Hughton can now start to put his own stamp on things at Newcastle.

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Carver - Back in Toon?
Carver - Back in Toon?
Since our Championship winning season drew to a close a few weeks back, Newcastle United have had more coaches departing than the local bus station.

The latest one to break rank was Alan Thompson, who relinquishes his role as reserve-team coach in favour of a move up to Celtic where he will become Neil Lennon’s new less than glamorous assistant.

Thompson’s departure follows hot on the heels of another one of our backroom staff, Kenny Wharton, and that leaves us with only a manager, an assitant manager and a goalkeeping coach working behind the scenes with the players. So is this little backroom reshuffle Hughton’s chance to get his own men in? Something he didn’t have a chance to do when he first took on the role as manager.

Word on the street is that John Carver could be in line for a return to the St James’ Park coaching setup. Carver is currently at Plymouth, and is awaiting a new manager to work under after the sacking of Paul Mariner. Could he decide to upsticks and return to his home town if the opportunity arose? I would imagine so.

Carver is a widely repected coach in footballing cirlces, and he was assistant to Bobby Robson in those heady days when we were flirting with the Champions League. Such an addition would be ideal as the experience he would bring to the club in a coaching capacity would be immense, and that would be something that would help Hughton along the way.

Whether or not Carver does return to Tyneside is something that will only be revealed as time goes on. But the fact remains that the coaching side of Newcastle United will need to be beefed up. One of the supposed new initiatives is to promote our youth academy and get our own conveyor belt of talent up and running. That will need youth coaches, something that we don’t have many of at the minute.

We also need to concentrate on bringing in coaches for the first-team and reserve-team. Hughton is only one man, and he can only do so much. We need people in behind Hughton who he can rely on to do the job and allow him to concentrate fully on the next match.

This is where I think this is a subtle reshuffle from behind the scenes that will give those people that Hughton knows he can rely on the chance to become coaches. In a way, I was surprised that Nicky Butt wasn’t retained as a coach as I think he would have been ideal, and Hughton knows him and knows what he is like to work with. You can say what you want about Nicky Butt as a player, but as a professional he never put a foot wrong. That is a trait that would come in useful as a coach.

We need more than two coaches in, but those would be my initail picks. Hughton will have his own ideas of course, and yet again we will need to wait and see what happens over the summer. We already have Martin Scott coming to the club in a coaching capacity, apparently.

I still think we need more than that though.

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43 Responses

  1. Who wrote this article?

    Dont they know thay John Carver is an excellent coach and that it would make perfect sense for us to try and aquire him?

    It would be a good move on the part of the club and thus – it will never happen. Crazy to ever think it will… ;)

  2. Seems like the transfer kitty will be spent on mainly coaches and a spin doctor…..hopefully this will be the stamp that Chris needs to take this club to the Top.

    Good Luck.

  3. I always worry about commenting on coaches as we dont really see their work, When i was turned away by Crewe as a kid the coaches were great but Dario Gradi was a complete prick. I think its sometimes fair to question managers decisions IE transfers, Tactics and subs ETC. all of which Hughton apart from the odd decision (Best, Leicester away and taking Loven off against Boro) he has been pretty much spot on.

    Carver would be a popular choice with the fans, PR Charm offensive from the fat controller.

  4. just to change the subject, ill write it on here as i cant on Ed’s blog, interesting idea he has about Anelka for a season long loan if they sign another striker. Yeah yeah i can hear all you doom mongers now, too old, Ashley would pay his wages, he is a sulky so n so etc etc yawn, but tell you what, him and carroll would be a great partnership, would take the pressure off Carroll scoring and would pretty much guarantee you goals.
    Canny idea, and lets be honest, we havent got much else to talk about have we :)

  5. I love Mike

    Not being a doom monger, just a realist.

    Even if Chelsea sign another striker, why would they want to loan out a player of Anelkas quality.
    Its like saying, “man don’t you guys think it’d be a good idea to sign Bojan from Barcelona?”

    Its just not gona happen…

  6. What about Pasquale Foggia he can play wide or just off the front man, He is Quick, skilfull and run at opposition defenders.

    Lazio were pretty poor in an average league last season and have loaned him out before.

    Would link with Caroll no worries…

  7. i love mike,dont think we could get anelka,but what about his team mate sturridge.or even a cheeky call to man shitty for santa cruz.

  8. Santu Cruz? Isn’t that too much of what we already have?

    Is he injury prone? Yes.
    Does he have pace? No.
    Does he score goals? Hmm..

    295 career appearances, 85 goals. A goal every 3-4 games?

    I would like Sturridge though.

  9. Think sturridge would be a very good addition to the squad but i dont think he would come to us to be honest,

  10. Is sturridge any better than what we already have, has he done it at the top level on a regular basis? I do think that maybe we need somebody else to come in up front, but we need a proven goal scorer, somebody who we can rely on and help Caroll improve. Maybe we should be looking for somebody who is a bit older, done it before and will do it again for us next season. I know we have the aledged age limit to worry about though

  11. Simon – Personally, I am thinking about his paces. It would offer us something that only Lovenkrands has, but what if he gets crocked?

    We have an abundance of big target men type players in Carroll, Ameobi, Ranger, even Best used to do it at Coventry. Just thinking of a different type of player.

  12. Toonsy, never thought of it that way, might just work. I think your right and we need another Belamy type player to go alongside Carroll. I’ve got faith in Lovenkrands and think he’ll do well, but as you said, need a bit of backip.

  13. Jeez it’s a slow news day today :(

    Any ideas to get my creative juices flowing?

  14. Yeahs its a very slow day toonsy , stuck in work on a bank holiday weekend here in ireland :( not cool at all

  15. Everything that has been released to day has been done before.

    Young Norwegian striker? Done
    New coaches? Done
    Team spirit will help us? Done, many times.
    Biding time in trabsfer market? Done.

    Or I could pluck a name out of thin air, that has not been linked with us for years and years (2004?) and discuss the merits of getting him to leave a club in the Champions League for a team that will be battling relegation :roll:

  16. I don’t know if we are doing anything for the World Cup, Stu?

    I did have a thought at work last night to with ranting about discussing my hatred for the Premier League. But I didn’t get cut up on the road again so my anger died down a little bit.

  17. God people Daniel Sturridge is the biggest cock ive had the misfortune of meeting, He wouldnt join as it suits his ridiculouslty overhyped ego playing for Chelseas reserves.

    Total knobjockey steer well clear…

  18. How about when the fixture list gets released toonsy , a result prediction blog n see how many you get right over the season?

  19. Aye, but I do that before every game anayway, Johno. In the match previews.

    I’m cobbling together some form of semi-rant as we speak ;)

  20. delgado from lyon is a player we could look at.runs about a fair bit looking to make a through ball.can score as well.

  21. Oh i know that toonsy

    But what about a predicitons league between yourself n the other people who post blogs?

  22. You mean like a Tonnsy v Worky heed to heed prediction league type thing?

    Could work?

  23. Anyway Johno, get yourslef off home. If your boss asks just temm him Toonsy saod it was fine ;)

  24. I see Robben is at hospital with a knee injury. There’ll be no players left at this rate.

    Talk about the Chelsea jinx. Drogba, Ballack, Essien, Mikel and now Robben.

  25. Plymouth have sacked Paul Mariner and their new manager (not named yet) wants his own staff.

    Apparently we can sign Carver without any compo being paid now.

  26. “But I can assure them all that owner Mike Ashley is deadly serious about a financial plan that scares the life out of me.”

    Phew, that’s ok then. As long as Mirror journo Brian McNally has assured us then we should believe it.

    Sorry, I’m naturally sceptical of the press.

  27. Stuart79 says:
    June 5, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    “Good, honest article.”

    Stuart, are you deliberately trying to be perverse just for some kind of effect? Surely you must know that is guff and McNally has no clue one way or the other what is gannin’ on at SJP, but dishonestly pretends that he does to get idiots radged up.

  28. But has Nc Nally`s statement been denied by any official spokesperson from NUFC, or does the obfuscating prior statement plus it`s, “there will be no further statement`s in regard to this issue”, cover it all ?
    Smoke and mirrors, face it there`s no one with any certainty who at present,( outside of Ashley and his close group of cohorts) who fully understands exactly what the plan is (if in fact there is a plan)and say for certain they understand the present policy.
    In which case I wish some on here would stop trying to inform us exactly what was meant by THE STATEMENT.
    Cause, little do they know, they know as little as we know.

  29. Chuck That last line of yours is excellent. Consider it borrowed for future use ;)

  30. Yet another rags rehash of the ‘perceived’ state of play, played out like some noir movie, in their tawdry minds.
    What a surprise!

  31. cornish..get stuffed for the rest of your life///but before you do i’d like to tell you that cheryl cole rang me tonight to tell me that roy hodgson of fulham will be bidding for our steven taylor within the next 2/3 weeks…he hopes that mike will allow him to go for the £2.5 million he intends bidding.

    …& just for the record the reason cheryl booted ashley into touch…was because she found him exercising his right hand over a pile of gay porn magazines whilst wearing her l’oreal hair extentions.

    she say’s her brother andrew is going to give him a good ploating when he gets out of the slammer..& i would love to think he that will many others would like that aswell.

    the same lass will be at the newcastle races with me next friday night & if anyone would like to come along and meet her for a kiss & cuddle..they will be more than welcome.

    good night noo..