Newcastle young guns on brink of cup final.

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Up for the cup?
Up for the cup?
The Under-18’s of Newcastle United are still in with a shout of winning the FA Youth Cup this season as they prepare for their semi-final second leg tonight against Aston Villa at St James’ Park.

With the scoreline poised at 1-1, our lads will be looking for some extra support from what is expected to be a decent crowd inside St James’s Park this evening as friends, family, colleagues and public combine to swell the crowd and drum up support for the boys.

Not much has been mentioned about the kids, and they have gone about the business of trying to be the first Newcastle youth side to make the cup final in 25 years very quietly indeed. They have had to get through more than their fair share of tricky away ties to get this far, and will play the Chelsea youth side in the final if they get through tonight. Right now they have a glorious chance to emulate the last side to do it, a side that featured players such as Paul Gascoigne and Kevin Scott, and will be hopeful that victory tonight could catapult their careers and help them improve further.

Newcastle can feel rightly aggrieved after the draw at Villa Park last week. They left the hosts chasing the ball for large parts of the game whilst retaining possesion and deservedly took the lead through Phil Airey, only for that to be cancelled out by a Villa equaliser from Kofi Poyser. The hard work in keeping possesion is something Head of the Academy Joe Joyce says that he and his team focus on.

“We try to use a lot of video from teams such as Arsenal and Barcelona,” Joyce explained.

“More so recently we have focused on Barcelona and we record a lot of their games then go through it with the lads.”

It certainly seems as though making the lads watch the videos is paying off, as is evidenced purely on the performance in the first leg of the semi-final. They also have Phil Airey up front, who has the pace to get behind a defender and has already scored 5 goals on the way to the game tonight and gives the team the ability to go more direct of they ever choose to.

There are also highly rated players such Haris Vuckic and Brad Inman that can add a bit of passing ability to the midfield whilst players like Samuel Adjej and Sammy Ameobi, younger brother of Shola, can add the flair with a trick or two, infact Ameobi’s younger brother does appear to hold more skill than his older sibling!

That attacking flair and pace is combined well with no frills defenders such as captain Jeff Henderson. The local lad and life-long fan from Ashington believes that now his senior counterparts have secured promotion back to the Premier League, it will only spur the young guns on for their very own success.

“The promotion has lifted us because we’re part of the club aswell and have been supporting them all season. There is a real buzz around the place and, for me especially as a fan, I’m delighted that we are going back to the Premier League where we belong.”

Winning the competition would be a great achievement for the youngsters but first thet must put any thoughts of the final to back of their mind and deal with Aston Villa. Kick-off is at 7pm tonight and you can gain admission via the East Stand for £3 for an adult or £1 for concessions.

Tonight we get to see if the kids are alright.

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40 Responses

  1. Be sweet if they can lift this CUP bet it will give them a massive boost for the future as well.

  2. Mon the lads, Villa definitely have goals in them but we have our very own Messi back in Vuckic!! 3-2

  3. Anybody got the crack on Vuckic? First he had an ankle problem, then it was the knee. Then it was both and finally I read recently it was a broken leg. Anyone really know?

    Whatever, let’s hope it hasn’t diminished him in any way. Injuries like that can really damage a career. Shearer lost a yard of pace after that bad ankle injury.

  4. jayjay i’m only messing mate! Think there will probably just be highlights on the FA website like the first leg.

  5. The goal scorer for Villa was actually Kofi Poyser and he’s actually English haha

    Newcastle will probably win as they looked the better team at VP

  6. “Mon the lads, Villa definitely have goals in them but we have our very own Messi back in Vuckic!! 3-2”

    Did anyone watch Messi against Deportivo. This guy has got to be the best player ever… I never saw Pele or Maradona do the things Messi is… Although I have only watched their highlights packages, but still. To me, they don’t compare to him. Messi makes Ronaldo look like he wouldn’t make the Newcastle girls team in comparison…


    Can anyone tell me the Newcastle youth squad that last lifted the FA trophy in 84-85. Would love to know if any of those players went on to bigger better things in their senior careers…

  7. C’mon you Villa boys!!! One more win and you’re in the final…You know you didn’t do yourselves any justice in the 1st leg, go out and show them what you can do…Up the Villa!!!

  8. Gazza and Scott, the rest all faded into obscurity…
    And I suppose Gaza never really forfilled his potential.

    Well, just shows you all you need to be a good side is two or three class players and the rest hard honest grafters.

    Aaron Spear, Jeff Henderson, Samuel Adjei, Haris Vuckic, Philip Airey, Sam Ameobi, Brad Inman.
    Which of these lads could make it?

    Also, great achievement in the FA youth Cup, but they are well behind Scum and Notts Forrest in the league…

  9. Villarich,

    Do you promise never to come back on a Newcastle blog and blurt nonsense out again if/when the Villa youngsters see their @ss at St James tonight? :-)

  10. Brad Inman won the ‘Wor Jackie’ award this season and has potential.

    Phil Airey is scoring goals in his first season after being converted from a defender.

    Aaron Spear joined us very young, and is still young, but is supposed to be the next big thing.

    Haris Vuckic is the one I would say. His physique is far more developed than the rest of the lads his age. Has scored goals and shown skill in the bits that I have seen him.

  11. we played you off the park villa! you only got hope becasue we missed chances. we will have to much for u in airey and i hope harris is fit enough to play and is match sharp then we should have to much for u.

  12. JJ – Be more welcoming ;)

    jay jay – I stopped at Aston Science (Business) Park once when on a lads canal boat holiday. I must admit I was far too drunk to remember the details of it although I did manage to coax 2 random birds back to the boat, only for my mate to spoil the ‘occasion’ :(

  13. i have watched a lot of the young guns toonsy! but inman has got a lot of skill but not strong enough unless he grows three players will make it. ferguson airey and harris the rest not strong enough to play first team football of what i have seen.

  14. Sorry Toonsy,

    Welcome to the site Villarich!!!!

    … now f#$@ off!!!

    Haha just kidding… ;-)

  15. asim – But strength at least can be worked on though. Remember they are young and still growing physically and mentally.

  16. I think in terms of strength you should look at when C.Ronaldo first started at man u and how slight he was and then he worked on his physical strength and look at him now (bit of a tank). Not that i’m comparing Inman to Ronaldo but it shows with hard work you can become stronger.

  17. haris Vuckic is apparently not the quickest buy very intelligent and skillful player with size and strength beyond his years.

    I hope I finally get a chance to watch him tonight. I also want to see what that Phil Aeiry is like. Anyone who can go, get along 7pm, it’s only £3. Lush day aswell.

  18. “Lush day aswell”

    Aye, we’re lucky that volcanic ash isn’t blocking out the sun and forcing us into a nuclear type winter….

    …. if Sky News are to be believed ;)

  19. yes! dont get me wrong only 2 players become house old names we have done well. some other players might make it instead of the players we think would also be a bonas.everton have got loads of players coming throu but they give them a go early like we dont. that right back everton got who came on at spurs what a player he looks and blackpool have got him on lone playing him on the wing we dont do that at newcastle which we should be doing unless we have injuries. kader in my mind looks are best defender.

  20. asim – I think it has been hard to loan anyone out this season, especially the ones who are closest to making it.

    Kadar started with a major injury and would benefit from being loaned to a championship team. Ranger could also do with being loaned to a championship team. Any lower than that I think there would be no benefit for them.

    I wouldn’t want them loand to a championship team whilst we are fighting to get out of it to be honest. Them players could get results elsewhere that could have put our position is doubt. Fair enough, in the end it wouldn’t have mattered but I would rather not take that chance.

  21. asim – The point was Messi has built up his strength, over time. He will have trained his body to deal with the roughness and increase his strength over time where it was needed.

  22. Apparently Messi has some sort of growth deficiency, but it hasn’t stopped him becoming the best player in the world.

  23. Wrong JJ Asim, I think Messi is a little pocket full of power…
    Can’t wait to see how good he will be in three years time. Can’t imagine its possible to get better than he is.

  24. The only players we have really given a full opportunity to are Steven Taylor and Shola Ameobi (God knows why him for the last decade though, he must be like Drogba in training).
    I think we should loan out Vuckic and Ranger next year to get some experience and playing time…

  25. DJG says:
    April 16, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    “Apparently Messi has some sort of growth deficiency, but it hasn’t stopped him becoming the best player in the world.”

    DJG, the reason it didn’t stop him is because Barcelona took him in from Argentina and had him treated with HGH injections when he was around eleven.

  26. JJ:
    April 16th, 2010 at 5:21 pm
    Wrong JJ Asim, I think Messi is a little pocket full of power…
    Can’t wait to see how good he will be in three years time. Can’t imagine its possible to get better than he is.

    I like to think of myself as the definitive version, but I would say that :)