fan, but once Newcastle got a 4-4 draw, you started supporting them!!

  38. dvsg your right about the second penalty there was no reason to give it but that ruled out Bests disallowed goal which was on side and your disallowed goal was offside . Get a video and watch it again . You know when all the dust settles down and you look back at the game then both teams should be proud of playing in one of the best games in years for the neutrals it will go down as one of the classics . Just one question why can you lot not get a defender in to lead your defence , you lot after all are famous for how solid your defence was . Where is a Tony Adams or Sol Campbell in your squad , we have got one in ours ;)

  39. Hahaha stop whining you bunch of cockney babies

    Nolan’s offence on whatever-his-name-is is at most a yellow, the fact that your keeper DIDNT protest too much when he was booked says something, guilty much? trying to emulate nani’s play acting? :lol:.

    The 2nd pen was never a pen, yes, but we had a perfectly legit goal by Best ruled offside!
    Talk about Karma having its ways

    Just admit it, you’re 4-0 up and you lot fcuked it up, so grow a pair and stop blaming everyone for your downfall

    And dont forget the reckless tackle by diaby right after the arshavin-barton incident if you’re soooooooooooo persistent in your views, if Barton was to commit a similar offence, we would be hearing words like thug, should be banned for life from football, all over again. And surprisingly, from a whinging goon’s pov its perfectly fine

    Hypocrisy at its best hahahaha, bunch of twats

  40. Arsenal fans piss off and try to concentrate on winning the league. Your bunch of cheating twats have conned the ref hundreds more times than any other team in the league yet we get 1 dodgy decison and you cant stop bleating. The pen may have been soft but rosicky did have 2 hands in williamsons back. He gave the ref a decision to make when he didnt need to. I normally hate man u but I hope they f***ing cream you after reading this you bunch of sorry f***pigs.

  41. Lads,
    i think you’ll find that most of us actually like the way the arse play & i for one, would definitely enjoy seeing you lot take the title from the other wasters.
    As someone that lives in prime gooner territory, i must say, generally, your fans are cool & i always have good banter with them.
    Let’s not spoil our good relations lads.
    Aye, it hurts, but time will heal the wound.
    BTW, i’m not having a go.

  42. Axel

    I thought RVP’s goal was just on. But then i would wouldnt i. Just like you would call Bests.

    You ask a fair question and one that i and many gooners have ourselves asked repeatedly. We do need an Adams or Campbell, no doubt. Vermalen was looking good until he got injured. Djourou was looking solid until he got injured. There seems to be a recurring theme. ANyway we have what we have and thats our lot. It doesnt help when the ref stinks as much as he did, but maybe your right and when the dust settles we will see that the wheel hasnt come off the cart quite yet. We are still in there with a shout.

    @ Clunt.

    I will show some respect and apologise. If i can i would take back my comments about your mum as i’m not one to speak ill of the dead. I still think your a clunt tho!

    My parting shot – well done for taking four points off us, even if you didnt deserve them. Now can you please do the same to Manure and Chelski?

  43. dvsg,
    good lad, me too mate.

    You’re right about me though, that’s why i use this moniker mate.

  44. My sincere congratulations to any team including Newcastle,who beat Arsenal fairly.
    But Phil Dowd was the only reason to the downfall of Arsenal in the second half
    That thug Joey nearly destroyed Arshavin with a ferocious foul without being cautioned.
    2 The same thug fouled uncerimonously Diaby at the start of the second half nad again was not even cautioned,which means “do what you like,you’ve got my permission”
    Diaby reacted and quite rightly was sent off..shame
    Necastle were given a penalty ( correct )and the other thug Nolan send Arsenal goalkeeper to rhe ground,the same action as Diaby did to Bart(thug )on,but to the astonishment of eberyone who watched the game,the result was a yello to Chezney….How can you explain that Phil..what was your intension Phil.
    After a while another penalty to Newcastle,why?how?for what reason?
    Final result Phil Dowd +Newcastle 4 10 men Arsenal 4.Well done to the Gunners

  45. Riiiiight, not sure which match you were watching DSGV, but the one I saw involved Barton getting ball first every tackle. Nolan got booked for his manhandling of your keeper. Never a red.
    Bartons Gay Friend (are you actually gay?) – Calling my points baseless? Not sure if you were aware, a football game occurred on Saturday, at St James’. All my evidence is there, how about you watch it again? As a matter of fact, I wasn’t. I live in Dubai, have done for 10 years, and watched the match in a pub, surrounded by Arsenal fans. Would have been easy to walk out, but did I, no. How glad I am I didn’t. I’m Geordie through and through. As for (or should that be 4-4) you, I reckon you started the game as a Gunner, switched to Man U, then Chelsea. Is it Spurs now?

  46. Personally while the second penalty was a bit soft, I could see why it was given. Rosicky clearly pushed Williamson when he is jumping for the ball, it doesn’t matter how much force or not he put into it, if you put you hands on a player in the box in a pushing motion you’re likely to concede a penalty. I was right behind the incident and to me it was blatant.

  47. And to all the Arsenal fans going on about Barton’s tackle on Arshavin, if the tackle was so horrendous then why does Arshavin walk over to Barton seconds later and try to help him up off the ground?

  48. Ok the Barton is a thug thing is getting really old now.
    He has definitely been a thug off the field of play, but i think you’ll find, very rarely on it.
    Most of his faux pas’ (before he even put on a Toon shirt) have been punished, rightly, culminating in him doing time, rightly.
    He’s been sent off a couple of times playing for us, again, rightly.
    The press love a bete noir though & see him as an easy target. Plenty of players have done time & also pulled their crap back together (Adams?).
    He has shown he can compete with the best of them, at football, & really turned his life around. That will always wrankle with some & they’ll always find a righteous stick to beat him with (their prerogative i guess). But i think you’ll find that the lad never shirks & never moans, even when put out injured by wreckless challenges (cattermole). He’s just trying to get on with his life/game.
    He played a blinder on Saturday, which only the churlish would deny.

  49. HaHa this is fantastic, Arse fans blaming everyone but there own players, Wenger, Rosicky involved in match fixing, Ashley paying off the ref even tho it was the linesman who gave the dodgy pen, the same linesman who ruled off a pefectly legitimate goal and it was the other linesman who correctly ruled VP offside
    Never mind thier own players going completely missing in the second half, it was all down to the almighty who had spiked thier half time oranges and told them a sad story of a little boy lost (wilshire)
    I work with some decent Arse fans in the city and they have all said its typical arsenal bottling it – presume these bloggers are just idiots

  50. Arsenal fans have very short memories, Adams, Keown, Winterburn, Viera and Lee Dixon were hardly shrinking violets, can still remember them laughing at us after they kicked Ginola etc off the park.
    Maybe we got some decisions for us but its the first time this season after having some ridiculous ones against us.
    Sir Bobby nailed Arsenal when he said they need to learn how to lose as well as win, cant argue with that.

  51. All that matters is that we drew, we’ve taken 4 points of 4rsen4l this season – and 7 of the next 8 games are emminently winnable – if it goes too well though we could end up in the Europa Cup – and nobody wants that!!!

  52. If the Arse fans think Barton and co went in a little to hard wait till they play Wolves on Sat, I can imagine McCarthy is relishing it and telling his players to go in as legally hard as possible and that Arse will collapse again

    They were rough as fook when we played em and can only imagine they’ll be worse against Arse, especially after beating the manure scum

  53. barton should be knighted along with me ,you dont mess with the geordie team there rock hard

  54. I think the “Interpol” rumour stemmed from an Arseblogger entitling his submission “if there was a fixed game would we ever know ?” or something along those lines.

    Clearly the Gooner numbnut element have taken it on from there.

  55. Newcastle fans have the chance to vote Magpies legend Jackie Milburn into the Ultimate FA Cup XI.

    Last month, sports broadcasting network ESPN launched the ESPNsoccernet Cup of Dreams Fan Poll – a survey to establish the all-time FA Cup dream team, manager and overall dream player.

    A shortlist has been produced, with Milburn – who bagged 239 goals in 494 games for Newcastle between 1943 and 1957 – among the strikers in contention.

    Former St. James’ Park trio Michael Owen, Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish have also been selected for inclusion.

    Voting is open until the FA Cup semi-finals, and fans can pick Milburn by visiting http://www.ESPNsoccernet.com.
    The second last paragraph pissed me off. :evil: :evil:

  56. “Former St. James’ Park trio Michael Owen, Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish have also been selected for inclusion.”? Never heard of them.

  57. @EdgeToon

    Firstly, y would club hopper want to support Arsenal when they haven won a trophy in 6-7 years, they would be supportin Manu or Chelsea!

    Come on mate, unlike fans like you who hide under the basement till Newcastle got a 4-4 draw, and then come out of it to declared your sudden love for the club, I am a gunner till I die, YES, Till I die.

  58. I’m really disappointed in the Arsenal fans. I’ve a number of friends who are Gooners and always found them OK – but this lot are pathetic.
    Let’s get the facts right.
    The Barton challenge was hard but not a foul – but some refs might have given a yellow.
    Sending Diaby off was a no-brainer.
    The first penalty was a clear foul.
    The second was soft – a push from Rosicky into Willo’s back – often not given – BUT it wasn’t Dowd who gave it! I was sitting very close to that area – and the signal came from the linesman! Dowd looked across to him and he had his flag across his chest to indicate that HE’D seen a foul. At the time I said to my neighbour “The linesman’s given the penalty!” This is of course the same linesman who disallowed a perfectly good Newcastle goal so he must have been biased / bribed etc.
    You and your manager never give credit to opponents and never acknowledge your own team’s failings. If you can’t hold onto a 4 goal lead you blame the ref, the dirty opponents, injuries, sunspots – anything. I’ve watched the whole game again today and I had forgotten how many good saves your keeper had to make in that second half- and also the fact that some of Newcastle’s moves involved good football and didn’t just involve launching the ball up to big boys – oh, forgot, we don’t have any fit big lads at the minute.
    If it keeps your dummies in, you believe in conspiracy theory, bad refereeing – anything but recognise that YOUR team could not hold onto a 4 goal lead against seriously out-gunned and potentially demoralised opponents who ultimately showed great heart and not a little skill to claw their way back.

  59. “Former St. James’ Park trio Michael Owen, Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish”

    Used to do a turn before every home game in the lounge bar. Dalglish played drums Rush was on keyboards and Owen was on another planet.

  60. @fourfouroneone

    Well u see like you said Wolves will go in hard but in legal terms, While the thug like Barton do it illegally.

    Well I personally respect Wolves as they certainly brought a game against Manu. I would like to ask you would Newcastle have the balls to do the same! Trust me i have seen it countless times, they don.

    They just drop their balls and kiss ferguson’s ass everytime they play them. BLOODY PUSSIES.

  61. AoD – pretty much every professional footballer, manager and pundit have pretty much said the same, arse bottled it

  62. World Cup winner Villa also said Andy Carroll, who Liverpool signed to replace Torres in a £35million deal, was “worth every penny”.

    Villa, who cost Barca around £34.2 million when he joined them from Valencia last summer, added: “Each year there are big transfers of this type. It’s normal. All teams need to strengthen when they want to win things.

    “Liverpool needed to reinforce after the sale of Fernando. They (Carroll and fellow new recruit Luis Suarez) are two great players who are worth every penny. I’m sure they’ll be a hit with the fans.”


  63. This is probably the best day on the blog ever!

    Thanks Arsenal fans for coming round and making you all look like a bunch of Wenger/Wanger/W4nkers!!!


    4 points against the ARSEnal


  64. @AndyMac

    Yes, i certainly do, studs up (Red Card) and Arshavin took it like a man and rode the challenge unlike Pussy Face Barton.

    Did you see how he fell like a Pussy when Rosicky nudged into him. One things for sure a real hard man like, Souness, Bremner, Keane or Vieira will live up to their hard man tag and not fall like a pussy.

    I guess Barton aint a real hard man after all!

  65. hey, ther are some sad sad arsenal fans on here today!!
    grow up, and ask yourselves why your team bottled it!!!
    look at for own players for blame!!
    u bottled it big time!!

  66. at least Barton dusnt cheat & winge like Fabregas – now there is a cheat, oh yes and Nasri for diving, how many others i wonder, of yes Eboue likes to fall theatrically!!
    cheats and wingers – must come from the manager down does it???

  67. Arsenal have a long history of whinging about refs, it was only last week where Fabregas had a word with the ref saying Moyes had bribed him
    A defiant Wenger explained: “I was next to Fabregas at half-time and I can’t see why David Moyes is furious with him , Fabregas didn’t speak to the referee at half-time, I did.”

    Although the Spaniard admitted in a statement on the club website that he did speak to Mason in the tunnel during the interval

    errr go figure, Wenger is clearly deaf as well as blind

  68. Faaack off you stupid cockney waaankers.

    Jesus, what a bunch of sad little southern pricks we’ve attracted today. You blew a 4 goal lead, get over it and man up you little bunch of Fabregas style puffters.

  69. Barton was only being like that because if he retaliates in anyway he gets more flack then anyone else. A smart man.

  70. This is hilarious. A bit sad – I’m sure Arse fans weren’t always like this – but still funny how they’re reacting. It’s like watching my 5-year-old when I finally have to take a toy off him.

    It all stems from their manager, who (despite otherwise being magnificent at his job) is the worst loser and biggest whiner out there. It’s like he learned his English from Coldplay albums.

    What happened on Saturday showed, with hard, sharp clarity, the difference between these two teams. Arsenal are currently lacking all the fight, guts and mental resilience that used to be their hallmark. Tony Adams must be crying into whatever he drinks these days.

    Newcastle are so gutsy they’re bordering on the psychotic. It’s almost scary. Yes, they deserved a slap for their approach in the first half, and they got one from a manager who may lack a lot of Wenger’s abilities, but also has in spades what Wenger lacks: an ability to spot failings in himself and his team, and the will to put it right.

    Come on, Gooners: you’re better than this. Your lot let you down totally; now you’re making it a whole lot worse.

    And we’re laughing at you. ‘Cos it’s funny.

  71. I must admit, I wish Barton had steered away from saying he doesn’t understand Diaby’s reaction. Even I can see the irony in he of all people not understanding a player losing his rag, retaliating and getting sent off. At least Diaby didn’t punch anyone.

    I liked the netball comment, though. That was spot on, not just for the Arse, but most of the prem clubs these days. :)

  72. Barton Gay Friend – You simply reiterate my point, why would I be a Mackem turned Geordie when we havn’t won anything since 1969, before I was born in fact.
    Hiding in the basement? What am I, scared of my football team?! As a matter of fact I’m not (unlike your team in the second half), I will stand by Newcastle United every step of my life, not once turn my back on them. Newcastle United Football Club till I die. And longer.

  73. Micky – I think it would have wound him up a lot more if Barton had played for the moral high-ground. But I suspect Barton enjoys being on the end of the vitriol, and besides – the netball thing was priceless.

  74. Clint – Well, I’m not sure what to believe in, coming back from 4-0 down has made me believe there is a god. Why can’t there be an afterlife :P

  75. Edge,
    could be mate, could be?
    There’s at least a football god, this week.
    Just need to beat liverpoo with ac playing now.

  76. Whumpie, The thought of Wenger learning his English from Coldplay albums,priceless.If I could do a smiley thing I’d do one.

  77. Arsenal fans on here today making themselves to be a joke.

    Obviously some 15 year old his shirt with his name on the back, thinks it makes him a real fan. Bless.

  78. “Anyway, Alan Pardew has had some more to say about the game. After the first half, he took some stick from a particularly vociferous fan behind him, about which he said:

    “I was aware of him. That ain’t the first time it has happened.
    “I have had it several times.”

    It wasn’t me.

  79. One word to the arse fans “dignity” find some and maybe a decent centreback and leader on the pitch and you might challange man ure and even gain a little bit of respect.

  80. worky,
    that Clash ‘Capitol Radio’ promo should go for big money, very rare.
    Nice to see a Penetration one too.
    Pauline Murray used to work for my mates dad, a little factoid there.

  81. Hugh de Payen says:
    February 7, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    “Some good stuff there Worky. All my taste and era.”

    Thanks Hugh, did you see any of the ones I had up before? I still have quite a few left.

  82. Yeah Clint, particular favourites of mine were Stiff Little Fingers, The Ramones, Discharge, Crass, The Fire Engines and just about anything John Peel would play in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

  83. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    February 7, 2011 at 5:32 pm (Edit)

    that Clash ‘Capitol Radio’ promo should go for big money, very rare.”

    The TV Personalities’ “Where’s Bill Grundy now?” is as rare as hen’s teeth as well, Clint. There were only about a thousand of the original white label King’s Road ones pressed up. “Part Time Punks” is a classic!

  84. Hugh, I have two that you’ll absolutely hate. The original “Jilted John” on Rabid Records and “Stuck on You” by “Gordon the Moron”. :-)

  85. Hugh,
    my man,
    i too was a crasstafarian, loved Discharge too, Ramones & SLF, great stuff!
    In fact, today i’m sporting a very fetching Crass T-shirt (logo).
    It’s all in B & W.

    aye that TV personalities is well rare too.
    Have you got the Clash 1st album with the red dot sticker, that allowed you to get the promo free?
    Or did you buy it separately?

  86. lol, worky, I actually liked them.

    I still have some vinyl from that era myself in the attic, although I sold a lot of it to a second hand shop in Bristol (which I now regret).

  87. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    February 7, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    i have that jilted john one.
    Daft as a brush that Fellows chap.”

    I’m completely addicted to John Shuttleworth, Clint. I used to have an Australian sound engineer mate who used to know Crass.

  88. ‘General Bacardi’ and ‘Securicor’ by Crass are two of my all-time favourite tracks.

  89. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    February 7, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    “Have you got the Clash 1st album with the red dot sticker, that allowed you to get the promo free?”

    I did have it once, Clint. I was only a bairn back in those days though and alot of time has passed since then! :-(

  90. workyticket says:

    “Anyway, Alan Pardew has had some more to say about the game. After the first half, he took some stick from a particularly vociferous fan behind him, about which he said:
    “I was aware of him. That ain’t the first time it has happened. I have had it several times.”

    Why doesnt that surprise me WT ?

  91. Hugh,
    ‘The general’s sip bacardi while the privates feel the pain’ & ‘Securicor scares the shit outta you’.
    Love it.

    One of the lads i work with was in ‘Anti-sect’ on crass records. Actually he was ‘Anti-sect’.

    Aye mate,
    a lot of watta under the bridge man.

    I feel at home.

  92. Isn’t it interesting how there’s loads of press about the ref/refs ass. being crap when a couple of decisions go against ‘top 4’ teams. They don’t seem to care otherwise, no matter how pathetic the decisions are.
    The only ‘bad’/wrong decision was the 2nd pen & that was only to balance the shoddy offside call against Best.

  93. AndyMac says:
    February 7, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    “Why doesnt that surprise me WT ?”

    Just trying to clear my name before I get accused by all the usual suspects, Andy! :-)

  94. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    February 7, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    “Good analysis here.
    They always do a proper no. these guys.”

    I would have described their formations as more 4-2-3-1 v 4-2-3-1 rather than 4-5-1 though, Clint. Well, I did describe them like that in my match review!

  95. worky,
    actually, that’s exactly what i thought when reading it too.
    Just forgot to mention it.

  96. Barton said he could’nt understand Diaby’s reaction cause there was nothing wrong with his (Bartons) tackle. The look of surprise on Joey’s face after he had been grabbed on the back of the neck then pushed to the ground. If professional retired players say it was a fair tackle I would believe them and not some Sky watching Gooner.

    Fact – Arsenal had a 4 goal lead that they did’nt have the bottle to protect, thats your fault not ours. You have lacked a decent captain and leader for years. Your so desparate to win something this year as you know Fabregas will be off in the summer to Real Madrid and it will be back to the drawing board, we are buidling a young team, we will break through next year, except next year never comes

    Please grow a ‘set’ and stop whining, its pathetic and get off NUFC boards, you are making yourselves sound even more foolish that you already are.

  97. never been a barton lover but have to admit his play and manner on the field has been great.
    there was a shit on the field in whilshire ive watched him a few times and the lad is heading down a one way road unless his wings are clipped,has some chip on his shoulder that kid imo.

    found it hard getting on site last night

  98. Very disapointed in Arsenal fans in general, but not suprised… We got one soft penalty, sure, but we also got a perfectly good goal ruled offside, but none of you mention that in you list of cries. You might wanna think about the fact that any other fan from any other club saw this as a fantastic game where arsenal lost their bottle in the 2nd half after nufc didnt show up for the first.

    Oh and “Bartons gay friend” seriously? how old are you kid, 7?

  99. ice,
    alreet mate.
    Love him or hate him, Barton’s been pretty outstanding this season hasn’t he?
    Like the way he kept his cool against some awful provacation.
    Y’bang on about wilshire like.
    He’s a bit of a unruly one, not unlike ac off the pitch too. getting into scrapes & stuff.
    Doesn’t make it into the media much, strangely.
    I wonder if the press mongs cane ac now he’s a scouser?
    Hope y’well mate.

  100. ice,
    aye, something was blocking me getting on last night too.
    I think Hugh sorted it though.

  101. Anyway… I have been trying to look on the bright side and a word of warning here, the doom mongers might as well stop reading now, because this is “what could be”.
    Our formation when Ben Arfa is fit have puzzled me a bit, since its hard to take out either Nolan, Barton or Tiote. But i remember CH putting him on the right against City with Guti on the left, and i could actually see him do very well as an inside forward. So imagine these two buys, Hazard and Hulk. Big buys, i know but with Chelsea, City and Liverpool having enough forwards i could see us snapping up some serious talent if money really are available. We could then play 4-3-3 like this

    Hazard…………Ben Arfa

    Add a promising left back and if money is left a good CB and we have a very good team with immense steel in the middle and allot of skill in attack.

  102. valle,
    definitely have HBA as an inside forward mate.
    It woulda been great having him just behind the big fella.
    But now we need to buy a new one. I’d have him inside left though.
    Still would like to see more of Jonas on the right i.e. his good foot.

  103. Simon @2. Your commednts strike a chord. Do I know you?
    Did you once meet a pieman when going to the fair?

  104. CLINT sorry for late reply jumped in bath.
    aye ime good m8,son got fixed with house in malta at last.saw misfud first game back in malta scored hatrick too,you can talk to those guys there,hes got small wage,but a house and car (and plenty woman)and the sunshine what more can a man ask i say :)

  105. CLINT whats your take on this ireland guy,seems we arnt only club to buy/loan lame ducks lol

  106. Barton is under extra scrutiny when we play Arsenal. There’s quite a bit of history between him and the current crop of Arsenal players.

    I think they would love it if they could get him sent off. He is fully aware of all this and tries even harder in these games to ensure he stays on the pitch. Every time he manages this I think the Arsenal fans’ and players’ hatred of him moves up another notch. They will only be happy if he gets sent off every time he takes the field against us.

  107. ice,
    hey, at last, sorted, holidays in the sun for you.

    You on about Steven Ireland?
    If so,
    I didn’t really want us to buy him, but a loan means we can see if he’s up for it & send him back if not.
    You know what i think we need mate.
    & now we need a striker, but if HBA comes back strong, he could be the inside forward we’ve been after.
    So, maybe we need a foil for him now.
    I can taste the irony.

  108. Correction last line :

    They will only be happy if he gets sent off every time he takes the field against THEM.

  109. CLINT aye mate guess what name hes called the house,”the gallowgate”wonder where he got that name ;)

  110. Clint… Could work as well with Ben Arfa in the hole of a diamond, probably his preferred position as well… But figure this, with his left foot being the strongest he would be able to cut inside and shoot/play a through ball same as Hazard do, him being right footed on the left.

  111. valle,
    i know what y’saying, but HBA likes to get to the byline too. Free role would be nice, but i think he’s got the moves to do several things.
    Your’s is a decent plan mind.

  112. to me its sad as ranger in short flashes looks like he something in his locker,hes the same in the res when ive watched him,just doesnt seem to be able to get his act together,shame like

  113. I am a bit unhappy that people are accepting that our second penalty was undeserved.

    Rosicky jumped up looking away from the ball and pushed Williamson.

    Williamson would feel this and made the most of it. The linesman saw it and indicated a penalty. Most linesman ‘bottle’ these decisions and leave it to the referee. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t a penalty. It just means Rosicky didn’t get away with a foul that he would more often than not get away with.

    Rosicky is a typical Arsenal player of the present day. He goes “missing in action” when the going gets tough.

  114. ice,
    he’s 19 mate, he’ll learn, it’ll just take a bit longer.
    By next season he’ll have played quite a bit.
    ATM he’s a great impact sub, that changes the flow of games. If he keeps improving he’ll be more dangerous than ac.

  115. Clint… Aye mate, i really think it would work, an with Barton, Nolan and Tiote central do you reckon anyone taking control over the midfield?

  116. Wallsendlad… If we didnt accept that was soft, we would be no better than the whining gooners.

  117. CLINT i agree mate and hope its sooner rather than later,as i dont think for one minute ashley will give manager even half of andys cash he got

  118. valle,
    agreed on all counts mate.

    he will mate, Ranger that is.
    No clue about ashley like.
    It’ll be interesting to see if he does spend though.
    He won’t pay ower the odds though, & neither should we.

  119. The disallowed goal probably drove us on even more & the soft pen almost guaranteed we’d fight ’til the end.
    Strange turn of events.

  120. Ice… If he dont give the money for transfers it will be because he is balancing the books for a potential sale, most likely to that arab consortium we were linked with. So either way we will end up spending.

    rumours are that that royal arab family were in town in january, taking a look at our books.

  121. VALLE dont you go building my hopes up mate,
    never belive any rumours m8 its all rag shit imo

  122. Can’t see ashley selling any time soon like.
    Big rich new owners will be hamstrung soon anyway, so it won’t make much difference.
    So ashley buys the club, sorts out the debts then splits leaving a healthy virtually debt free club.
    It don’t make sense, unless he just loves the Toon & wants to set it on it’s way. That doesn’t square with what everybody thinks at all.
    But, who thought we’d draw 4-4 at half time, not many stranger things have happened.

  123. CLINT aye m8 strange things do happen,but new rules on spending cut in soon,but it would help keep our good players at the club like

  124. Ice… Sorry mate, it wasnt to spread false rumours, but it does make sense. As i see it, NUFC is his investment and he has to options.

    A) Sell now


    B) Try to improve his investment to get a higher price.

    If he chose to stay at the club and not invest the money, it will gain him nothing but trouble with the fanbase yet again, meaning bad more puplicity.

  125. Clint… There was an interview with the former top agent Barry Silkman on BBC some time ago where he mentioned the fifa rules about and according to him they are easely manouvred around. The owners simply put the money in as sponsorship from co-orperations or list it as co-porate boxes at very high prices and so on… Even if we do stick to the loft they can invest, isnt it something like 80 million a season as far as i recall?.

  126. valle,
    platini has said that he understands that clubs will try the ‘sponsorship’ trick & it won’t be tolerated & that owners will only be allowed to put in nominal amounts.

  127. Clint… I truly hope it will be like that, since i dont like the thought of buying success… I do think we could get more investment than we currently do without being in trouble… Still need to spend it wisely tho, but anyway thats for the future i guess ;)

  128. VALLE,nee offence to me mate,you have your views which i respect,its what its all about,youll get no shit off me,ill always say what i think and expect others to be the same end of

  129. CLINT not being a evil thinker ;)but was wondering with a.c.out for season there saying,could this be another woodgate type injury?

  130. valle,
    i agree mate, buying the league truly sucks & should be stopped. Measured investment is as skillful as getting the right players in & building a team spirit.

    would liverpool spend £35m odd & not do a proper medical?
    Maybe in their haste, they’ve done an ashley & not done due diligence. Now that would be super funny!

  131. This match has really changed my opinion on arsenal fans tho… 9 out of 10 are disgustingly one eyed. They all whine about the 2nd soft penalty but they all fail to mention the good goal we got disalowed… Oh, and blame it all on Barton, its all his fault they lost their lead… and the refs… and nolans… and the media’s… and english football in general.

  132. Must say, I’m both surprised and disappointed at the Gooners’ manager and their supporters.

    Whine, fix, bent ref, winge, cry, moan and not even a suggestion of a sporting word of praise for a remarkable come-back!

  133. On a slightly different tack, I presume everyone has read Archie’s alternative assessment of the match ?

    “We have a Recruitment Officer at work called Mike Williamson. He has difficulty walking across the courtyard to the office and couldn’t “mark” a Christmas card with a biro”

    I dont rate him as BPL material yet earlier this season he was getting rave reviews both from fans and the media. He was astonishly poor against the Gooners, appearing in shot just as each goal went in. So I wonder if it was stagefright :)

  134. archie is a divvy get, he used to have his own sight a few years back, from out east somewhere.

  135. *site


    have his own sight. :)
    What other kind is there?
    I guess there’s second sight mind.

  136. @valle

    I am about 29 And still banging your old frail mom while your dad watches me from a distance as he can;t get hard.

    If Barton is as good as you guys claim he is, why isn’t he playing for England, and a kid like Wilshere is. Well, its because in the international stage he will get sent off twice in a game, and he is simply as good as my shit.

    And Newcastle is just another club with no History!

  137. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “archie is a divvy get, he used to have his own sight a few years back, from out east somewhere.Reactionary!

    I thought his comments were appropriate especially the ones about Williamson and the defence “seemed to completely abandon the concept of “marking” and opt for “running in the general direction of away”

    The point was that overall the defence tightened up in the second half but Williamson didnt ??

    Or maybe we just looked sharper because the other lot bottled it ?

  138. Barton Gay Friend, Ha! your have been found out, you little gobshite, the last pile of crap you posted, you say you are 29, holy mackrel I’ve read better comments from more grown up 7 year olds. Your extremely childish and vulgar comment ‘your frail old mom’ gave you away, your an american are’nt you, well either that or you can’t spell, and what you know about football could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

    At 29 don’t you think you should grown up?