QPR v Newcastle United end of the season match banter!

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Last game of a momentous season.
Last game of a momentous season.
Well, this may be another slightly rushed match banter from yours truly as I will be at our final game of this, a crucial season in Newcastle United’s history. It has been a season where we rose like a Phoenix from the ashes of the season before it, and saved ourselves from the trap of an extended stay in football purgatory.

I will of course be furnishing a full match report of our last game in The Championship in the fullness of time. However, I will be attending the game with an alcoholic, so the best laid post match plans may go slightly astray. Until then, there is all the usual pre match guff in the estimable Toonsy’s fine match preview.

Much of the pre match speculation seems to focus on whether some of the younger lads may get a go now that nearly all of our targets for the season, apart, perhaps, from getting over a hundred points to put the cherry on top of the cake, seem to have been achieved. We will see when the teamsheet is announced.

Once again, there will be no live TV coverage of the match, but if any of you have any links to match commentary and the like, I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated. Anyway, must dash, there’s a game on!

Howay the lads!

Time: 1:00pm.

Date: Sunday, 2nd May, 2010.

Venue: Loftus Road, London.

Referee: Darren Deadman.


Newcastle United: Tim Krul, Ryan Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Danny Simpson, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith (c), Danny Guthrie, Joey Barton, Shola Ameobi, Leon Best.

Subs: Steve Harper, Kevin Nolan, Peter Lovenkrands, Fabrice Pancrate, Andy Carroll, Ryan Donaldson, Haris Vuckic.

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120 Responses

  1. I can’t help thinking there is a bit of PR in CH’s selection of Krul, Vukic and Donadlson in the squad. I reckon he is saying, hey there is a future for the young players, just keep the faith. Pity he left out Kadar, I’d prefer him to Pancrate.

  2. kadar had a knock during reserves game,so is not risked.Pancrate is playing his last game.So CH might give him his last playing game for newcastle.hahahas.

    While we will not see butt anymore.Since he is out of the squad already.

  3. AOD – I’d prefer Butt to get a final appearance in a Newcastle shirt rather than Pancrate ;)

  4. Leon Best will find life in the premiership difficult I think….I think the burdon and expectation just seems a bit much for him and seems out of his depth….maybe a goal will change that.

    Anyway hope we get stuck in today and sign off from the fizzy’s in maximum style.
    3-1 Toon Best Hatrick as well as an own goal :)

  5. stop talking shit toonsy if they are not any good then they wouldnt be on the bench. all clubs in the prem and ccc play them we dont and are these players not good enough when we keep beating these teams in reserves.is best good enough then answer your own question how many chances do u need.

  6. Asim – The kids simply aren’t good enough, deal with it! The only ones I rate as having any future in the game are Krul, Forster, Kadar, Vuckic. It’s far too early to tell with the rest of them and thinking any other way is ridiculous.

  7. never said that! give these players some game time thats all. how do u no if they are good enough if u dont play them. airey and ferguson out of the rest will make it. the rest not good or strong enough like i have said all season.

  8. Airey has a chance, but it’s too early to tell. It was only last season he was playing as a right back. Give hime time and if he is good enough he will play.

  9. toonsy if 2 make it is great! and we all ready have kader and krul and ranger who wouldnt look out of place in teams.

  10. Asim are you just arguing for arguing’s sake?
    Do something useful and find a link for the commentary!

  11. watch the liverpool game! are game doesnt mean shit thats why nobody is on the blogg.

  12. I got feeling Ryan Taylor will leave,if he can’t get enough games for next season. Even he also hint that,when interviewed by SkySports earlier last month.

    Great to see him finally get a start for a long while.

  13. Would be nice if Manchester and Liverpool had a bomb dropped on them. Except for Man City, don’t mind them. Or Everton, don’t mind them.

  14. Very Clever Asim.
    Please jog on and don’t bother conversing with me i find you fking irritating.

  15. Really like Man City…they will be massive in the next couple of years.
    Would love them to raid Liverpool for Torres and Gerrard…without them 2 Liverpool would be really on the slide and I would LOVE IT!

    Always hated the scousers.

  16. SJT – I don’t hate scousers, mots of them are Everton fans ;)

    Liverpool fans I can stand. I did a massive list of why I hate them the other night.

  17. Shola nearly scored…scooped just over the Bar.
    0-0 Not missing much by the sounds of it.

  18. Got lots of time for the Toffee’s…just the Red Scousers and glory Chasers I hate.

  19. You slimming down Toonsy :)
    I recommend nimble bread and water haha

  20. sirjasontoon says:
    May 2, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    “You slimming down Toonsy
    I recommend nimble bread and water haha”

    WEnt a bit mentl on the Stella and Corona last night. The former kills me everytime :(

  21. Anything happening at the match.
    surf control blocking activity

  22. Off out on a bender later was working yesterday so for some alcoholic shenanigans later on tonight….got tomorrow to myself so will have time to heal for Tuesday.

  23. LMAO,at the whistling from the crowd.Newcastle thought game is over,hand the ball to referee,and referee was like asking

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? ROFL. best funny first-half.

  24. Quick half time post from the game.

    Are the commentators gannin’ on about what a boring game it is so far? Because if they are, they’re right! :-(

  25. Worky – The higlight of the commentary so far has been about a rogue whistle from the crowd :(

  26. Could and probably should be 3-0 to Chelsea now 8O

    Liverpool just falling apart.

  27. SJT & Toonsy

    Whats up with you guys, nothing but negative shit you start the day off knocking Liverpool,hate Liverpool fans
    etc., do you know how juvenile that sounds?
    As for Best give the kid a chance, has looked decent enough, though he has`nt yet scored.
    Can we excentuate the positive.
    If I ruled the world would give all the bench players a start for this meaningless game (dont tell me about breaking 100 pts., meaningless)give the guys that got us here an early vacation and the kids and water carriers a game, who knows some may be on their way elsewhere, so why not whats to lose !

  28. jay jay says:
    May 2, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    “Man up toonsy, never drinking again”

    I’m not mate, certainly not Stella anyway.

    Had to eat something so just tried to eat a bag of crisps, unsuccesfully so it turns out :(

  29. Chuck – What are we being negative about? I only see opinions really, so it isn’t our fault if you find them offensive is it? For the record though, I said Best deserves a chance.

    So what if if it sounds juvenile, the fact is I hate Liverpool FC and their fans. You even read the list I made the other night!

  30. Chuck – The radio commentators are slagging Best off, will you be calling up Real Radio to complain about them being negative?

  31. jay jay says:
    May 2, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    “Have a sheek kebab bagguette, sorted me out”

    I really wanted a McDonalds breakfast, they always get me sorted. The mrs wouldn’t go get me one, bitch :(

  32. Liverpool is falling down,Liverpool is falling down,falling down. FALL FALL!!!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  33. Toonsy
    Have you tried an ice cold stella this morning.
    Hair of the dog and all that.
    Stella one of the best ever drinks

  34. AOD – Don’t badmouth Liverpool, Chuck will say you are being childish ;)

  35. Bring on Vuckic, hopefully he can unlock the 10 men of QPR. Worth a try!

  36. I guess Nolan and caroll will be looking to get on both will be wanting to be top scorer.
    That hunger might make the difference
    Too many quick to criticise Best. What service is he getting?

  37. i guess our players are treating this final game as an extra training session. Only 5 shots made. :)

    @Toonsy:opps,i shall change it to~~~

    Chelsea is winning soon,Chelsea is winning soon,winning soon. WIN WIN!!!!! ;)

  38. Well done Peter
    Turned his season round.
    Obviously wasn’t match fit in the early part. Uncertain pre season i guess

  39. Finally Goal~~~ It is time for Ryan Donaldson and Haris Vuckic to come on pls,CH.

    :( :(

  40. sooo….me trying to nurse a hangover in bed assuming we were kicking off at 3 has went thoroughly pear shaped then, lol.
    Can anyone tell me how we’ve played? Even just briefly? I saw Ramage was sent off, unlucky son, lol.

  41. If we win today it will be the first time in 4 years that we have won on the final day of the season.

  42. Looks Like the youngsters will not be playing. All because of best. grrrrrr…….

  43. ROSS,at £9 a shot would give me a hangover too,poor game up to now,got our 100 plus like

  44. toonsy-Shame, doesn’t help the fact I feel like death aswell, haha. My mates farm has a beer festival every year. Brews his own cider aswell, it’s lethal and i’m thoroughly feeling the effects. Vuckic on? How long is he getting, 5/6 mins?

  45. Ross – Vuckic will end up playing around 15 minutes mate. I’m also suffering a hangover by the way.

  46. toonsy-Thats not too bad. In my haze I saw you mentioned he’d came on and checked the time left in the match. Didnt consider the fact that the comment could have been posted 5-10 minutes prior to me asking. I’m just an idiot when i’m recovering from the juice, haha.

    Looks like Chelsea are nailed on for the title now. Liverpool collapsing once again. That challenge on Kalou was a penalty aswell.

  47. Sheff Wed 2-2 Palace.

    Wednesday have about 5 minutes to score again and avoid relegation.

  48. See you all next season then. For Now,Roll On World CUP. Go Holland,Spain. ^_^

  49. Unlucky Wednesday. Yet another ex Premier League team that has fallen on hard times :(

  50. Toonsy
    36 out of the first 84 comments are yours, this becoming a
    compulsion ?

  51. Chuck – I’m bored and suffering from a hangover so the chances of me going out are very slim.

    Of your 2 comments, both refer to me. Is that a compulsion? Or a fetish? Do you harbour lustful thoughts about me as I seem to be quite the object of your comments?

  52. Chuck – Game is over. We won 1-0 with Lovenkrands scoring. Poor show for a fan to not know the score like.

  53. Toonsy-What happend a Sheff Wed? It all go pear shaped after the final whistle?

    On another note, has anyone heard owt regarding the new kit? I’m under the impression that the special “launch” they invited the 300 or so selected fans to was cancelled the night before it was supposed to take place. I didnt expect to see the lads wearing it before the season was out given contractual obligations with Adidas, but i’m surprised pics havent leaked or something. They’ve kept it completly under wraps. The spurs kit this season is proper old school, looks pretty impressive. Alot better than the dross they had to put up with from Puma as far as last season goes. Really hoping we don’t get a shocker for our first season back. The deck chair away kit was enough of a clanger to last me a while, lol.

  54. Ross – Obviously Palace got the point that kept them up and sent Wednesday down. At the final whistle some Palace fans got on the pitch, which prompted the Wednesday fans to invade and they had a good old fashioned tear up in the middle. The the Wdnesday fans started maching on towards the fans in the Palace stand.

    Like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD4C_wPTgb4 but slower :D

    Re the kit. I heard the volcano stopped the kit being shipped in.

  55. Shit ! got Engerland in the world cup lottery, was hoping to get Ireland or Spain.
    Oh! what was I thinking Ireland got cheated out of their spot by Thiery Henri`s blatant handball, ah well.
    Shame really, that a great player like Henri, would have that as part of his legacy.
    Sure one could mention the “Hand of God”goal by Maradonna, but at least he had the balls to deny it and still laughs about it.

  56. Toonsy-A shame, but needless from the Palace fans. Obviously the Wednesday fans are going to retaliate and there’ll have been far more of them than in the away end. Fond of a treat, lol.
    I heard the same thing regarding the kit, couldn’t ship it in so they were forced to cancel at the latest possible time. You’d think they’d maybe have it a wee while in advance, eg not sitting the day before the launch going
    “Christ, hope them kits get here for tomorrow!…What!? A volcano has gone off!? Bugger!” lol. But who knows, could have been to do with manufacturing, a late confirmation on design, anything. Interested to see it though, I’ll miss Adidas but I’ve liked some Puma kits in the past. In saying that though, they’re very hit or miss. Like i mentioned earlier, I think spurs’ gear this year is rotten.

  57. Champions
    Got 102 points
    Unbeaten at home
    Scored the most goals
    Conceded the fewest goals

    Not a bad season ;)

  58. It such a pity Swansea didn’t make it for play-off.

    Anyway,We will be seeing Massive Overhaul in both Chelsea, and Liverpool in summer time. ^_^

    Liverpool ain’t top 4 now anymore.wheeee…..

    Can’t wait to see the summer transfer market.

  59. What a season , we go up as champions 11 points clear of the runners up . Win more matches , score more goals and concede less than the rest of the divison . What was it that the doom mongers (southern press) were saying after our relegation ? that we were going to do a leeds or something like that . HA HA HA :) they will make us favorites too go down again no doubt . Roll on next season i just love it when we prove the b@st@rds wrong.

  60. Dont know the score, well it`s not easy to follow the game from over three thousand miles away, yeah could get it on the BBC, meaningless anyway !

  61. Well Steve Mclaren has just won the title here in Holland with FC Twente . i would love us too move in for their topscorer Bryan Ruiz the lad has real talent and is just 21 years old . Mclaren even come out a few weeks ago too say it wont be long before the big clubs take an intrest in him and the lad could definatly do a job in the EPL .

  62. Anyway,congrats to Louis Van Gaal,for being the very few Managers who win league titles in 3 different countries. ;)

    Time to see the master vs. pupil at the UCL FINAL…i am sure it would be a cracking one.

    Will the master win,or the pupil triumph???

    Ps: for those who don’t know,Van gaal is the 2nd mentor for the Special One,after SBR.

  63. chuck says:
    May 2, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    “Dont know the score, well it`s not easy to follow the game from over three thousand miles away, yeah could get it on the BBC, meaningless anyway !”

    Thats bollocks, and you know it. It’s just as easy for you to click the link in post 8 as it was easy for me to click it.

    Whilst we are on about meaningless games, what about Man City v Villa yesterday? How does that bear any meaning to an apparent Newcastle fan?

    Like I said, poor show.

  64. Well done to everyone NUFC. Pissed the league and were superior in almost every department by the end of the season.

    Hats off to Hughton for throwing on the youngsters for a little run about.

    Happy to see Palace survive as they really shouldn’t have been down there anyway.

    Happy to see Chelsea all but wrap up the league as they deserve it this year.

    Now for Spurs to take 4th. I don’t really like them, but you have to say that if any team deserves it this year it is them.

  65. See the Sheff Weds fans attacked a Palace player in the aftermath of the game. That’ll look good on international TV. I’m sure Sheffield will get to host a WC game now ;)

  66. My match report (from a dodgy pub in London):
    QPR couldn’t hit Belgium from five paces but were great markers and played with great guts especially after poor Rammy went off.
    Pitch was just silly.
    Toon, especially Barton and Guthrie, seemed keen on passing to someone a couple of streets away. Love Vukic but sooooo far to go. Loverboy is class.
    Lastly: none of this matters cos I’m off to meet up with Bowburnmag and get bladdered like there’s no tomorrow.
    What a season. HWTL.

  67. TOONSY,dont know what the hell,just clicked on recent comments and up it come,these painkillers and j/ds dont mix,guess its out with painkillers.

    nowt wrong in reading good old posts like :)

  68. Aye icedog, I sometimes do that. It reminds me of just what a mess we were in as it os easy to forget whilst games are being won.

  69. counting his money again,must have sucked a few in with last forcast ;),never trust him hes a fox lol

  70. whoever posts the articles, when ive come back onto the site the Steven Taylor article isnt coming up, just thought id let you know

  71. right, so my comp or this site is playing funny bugger with me and an article from last year popped up!! ignore the above comment

  72. alright boys, here’s how we roll next season. ;)

    4-3-3 son.

    S. Taylor Colo Williamson Enrique
    Routledge Barton Jonas
    Lovenkrands Carroll/Nolan Albin


  73. thats pretty much what i came up with tom mo, i also like the 4-3-3 for its adaptability, i would go

    S. Taylor Colo Williamson Enrique

    Guthrie Jonas

    Routledge Lovernkrands


    This is all with the players we have, who knows who we will buy in the summer, all i know is i am really optimistic with the system we have in place, that we will get some quality in.

  74. Ok had to blouse on bbm donut and others but a cracking day worth the 12 hours of travel. Let’s look back o. This as the season when we confirmed all the best bits about NUFC and hopefully banished a lot of the worst bits of recent years.

    Well done ch, the players and us.

  75. Got to have a quick rant about the Cock and Lion or whatever that so called Toon pub was. I appreciate that they probably did their thing earlier in the day (got there about 8:30) but if you have a dozen or so toon in your pub it takes more than some bunting (taken down at 9) to make it worth a visit. Spanish footie on the screens, standard pub music and worst of all the management (in toon colours) ignoring anyone but their own clique of ‘fans’ just shows how far off the true culture of NUFC the London lot have got it. Don’t bother in future; it’s just a load of londoners wearing black and White.

    Rant over.

  76. Toonsy@95- couldn’t have summed it up any better! Fantastic season and hopefully can carry the momentum into the prem!