Top Ten facts and stats to know about Blackpool F.C.

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Tangerine facts...
Tangerine facts...
Newcastle United line up against a side who were brushed aside by our Championship winning team at St James’ Park last season. Still, they got promoted with us, so being as Ian Holloway is bringing his battling side up to the North East I thought it might be a good idea to put together the top ten facts and stats which may come in useful to’s loyal readers.

1. Blackpool’s highest record transfer fee paid is £1.25 million for DJ Campbell, which was paid to Leicester City on deadline day this summer. The striker made his name as part of the Yeading side which played Newcastle in the FA Cup in January 2005 before moving into League football with Brentford.

2. The club hold the unusual record of being the first club promoted from all four divisions via the play-offs having climbed from League Two to the Premier League in just nine years, beginning with Divison 3 play off success over Leyton Orient. The club then beat Yeovil Town 2-0 in League One play-off final, with Robbie Williams netting one of the goals. Finally Ian Holloway lead the club to a suprise play-off success in The Championship last season despite heading into the season as relegation favourites.

3. Former United loanee Marlon Harewood is the new No.9 at Bloomfield Road this season after impressing the club on a two week trial. The former Villa frontman spent three months on loan at United last season scoring 5 goals in 15 appearances in the process. The ‘Hare’ netted a double on his Blackpool debut in the 4-0 thrashing of Wigan as the side topped the league for all of two hours on the opening day of the season.

4. The two clubs have a fairly even head-to-head record over the years, with United winning 26 and Blackpool winning 25 of the 59 matches with the other 8 games being draws with United scoring 96 and Blackpool scoring 102. Newcastle boast the better record at St James’ however winning 18 of the 30 games, Blackpool winning 9 and the sides drawing 3.

5. Boss Ian Holloway took just 9 months in the job to get Blackpool promoted. The former QPR boss was apppointed in May ’09 on a one-year deal replacing caretaker manager Tony Parkes. ‘Ollie’ had previously been in charge of Leicester City but resigned following the clubs relegation to League One. His managerial record reads – 659 games, 252 wins, 186 draws and 221 defeats giving him a win percentage of 38.24%, whilst his win percentage at Blackpool is currently 41.3%, 6th overall in the club’s history. (Ollie has some way to go to eclipse the club’s longest serving manager Joe Smith who spent 22 years and 9 months at the club between 1935 to 1958)

6. England legend Sir Stanley Matthews joined the club at the age of 32 in 1947 and made 391 appearances scoring 17 goals during 14 years at the club leaving for Stoke City at the age of 46. A vegatarian tea-totaller, Matthews played his final competitive game in Brazil in 1985 at the age of 70 and was the first football player to win both European Footballer Of The Year and Football Writers Association Footballer Of The Year award as well as being the only player to be knighted whilst still playing professionally.

7. The Tangerines first wore their tangerine kits in 1923-24 after referee Albert Hargreaves recommended the colours after watching Holland v Belgium. Attention seeking physic Uri Geller announced the clubs 1997 blue away kit would bring the club bad luck as the players would not get the correct amouth of ‘physic energy’ from the kit. The club ignored the obvious warnings and debuted the kit in a match against Bristol City, match they promptly lost.

8. Ollie’s men edged into the play-off’s last season finishing just one point above Swansea City with 70 points finishing 6th place in what was the club’s 100th consecutive year in the Football League. Blackpool finished 32 points behind United last season, and had the second lowest average attendance in the division with an average of 8,611 compared to the our average attendance of 43,387.

9. Right-back Jimmy Armfield holds the record for the appearances for The Seasiders with 569 appearances between 1954 and 1971. Record goalscorer falls to Jimmy Hampson who scored 252 goals between in 1927 to 1938, Hampson also holds the club record for most goals in a season with 45 scored during the 1929-30 season.

10. Finally the tenth and arguably most important stats for any fan who fancies a flutter on the match, the Ladbrokes match odds. The seasiders are 9/2 to win whilst United are 8/13 for victory, with a draw being priced at 11/4.

The odds of United repeating last seasons 4-1 success are priced at 25/1 compared to 100/1 for Ollies men to get the same score. Andy Carroll is unsurpisingly the favourite to score the first goal at 3/1, and is 12/1 to score a second hat-trick, whilst DJ Campbell and Marlon Harewood are favorites to score first for Blackpool at 10/1 and are priced at 100/1 to net hat-tricks.

Howay the lads!

Editor’s note: Just a quick note to introduce the new member of the NUFC Blog team, Paul Reece, who wrote this ‘blog. No stranger to sportswriting, Paul is a football journalist, as well as a committed Magpie, and I hope you all enjoy this and his future contributions to the site. I hope that you all give him a warm welcome and be gentle with him :-)

Welcome aboard, Paul!

– Workyticket.

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181 Responses

  1. blackpool is also full of trannies,walked into a bar full of tv’s and not a video to go with them.

  2. “Record goalscorer falls to Jimmy Hampson who scored 252 goals between in 1927 to 1938”

    Never knew much about Jimmy Hampson until you inspired me to look him up, Paul. Poor gadgie was only 31 when he died after colliding with a trawler, otherwise he would have scored even more.

  3. Just one thing, Paul. You could’ve mentioned Tangerine / Toon Legend Tony Green. Some of the Blackpool fans obviously have some taste, as they even put him up amongst the likes of Stanley Matthews, Jimmy Hampson and Stan Mortensen as their greatest ever.

  4. Whenever I hear of Tony Green I always think of that bloke who used to call the scores on Bullseye. I have no idea if he is even called Tony Green, but he always pops up in my head :lol:

  5. toonsy says:
    September 10, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    “Whenever I hear of Tony Green I always think of that bloke who used to call the scores on Bullseye. I have no idea if he is even called Tony Green”

    Aye, he is, Toonsy. I’ve always been a Waddell man meself, like.

  6. Paul Reece says:
    September 10, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    “thanks for positive replies people”

    There’ll be alot of people gannin’ oot on the lash now though, Paul. I’m sure there’ll be more later!

  7. Alreet Paul,
    welcome mate.
    Some real interesting stats there.
    Good blog, all the best man, get stuck in.

  8. Welcome Paul, always grateful to those who put work into this blog, long may it continue. Gonna increase my lead over you tomorrow richietoon :)

  9. jay jay…ya should wake up and stop dreaming mate ;-)
    I’ve got super Benny Arfa in my team now…….changed my team name too to change my luck…….ee i ee i ee i o up the fantasy league I go :-)

  10. Editor’s note: Just a quick note to introduce the new member of the NUFC Blog team, Paul Reece, who wrote this ‘blog. No stranger to sportswriting, Paul is a football journalist, as well as a committed Magpie, and I hope you all enjoy this and his future contributions to the site. I hope that you all give him a warm welcome and be gentle with him

    We on here have nothing but the upmost respect for your profession and all of those who practice it…without exception:)

    Seriously Paul, welcome , and good article…

  11. Richietoon..I’m down in Marseille now for the next couple of months, and cracking on to the French lads this week, not one of them had a good word to say about Ben Afra…hhmm…prima donna seems to be the word…
    When the toon army get behind him he’ll be alright though !

  12. Munich……..happy dayys there p!ssed and singing by the old port…….then the match went and spoilt it.
    I doubt they would have a good word to say about him after going on strike…………..I think most of the French footballers over here have a touch of the prima donna about them anyway…time will tell eh?

  13. ‘lawro has us 2-1

    he must have forgot to predict arfa’s screamer in the 81st min.’

    Comment from Ed’s blog.

    I think thats good going for Lawro. Coincidence that he’s in toon tomorow for bbc. I know he was supposidly our ‘defensive coach’ in the 90’s but I think this is the first season he’s been positive about us in ten years.

  14. Evening folks and a warm welcome to Paul very good thread mate seems as if you done a good bit of research there, maybe ye could teach Toonsy a few tricks :) but be gentle and take yer time with him :lol: .
    Talking of Toonsy where is the gowk ;)
    Munich Mag I dont think you’ll get many good reports about Benny now that he turned his back on them, I for 1 cant wait to see what he has to offer us

  15. BIG DAVE think c.h. will start with same team and bring benny on 60/70min stage if going well maybe the other 2 new lads if things going ok.batty cant get hes got ashleys house-cleaning to do :)

  16. Ice I dont think Batty will be doing Mikes house cleaning if I know him it will be house clearing, and it wont be just his Lead he’ll be taking ;)

  17. Welcome aborad there Paul. Good article. Is it me, or did reading it feel like an edge was given to B’pool. Some of their feats are quite impressive.
    The Director of my department at work is a Blackpool fan. So, there’s the possibility of ribbing my boss’s boss’s boss…though I don’t think I’ll chance it.

    4-1 sounds good to me, Barton, Arfa, Carroll brace.

  18. Batty, I think everyone appreciates you as a person.

    Your make everyone else seem a lot smarter…

    There, does that count as something nice ;-)

  19. JJ well i think batty is good for the blog and it would be worse without him,and is a true toon fan,i think we all enjoy what he has to offer imo

  20. Cheers big dave, bollox to you richietoon, I’ll be the best looking bloke in rosies tomorrow you cheeky fecker :)

  21. jay jay….don’t forget to get one of Ashley’s special offers……….2 pies 2 bottles of Coors for a bargain £11

  22. Lads,
    Must win game tomorrow, we have to take all 3 points. The problem we had in our relegation season was the fact that we failed to beat similar opposition at home i.e Stoke/Wigan/Mackems/Hull/WHU etc.
    I will accept 1 – 0 to the toon and 3 precious points..

  23. batty…….I’m a bit like that mesel,not looked forward to a game as much for a canny while………we’ll probably get snotted now :lol:

  24. RICHIETOON keep your hands and feet to yourself on sat,nee punching near sitting fans,or kicking wing mirrors off,you!ll get caught m8,dave says he will grass you up

  25. Lads do you think Benny boy has something to do with the xtra excitement, as I cant wait to see him play. I know we have Tiote aswell who I think will be a good player but I just dont think its the same as a Benny type player

  26. have to be careful on sat,b/pool have something that we dont have yet this season,a away win 4-0,and no games are easy in pl

  27. How ironic……
    The wife hates football but is at the match tomorrow wining and dining corporate customers in the Bamburgh Suite whilst I will be at home looking after the bairns. NOT HAPPY.

  28. ice,
    She has been instructed to pick me auld man up on the way home so we can go for a few pints.

  29. Batts I just think with Tiote we might be down to 10 men brave and often for a while until he learns that its the prem and not UFC, and ye cant break players legs in the prem :)
    Young Jay Jay I didn’t realise you were so young lad, I feel old knowing yer only 2 yrs older than my eldest daughter :) yer face book pic does nowt for ye mate

  30. ice,
    aye mate, a few minutes later on. Don’t think Sol will though.
    I read earlier that CH was saying he will be rotating & he ain’t scared to drop/leave out players-horses for courses n’arl that.

    Don’t y’think it’s interesting that we payed the most for Tiote but he’s had the least coverage?

  31. Big dave I hate having my pic taken, had to be pissed to get it done, hence the red face, but I look older than my years anyway.

  32. jay divent talk aboot stalkers ive got another 1 after me ,my last stalker was big dave under another nick the tw@t :lol: still makes me laugh now cos no 1 would ever guess who it is

  33. Jay Jay drinking in the Glen can age ye lol, as for getting pics taken I hate seeing a camera about the place, my pic was the only one I could find apart from a passport one :)

  34. jay jay says:
    September 10, 2010 at 11:12 pm
    Drank in worse than that big dave.<<<<< u ever drank in the dolphin doon the fish quay jay :)

  35. alright Paul – good luck in your new posting role
    always good to get new opinions on here, I’m just happy we have a game tomorrow, kin england can just fvck off for me
    toon 3-0 tomorrow for me – just can’t see how we cam lose this one, then again I thought derby were a nailed on 6 points :(

  36. I would believe that mate I know you have drank with Toonsy so ye must have been in some dive’s with him.
    Batty I dont even know why me missus wanted me to renew me passport as I have no interest in going on hols

  37. Got kicked out a few times, pubs on the antrim road, not always my fault like, not easy having an English accent in those parts.

  38. hi again, thanks for all the great comments and feedback, feel at home already haa
    Defintely a tough pair to follow in toonsy and workey but will do my best :) in answer to question i am still at uni, but write for ghead fc matchday programme and the non league paper so far, looking forward to adding more pieces :)

  39. Batts take it easy im going mesel soon I have a kebab in the micro im going to munch ;)
    Richie I sometimes think im lucky to still be here after some of the places I have been in and started trouble in them :(

  40. Paul I just hope ye know what you have let yersel in for, as there is some nutters on here but lucky enough Batty has gone allready so ye will have the pleasure of that one still to come :)

  41. jeez it’s like a big love in at the mo here
    be interesting to see ben arfa play, can imagine that if he plays average/badly for a few games we’ll be on his back – hopefully we’ll have learnt from Enrique, collo that people need time to settle onto the prem, if he doesn’t then great but he has 24 games to show us what he has so not that bothered
    I’m really looking forward to tomorrows game

  42. @ 119 > Richie I sometimes think im lucky to still be here after some of the places I have been in and started trouble in them
    Sorry Jay Jay that was for you I was just watching a buster blood vessel clip on you tube that made me think of Richie :)

  43. Welcome Paul. I see you follow the non league. What do you make of Crawley Town’s spending spree?

  44. Can’t wait for today, seems yonks ago since last game.
    Crowd prediction 48’377.
    Don’t like prediticting scores :)
    Come on Benny boy

  45. Don’t know if anyone else has posted this, however.

    If we win today we’ll have 7 points and if results go our way this weekend
    Villa away to stoke
    Bolton away to Arsenal
    Wolves away to Fulham
    Birmingham home to Liverpool
    we could well be 4th come Monday

    Happy days

  46. Nicely ‘penned’ Paul. It’ll be good to read something from another writer instead of listening to t prattling on all the time.

    Looking forward to a run out or two for our new recruits today. Off for a swim with the offspring, pick up our free breakfast prize and then jump on the train through to that hallowed ground.

  47. jay jay…..I always get some weirdo sat next to me on the train….just to mek that journey a little more uncomfortable.

  48. really excited for today.
    this won’t be easy but just hoping we have too much class but before our class will tell we must win the battles.

    same eleven for me to start but CH has a pleasant problem on the bench. nailed on for me are the three new boys, krul and shoala. that leaves taylor, vuckic, lovenkrands and kadar for two places. will be tougher when S taylor best and xisco gosling are all available. people will be disappointed

  49. betfred

    it’s goals galore when both teams score…

    wigan v shitbags

    charlton v notts county

    lincoln v barnet

    a £50 stake will return a very tasty £291.36

    get on .. it’s easy money.

  50. Newcastle v Blackpool

    ‘I expect a relatively comfortable afternoon for the Toon to continue their good start to the season.
    Correct score: 2-0 at 9.0’

    Andy Gray’s prediction. Wonder if he still thinks we are gonna get relegated.

  51. batty says:
    September 11, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    “dog i like me kids having every thin i didnt as a kid and by hook or crook ile get it”

    That’s what me mutha used to say, batty, and now I’m a complete and utter twatt! :-)

  52. workyticket says:
    September 11, 2010 at 1:57 pm
    batty says:
    September 11, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    “dog i like me kids having every thin i didnt as a kid and by hook or crook ile get it”

    That’s what me mutha used to say, batty, and now I’m a complete and utter twatt<<<< you have always been a complete and utter tw@t :lol:

  53. This blog is simply excellent, I assumed I do know lots, but I’m so mistaken, like the prior saying the far more you already know, the additional you discover out how small you know. Thanks for the info.