Mackem demolition wins LMA “Performance of the Month” award for Hughton.

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Hughton: Performance of the Month
Hughton: Performance of the Month
This week, Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton won another award to go with his brace of “Manager of the Month” awards from last season, and his Football League Trophy and the “Trofeo Teresa Herrera”.

Hughton will be awarded the League Manager’s Association’s “Performance of the Month” award for last Sunday’s 5-1 victory over Sunderland. The five man adjudication panel consisting of LMA Chairman, Howard Wilkinson, Sir Alex Ferguson, Joe Royle, Dave Bassett and Barry Fry, decided to give the award to Hughton, and he will receive a specially engraved crystal football in a presentation to be shown on “Sky Soccer Saturday” on 6th November 2010. This award comes in the wake of recent speculation from the press that Hughton was on the verge of losing his job for not winning enough games at home so far this season.

Sunderland have recently had pretensions of stealing the mantle from the Magpies as the North East’s premier footballing side, particularly after Newcastle’s relegation from the Premiership last season and huge injections of cash from American billionaire owner, Ellis Short. However, they were given a very harsh footballing lesson on Sunday, with Sunderland manager, Steve Bruce saying of the match:

“It’s been a disastrous afternoon. We have to hold our hands up and say we were well beaten.”

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42 Responses

  1. Goes up in my estimations every time I hear him being interviewed … calm … self assured … good in front of the tv camera … knows his stuff … and appears to have the team 100% behind him

    … oh and led us to a 5-1 demolition of the tramps

    Well deserved Chris :)

  2. good words from harper on the subject of CH including …

    Harper did reveal that his recovery was almost put back last weekend as he celebrated Newcastle’s 5-1 win over Sunderland. “I hurt myself celebrating the fourth goal when Shola volleyed it in. While everyone else was jumping around I was nearly crying. I’ll gladly hurt my arm celebrating that,” he said.

    nice one :),19528,11678_6486261,00.html

  3. I sit next to a Spuds fan at work, and he’s got nowt but praise for CH.

    (I have to admit it: almost all of us were wrong and Ashley was right about who to appoint as manager…)

    Wuddun, Chris – fantastic to see the recognition. Let’s hope you become our “Sir Alex”.

  4. Sir Hughton’s got a nice ring to it. :D
    also, more props to him for not being a whining barsteward like fergie

  5. Whumpie – Do you really think it was Ashley’s choice? I don’t…

    I think he stumbled on it whilst Hughton was working as a caretaker and took us to the top of the league. Let’s not forget the old “if I can’t find a buyer by such and such I’ll appoint Hughton” malarkey.

    It isn’t as rose-tinted as your memeory thinks it is…..

    Anyhoo, it’s all by-the-by now and Hoots is doing a fabulous job.

  6. Fair point, Toonsy. However it came about, lots of us are really happy to have been proved wrong about CH.

    I also like the idea of a non-whiney Fergie… :)

  7. For what it’s worth, I like to think that Ashley found CH was the only option for manager who seemed to understand his strategy. That would explain how they’ve managed to implement it so successfully over the past year or so.

  8. Whumpie – You might like to think that, bit it’s bollocks, seriously. If JFK wasn’t ill do you seriously think that Hughton would have got the job?

    Batty – You can thank Dennis Wise for bringing Hughton to Newcastle mate as it was him who sorted it. That’s why I’d rather not say thanks :)

  9. batty says:
    November 4, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    “well ide like too thank king kev for bringing CH too the club”

    Hate to disappoint you batty, but he was appointed by Dennis Wise. :-)

  10. Fair point, Toonsy – but in the Autumn of 09, Ashley did have other options, and, for whatever reasons, he plumped for making things permanent with CH. Would Kinnear have got the nod had he recovered? Don’t know.
    I’d like to think that one of the reasons Ashley went with CH – aside from the obvious financial ones – was that Ashley recognised CH’s grasp of his strategy for the club. He’s certainly shown great talent in implementing it.

  11. Wise really was an unmitigated, disastrous cnut, wasn’t he? I can’t believe I stood next to the bloke at various urinals in Beaconsfield pubs and never once pissed on his shoes…

  12. Whumpie – You carry on mate. I fully believe that it was another bit of luck, a marriage of convenience, that actually worked out in the end….

  13. Whumpie says:
    November 4, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    “Wise really was an unmitigated, disastrous cnut, wasn’t he?”

    No Whumpie. As I mentioned above, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have Chris Hughton and quite a few other people besides. Prejudice leads us to bad judgement.

  14. toonsy worky so if ya trying too say they dumped a number 2 on him as well as players , u have got to admit he was in his rights too walk

  15. icedog says:
    November 4, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    “thats because K.K.telt him too”

    Ice, I’m afraid that it really was Wise who brought him in, to work on defence with Steve Round.

  16. Batty – The courts said he was justified in walking. I have never said he shouldn’t have walked either.

    I have said that he shouldn’t have come back in the first place, and that he was greedy for trying to grab £25.1 million in compensation which could have quite conceivably put the club he loves into administration….

    I also believe that he was brought in as just a coach to work on the defence with Steve Round at the time.

  17. @ 7 – aye them fairies was reet after al aboot fattso wasn’t they !

    get a grip man – your m8 has done jack-shit for this club other than being forced te put money into the club to save his investment – all the good stuff is down to hooters.he’s done a fantastic job with no thanks to wide-load.

    i hate the fat c@nt with a passion along with a few of the so called supporters.

  18. batty says:
    November 4, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    “toonsy worky so if ya trying too say they dumped a number 2 on him”

    batty, he wasn’t brought in as an assistant manager, and Kevin Keegan wasn’t really interested in the little people. That was Wise’s job.

  19. i thought KK ponder the idea of having alan as assistant??

    or did i rmb wrongly? hmmmmmm~~

  20. roy iam with ya , worky a kna he was brought in too do defencive dutys ,divent beleive every thing you read on wiki :)

  21. Worky @23 – ok, maybe there was some good stuff among the absolute rubble of disaster that started and stopped either side of his arrival and departure.

    So who exactly did he bring in – despite CH, who I also thought was not one of his – that makes up for causing us to lose KK, Xisco, Nacho, etc.? I know there must be good stuff, but I seriously can’t think of who right now.

    Was he anything to do with bringing in Ranger, for instance?

  22. Whumpie says:
    November 4, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    “So who exactly did he bring in – despite CH, who I also thought was not one of his – that makes up for causing us to lose KK, Xisco, Nacho, etc.? I know there must be good stuff, but I seriously can’t think of who right now.”

    Personally, I didn’t want Keegan back, as I knew what would happen and just waited for the car crash with much sadness. So, I was pleased when he left. Hence that question doesn’t mean the same thing to me as it does to yourself, Whumpie. He did bring us Coloccini and Gutierrez, and bairns such as Vuckic, Ranger and others for future development.

  23. Ok, I stand corrected. He is not an unmitigated, disastrous cnut. We’ve cut it down to disastrous and cnut! ;)

    But seriously – ta for the balance on that one.

  24. With hindsight, I do think KK and Big Al were just too stuck in the old ‘spend big and hope’ mindset to have ever succeeded at the time. You have to assume that blame is due to Ashley and Owl-heed for hiring them without checking that out.

    But who cares? The end result was our having a manager that we’d not trade for anyone. (At least I wouldn’t. And yes, I mean anyone)