John Carver appointed as Pardew’s number 2

Posted on January 18th, 2011 | 63 Comments |

John Carver and Bobby Robson
Carver and Robson, back in the day
John Carver has joined Newcastle United as assistant manager on contract until the end of the season.

Carver said:

I am proud and honoured to be able to come back once again to my hometown club.

I have been lucky to be able to work around the world with some excellent people.

However, I have always been a fan of this magnificent club, and the years I spent working here were some of the happiest of my life.

I am looking forward to working with Alan Pardew, and building on the recent strides that the club has taken to get back to where we belong, at the top of English football.

I understand how much the club and the results mean to these wonderful fans, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to assist Alan in delivering them the success they deserve.

And Alan Pardew added:

I’m delighted to be bringing John on board – he has an excellent track record as a coach, and, of course, knows this club very well.

It was crucial for me that I brought in an assistant who I knew would work well with the current coaching team we have here.

We’ve got a good solid set-up, with some excellent staff, and maintaining that stability is very important to me. John fitted the bill perfectly.

It’s a short-term deal at the moment in order that I can get to know John better, and it gives us both the chance to see how the next four months pan out working together.

That said, I’m very confident he’ll be a great addition to our coaching staff, and, hopefully, if things go well, we can make it a longer term appointment come the summer.

John Carver has previously served as assistant manager to Bobby Robson at Newcastle.

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63 Responses

  1. Finally NUFC starting to get things right.
    IMHO he will be a spot on appointment, just what the club needs.
    Now its time to push on get up to the 40 point mark asap. starting with a win against the spurts on sat.

  2. Don’t need any panic signings imo. Some quality ones in the summer and everything else is starting to fall into place on the management side.

  3. Why only a 6 month contract. pardew has a 5 1/2 year deal. lets hope for extension in the summer.

  4. Mick G says:

    “What took so long to come to such an obvious and sensible decision”

    Yeah staggering isnt it ?

    He would have been ideal partner for CH :(

  5. Chill andy,
    he’s here.
    He was doing a job elsewhere before & maybe CH didn’t fancy working with him?

  6. Great news. Sensible to just go to the end of the season now; he and AP have to make sure they can work together before longer-term contracts are in order.

    Hopefully this is all the back-room adjustment sorted for now; we don’t need to be re-shaping the club around AP when most of it is working nicely.

    Great to have Carver back in there; perhaps he can bring some of Sir Bobby’s magic with him, and ‘infect’ AP with Magvirus so he can become properly fired up about the place. This club lives off its passion; we need the manager to be the same.

    Just trying to think here: who, apart from Harps, worked under Carver before?

  7. short contract, snide has to make sure he gets on with johns mrs ;)

    worked a bit with k.k.strange ashley went for it,but ime pleased

  8. Great to see JC coming home, hopefully it all works out and he gets offered a longer deal in the summer.

    A little of topic but I see that Charlie Austin from Swindon has submitted a transfer request. Apparently a couple of championship sides, Hull & Millwall have had bids rejected. It could be worth a punt as he’s young and has a prolific strike rate, all be it at a lower level.

  9. icedog says:
    January 18, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    “strange ashley went for it”

    Desperation, Ice.

    Of course, I’m happy that Carver is back, and think that he will make a good assistant once again. I just think that Ashley’s been lucky once more.

  10. Where does it say anything about Taraabt? If it was just Routledge leaving I would say that was a bad move, we are short of wing cover.

  11. Routledge out on loan ?
    Right wing the very position we need to strengthen and we are putting our right winger out on loan, excuse me if i dont get the logic of that ?
    I hope to hell we are not about to bring in SWP, but sure smells that way !
    To be honest having heard some of the names being bandied about by Pardew, rather we did`nt bring in anyone.
    This guy scares me, with his, “I`m having a hard time holding on to Joey” I mean , did i not just read an article where Joey volunteered to take a pay cut in order to stay ?
    The guy just never shut`s up and seldom puts his brain in gear, before he puts his foot in his mouth.
    Well anyway at least we have a good caretaker in Carver for when he get`s found out, hopefully soon.
    On another note, see where Mono Sissoko is available, a faster midfield engine room and without Tiote`s card collecting habits, definately a good buy and still young at twenty five.

  12. Praise Pardew!

    I think i’m actually starting to like him, he did well bringing Ranger on in the liverpool game, and subs/team selectionin general. I suspected he didnt like Routledge – for the same reasons as me, getting u all excited and then not delivering – like taking home a Thai girl and finding out she’s got a bigger cok than u.

    Securing Barton, loaning out the little man til a perm option becomes available…all makes sense.

    I’d obviously like a new striker, but happy to wait till summer where player builds into a team (eg. like Nolan said about understanding importance of the derby) – and when Benny Arfa’fuk’sake comes back and we have a better idea of the ideal formation we play (plus a better knowledge of McLoven and Best’s long term future)…

  13. Milner says:
    January 18, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    “for the same reasons as me, getting u all excited and then not delivering – like taking home a Thai girl and finding out she’s got a bigger cok than u.”

    Happens to me all the time, Milner!

  14. im not so sure on the routledge move. he’s our only true right winger (yes JB has made it his spot and we could have gosling or Rtaylor there) but i thought there was talk of “no one leaving” and all that.
    saw a few rumors that it may include taarabat coming the other way which may not be bad as he looks a good prospect. do NOT want to see SWP coming over. he’s better that wayne, but not by much and would be on stupid wages.

  15. Dont worry Worky, was about to do just that.

    As usual, I completely disagree with Chucks lambasting of Pardew so early on.
    Apart from Stevenage, the guy has hardly done much wrong.

    I find it amazing how people are willing to take media speculation on targets etc literally, when it an be used to fuel to case for Pardew being useless.

    Yet, when it suits them, the same people say, “how can you believe the media?”…

    We have no clue who Pardew’s transfer targets really are. And the only thing he’s done so far is sign Ben Arfa permanently (Good job), and he’s trying to tie our major players down to long term deals.

    Until he actually signs someone, lets try not judge.

    The guys had six games in charge, won 3 (almost four) and lost 2. To Man City and Tottenham!

    Get over the fact he replaced Hughton – nobody wanted Hughton to go (apart from Ashley), but its done…
    Pardew is the manager, accept it, and try support the team!

  16. strong rumours goin round that taarabt for 3m with add ons and routledge on loan with view to perm move in the summer one part has happened lets hope the first part is true

  17. Can anyone tell me, isn’t Taarabt a central player. We have more than enough of those.

    Surely we need a right wing. Does he play right wing?

  18. worky – not off me you wont.

    you – chuckle & a few other gifted people like me can see reet through the snidey looking b@stard – once a womanizer always a womanizer & i reckon it wont be long before he’s caught fiddling roond with some birds bits & pieces.

    – bring back cris hughten i say.

  19. JJ

    I thought Taraabt is like Jonas right footed but cuts inside from the left wing, he has more end product than Jonas though but can be a bit greedy.

    I just can’t see us getting Taraabt though not in a million years, he is like their star player and they’re top of the league.

  20. worky,some of them ladyboys you cant tell the difference anyway,well if you’ve already paid your money,just turn oot the light lol.

  21. TROJAN 69 says:
    January 18, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    “worky,some of them ladyboys you cant tell the difference anyway”

    I didn’t last very long in Thailand, Trojan. One thing someone told me in Koh Samui though was the the Kathoeys always come out at midnight. If you get any “lass” after that time, then they’re packing meat.

  22. jj says:

    “Pardew is the manager, accept it, and try support the team!”

    I never fail to find that amusing :)

    The inference is that because you think the manager is a cockney, journeyman chancer with little or no record of success that means you dont support the team ?

    Tell me again how that works ?

  23. the best news i have heard in a while
    Just hope it works out and he gets signed up to a longer contract.
    @ 60 does that mean you waited till after midnight :)

  24. AndyMac

    Because causing a constant vibe of distain towards a clubs manager, and spreading dislike and feelings of discontent, which may eventually reach the players, can hardly ever be beneficial to a club…

    So wether is Alex Ferguson in charge, or humpty dumpty, while they are in the hotseat, you support them and the team and hope they succeed.