Taylor closing in on United return.

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Taylor: Return imminent.
Taylor: Return imminent.
Transfer listed Newcastle United defender, Steven Taylor, claims he is in the best physical condition he has ever been in as he closes in on a United return.

The 24-year-old who has been sidelined since January, with injuries of off-field incidients slowing his return, but he is finally back on the training ground.

Speaking to the clubs offical website Taylor said:

“I was nervous before training – when you return after so long out its like being back at school.

“After the first ten minutes I was blowing abit but once I got into it felt back to normal; just like it was in pre-season.

“I’ve got alot of respect and alot of time for all the medial staff. They have put me through lots of runs and lots of fitness schedules and it was been tough.

“But its paid off and I feel much leaner and and probably the best physical condition I’ve been in.

“I’ve been dying to get out there, its been killing me watching and not playing week in, week out – so to be out on the pitch is where I want to be.”

The big question for fans is where will Taylor fit into United plans with Mike Williamson and Fabricio Coloccini forging a solid partnership at the back.

Taylor’s reluctance to commit to a new contract will undoubtedly see his name linked with a move in January as well, with Celtic and Everton still said to be keen on the England under-21 international.

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119 Responses

  1. Welcome back Steven- hopfully the defence from now on will be



  2. Have to agree with jayjay.

    Off topic; enjoyed the game, deceptive result but expected. Good timing on the statement from the club. Finally shut those hughton out morons.

  3. Have to agree with jayjay.

    Off topic; enjoyed the game, deceptive result but expected. Good timing on the statement from the club. Finally shut those hughton out morons up.

  4. I’m with Jay Jay on this. Let’s face it, it didn’t take Carroll long to commit and I dare say there would be more suitors for his signature what with being an English forward who is near the top of the scoring charts.

    Stevie boy should take note….

  5. Thought game was ok tonite two dodgy goals n two good goals, hopefully the ppl who wee calling for rtaylor to b rb so how bad he is tonite, perch solid at cb, vukic looked good, carroll n jonas, survival is key couldn’t careless bout cups this season

  6. Just got back, think the scoreline was a wee bit harsh but Arsenal are on a different planet….how did the ref look on tv cos live he was f***in crap, 2nd goal looked a disgrace for me Bentnar knew exactly what he was doing not that it would have changed the result like.

    Was it RC that said 4 nowt?..hope ya had a bet on Roy :-)

  7. Just hope Tayls gets his pen out and sign his contract! Even whack Collo at RB cos he is good with his feet, can run with the ball. Can pick out a pass too.

    Think Hughton needs to take off his “nolan et al” tinted specs and start playing some other players. Our slow team is going to be caught out time after time if we dont get in some pace.
    Despite the loss Guthrie looked very good on the ball, clever passing, some nice control just one blunder which came when the game was all but over anyway.
    Vuckic showed some good flashes-nice touches, again a good eye for a pass. He needs games though.
    We looked quicker than we have for a while (bar the defence) and if we played like we did in the last 15mins when it was 0-2 I think were in for a good season.

    I would like to see:


    When Jan comes we need to shift out R.Tayls, Perch, Lovenkrands, Best, Xisco and bring in a proper right winger, a first choice rightback and somebody to play with Carroll who can actually do something!

  8. I don’t know what the crack is with Saylor but as I’ve said before if the club have made their final offer they should say sign it within a fortnight or it’s withdrawn then at least everyone knows where they stand.

  9. There’s no way we should move Coloccini out the middle. He’s one of our greatest assets and you would lose much of his game and our strengths sticking him at right back.

  10. Aye richie,
    it’s a case of ‘do you wanna play for Newcastle’?
    If you do, sign, if not, f*** off!

  11. TF…thats why I said “if” the club have made their final offer,I think it’s better for all parties if they know exactly where they stand…including us fans ;-)

  12. Mikey26

    Ryan Taylor is the best crosser/ set play taker and possibly shooter at the club though, he should be at least given a run out at right mid

  13. I see big Sam is going to get up to £5m to spend on players if the takeover goes thru….I bet he’s owa the moon :lol:

  14. We need a striker who actually is a decent striker of the ball, Carroll, ranger and amoeba aren’t exactly renowned for their shooting ability

  15. two issues, considering the past we’ve had with defenders, anyone who says break up Willo and Collo is just plain daft!

    They are the best centre back pairing we’ve had in god knows how long, some people need longer memories.

  16. I think putting tayls on the transfer list is a good indication it was the clubs final offer, IMO the ball is in tayls court and he doesn’t want to sign.

  17. Well there is a lad at work down south who says he is in contact with Taylors sister. And by all accounts its the agent thats being a twerp and causing the hold up. He says that according to her Taylor wants to stay but wants the agent to handle everything as he feels its best that way. Dont chastise me too much as its just what he’s said. And he did tell us on site the rumour about Rooney long before it broke but also a couple that never have seen the light of day. So take it as you will.

  18. i love mike you are spot on on both comments at start of the season survival was the aim, its mad how quick the ppl change what the aim is

  19. well if survival is the aim were 9th in league its madness that sum ppl are even questionin hoots as manager, if we finish 17th ill b happy but think we will finish higher

  20. This is what will happen when the big boys come to town, I hope people realise that we are not safe by a long shot. Even teams like Stoke and the Mackems pick up draws against the big teams at home, we will not.

    Thoughts from tonight…

    Ranger and R.Taylor are just thats little bit below the first team. R.Taylor is no RB im afraid, more of a winger and got embarassingly done by Eboue at one point. Ranger is still understandably not getting first team games imo after this showing, he has potential but is just too far off at the minute.

    Kadar is a class act and I don’t know how people will react to this but I would like to see us try Collo at RB and Willo and Kadar in the centre with Enrique at LB. Imo Kadar is already better than Simpson and Perch and has unfairly become the forgotton man imo.

    If we had started our strongest team I think we would still haave struggled, ok the derby win is essential now.

  21. lets not get carried away arsenal on different planet to most teams not just us, cudnt careless bout cups this year said at weekend id take wins over west ham n scum over cup run, thought perch was ok tonite at cb, arsenal exposed rtaylor for the poor defender that he is, lucky first goal, was free kick for second goal, sloppy from guthrie for third n forth was good goal

  22. Oh yeah and Lovenkrands can get back on the National Express to Glasgow or the easyjet to Danish Bacon land because he has no future at this club, not unless we get relegated again.

  23. agree with u bout kadar he is ready for first team, as is vukic, colo wud b great at rb played there loads for deportivo

  24. davy

    The second the teamsheet was announced I knew C.H wasn’t interested and fair enough, now your gonna look stupid Chris if we don’t win on Sunday.

  25. A mackem comes home from work, walks into his bedroom, and sees a Geordie giving his lass one.
    He says, “What the hell are you two doing?”
    His wife turns to Geordie and says, “See!, I told you he was stupid.” :-)

  26. Bowburnmag, a blast from the past!

    Nice statement from the club, so now get him a fckin assistant!

    As for tonight, staying up is more important although winning something would be nice. Bit of luck needed with the draw for that to happen, which we obviously didn’t get.

    Anyway, not looking forward to Sunday as I cannot see us winning. They’ve only lost one all season and our home form is poor. They don’t score a lot though.

  27. Aye Stu their goal scoring is cack and 3 of them have been pens and 2 own goals… still it’s a Derby, owt can happen bring it on.

  28. Mikey26 says:
    October 27, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    ‘When Jan comes we need to shift out R.Tayls, Perch, Lovenkrands, Best, Xisco and bring in a proper right winger, a first choice rightback and somebody to play with Carroll who can actually do something!’

    Bravo! good sir, Bravo!

    In the mean time..


    The only players who deserve a step up are Routledge and Kadar. Playing Kadar would mean we wouldn’t have to play Perch OR Simpson. Hooray!

  29. DJG – I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but yours, as you have previously admitted, is so unqualified I feel obliged to pull you up for chatting shite.

    Arsenal are better than us by a long, long way. There’s no shame in that – they’re better than most. Tell us something we don’t know.

    FFS – you didn’t even watch footy until the first “messiah” came and yet you think you know more about the game than the best manager we’ve had in years

  30. Richie what did you think of Kadar at the game coz he looked class from what I saw on the dodgy site.

    Do you agree with this at 39. ‘Kadar is a class act and I don’t know how people will react to this but I would like to see us try Collo at RB and Willo and Kadar in the centre with Enrique at LB. Imo Kadar is already better than Simpson and Perch and has unfairly become the forgotton man’.

  31. Toon Chicken

    Where have I said I know more than Hughton, I just said he’ll look stupid if we are poor on Sunday sfter he risked nobody. Yes Arsenal are better than us by a Long Long way, as are Spurs, Man U, Man C, Chelsea, by the time we play them, Liverpool, Villa. It’s not just that Arsenal are brill. We are sh!te and one win against the bottom team doesn’t disprove that, we haven’t won at home since the Villa fluke, pick that one out the net.

  32. DJG…aye I thought Kadar had a very good game, it’s a pity he can’t play RB….or can he? ;-) I wouldn’t split Colo and Willo up tho mate.

  33. whey that’s me off up the dancers…neet lads

    The teacher asks the class what their dads do at the weekend. Little Johnny puts his hand up and says, “he’s a dancer in a gay bar and if the money is right he lets the punters bang him up the arse.” The teacher pulls him to one side and asks if this is true, Johnny says … “no miss, the truth is he goes to watch Sunderland, but I’m to embarrassed to say that.” ;-)

  34. …ain’t got a clue what yer ahl on about, but am sure it’s rubbish.

    Just tried Ed’s hoos but nee1 was in so av copied and pasted this……..


    Rodzilla // Oct 27, 2010 at 11:35 PM


    14 Rodzilla // Oct 27, 2010 at 11:35 PM

    …”sick of sack”

    ….nice one Ed.

    15 Rodzilla // Oct 27, 2010 at 11:40 PM

    Unfortunately Newcastle United will always be dragged into confrontations. I personally blame it on the Scots, or the Normans….

    …….or the French.

    ……or the vikings, which is always a good bet. I know who my money’s on.

    …anyway, Hughton news blah blah b0ll0cks, only one thing that matters and that’s what we all believe in.

    ……tastes good on the bun.

  35. I was made up to see Vuckic play well, I saw enough tonight from him to see he has got a great future. Ranger looked good as well. To be fair to Perch he also did well, he will be a useful squad player IMO.

  36. If Taylor is not prepared to sign the terms that are on offer, then get rid.
    He is know different to Steve Watson, in that he has not progressed. BYE BYE.

  37. ReverseKanga_Sydney,
    No disrespect mate,but Ranger was awful.His second touch was a tackle………….

  38. TonyGreenSupreme

    Agreed, Ranger and Vuckic need time and lots of reserve/loan games yet.

    The only play who unfairly doesn’t get a lookin is Kadar IMO. Its only because he’s left footed and Enrique/Colo/Willo that he doesn’t get games. He’s a country mile ahead of Perch, Simpson or any of our other makeshift defenders for that matter.

  39. DJG,
    Thought Kadar was poor tonight as he had no protection.
    Loverman was bloody crap…………
    Perch had a canny game with all respect.

  40. Kadar is class, he would look comfortable in the prem after a run of games, like Krul has.

    Perch looks stretched to his absolute limit in the prem.

  41. TonyGreenSupreme,

    I say send them off te school wi awa-sized troozaz, stupid length blue Parka (from Littlewoods on Northumberland Street) and a dodgy pair of sports socks, three pairs for only one of your English ponds, liddys an jennelmen.

  42. Guys, less of the excuses please. We need to stop moaning about their theatrics and the controversial second goal.

    Arsenal beat us because they were far superior on the night. They passed the ball better, faster and were far more dangerous in the final third. We were awful in front of goal today. We had enough chances to score a few ourselves but we let ourselves down every time. Ah well, onwards and upwards.

    Few points from the game.

    Ranger – Not polished enough to contribute from the start of games, but this guy has massive potential. He was a nightmare for Djourou, who I thought had a good game otherwise. Ranger’s pace is electric and he clearly likes to run at players.

    Vuckic – Was in and out of the game. As the game went on he got more confident and started showing why he is so highly rated. This guy has AMAZING VISION, COMPOSURE and PASSING RANGE for an 18 year old. Also, he is strong and battles well. Very impressed and I think he could prove to be the link between our midfield and up front.

    Lovenkrands – We can now see why he doesn’t get a game. He has lost it. Always off side and positionally poor. Ranger won so many flick-on’s only for Lovenkrands to be standing in no man’s land. Unfortunately I think he is finished at NUFC.

    R.Taylor – Poor. Can’t defend and can’t hit a moving ball half as well as some on here think he can. Also, he is painfully slow. Another player who is finished at the club.

    Guthrie – Some were impressed, but I wasn’t. I thought his decision making and awareness on the ball was shocking today. His first touch needs fine tuning and he needs to learn to think ahead of the game. He just takes too long with everything he does. He is relatively young and hopefully will improve.

    Kadar – Started poorly, but grew into the game. He was clearly nervous. He is a player that likes to play out of defence and I think long term he could slot in well alongside Colo and Enrique.

    Jonas – He seems to be getting better and better.

    Krul – Made one mistake in the entire game and it cost us the first goal. I feel sorry for the lad and hope it doesn’t dent his confidence. If it does, we as fans should stick by him much like Wenger has done with Fabianski. Just look how good Fabianski has been playing now his confidence has returned.

  43. …there was something in the air that night, the Toon shone bright.
    (how many times you copied and pasted that then ~ El Toro?)

  44. TonyGreenSupreme, “Ranger and Vuckic need time and lots of reserve/loan games yet”

    Yeah for sure, but I honestly see them a future 1st team players. The only others in the starting 11 tonight that are 1st team players imo are Williamson, Krul, Kadar and Guthrie. The rest are squad players but it was quite a strong second string, when you compare it to 2 years ago having to play Duff and Solano full backs as we had no depth.

  45. ~ El Toro ~

    …just read your comment again, nice to hear opinions and nice one for going to the trouble to write it.

    R.Taylor – Poor.

    Koala Bear – Not arsed.


  46. haha El Toro, that’s what mi Sershil walka said when a was 8.

    …”unusual for a child to be carrying a knife”., she said.

    ……nah, not really.

    ad lock ye doors mind








    Always use the Green Cross Code, because I won’t be there when YOU cross the road.

  48. …..and despite what the TV tells you, it is actually about your own choices.

    …ah mate.


    …thank you

  49. ~ El Toro ~

    …nah mate, sorry about the crazy shit. Hit everything you believe in head-on, but only after contemplation. Only way to succeed.

    ….until you change your ideas and beliefs. Then it all sort of winds back ’round to square 1 anyway. anyway.

  50. Perch seemed like he could slot in at CB when needed. Solid player really, about as good as we might have expected.

  51. …hhhh, bis…………….kits……uhhhhghhh, mussst……hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaave



    ……..ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uggughhhhhhhh







  52. at the moment vuckic is too ineffective. his influence on games may increase but on the evidence of the few televised games i’ve seen, i can’t comprehend why people are calling for him to start. ranger and ferguson have both looked better

  53. I love to see Kadar at the center more than LB because he have a little to offer in offence. But against Arsenal I think they targeted R.Taylor becasue 2 goals come from our Right flank.

    For S.Taylor case, IF he’s geordies and want to play for team, sign up and fight ! if not let him go

  54. Ranger & Taylor worst players tonight, smith seems to go missing after 30 mins
    Vuckic had a decent game as did kadar once he settled down
    Arsenal can out pass any team, if we hadn’t gave em a 2 goal lead it might have been different
    Tho we need to find a decent finisher, Carrolls goals will all come from headers or within or around six yard box

  55. Fourfourone

    i was at the match last night and don’t quite agree with your assessment. Thought Smith was alright just played like Alan Smith. Lovenkrands was the worst player on the pitch and should be kept well away from the first team. Taylor also was poo did nothing to get a place in the team. Guthrie was given a lesson by Denilson of how to play centre midfield. Quick and incisive and always passing forward. Three things that do not come naturally to Guthrie.
    Thought it was an entertaining game Vuckic a positive and confident of beating the unwashed after seeing the difference Jonas and Carroll made.
    Lets stick it up the Mackems then stick it up the Arse next week.

  56. Whilst it is being trumpeted by the media as a “Thumping”, the scoreline didnt reflect the work put in by our team.
    Yes, they are way off the quality of Arsenal but i am so pleased that every time Hughton puts a side out, their heads never drop and they give it a good go.
    They have nothing to be ashamed about and it is harsh to single out players last night, Arsenal will murder better sides than us and at times they resorted to theatrical antics to influence to the tosser in the middle, yes, they scored 4 but left with their cage well and truly rattled.

  57. bigbadbob totally agree.When we where relegated my 22year old daughter was in tears.I said at the time we needed a team to be proud of,and in the last 2 years CH as managed that.Yes it could be a while before we are competing for trophies but at least we are competing, more than can be said for the team of prima donnas that took us down.

  58. batty are you gonna do the jc show again ? – that thoosand poond fee comes handy for crimbo like m8

  59. Bollox man – if we don’t sack Hughton now the best we can hope for is survival.

    Lets get rid and go down in a pishing, moaning blaze of glory.

    We’re the best fans in the land don’t you know – surely that’s the least we deserve!!!


  60. TC you must be the biggest wind up merchant in the world,because nobody in their right mind would want to go back to the days where we sacked someone if they lost a couple of games.

  61. Mick & Bris – howay man – gan back and read wot i wrote!

    In fact I’ll save you the trouble and say it again…

    The best we can hope for is survival under Hughton!!!

    Lets sack him now and get relegated in style!!!

    Thought it was fairly obvious that I was taking the pish out of some of the mongs that have been spewing their bile on here of late (mention no names).

  62. As i said last night ladbrookes probally took £200 maybe £300 yesterday and closed the book for review. They r a poor excuse of a bookmakers.

    Silly media n some fans jumping on this.


  63. TC you call yourself a toon fan and your wanting sir chris too get the sack ,you should hang your head in shame ,dont try too make oot you were kidding :)

  64. morning batty

    i bet the news that clever chris is gonna be offered a new contract has got you reaching for the bottle again, eh?

    to celebrate, of course ;)

  65. TC i havent once sed sack CH ,but alot on here dont know what a joke is :) and its sir chris too you :lol: