Carroll hails Nolan as he looks to put the past behind him.

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Amigos, forever?
Amigos, forever?
Andy Carroll has thanked team-mate, captain, and temporary landlord Kevin Nolan today and has vowed to put his troublesome past behind him.

Carroll has been in the headlines for the wrong reason quite often in his young career, but on the plus side of that, his age also ensures that he has an opportunity to learn from his mistakes before it is too late.

Carroll was ordered to live with Kevin Nolan after appearing in court on a charge of common assault after an alleged incident at an ex-girlfriend’s house. For his troubles, Nolan ended up with hassle being brought to his doorstep as Andy Carroll’s new Range Rover, that he bought as a reward for signing a new five-year contract, got torched on the driveway of Kev’s family home.

Carroll has stated today that he wants this chapter of his career to be put firmly behind him, and thanked Kevin Nolan and his family for their support during these tough times for the Gatsehead lad. Speaking to The Shields Gazette, Carroll had this to say;

“Nobby (Nolan’s nickname apparently) and his missus have helped me a lot. They gave me a place to stay, and they’ve looked after me. I have to say a big thanks to them, Kev’s always there or thereabouts, whether it’s at home or anywhere else.”

I should think so aswell Mr Carroll, given the trouble you brought to their doorstep. Nolan didn’t have to take Carroll in, but no doubt he did it for the good of the team and to protect the lad. Now I don’t know about you, but I certainly couldn’t see Michael Owen doing the same kind of thing!

Anyway, without getting into a moral lecture, it seems that Carroll just wants to play football, which is all he should have ever wanted to do in fairness. He has started off the season tremendously well and wants to maintain that form. Carroll continued;

“I just want to keep playing well, training well, and then, at the weekend, do the most important thing, which is playing for Newcastle United.”

“I’ll just come in every day and play football, which is my job. I started (the season) off well. I want to maintain that and keep these performances coming. For me, it’s just been about working hard for the team and scoring the goals that I know I can.”

“I just have to put everything that’s happened behind me now.”

The problem now is that Carroll has a bit of a ‘bad rep’, and it will take a while to shift that. All he has to do is take a look at Joey Barton to see that mud sticks. Most Newcastle fans are willing to admit that Joey has not put a foot wrong for ages, yet he is still subjected to abuse from bigoted, clueless, arsehole fans of opposition teams.

Carroll will need to be aware that if he continues to let his off-field antics draw attention then he could very well end up on the end of the same treatment. He needs to learn from his mistakes, which is something that he is vowing to do.

“I’ll learn from my mistakes. I just now want to concentrate on football – I don’t want to be on the front pages any more.”

“I just need to keep my head down, and I think there’s a great group of lads here to help settle me down. Obviously, all of the lads here at Newcastle have helped me, and Chris Hughton’s done a great job too.”

“I just want to play the football that I know I can. I showed against Sunderland that it’s all been put away and behind me. I know I need to keep my head down now and play football.”

I guess the proof of that particular pudding will be in the eating. Words are cheap, but all we can do is wait and see whether they are geniune or not.

I have a feeling that they are genuine, this time.

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51 Responses

  1. Both Nolan and Carroll is closing in on Owen(Ex-player) every season top scorer of NUFC of 10 goals for us in the past few season. LOL.

  2. Is Bent injured??… :lol: :twisted:

    Sunderland: Mignolet, Onuoha, Turner, Mensah, Bardsley,
    Elmohamady, Henderson, Cattermole, Malbranque, Welbeck, Gyan

    Subs: Gordon, Richardson, Zenden, Angeleri, Da Silva, Riveros, Ferdinand

  3. CC-He didn’t do much against us so maybe they’re just giving the World Class Gyan a run out. Mind you, Bent can’t be blamed for his performance. When you’ve got Titus Bramble playing cross field balls over the midfield and straight into touch, what are you supposed to do. Bent should make the jump across the divide, come and play for a proper team! :D

  4. Toonsy – my Mackem mate is very upset that Bent is out. And so he should be, they are half the team without him!!

  5. Raffo-I havent actually looked at stats/numbers, but I always said if the Scum didn’t have Bent they’d have been down in a relegation fight. His goals near enough single handedly kept them out the scrap, they’ll struggle without him. Welbeck looked rubbish against us. Poor decision making, poor finishing. Gyan is a waste of money, a buy that came around purely through world cup fever. He had a half decent world cup on his home continent and all of a sudden he’s a world beater. How much did he cost them? 13 million or something?

  6. Toonsy-I took great pride in cheering, almost crying with laughter, every single time one of those nothing balls from Titus sped away from either Bent/Welbeck and bounced harmlessly out for a throw in. He was AWFUL. They’re only just now realising how poor he is aswell! :D

  7. Ross – To be honest I did get swept up in a bit of WC fever about Gyan, but I wanted KP Boateng more. He hasnt really had a chance to shine yet but he doesnt look in any way shape or form a 13million man at all.

    TITus can look amazing, but only on odd games, which is not enough to warrant a contract for an EPL club. He is championship level at best

  8. On a completely unrelated subject, I really hope Owen Hargreaves comes through todays game against that thug Henry. It would be great to see him back in the England fold as he is 10 times the player Barry is, but has Fergie done the right thing putting him in against that plum Henry? Not sure

  9. Raffo- i too wanted KP. Purely down to the fact that i’d seen him play in England and the WC just proved what he’s capable of. He scored and made goals in big WC games, shined under pressure. Put him in a confident Prem team and I think he’d do very well. No coincidence that Milan snapped him up like.

    Toonsy-Were you in L7? If so, I’m blaming you for the “Titus is a r@pist” chants, lol.

  10. Raffo says:
    November 6, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    “TITus can look amazing, but only on odd games, which is not enough to warrant a contract for an EPL club. He is championship level at best”

    “Titus Bramble is the most naturally gifted defender I have seen since Franz Beckenbauer” – Bobby Robson.

  11. Bobby was onto soemthing. Physically he has the ability, and technically he can be very good, but it’s his concentration and inability to do it regularly which makes him a liability.

  12. Amen Toonsy – Naturally gifted he may be, which makes it an even bigger shame that he has failed to live up to that high praise from someone who should know

  13. Hargreaves has limped off already. He’s chatting to the physio but it looks like his game may be over already.

    Now he’s trotting towards the tunnel. What a shame for the lad. Two years out, four minutes in and he’s injured again.

    LMAO~~~ 8O

  14. Some funny comment about that i saw. :lol:

    Why on earth he started today? The medical staff just wanted to send him out there so can finish his career so they don’t have to deal with him anymore.

    He takes injury prone to a whole new level~~~

    Hargraves is done. I think he is an excellent player but another injury…it’s getting pathetic now and annoying.

  15. bolton were all over spuds today like a dog to a bone. Bolton starting to play a bit of footy now…

  16. JerseyGeordie says:
    November 6, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    “bolton were all over spuds today like a dog to a bone.”

    That one sounds like a Bobby Robsonism, Jersey!

  17. I’m actually canny gutted for Hargreaves. Horrible to see a player of his ability have to go through the realisation that his career is essentially over, he’s a crock. Nothing he can do to prevent it, he’s been out so long and inside 5 minutes he’s pulled something completly different. It could just be the unluckiest injury at the worst time possible, but I doubt it given the fact it’s him. Shame.

  18. > Most Newcastle fans are willing to admit that Joey has not put a foot wrong for ages, yet he is still subjected to abuse from bigoted, clueless, arsehole fans of opposition teams.

    Toonsy he still gets it from some of his own ;)
    Lads do we not have a poll for the results tomoro ??

  19. JerseyGeordie says:
    November 6, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    “worky- haha now that book would sell. “a collection of Sir Bobby Robsonisms””

    “When Gazza was dribbling, he used to go through a minefield with his arm, a bit like you go through a supermarket.”

  20. Celtic 9-0 Aberdeen! Hooper hat-trick, Stokes hat-trick, Ledly, Rogne, Magennis (OG) and McCourt.

    SO sad for a club into admin,with that kind of result.