The glorious day! Extended (20min) video highlights of Newcastle v Sunderland rout.

Posted on November 1st, 2010 | 138 Comments |

Extended 20 min video highlights from the glorious day when we demolished Sunderland 5-1, our biggest Tyne / Wear derby victory in no less than 54 years..

Featuring a “fat-trick” from Kevin Nolan and two further goals from “Goala” Ameobi, including an excellent, unreachable penalty.

Post match interviews with Chris Hughton, Kevin Nolan and a disconsolate Steve Bruce are available here.


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138 Responses

  1. Look at SB at the start of the video where Hughton goes to shake his hand, he looks like he’s about to have a heart attack and absolutely bricking it. He must have realised what was gonna happen and been the only one who knew what a derby was like. All his players just didn’t seem to have a clue.

  2. One extra defender is coming back real soon~~~;)

    Steven Taylor will make his comeback from a shoulder injury when Newcastle face Wigan Reserves on Tuesday afternoon.

  3. DJG says:
    November 1, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    “He must have realised what was gonna happen and been the only one who knew what a derby was like.”

    DJG, In his pre match interviews, Bruce said that he hadn’t even been to a Newcastle Sunderland derby!

    “I don’t know why I have never been to one, but I left 30 years ago, so I have been away a long time and have never come back just to witness one.”

  4. Aside from all this though, which I know is impossible; to go from 8 to 14 points in two games when in a survival season is so valuable. Also fourth highest goal difference in the league I do believe.

  5. What a difference a day makes. Except to my hangover.

    Shame we’ve not got an easier follow-up game, but whatever happens, we’ve made a point now and should be back to expecting to get something from every game.

    Oh, and hopefully we’ll hear no more bashing of Nolan and Shola. The wee deities they are. :)

  6. Remember the last time we were up for sale and FF was determined to get his name in the papers as much as possible. I’m reasonably sure this is just another case of the Fat F’wit trying to build up his part.

    Whatever anyone says about FMA there is no way I would want us to go back to the dark old days of the Shepherd/Hall families using NUFC as a money laundering project :(

  7. Does anyone think there will EVER be a day when Mike Ashley will be accepted ? Freddie Shephard and the Halls made some bad moves in there time. I think FS is just trying to get some cheap publicity on the back of a great win against the unwashed at the weekend.
    At the end of the day, this was also a great win for CH AND MA.

    Steve Bruce was bricking it before the match, as seen on the vid, and he transmitted this expertly to his players. Come in Agent Bruce…mission accomplished !!

  8. If FFS was going to buy the club then it would be all over every news outlet going – reckon its all a bag of the brown stuff that ESPN seem to regurgitate quite frequently.

  9. Agreed SpartanChris, as they say if it looks like shlte and smells like shlte it probably is shlte

  10. ime going to stick my neck out now and say we will not get beat at the gunners,said we would win on sunday,ime on a roll now :)

  11. icedog says:
    November 1, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    “WORKY thats a shocker mate,whats your take on it? more shite stirring or what”

    Well I could just say that it’s the usual shite, Icedog, but I’m more interested in why they are writing this shite now.

    Two key paragraphs:

    A close friend of Shepherd’s confirmed to ESPNsoccernet: “I know Freddy is giving very serious consideration to making an offer and returning to St James’ Park.”

    Shepherd, who is currently on Tyneside, is not denying that he is leading a takeover of his beloved Newcastle United and would only say: “I am not prepared to comment on this.”

    So if Freddy Shepherd’s supposed “close friend” is willing to comment on it, why isn’t the Byker Beelzebub? My “close friends” wouldn’t blab things to the media that I want to be kept secret, otherwise they wouldn’t be close friends, and I wouldn’t tell them in the first place anyway.

    But back to the original point. The media have failed to get Newcastle United fans sufficiently radged up over the Hughton sacking stories, so perhaps one of them has thought of a new angle on it? ie Ashley HASN’T sacked Hughton for the same reason he left Hughton in charge of the club when he was selling before, ie it would be daft to bring in a new “big name” manager when he (Ashley) was selling the club to another owner who may want something else again. I’m just idly speculating with my twisted mind there though.

  12. Further investigation shows the article to be written by none other than Harry Harris the well known friend of Shepherd.

    “Harris is one of the UK’s highest-profile football writers. He has had a series of scoops over the years, breaking stories such as the shock departure of Kenny Dalglish from Newcastle and the appointment of Ruud Gullit on the same day in 1999.

    In 2002 Harris caused a stir when he left the Daily Mirror for the Express on a salary that was reported to be in the region of £300,000.

    In February Daily Express publisher Express Newspapers paid substantial damages to football agent Willie McKay over an article by Harris that claimed the agent had been involved in transfer fraud. Express Newspapers and Harris accepted that the allegations were untrue, apologised and agreed to pay McKay substantial damages and his legal costs”

  13. WORKY a fair summing up like,nowt rang with a twisted mind,when you have to deal with twisted folk ;)

  14. As I said before If it looks like shlte and it smells like shlte then expect Fat Freddy to be greasing someone’s palm somewhere to make it seem like something else :)

  15. OH gosh~~

    didn’t expect that type of News about Newcastle~~

    Nice creative Move by the press~~

    Hope that’s not the reason why CH contract is still not settled.

  16. Just been on SSN. FFS is not interested in buying Newcastle and the club say that it isn’t for sale anyway, apparently……

    Hospital ok, have to go back on Wednesday again though.

  17. The press seems to love targeting Newcastle Club.

    For goodness sake,can’t we have at least a week of peace without NUFC being Headlines every time. Grrrrr…

  18. This is a classic case of using the power of the internet to destabilise. Anal and Harry Harris are both mates of Shepherd and it costs nowt to put an article together then see it spread like wildfire across the web. As we speak there are now five instances of this story emanating from one just fifteen minutes ago.

    People do not be suckered into believing everything you read. Rant over.

  19. That is funny Whumpie

    “I don’t know if you’ve ever massaged the crushing malaise out of someone confronting their own pointlessness in a godless universe using Deep Heat, but it’s no picnic.”

  20. The mackems were terrible yesterday and i’m not talking about their team, who were obviously horrendous. After the first goal went in, you heard nothing from them. Not a peep until we baited them into singing, which was met with ironic cheers from us lot.
    Complete rubbish they were, even if they did take an absolute pasting, at only 1/2-0 down the bunch of tramps couldnt muster up a noticeable noise.
    In saying that, half of them f*cked off back to their cardboard box in Pennywell the moment Goala made it 3.

    Loved the fact they tried to claim our choice of music at the end of the game was “tasteless” aswell and that they’re the “classier” club. Priceless.

  21. AngelOfDeath says:
    November 1, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    “The press seems to love targeting Newcastle Club”

    Ed headline alert :lol:

  22. Batty/Whumpie/Icedog/Worky/Anyone :)

    It aint over yet like, and Weds could be a very bad day, but that is for another day :)

  23. Freddy Shepherd couldn’t possibly afford to buy Newcastle United anyway, unless he was backed by the Mafia or something like that. No one else would back him in a million years.

  24. I guess that sheep isn’t that rich too~~

    Even there is a change of ownership i would want at least someone who loves the club and is way way way much more richer…Arsenal Board/Owner type would be fine.

    If luck strikes,Man city Owner type would be great. :lol:

  25. Thought the national press headlines were fairly tame about the result compared to what they would have been had it been the other way around which is what they predicted and expected.
    One hour away from Radio Newcastle football phone in and thirty minutes after that its the Legends, cant wait.

  26. workyticket says:
    November 1, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    “unless he was backed by the Mafia or something like that. No one else would back him in a million years.”

    The Halls seemed to back him for a few years, Maybe he’s a bit of a charmer on the quiet…

    As i said the other day the porky pariah should fcuk off and let us do our level best to forget he was ever involved at the club, the fat shit.

  27. toonsy says:
    November 1, 2010 at 4:25 pm


    It aint over yet like, and Weds could be a very bad day, but that is for another day”

    I certainly hope not, Toonsy, but remember what I wrote in my e.mail.

  28. First all what a result n what a performance from the lads yesterday! I dont buy into the sh!te that sunderland were poor or had an off day the reason they were so poor was we played them off the park , same at west ham.

    Secondley well dont Hughton! What a man! As i said before give hima 5 year contract and let him do what he is doing.

    Third , fat fred can take a run n jump.

    And lastley hope everything turns out ok toonsy , put everything into perpespective and just hope for yourself n your family everything turns out fine

  29. AOD: “Man city Owner type would be great”

    Really? Would you honestly rather be a supporter of them or some other billionnaire-owned club (oh, I don’t know Sunderland for instance) right now?

    I am very content with our ownership and direction right now. Not only does it save a lot of stress (stability does that), but it means that days like yesterday can’t ever be put down to ‘buying success’.

    Citeh can only EVER under-achieve while they’re rich-mans playthings. We can only over-achieve, giant-kill and out-perform. Things are good and I wouldn’t change a thing. (Except Benny’s broken leg!)

  30. CC: “the porky pariah should fcuk off and let us do our level best to forget he was ever involved at the club, the fat shit.”

    Sheer poetry, man!

  31. Is anyone else a wee bit sorry for Bigger Lad? Thought he put in his usual (huge) effort and played well, but didn’t get on the scoresheet. Fortunately a lot of the press seemed to have recognised his importance in the game.

    Come to think of it, I really can’t think of anyone who didn’t play well. Nobody was absolutely outstanding (even Nolan) – it was just 11 players doing what the gaffer told them, and doing it well, with passion and guts.

    I love this club :)

  32. CC “The Halls seemed to back him for a few years, Maybe he’s a bit of a charmer on the quiet…”

    We all know why the Halls backed him !

  33. What keeps me smiling is imagining what all of these Mackems are doing at there computer screens? They have been remarkably quiet. I expect they look something like this;

    Image Hosted by

  34. I am still buzzing my joobs off. There’s a magic positive force to our football under CH – like an unseen hand. It’s the opposite of what we’re used to – a sword of damacles hanging over our heads.. doomed to footballing failure at every turn. I think they call it spirit and togetherness – it’s a new one on me and I love it anyways.

    It’s hard to put into words how good Barton has been on the wing in the past 2 games, he’s somehow managed to improve on what were already top, top commanding midfield performances in previous games. All around people were muttering ‘baaall’ soon as the ball left his foot,, you just knew it was another inch perfect cross-field corker. Beckham-esque.


  35. Ice – I’m not banned anymore, but I got warned that if I tok the piss anymore I would get a permanent ban that wouldn’t be overturned :lol:

  36. Why are the BBC reports calling Nolan’s second goal a “tap in” yet Darren Bent apparently both “Lashed” and “Smashed” in his goal?.

    To call Nolan’s a tap in takes away from the fact that he had to control the ball, turn and find the net. Not exactly a standard tap in. Bent’s was simply bundled over the line from about 4 yards, he lashed at nothing yesterday,lol

  37. @Whumpie: Maybe I phrase it wrongly,i would love a rich owner coming in,without worrying debts. I don’t think u would reject a potential rich buyer of Man city Rich owner similar type don’t you?

    We can have that type of owner,but not with that type of ambition they have…

    But ofc,current Owner is Okay for me atm,since basically we are still re-building phase,so is okay.

  38. Still got a string in me step. Can’t imagine how you proper Geordies are feeling right now. Thanks for the highlights, Toonsy!

  39. ROSS not putting any downers on the game but to me krul had just about had the ball in his hands,he would have got away with takeing bent oot,or been half a second quicker off the mark

  40. whumpie – I wouldn’t feel too sorry for wor southpaw. He’s getting his fair share of plaudits up and down the country these days – as he should. Nolan, on the other hand, scores 3 and still it’s AC who’s in most of the captions and on the messageboards.

  41. pearceet says:
    November 1, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    “I got this info from several sources on t’internet!”


    Because that is how it started in the first place……

  42. Ice-I didn’t realise what had actually happened until I saw the highlights the day like. Thought he maybe could have caught it, dunno if it was just a lapse in concentration or what.
    Would have been nice to keep a clean sheet like, but at the end of the day the fact the whole stadium cheered the goal meant it didn’t have much of an impact anyway. I think we made more noise when Bent scored than the Scum did. They took an absolute pasting, brilliant it was like.

  43. WITTERS its on REAL RADIO,and by the way one fan won a grand as he forcast 5-1 to the toon,good on him

  44. ice-I said earlier mate, couldn’t believe the amount of tramps that were just walking out after the 3rd goal went in. Was quality to see them all sitting completly gobsmacked. One lad infront of me was almost in tears, I was just in shock, lol.

  45. So, for Shola’s second goal, does AC get the assist, or the crossbar? Fantasy Points and all…

  46. just got internet at my uni house…not much to say, still just totally shocked, what a game :)

  47. Agree with those who are still buzzing. i never had so much fun watching the the weekend review shows on FSC…

    Props to Hughton (who needs to keep wearing the suit by the way). Some of our players looking absolute quality at the moment- Barton, Nolan, Jonas, Collo, Bull, Tiote, and Carroll wouldn’t look out of place on any club in the country as of yesterday….

    long may it continue. Tough one this weekend but some winnables thereafter

  48. Barton’s passing yesterday was top notch again. Played a couple of brilliant cross field ball’s. They couldn’t deal with us in the air at all either, all set pieces that Carroll got up for were giving them nightmares. Brilliant just to watch us run right through them and make it a cricket score really.

  49. MDS – You’re right Hoots has to have the whistle on for every game now.

    441 – Its working OK at the moment but if you want a copy of the goals (from 101 greatgoals) I can send to anyone with 12Mb of space on their hard disk. The MOTD2 version is somewhat bigger at 65Mb and probably needs torrenting if anyone wants it ?

  50. Toonsy
    I’ve obviously missed something along the way, but sorry to hear you’re having to visit the hospital quite a bit. Whatever it is I hope it all turns out well for you.

  51. Well one thing, how much you reckon NUFC would cost after adding into the price all the debt money Ashley has paid off? £200-£300 mill? And then the money to keep us going on top of that.

    He ain’t got that sort of money! It’s the main reason we haven’t been sold before now, we may cost around £100 mil but you will need another £100 mil on top of that at least to pay back debt payments. It’s a load of crap, it’s been started on line and has just been finished, again, online.

  52. Cheers icedog….

    Just been listening to the legends…malcolm macdonald is full of shit & the Mackem hasn’t even turned in for graft! The big chicken….

  53. @toonsy on previous post- ne worries about some other club coming in for benny. We have a perm deal already in place and it’s up to us to put it into effect. Citee could come in with a 60 mil offer and it wouldn’t matter as we have already agreed a 5.5 mil fee. The reason for the 25 match clause put in by om, was to assure them the deal would go through. Even still we are in the driver seat and cruising on this one mate.

  54. Hope we can hold on to benny…although its good to see that even his few appearances seemed to spur jonas into what has been some pretty superb form recently, lets hope it continues…After all isn’t this the season Messi predicted Spidy would prove to be better than Fabregas and Rooney? :)

    On another note…I would never have thought I would have been so glad to see Simpson back in the team, always felt he was a weak spot last season but compared to Perch he’s quality..had some good running and crosses against the mackems too.

  55. BATTY i didnt but i loved it just loved it :),did you know m.horsewell walked oot of a radio show at half time,sumit aboot abuse,heard oot like m8

  56. aye newkie, simpson looks more confident and aggresive going foward than perch. He filled the gap on the wing nicely whenever joey drifted inside. If he can show that same kind of confidence on the deffensive end, we’ll be alright there. He was playing with a knock for the 2nd half of last year so who knows? He may yet be special. Still young and the bull wasn’t that great when he started out here either. Can’t hurt having hoots to guide him ;)

  57. icedog Who is M Horsewell, I think I’m missing something ?

    PS Whats the Tiote song didnt hear it on Sunday ?

  58. Nice to hear a Mackem on the Legends saying Hughton shouldn’t just get a new contract, he should get the freedom of the city! Hehehe!

    As for FFS, christ have the press got nothing better to do? Suprised to see the club coming out and making a statement though. The fact that they’ve said the club isn’t for sale is just about laughable!

  59. ANDYMAC,mick horsewell a ginger git, used to play m/f for scum for a long time,think he has a pub on the dark side,does some radio show,there was something on the radio aboot him walking oot,i was upstairs at the time and missed some of it,

    tiote hes the kiddy m8

  60. AndyMac says:
    November 1, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    “icedog Who is M Horsewell, I think I’m missing something ?”

    I think he means Micky Horswill, a Sunderland player from the ‘seventies, Andy.

  61. icedog says:
    November 1, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    “ANDYMAC,mick horsewell a ginger git,”

    Beat me to it, Icedog. Met him in the corridors at Joker Park once. I was only a bairn though.

  62. Stuart says
    “As for FFS, christ have the press got nothing better to do?”

    Bearing in mind Anal Oliver managed to get his recent outburst across the web in pretty quick time which spawned the plethora of “Hughton must go” stories and now Harry harris has done exactly the same thing.

    This is what Oliver wrote

    and it spread across the web like an STD in a Sunderland nightclub.

    We, as mere fans, need to be aware that whatever we read on the web might be put there for a reason by people who may not have the best interests of the club at heart.

  63. WORKY do you know oot aboot it,was a big hal-balo on radio but missed most of it,just i like a laugh,walking oot must have nee back-bone

  64. icedog says:
    November 1, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    “WORKY do you know oot aboot it,was a big hal-balo on radio”

    No Ice, I’ve just heard what you’ve heard probably.

  65. just watching monday night football. andy gray has done some research on best striker in prem ever…. shearer was top boy… beating drogba owen henry van nistelrooy… etc.. good to hear some good stuff from the andy gray.. as for yesterday i was at a best friends christening so i missed the second half.. but went to the social and had the best 45 mins of my life… even better then sex with the missus….
    alls i can say is yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  66. jay jay…they got a few extra tickets for Bolton, season ticket holders can buy now, members on Thurs I think.

  67. Think Brian Kerr would be an interesting appointment if made , he is a good coach and i think he d fit into hughtons unassuming style

  68. Speaking of Monday football, they’ve got dude from Burnley who went on Countdown commenting on the game….it’s like listening to fooking Thesaurus! Cock….

  69. JAY JAY ask big dave for a ticket sure he must be a season ticket holder,just when in the pub and his turn to pay hes always bolton :)

  70. Is there a limit to the number of players that can be sent off? For instance, if circumstances allowed, could all 11 be sent off…or, would they call the game before that?

  71. I think the game gets cancelled when there are less than 7 players playing for one side…I remember it almost happening to a swansea match last year? or something like that.

  72. Yeah its 7 or 8 players before game is calle doff , vaguley remember Neil Warnock was accused of thryin to the a game cancelled like this before , could be very wrong tho

  73. Ah, the announcers at Blackpool just mentioned the magic number of sendings-off, but I didn’t catch it. They’re suggesting that Roberto Di Matteo is not cynical enough to try getting men sent off in sufficient numbers…

  74. So, in theory, you can use that logic…game getting called…to your advantage in a fight to avoid relegation.
    If you and another team are fighting for survival, based solely on goal differential, you could play the game with your second string squad…or whatever, and foul like mad men until enough people are tossed to call the game…you’d lose, but your GD may not be as badly damaged. The team you’re battling against for spot 18 may lose even worse than you and go down on goal differential alone. It’d be risky obviously, but an interesting survival tactic nonetheless.
    Ok…sorry, I have an over active imagination, and I like to dwell upon stupid crap like this…

  75. Big Dave says:
    November 1, 2010 at 7:46 pm
    Evening folks I dare say there is some sore heeds about the Toon today
    I see the Mail is trying to say CH is going for Brian Kerr<<<< na dont want him ,never trust any 1 with that 2nd name :)

  76. If West Brom had snatched an equalizer in the final minutes of the 1st half, I might be willing to toy with the idea of a rear-guard action getting a draw for them, but as it stands, I’m doubtful… a full half of dreary keep-ball from Blackpool, probably, no?

  77. batty says:

    “I see the Mail is trying to say CH is going for Brian Kerr<<<< na dont want him ,never trust any 1 with that 2nd name" I used to know someone who couldn't stop playing with himself... He was called Juan Kerr.

  78. Lads my cousin is called Wayne Kerr :) My uncle must have been pissed when he thought that name up.
    Batty I have a Toon Badge on my Leg and a Monty Magpie with Howay the Lads below it on my forearm :)

  79. Big Dave says:
    November 1, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    “Lads my cousin is called Wayne Kerr My uncle must have been pissed when he thought that name up.”

    :lol: Seriously? Did he end up throttling his uncle then?

    I was named after a Beatle my sister kissed. Thankfully it wasn’t “Ringo”.

  80. my dad was going through his scotish phrase while p issed wen naming me ,which u know my name and me younger bro is called angus :)

  81. Worky he had a hard time as a kid as he used to get some stick over it. and the Uncle just blamed the Aunt as it was her that liked the name :( so he just uses his middle name John :lol: