Moncur’s words for Hughton’s knockers.

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Bob Moncur: Happy with Hughton.
Bob Moncur: Happy with Hughton.
Speaking in an interview with Lee Ryder for the Chronic, Newcastle United’s Fair’s Cup winning defender and captain, Bobby Moncur, spoke on United’s current manager, Chris Hughton.

He gave fulsome praise to the Cockney Colossus, expressing his regret at the injury of Hatem Ben Arfa, and hoped that the rumours of Hughton’s immenent sacking were just “malicious gossip”. Hughton who has seen his team booed by supporters in last weekend’s draw against Wigan, screamed at to “sort it oot!” by the same supporters, has been told he’s on the verge of losing his job if they had lost that game by the Daily Hate Mail and lost his assistant, Colin Calderwood to Hibs all in the same week, has had something of a torrid time of it recently from the more ingrated section of the Magpies’ fanbase. To cap it all, there have been the recent Andy Carroll problems too.

In the interview, Moncur started by looking at Newcastle’s points total, suggesting that we have been somewhat unlucky in at least a couple of games:

“WITH eight games gone and eight points in the bag for Newcastle United, the time has come to start giving Chris Hughton the praise he richly deserves as manager at St James’ Park.

“There cannot be a Newcastle fan who fails to see what a great job he has done in the last 12 months since being appointed as permanent gaffer.

“Yes, we could have more points in the bag at this stage and we have been unlucky in two games when we should have gained more than a narrow defeat.

“Yes, we are hovering just above the relegation places as we head into what could be a long and hard winter.

“However, it is my humble opinion that what Hughton has achieved thus far is respectable enough as we head to West Ham.”

Moncur then moved on to the loss of Newcastle’s midfield creative panacea, Hatem Ben Arfa, who was hacked down in a leg breaking scissor tackle by Manchester City hatchet man, Nigel de Jong, and will be out for most of the season. Moncur, revealing that he thought the loss would be a major setback, but that all was not lost, continued:

“Believe it or not, I am still feeling down about the injury suffered by Hatem Ben Arfa, which came as a sickening blow to Hughton and every genuine Newcastle supporter.

“If we were going into West Ham with Ben Arfa in the ranks, I would be really confident.

“However, I still firmly think we have enough in the tank to get something and go into the Carling Cup game with Arsenal on a high.”

Moving on to the long anticipated encounter with the Vagrants of Wearside, all the recent carping and the recent fabricated story in the Daily Mail, Moncur added:

“If Hughton can lead his troops, and I know IF is the biggest word in football, against Sunderland and get through the derby unscathed it surely must be a case of “crisis, what crisis?”

“It has not been lost on me the fact there has been talk of Hughton going – but hopefully that is nothing more but malicious gossip.

“I fully support him in what he has done at this football club in recent times.

“After all, we were heading for oblivion after relegation and a mass walkout of so-called stars at the club in the aftermath of our Premier League disaster.”

As always, time will tell, but I certainly share his optimism. As I have already stated several times, I think that we are an erratic team who show the signs of a very good team breaking through as Hughton patiently builds his squad on a limited budget. I also think that we are on our way to better things as more consistency comes. Also, a bit of luck wouldn’t go amiss either for a change!

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108 Responses

  1. When I read the article headline I was thinking Moncur was going to be commenting on what a nice pair they were :lol:

  2. richietoon says:
    October 21, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    “When I read the article headline I was thinking Moncur was going to be commenting on what a nice pair they were”

    You should know by now that I never shy away from double entendres and risque titles in general, richie!

  3. Nowt wrong with a bit of smut worky :-)

    Those Polish fans are mental at Citeh…pity there getting whooped like.

  4. hahaha, didn’t even think of that til your comment richie…been a long day.

    speaking of de jong…wearing the arm band today for city. classy….

  5. batty says:
    October 21, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    “well iam a bit more positive now ,ile give clueless till half time against west ham”

    That’s why I’m glad I’ll be at a wedding rather than on here whilst watching the game on the box. I get a night off keeping you tosspots in check ;)

  6. This thread has carry on classic all over it I reckon :)

    One mention of knockers is enough to titilate everyone :lol:

  7. Batts half time mate thats a bit rough could you not give him to atlest 70 min mark till we get the subs ;) .
    Oh Toonsy I told my Bro to try that redtube mate :lol: fuk he loves it I haven’t seen him for a few days ;)

  8. Answering Machine Recording…”You have reached the breast self-examination hot line. Please press 1 now…
    ….Now press the other one.” :lol:

  9. These next three games will go a long way to sorting out how many on here still give him their backing. ;)

  10. For all of you asking for Hughton’s scalp unless he cracks heads, let’s just consider if cracking heads will make Nolan a step or two faster, Perch have better depth perception, or any of the crocked heal faster. CH is fielding nearly the same team he had to put out in the fizzy last year. They have suffered from referee indifference and injury. CH could have sent out some of the bairns, but if he did and only had 4 points, what would all of you be saying? CH had no control of the acquisition of new players, he just plays what he is given. My only concern is that weekday practice may be bloody brutal since so many men come down with knocks during the week. But that could be the way you fight for your place in the team. And that may not bode well in the long term.

  11. richie

    whats wiv all the jokes and wise craic of late. Your supposed to be depressed at our impending doom mate. :)

  12. DJG…not doom and gloom yet mate,concerned yes but I’ll give it a bit yet.Also really crap week at work so can’t handle doom and gloom in my own time ;-)

  13. richietoon says:
    October 21, 2010 at 9:31 pm
    DJG…not doom and gloom yet mate,concerned yes but I’ll give it a bit yet.Also really crap week at work so can’t handle doom and gloom in my own time
    <<< howay rich you admited in that email u sent me that ya thought we would gan doon and want clueless sacked :)

  14. I would like to “partition” Tarzan Carroll to keep his nose clean and keep his mitts off his women, teammates and others in general.

    What would an arsonist have to say? “That’s a HOT car!” Ba-dum, ching!

  15. batty….only email I remember is the one you sent me saying ya believed CH would have us winning the prem within 3 years and European domination within 5 :lol:

    Thats why I was p!issed of when Bournmouth didn’t score the other week 33/1 :-(

    prob try 4 this week.

  16. richietoon says:
    October 21, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    batty….only email I remember is the one you sent me saying ya believed CH would have us winning the prem within 3 years and European domination within 5
    <<<< aye rich but i had just done 2 oz of green in at the time :)

  17. DJG says:
    October 21, 2010 at 10:05 pm
    Aye awld Bobby Moncur, canny player, slow as a snail but canny player
    <<<< aye and its a shame old age has effected his brain :)

  18. cant believe ppl are calling for houghton to be sacked after what he has done for, and not jus last season this season as well weve been good villa n everton we good at wolves we were n shud of won, blackpool was jus one of those games, yes stoke n wigan we were poor, n at city we were robbed, plus who u gonna bring kinnear bcoz are u ppl assumin the fat man is gonna splash the cash on a top manager

  19. batty

    Do you not think Booby, er Bobby and Malcolm are gettin a little stubben with age. When SuperMac writes a player off these days they could set up two and score one and that wouldn’t be enough for him. Poor ol’ Jonas got it in the neck from Malcolm recently.

  20. plus are aim is survival n so far we wud survive ive no doubt that if we lose to west ham n scum ppl will want him gone but ive got sneaky feeling were gonna win both games

  21. “Doc, I can’t stop singing ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home.'”…… “That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome.”… “Is it common?”…. Well, “It’s Not Unusual.” :-)

  22. davy says:
    October 21, 2010 at 10:15 pm
    plus are aim is survival n so far we wud survive ive no doubt that if we lose to west ham n scum ppl will want him gone but ive got sneaky feeling were gonna win both games

    Il have one of whatever he’s having. :)

  23. davy says:
    October 21, 2010 at 10:15 pm
    plus are aim is survival n so far we wud survive ive no doubt that if we lose to west ham n scum ppl will want him gone but ive got sneaky feeling were gonna win both games
    <<<< aaaaaah gotcha youve had some of big d as well good stuff int it :)

  24. DJG..see ya mate,dream about beating West Ham,then we’ll only be a few points of a European place ;-)

  25. jay jay…the next number 2 will be in about 5 minutes,it’s the Kofte kebabs I had earlier I think ;-)

  26. Haven’t had a kebab in yonks, making me hungry, but I’ll stick to lager when I get home I think.

  27. well the feck is ppl ambitions for the season on here coz mine was survival and so far ive seen enough to fink we will stay up

  28. as it stands west ham is bigger than the scum game they are below us n we hav to make sure that is the same come saturday nyt, ideal sceniro sat villa beat scum n we beat west ham then go above scum b4 derby game

  29. and as for ppl so next 3 games are massive i cudnt careless bout the cup match if it means taking points in prem games

  30. Slightly off topic… We need two new signings in january to become a top class team… That and our injured players coming back in… My dream team for 5 months time….






    Simple as that… A team that Chelsea wouldn’t like to face :)


  31. MM13 – Aye it is the same agent. He has also been banned from practising as an agent for nine months because of some of his dealings……

  32. So if Keegan had said f*ck of and boil ya heed, Cole would have.His lass was right with her first reaction, spoilt brat springs to mind………do players think the vast majority of agents are any different? they’re commodities for them just as much as they are for the clubs. TFI Friday :-)

  33. richie toon I totally agree,is Cole saying he left on principle and not for the money?He was as greedy as his agent,he was always willing to go along with what Stretford said as long as he(Cole)made loads of money,effing hypocrite,Christ I hate the money invovled in football.

  34. Mick….aye mate they’re all greedy b@stards(well most) players, clubs and agents. Easy to just blame the agent but surely they act under the players instructions, if someone was representing me I’m sure I’d want to know every last detail about what he’s asking for and what he’s up to.I’ve said before get rid of all of them and let a body like the PFA represent players in contract talks, someone who won’t gain financially. Speaking of greed I think it’s shocking in these hard and uncertain times asking fans for £42 minimum for the scum game.
    On a plus side, last payment for my season ticket next month :-)

  35. @batty – doubt we’ll be bottom after next few games, wolves have Chelsea, man city, man u twice and arsenal

  36. fourfouroneone says:
    October 22, 2010 at 9:07 am
    @batty – doubt we’ll be bottom after next few games, wolves have Chelsea, man city, man u twice and arsenal<<<<, well thats cheered me up abit :)

  37. richietoon says:
    October 22, 2010 at 10:21 am
    Nowt that I’ve heard Stuart, whats the odds on it being Campbell to save some dosh?

    Thats why I thought it might be Beardlsey.

  38. Why don’t we try and pinch Ian Bogie, he’s done well for the heed getting them promoted twice with very little resources. :)

  39. I read somewhere that it won’t be Beardlsey because he is being groomed for future no.1. Don’t know how much truth is in that though.

  40. The Sun are reporting that Carrolls car has been torched while parked on Nolans drive.

    The lad has some serious enemies by the look of it.

  41. Aye but Hughton says he is still gonna play him over Ameobi, ‘purely for footballing reasons’, god help us.

  42. batty gan a visit him, take him a warm can of lager and a chicken sandwich, don’t think he’ll need a fishing rod. ;)

  43. Richietoon I’ll be ahead of you soon in the ff league mate, Rooney was swapped for tevez, things are looking up :)

  44. batty

    On the other hand we could let him be our new assistant, he could give barton something to speed the fekker up a bit. :)

  45. I’ve got drogba as well mate, watch this space. Soon can you pay for season tickets in installments richietoon?

  46. jay jay…Drogba too ;-)
    You could on the 3 year ones mate, this is the last season for that, dunno about next season.

  47. Marnin’ smegs. Nice craic on here. Richie’s gags just show that care in the community can work after all.. ;)

    Moncur’s spot on about CH. Even if we lose the next 3 we have to remember past mistakes and stay the course. You have to ask more than whether any manager can cut it – you have to ask whether anyone else could do any better in the circumstances. I honestly think CH will do as well as anyone could at this club. We just have to keep faith and remember at the beginning of the season when we were talking about how we and the players need to avoid panicking when we hit the inevitable rough patches.

  48. As for Carroll’s car, having seen a pic of one of them, I think the garage door probablty said,

    “Please don’t buy such a tasteless pile of carp ever again. You are not an arab. We have removed the offending object from the planet as a public service to aesthetics and to protect the public from having your unjustifiable income thrust down their throats at a time when everyone else is worried about buying food. Ya Git.
    Lots of love, the Royal Institite for Standards in Taste.”

    (He’s got a big garage, Nolan.)

  49. I hate how slow it is on here on Fridays! I always end up with some mind-spudgingly dull document to write, and typing bollocks about footie on here is the only available defence to my sanity!

  50. Ah well, at least when we’re on the telly we seem to play slightly better, we’re on the telly loads atm.

  51. Rooney bottled it. Shit himself with the death threats. Pussy ;)

    I don’t think that is the end of this mind. I wonder how his team-mates are going to take this, after he basically said he was better than them…..

  52. Its prob slow coz fridays is benefits day so straight down the pub after cashing the old giro

    On another note am off to West ham tomorrow.
    This is a match which could go either way, Carlton Cole the ex England player is having a nightmare of a season and struggling for form – a bit like Andy Carroll of late (Andy I know you read this blog so get your act together and knock a couple in tomorrow, if selected of course)
    West Hams form has improved a bit of late where ours has gone off the boil a little
    Both defences are fairly leaky so I’m expecting a few goals, we really need a win to give ourselves some breathing space before bigger games coming up
    my prediction therefore is a defeat 2-1 :-(

  53. Why didn’t he just move to a london club, the ‘men in black’ wouldn’t be abled to use their bus passes that far. :)

  54. Utter twuntmuppet. Thank gawd somebody’s on hand to take the heat of Andy Carroll. Thick as mince, both of them. But in Andy’s case I don’t care as long as he plays well for the Toon…

  55. I kind of hope we don’t start with Bigger Lad tomorrow. Whatever the causes, fact is he’s got other things to think about at the mo and no matter how strong-minded, at his age it must be taking its toll.

    Here’s hoping both court cases go away – ideally completely exonerating him in the process – and he can get back to his best.

    Anyway, it’s not as if he’s hit THAT long a lull in scoring; nowt compared to Rooney, Torres and co. He’ll be back, and he’ll get over 15 goals this season. I’d rather have a local, genuinely hard-working lad like him than a wage-chaser like Rooney any day. Especially for about a tenth of the money! I’ll even forgive him the daft car.

    Come on Andy – get yer act together, get past this sticky patch and get back to being the Number 9 we’ve been waiting for. Prove Villa was not a fluke!

  56. local lad who can get 15 goals a season….. that’ll be shola then (providing he can stay fit), he’s already got same amount of goals than Carroll in less than half the playing time