Newcastle United v Arsenal League Cup match banter!

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League Cup battle of the bairns?
League Cup battle of the bairns?
Hello, good evening and welcome to NUFC Blog’s match banter for this evening’s League Cup encounter with the mighty Arsenal at St James’s Park.

Of course, a fair amount of the pre match speculation has revolved around how strong a sides the respective managers, Hughton and Wenger, will put out for this competition. With Newcastle facing a crucial local derby with the unwashed vagrants of Wearside, and of course, having to concentrate on Premiership survival above all else. Arsenal meanwhile will always have an eye on keeping their place in the top four “Champion’s League” places, with the League Cup sometimes becoming something of a sideshow for major teams and relegation battlers alike. However, it should not be forgotten that Arsenal have not won a major trophy since 2005, and with many of the other major teams already eliminated, Arsene Wenger may well be tempted to field a stronger side. A Wenger pre match interview, in whivh he was quite fulsome in his praise of Hughton’s Newcastle, suggests that he might. He said:

“When you go to Newcastle you as well have to be realistic. That’s why I repeat we play with a good team and we do our best.

“Newcastle are competitive. They have a good mixture between physical power, technical level and spirit.

“That is why they will be a dangerous side for everybody.

“It is important that we go into the game and think we want to qualify, also we want to produce a great performance because the Chelsea game has shown that you don’t get away with an average performance against Newcastle.”

He was also fulsome in his praise of Newcastle striker Andy Carroll, telling Arsenal’s website:

“On the pitch he has a presence and a charisma.

“This guy is just scared of nothing and that’s why I believe he has special charisma. It looks like he can carry the weight on his shoulders.

“You just think there is something there for him from watching from the outside.”

Meanwhile in the other camp, Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton spoke on the use of the fringe players in the squad, saying:

“There is nothing that lifts and breeds confidence like winning football matches, and whether that’s the same team, whether that’s a completely different team or whether that’s a mixture, it’s a feeling that goes through the club. That would see us going into the Sunderland game certainly more confident.”

Speaking of youngsters to have risen to the occaision, he added:

“It’s an opportunity for them, it’s a challenge and we have had some young lads in the last two rounds who have very much accepted that challenge and come through it in very good shape.

“Young Ferguson did very, very well in the last game; Vuckic, it’s a tremendous opportunity for him, as it is for Tamas Kadar, who missed out on the last game, but is now back in contention again.

“But the responsibility I have is to try to get the right balance. We are healthier at the top end at the moment and it will be a good opportunity for me very much to use the squad I have.”

Speaking on the looming Tyne Wear derby, Hughton also commented:

“We can’t underestimate the importance of the game.

“Our fans have had to wait a while to get it back so it is a big game and I have to be conscious of that.”

As always, time will tell. Few would have guessed that we would beat Chelsea with a significant contingent of youngsters in the last game. Here’s hoping that feat can be repeated!


Newcastle: Krul, Perch, Williamson, Kadar, Ryan Taylor, Routledge, Guthrie, Smith, Vuckic, Lovenkrands, Ranger.

Subs: Soderberg, Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Barton, Carroll, Gutierrez, Tiote.

Arsenal: Szczesny, Eboue, Djourou, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denilson, Eastmond, Rosicky, Walcott, Bendtner, Vela.

Subs: Fabianski, Sagna, Fabregas, Arshavin, Emmanuel-Thomas, Lansbury, Nordtveit.

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259 Responses

  1. Not bothered bout tonite, more bothered bout the league glad to hoots has stuck wit fringe layers

  2. Newcastle: Krul, Perch, Williamson, Kadar, Ryan Taylor, Routledge, Guthrie, Smith, Vuckic, Lovenkrands, Ranger. Subs: Soderberg, Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Barton, Carroll, Gutierrez, Tiote

    Arsenal: Szczesny, Eboue, Djourou, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denilson, Eastmond, Rosicky, Walcott, Bendtner, Vela. Subs: Fabianski, Sagna, Fabregas, Arshavin, Emmanuel-Thomas, Lansbury, Nordtveit

  3. Am sick of ppl goin on bout hoots getting sacked mugs anyone for even talkin bout it, best manager had for years

  4. Anyway,i am surprised by the strong bench players CH put in tonight game~~

    Sadly,Xisco is not in again. :(

  5. Ah am so pissed off wit the hoots rumours were ninth in the league n ppl want him sacked f@@kin ar$eholes honestly

  6. ————–Krul————

    Is what has just been said on radio. wtf????

  7. No idea TGS – just telling you what a few people are now saying. I dont understand it either and would be gutted if it transpired

  8. Why the hell do u fink fatman wud pay compen to ajax don’t fink so, I love the toon so mu h I can’t even begin to imagin backlash from players if this happens

  9. Hopefully later Newcastle will make a great start,since basically if they can block out walcott threat and vela…

    we might do well eventually.

    Vuckic or Even Alan Smith to score. ;)

  10. Hoots is doing alright, I’ll be pissed off if we start chopping and changing manager, learn from passed mistakes :(

  11. Hmmm, i am praying hard is just entirely Nonsense of the sacking.

    Since Mike basically can don’t re-new CH contract at the end of the season,and no compensation is needed.

  12. Its only coz yet to sign new deal the press r makin such big deal over it, once were safe he will get one

  13. We should have one for this one, thats a strong Arsenal team. Hope the lads can do the job. Where will the Vuk play??

  14. It all stems from that tw@ anal O in the mirror, stirring the shit, as worky pointed out.
    They always know they’ll reel a few in with it though.

    They hate us, get used to it, they say anything to upset the apple cart.

  15. that rumour about hoots getting the sack is just a desperate attempt of the press to write something about us. They dont get anything else so lets stir some sh*t up. I bet hoots has one of the most secure posts in the epl next to wenger and ferguson.

  16. Will this be CH last match in-charge??? 80

    i not very sure about betting.

    but if is suspended for betting..

    there are two outcomes right.

    Either that particular event will not happen.


    It will be happening real soon.

  17. Ladbrokes have suspended betting on the next Prem manager to get the sack given the fact that so much money has been lumped on Hoots. Ridiculous considering there’s nothing to say he’s anywhere near losing his job bar that idiot Anal Oliver.

    Quick start from them like, few good touches for Krul.

  18. Raffo-Looks that way mate, lol. They’re attacking at will and we’re 6 minutes in. At least Krul has had a few good touches, made a few canny saves, that’ll settle him down quickly. I expected a quick start from them to be fair.

  19. Ross says:
    October 27, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Something very similar happened when talk of Harry Redknapp surfaced. They stopped taking bets on him being our new manager. He didn’t become the manager to they knew something as we’d been talking to him.

  20. Stuart-All I can say is I hope there isn’t anything going on behind the scenes as it will be a case of two steps forward one back. Your first season in the Prem after promotion is quite possibly the most ridiculous time to ditch a manager, especially a manager who hasn’t exactly made a horrendous start.

  21. Ranger chance upon seeing the replay was harder than I thought but he gave them time to collect themselves when he put it onto his right foot and stopped to steady himself. Whirler from Smithy though, unlucky.

  22. Hope that little sh8t Anal Oliver is pleased the effect his stirring has had. It would be a tragedy if Hughton went – the effect on the players would be profound. Idiots the lot of them (media)

  23. Deb-The most amusing thing is his claim to be a fan of the club. If I classed myself as a NUFC writer and a fan of the club I most certainly wouldn’t be wanting to spread sh!te like he is.

  24. I HATE a defender who behaves like that. Cheating little w@nker. Any time a defender tries to usher a ball out and it hits him last, he goes to ground and gets the free kick, every time.

  25. Paul-Oliver was going on midweek about how Hughton’s job wasn’t safe and how Ashley was waiting in the wings to axe him should he feel fit. Ladbrokes have since suspended betting on the next PL manager to take the sack as so much money has been lumped on Hughton.

  26. settled down again. going to be a good game i hope.

    glad to see that my first XI for the scum game is largely rested too

  27. Tell you what, Routledge has absolutly roasted Eboue there, lol. Quick feet, that was impressive.

  28. I hate these pr@ck commentators on Sky…pretentious tw@ts…all siding for Arsenal…also foul by Bendner on Perch…

  29. WORKY didnt give a forcast on this game m8,just hopeing for repeat.

    dont want to do a toonsy eh :)

  30. Lovely little reverse ball from Vuckic there like..Shame Mcloven was about a mile and a half offside, lol.

  31. Definate problems between the club and Hughton. Hughton not happy about the club letting Calderwood go!

  32. hows about a 1st half review lads? i finally get a stream working and it’s almost half time

  33. Bloody hell how has that happened. After all their attacking the goal comes from something as sloppy as that.

  34. Beatski- We were battered for the first 10 mins and they couldn’t score. We came back into it, had a few chances of our own. Smith rattled the bar from about 25 yards. They started to boss it again in the final 10/15 and they’ve scored a sloppy goal right on half time.

    Stuart-Is that what the commentator said regarding Calderwood? I missed it but heard his departure mentioned.

  35. 1-0 Arsenal. Can’t say it wasn’t on the cards. They’ve just been inviting them to attack all night.

  36. Not his fault defender headed it onto his back, just one of those things, arse goal has been coming. We were unlucky a couple of times aswell though.

  37. After all the attacking they did, they put 95% of their efforts on goal right down the throat of Krul. All of them relatively simple saves and then it’s a hopeful header back into the box and a calamity at the back that gives them their first! Typical!

  38. We haven’t been inviting them to attack, it’s just Arsenal and there’s nowt we can do but try the long hopefuls, which have nearly worked a few times.

  39. For all the Ryan Taylor RB apologists, this is why he should never ever play RB against premier league players again. Awful. Simpson was not a lot better either against WHU. Skinned by Obina and as out of position as Perch for the half WHU decided to play .Staylor should be given a run there. Only hope in the squad.

  40. outclassed so far by the Arsenal sprogs. The toon look just like what they are, a bunch of guys thrown togéther who have never played together. Kadar looks good defnsively, hasn’t had too much chance to show his attacking skills. Apart from Williamson and Smith the rest have been nondescript imo..

  41. Really gutted having to work nights and cant even hook in to wireless to stream the game. gutted in more ways than one

  42. Regarding Hoots’ future at the club, I fully expect him to be vacating the post by Xmas. I would hate to see it happen, but I’ve just got a gut feeling about it.

  43. Munich-Routledge has been decent aswell when given the opportunity to go forward. Ranger has also made himself a nuisance on the odd occasion we’ve went forward. He seems a quick, strong lad. You’d be mistaken for forgetting the likes of Vuckic are on but then again, we havent done much attacking.

    Arsenal produce some of the best youngsters in the world and are known for playing some brilliant attacking football regardless of the team they put out. I didn’t expect much more than this and dont actually think we’ve been too bad so far.

  44. Ranger hasn’t kicked a ball all night, though he did have our best chance and should have at least troubled the goalie. He still looks as if he has something to offer though, but he aint gonna be troubling our regular strikers any time soon imo.

  45. This Houghton thing is getting beyond a joke.The players respect him and don’t want him to go,most of the fans,apart from 1 or 2,don’t want him to go.I know the club policy is to keep quiet ,but this is ridiculous.Don’t they relise they are causing unrest,which is no good for the club.

  46. Krul mainly to blame for that in my opinion but a messy goal and Raylor typically not a good defender so a poor clearance, because he was on his heels.

    ‘Fraid that’s probably game over. Arsenal rarely let teams back into it and they’ll continue to pass us off the park, until we get knackered. And I don’t think we have enough. A lot of average players out there getting a sweat on but that’s about it.

    Ranger should probably have scored, and imagine if Smudger’s had gone in?

    But apart from the first and last 8 minutes of the half we perhaps could have gone in with the lead without it being too much of a liberty. Can’t see us having enough though but we’ll see.

  47. who said R.Taylor is our best RB, please rethink again. He’s good crosser but not defender at all. Just see Arsenal attack only him. But I confident we will claw them back in second half!

  48. Aye Ross, Routledge has done canny in spells. You can see though tht we are showing them too much respect, we know if we give the ball away we aint gonna see it again for a while. Vukic has probably kicked the ball 6 times in the first half. Good test though for the lads.

  49. There is sum mugs on here that want hoots out idiots, what’s he done wrong 9th in league were the hell do they expect us to be, we need stability

  50. Elite Veteran

    Posts: 1147

    I think Smith has been our best player. Vuckic is playing in fits and starts but none of the 3 central midfielders is linking midfield with attack. Lovenkrands, Routledge and Vuckic occasionally threatening to but not consistently so we have no options.

    I’d say chuck another striker on as we’re not going to stop them playing. We may as well have two lads chasing those balls we keep launching.

  51. Now the question is do we insert more of the first team and go for it, or waith until 60 minutes?

  52. Ginkoh-I think the general consensus throughout everyone is that Raylor is good from a set piece and can put a cross in but is just as poor at the back as Perch. Simpson would probably be called our best RB when Saylor isn’t fit and even then he’s nowt special. It’s a position we could do with strengthening.

    Mick G-It’s the press more than anyone I reckon mate. Anal Oliver refused to let it die by writing about how Hughton might lose his job last week and its influencing the rest of the red tops to jump on the story.
    If anything happens to Hughton I think Ashley can expect backlash of the highest order.

  53. Bowburn, I agree about the goal, mistake by Krul, but RTaylor still had the chance to clear better, as you say we was back on his heels so he muffed the header.
    I used to seethe in the early days when I saw him wearing the stripes, sorry RTaylor is just not good enough. He’s the only right back I’ve seen who jockeys flat-footed and square on to the attacker.

    Rest assured boys and girls, the makkems will see a different toon team out there on Sunday. Hope Krul’s confidence doesn’t suffer too much..

  54. Munich-To be fair to Vuckic, I haven’t seen him played in his proper position once. I’ve seen him sitting deep in the midfield or out wide, when in reality I think the majority are under the impression he does his best sitting just in the hole behind the strikers, or up playing as a second striker.

  55. That’s a pathetic decision. Awful refereeing. A needless challenge from Bender and we’re f*cked over again. Even if we weren’t pulling back 1-0 the game has been put out of sight down to yet ANOTHER pathetic decision.

  56. How hasn’t the linesman seen that? Where was he? Bender actually moves to Williamson to make the foul. There’s nothing convenient about his positioning, he runs infront of Williamson to block him off, pathetic.

  57. I dont even know if I want Hoots to risk first teamers. We’re out the game here, Just have to hope to god nowt happens to the likes of Carroll or Jonas.
    Bendtner turning round and appealing to the referee for a foul from Williamson is embarrassing.

  58. kin el, whats the age old rule, don’t concede just before, and just after the break…doh.

    Now we’ve got Carroll and Ranger together, let’s see what Ranger has to offer..

    Shit play by Bendtner, too be honest I reckon Williamson could have gotten close to Walcott hadn’t Bendner done a Jacky Pallo tackle on him..

  59. To be fair, Ranger has done very little but at least you know he’s there. Lovenkrands has been utterly anonymous like his last game.

    Smudger is looking at a red here. Said it after his first tackle.

  60. Considering its Arsenal and they’ve done plenty of attacking, both goals they’ve scored have been rubbish.

  61. With Eboue’s antics, Bendtner’s cheating, I’m starting to dislike Arsenal.

    One goal gifted and another shouldn’t have counted. Mind you they would have beaten us either way in my opinion.

  62. Bowburn-Aye I didn’t expect to win the night, it’s just a shame the way we’ve conceded. As I just said, considered they’re praised for such attacking play, their first was a terrible own goal, the second never should have stood.

  63. Love how the Arsenal fans are cheering EVERY pass they make. Tends to happen when you’ve strung together 10/15 passes, but they’re doing it from the first pass onward every time they get the ball….bit sad, lol

  64. I know thy’ve bossed us with posession, but they were two crap goals to concede. We could have held on and nicked it on pens…not anymore though..

    Hope none of wor subs get fettled for the big game at the weekend..

  65. Barton on aswell now, say a prayer for our first teamers like, lol. Dont be surprised to see one of them go in on Joey

  66. So pissed the ref didn’t call that when Djorou was obviously pushing with his arms extended on Carroll! Could of used a soft penalty right about now

  67. 3 good strikers of the ball and they pass the fcking free kick around until they get closed down…

  68. If Raylor had just slid Ranger in there on the edge of the box he’d have been 1 on 1. Tell you what since the subs we havent been bad. I dont think we’ve been too bad all night to be honest, good run out for the bairns and we’re so far, still full strength for Sunda.

  69. Great ball Raylor. Brilliant ball actually. Carroll should be burying that. Get the easy misses out your system the day son and break the net with them on Sunday.

  70. but dang, those moves didn’t look bad from Carroll just then. Wish he buried that header a minute ago

  71. yeah, our nearest guys were 5 yards behind that clearing defender. Pathetic. this game is done

  72. to be honest, since the subs came on we’ve had several good positions which we didn’t capitalise on. With a bit more class, and cooler with the final delivery, we could have easily created the better chances and perhaps pulled 2 goals back. There again I could be on totally optimistic mode..

  73. Well at least this is our second string barring the subs we made , i still have a good feeling for sunday . Lets hammer the unwashed .

  74. Wish I hadn’t called the 4-0, but it was all too obvious. I even nearly called the Bendtner goal, he threatens that all the time. Bound to pay off with us taking chances.

  75. Howay man, getting murdered on the counter attack. All poor goals to concede like. 4-0 is generous.

  76. That fourth goal was absolutely pathetic…kids stuff. What the flock was the left back up to ?

  77. Carroll and Jonas have both looked rather good since coming on if thats a help, lets hope they’re just both 100% for Sunday.

  78. I’m still optimistic about Sunday, despite this game. I am actually curious now to see how we play against Arsenal in a couple weeks

  79. Carroll, Jonas, & Barton haven’t played enough for it to affect them on Sunday. They’ll be up for it

  80. The good thing – we usually bounce back great after losing since Hughton took over. This bodes well for the Sunderland game.

    The bad thing – we may very well not have Hughton when Sunday comes. This scoreline (despite the decent to good performance in my opinion) will not help Hughton.

  81. I wonder why Ferguson was not in the side tonight , i have just realised that he is not even on the bench .

  82. dont think they were 4 goals the better side tonight , 2 goals very lucky , n the last 2 only when we were pushing to get back into the game,

    Think alot of positvies to take from it,

    Carrol n jonas looked a real handfull when they came on

    Vuckic n ranger showed glimpses of the players they could be.

    Thought williamson played well

    Perch n kadar done alright.

  83. i’m really not worried about hughton getting sacked. That would simply be beyond stupid.

    I was curious about Ferguson’s absence as well Axel

  84. Im ashamed of being from the same country as Bendtner tonight and if i ever meet him on the streets ill break his figgin jaw.

    On the match tho… Arsenal went for it more and our reserves were simply not good enough, from Perch and Taylor who got beaten on the flanks all night to Ranger in attack who foiled when he had his chance, most of all the battle was lost in the centre of midfield where we got completly run over… If Tiote and Barton gets an injury, we will be in dire straits im afraid.

  85. Really didn’t expect Perch to play center back tonight. Was thinking Hughton would want to put players in their natural and comfortable positions for this game. Instead Kadar was pushed out to left back, rather than the center and Vuckic was put on the wing.

    Why does he always try to put players into different roles?

  86. Hughton wont get sacked

    Ladbrookes r the shittest bookies going, wouldnt be hard to get betting suspeneded on a novelity market like managers gettng sacked esp at ladbrookes id guess they got maybe 200 quid n market pulled

  87. 4-0 slightly generous for me. Considering the score line i’m not overly disappointed. Frustrating thing is that pretty much all of their goals were avoidable but we looked decent at times and the first teamers made us look alot stronger. Bring on Sunday and the scum.

  88. Harsh scoreline but who cares, Vuckic was good, Carroll and Jonas played well when they come on, I thought Ryan Taylor was beyond a joke how obviously right footed were their players yet did he fcuk show them down the line.

    Also Ander Marriner is a shite ref and the biased commentary at the end was nice Bartons tackes were pre meditated yet not a slight mention when eastmond stamped on perch…

  89. Scoreline 4-0 don’t show any different between 2 side too much. It’s just football and we can’t change our chances to goal like them.

    Hopefully our players will learn something from this game.

  90. FAO: THEO WALCOTT-Those B&W stripes look canny on you son, give it a go for a season or two ;)

  91. Come on really we did’nt expect to win we hoped to win.
    The Gooners did’nt have to break sweat. Barton was the only one that looked anywhere near good.We have’nt got anyone that could hit a bulls arse with a shovel

  92. Hughton on his way?

    As per the chat of late, bookies had stopped taking bets on Hughton to be the first gaffer to go.

    The current word being that he’s not happy they didn’t negotiate a good deal for Calderwood. And that they aren’t happy with some of the performances an results.

    Arsenal are a good football team, some cheating and poor refereeing and average (if spirited) performances from our lot and you can see why it was 4-0. But it’s never nice getting smashed on your own turf and that’s now four home games without a win and while were 9th and it’s early days, would there be any real pressure on him, if we get humped by the degenerates down the road on Sunday?

    I think it would be madness, personally. But the board have continued to make horrendous decisions, particularly in terms of timing, so who the feck knows?

  93. Unfortunately, you have good points bowburn about the board’s idiocy of late. Who could we possibly bring in to replace Hughton on the wages that the fat man would offer? Nobody better. If JFK shows his face around here again, I’ll stop watching football

  94. Watching tonights game I think Guthrie is a great little player. Problem is most of the team arn’t on the same wave length.

    Ranger, is basically as fumbly as Ameobi, but has a bit more work rate and a bit less luck.

    Vuckic impressed me, Kadar didn’t (he looks a bit slow).

    And if anyone ever tells me Ryan Taylor is better than Routeledge they must be joking.

    Ryan Taylor is good at free kicks, but I don’t think he can cross consistantly any better than Routeledge.

    Had loads of opportunities to get crosses in and couldn’t beat the first man once.

    Best team for Scum on Sunday:






    IMO anyway. Close between Barton and Guthrie but i can see him getting sent off by losing his temper.

  95. Barton is an unreformed thug. I have a soft spot for you Geordies, but you should be ashamed to have him at your club. He has neither the skill, the class, or the intelligence to play in the prem. He might do OK in the championship, but in the lowwer leagues he would be shivved in the car park after the match if he tried his on pitch assaults.

  96. Bowburn i honestly wouldnt read too much into bookies pulling a market like that esp if it started with ladbrookes

  97. Bendtner – so he gave Fabregas a nudge? Bless ‘im. He started making us tick when he came on. He’s kept his nose clean all season.

  98. Carrol and ranger the future




  99. The second string was doing ok ’til the stupid goal on HT.
    Then with the ref giving everything to arsenal, including the second goal, it became clear what was gonna happen.
    0-4 is well harsh, but we had opportunities that we didn’t bury. So, that’s that over, the better team did win, but not without help & it was a lot closer than the scoreline suggests.
    They had more 1st teamers out, so it went how we’d expect.
    Please stop giving oxygen to that shite about CH getting sacked, it’s pathetic.
    It doesn’t deserve the dignity of a response, howay.

  100. Barndoor Bendtner

    The only reason he has been given chances is because he has the skill as anyone with a brain would tell you, Shame you seemed to miss the numerous Arsenal players diving and the blatant stamp by Eastmond on Perch…

  101. Well-timed statement from the club, putting rumours to bed.

    Mind you, I hope we don’t get too many injuries. As great a man as he is, Hughton isn’t a magician and there were lots of average footballers out there tonight. Willing, but average.

  102. Team for scum

    GK Krul

    RB Simpson
    LB Enrique
    CD Colo
    CD Campbell or Kadar

    RW Barton
    CM Tiote
    CM Guthrie
    LW Jonas

    CF Carroll
    CF Ranger

    Subs Vuckic,Ameobi,Williamson,Routledge,Soderberg,Nolan,Smith

  103. Just a thought but maybe the bookies have stop’t taking bets on hughton because they have got wind of his new no2 and now know he will not be sacked .

  104. Arsenal clear and deserved winners, shame that bad luck, a shit decision played part in the score but I think the outcome would have been the same. Love watching arsenal play but their theatrics were a bit disapointing, bendtnar and eboue were shocking.

  105. Tonight has proved that the following are not good enough:

    R Taylor
    M Williamson
    J Perch
    W Routledge
    P Lovenkrands

    D Guthrie, H Vuckic, N Ranger, T Kadar will be better playing with better players.

  106. Thought Kadar looked OK in the first half,

    Barton, Jonas & Carroll looked a class above the rest.

    Barton Tiote & Jonas make a good 3 man midfield 2which can either defend or attack.

    Carrol needs support as well, nobody seems good enough.

    Stll two players short. RB, No10 finisher.

  107. I think CH will start with Carroll and Ameobi up front against the unwashed and will probably even play the same team he started against the hammers the only change is maybe Perch / simpson

  108. Evening Bowburn. Thank god the club have said something about Hughton’s situation. Hopefully all this wild speculation will die a death for a while anyway.
    Predictable result tonight. Scoreline flattered the Gooners a bit and disappointing that a few of their goals were real errors on our behalf. Hey ho, trip to Wembley on hold for another year….

  109. Was on sky said hoots is r manager n will remain r manager n we fully intend to renogaite new contract in new year, thought vukic was brilliant tonite

  110. CLINT – hence the worry about injuries dude. Reasonably happy with the bigger names. But putting faith in some of those lads out there tonight in big, important must-win games? Doesn’t fill me with confidence to be honest.

  111. bowburn,
    so how are they gonna grow, if we don’t hoy ’em in there?
    I read what you said mate & replied accordingly.
    This wasn’t an ‘important must-win game’ was it.
    It was the league cup v arsenal a few days before the scum at home for 3 valuable points.

  112. If Barton really had the skill you t Toons say he has, why does he have to use rough house tactics? He cannot stop the red mist coming down and will always be a liability because of the number of cards he will get.
    OK so he’s ‘clean’ so far this season, but if he’s looking at the man, he cant be looking at the ball, ergo he isnt playing his best.
    I know you are all but potless but move him on and get some young talent in there quick.

  113. Wheyaye worky. I wasn’t really that serious about Oliver anyway. I was just pulling your leg because I know you don’t like him.

  114. Sorry wasn’t barton poty at city before he moved here. Talented very, tempremental still a bit but reformed character definately. Playing in his position he will always get cards, but he’s still a good midfielder

  115. Barndoor – if you’re not here on a wind-up then take it from me, that foul on Fabregas is just about the only intentional foul I’ve seen him make this season.

    It was hardly a leg breaker. He just let him know he was around. Bit daft to be honest, but generally he’s been more about knocking the ball about than knocking the man about. I won’t criticise him, unless he’s deserving.

    I think he could be a big playerfor us, maybe making the difference between staying up or going down. He’s in the last chance saloon in terms of misdemeanours but who’s to say he hasn’t finally grown up?

  116. BB,
    when was this then?
    Barton has been kicked off the pitch this season v wolves & didn’t retaliate, behave man.
    You’re judging him on what he did off the pitch, mostly at manc.
    Apart from one sending off v liverpoo, which a meal was made of cos it was liverpoo.
    Look man, you beat us, we respect arsenal as a good team playing good football, probably the best in the league, i’m sure most of us would happily admit that. So please leave us be, to be pissed off, ta mate.

  117. CLINT – I’m not sure what you’re getting at mate? I didn’t say they shouldn’t be played or be allowed to grow. But in my opinion, Perch and Ryan Taylor aren’t good enough at this level. Kadar needs to improve his awareness so he doesn’t get caught and even though I’m one of their biggest fans, Vuckic and Ranger haven’t progressed as much as I’d hoped.

    All I’m saying is that if we get a few injuries, we could struggle. I don’t think that’s unfair.

  118. Not that disappointed with result although 4-0 flattered them somewhat, first goal was a complete fluke and second should have been disallowed
    Was with a load of arse fans ( that’s what you get for living down south) and wasn’t that surprised that they all hate bentner even tho he scored a decent goal
    Thought Vuckic had his best game yet, kadar was decent also, most surprised that perch atuallynlooked decent at CB
    Ranger was poor

  119. Barndoor Bendtner
    Take a good look at Barton in the next few games , the lad this season is now 100% fit and not in trouble for the first time since he joined us . Its showing he is at the level now that he was when he won an England cap while at Citeh and getting beter as the season goes on . The lad does have good passing ability and come the end of the season will be one of the best cm in the prem .

  120. Hopefully, by the sounds of it, this will stop the Raylor at RB train for a while aswell. I have said all along he is not a RB and even though I have not seen the game it sounds as though I have been proved right on this occasion.

    Right-midfield wouldn’t be a bad shout, with Simpson in behind. He can do the defensive wirk that Raylor lacks the ability to do.

  121. bowburn,
    look mate, we’ve just took a beating at hyem, i’m pissed about it, i took some of it out on you mate.
    I agree generally with the fact we haven’t got massive strength in depth. I was referring to you calling our kids on a tough night.
    Soz mate, didn’t mean to offend ya’.
    & i wasn’t having a go at everything y’said.
    I hate losing, as i’m sure you do y’self.

  122. Fair do’s man, I hear you on the pain.

    To be honest, I was sort of resigned to it (terrible I know). The first 10 mins, I was like “feck, here we go…”.

    But then we made a good fist of it until that daft goal. Plenty of spunk again, but generally seedless, you know? (‘pologies for the crude anaology).

    4-0 wasn’t a fair result and Eboue and Bendtner do a good job of putting me off Arsenal for good. I think we were totally outclassed for long spells and it worries you the gulf in class. But then they’re a good football club, so it’s fair to keep some perspective.

  123. WTF is up wih you lot – we played our second team and actually made a decent game of it after first 15 mins, 1st goal was a fluke and 2nd should have been disallowed – was good experience for our young uns – good points were Kadar and Vuckic also thought Perch had a decent game
    Ranger was poor as was Routledge, Lovenkrands got into decent positions first half but just wasn’t passed to. There’s a reason Smith, Taylor and co are bench earners – they just ain’t good enough

  124. I luved coming on tonight and kicking all those pretentious arsenal players. We were luck not to be 5 nil down at halftime. When i came on and we were losing all i wanted to do was kick them arsenal. There a great side and if i ever kame the england side god help us, i’m shit.

  125. We aren’t competing with the likes of arsenal, sadly.
    We didn’t put away our chances, the ref was terrible & they took advantage of that.
    I’m not bothered about cups ’til we’re well ensconced in this league again. But i don’t like losing & especially in a crap haphazard way. Some of the decisions against us piss me off worse than the defeat, we kinda expected that.
    They put out a much stronger team than us, partly cos they need a cup, partly cos they are better. We couldn’t risk our 1st team.
    I’m over it already.
    Please don’t take what i said as anything other than ‘heat of the moment’ angst mate.

  126. Ah I’m thick skinned anyway dude, you know that.

    Refereeing (assistance included) was definitely poor, even though I don’t like blaming the officials.

  127. Oh! i get it now.
    They ‘hate’ Barton cos he pushed slimy nasal a few years ago & he reminded us in the press the other week.
    Poor little lamb.

  128. JoeyBarton-God help you if you were ever asked to write a proper sentence with correct grammar and spelling, is what i’d say.

    “if i ever kame the England side?”…Thought you lot down South were supposed to be far more intelligent than us Northerners?

  129. 1st goal was a fluke, 2nd shouldn’t have stood due to the Bendtner foul and #3 & 4 were nonsense because we were chasing the game.

    Fact is, the Arse were really in control for the finale of the 1st half and after the break, but we roared back in the 2nd half after the subs and if we weren’t pressing like madmen, the 3rd and 4th wouldn’t have happened.

    Barton seems to suddenly be “on.” I like the way he works with Guthrie in the central midfield.

    We lost, but there are many positives here, including Hughton’s willingness to make big changes AND the resulting pressure we got from those changes.

    Crabby about losing, but it’s the league that counts this season, so eff the Cup & up the table.

  130. bowburn,
    sweet mate.
    I only blame ‘officials’ when they deserve it after ruining a/the game (of football).

    I was at the wham game & after the first few tackles, when the ref was a bit ‘homer’, he got on with the game & was fair. That seems quite rare these days. Especially when playing the press darlings.
    Arsenal didn’t need help they got tonight.

  131. Errr you arse fans – 2 things
    Why are you on here – don’t you have your own blog
    Don’t arse have the most cards against this season with wilshire getting a red for a nasty tackle
    I thought that wolves chairman was a test but maybe he has a point – I.e you lot always pretending to be he injured party !

  132. Dear Toon bloggers – sorry for interrupting but thought I’ll share a few away thoughts…

    We were flattered by the score, although our lineup tonight was seriously stronger.

    Wenger is right about Carroll who can become anything for club and country (a great prospect)your problem will be keeping him. Agree with the Barton comments, I have watched him and he looks seriously better than he was at Citeh.

    Apologies re: Eboue’s dive – but all defenders do that when faced on their own bye line. was also impressed with Guthrie who linked up particularly well wth Carroll and Barton.

    Finally – what has happened to your fans (only 33000!!!) and why do keep playing so poorly at home compared to away?

    Good luck for rest of season – you will stay up no problem.

  133. Guys, less of the excuses please. We need to stop moaning about their theatrics and the controversial second goal.

    Arsenal beat us because they were far superior on the night. They passed the ball better, faster and were far more dangerous in the final third. We were awful in front of goal today. We had enough chances to score a few ourselves but we let ourselves down every time. Ah well, onwards and upwards.

    Few points from the game.

    Ranger – Not polished enough to contribute from the start of games, but this guy has massive potential. He was a nightmare for Djourou, who I thought had a good game otherwise. Ranger’s pace is electric and he clearly likes to run at players.

    Vuckic – Was in and out of the game. As the game went on he got more confident and started showing why he is so highly rated. This guy has AMAZING VISION, COMPOSURE and PASSING RANGE for an 18 year old. Also, he is strong and battles well. Very impressed and I think he could prove to be the link between our midfield and up front.

    Lovenkrands – We can now see why he doesn’t get a game. He has lost it. Always off side and positionally poor. Ranger won so many flick-on’s only for Lovenkrands to be standing in no man’s land. Unfortunately I think he is finished at NUFC.

    R.Taylor – Poor. Can’t defend and can’t hit a moving ball half as well as some on here think he can. Also, he is painfully slow. Another player who is finished at the club.

    Guthrie – Some were impressed, but I wasn’t. I thought his decision making and awareness on the ball was shocking today. His first touch needs fine tuning and he needs to learn to think ahead of the game. He just takes too long with everything he does. He is relatively young and hopefully will improve.

    Kadar – Started poorly, but grew into the game. He was clearly nervous. He is a player that likes to play out of defence and I think long term he could slot in well alongside Colo and Enrique.

    Jonas – He seems to be getting better and better.

    Krul – Made one mistake in the entire game and it cost us the first goal. I feel sorry for the lad and hope it doesn’t dent his confidence. If it does, we as fans should stick by him much like Wenger has done with Fabianski. Just look how good Fabianski has been playing now his confidence has returned.