Newcastle United’s Steven Taylor is on the comeback trail.

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Have they put their differences behind them?
Have they put their differences behind them?
Newcastle United defender Steven Taylor resumed full training yesterday with the hope of playing some part in the last two fixtures of the season.

Indeed it took some people by surprise as early reports of Taylor missing the rest of the season with his knee injury looked to be spot on, whilst the alleged broken jaw suffered in an alleged altercation with, allegedly, Andy Carroll seemed to have snuffed out any slim chance of him returning before the season drew to a close. This lead to many speculative questions being asked about the potential problems the alleged incident could cause in the dressing room and behind the scenes, with the answers generally being nothing more than speculation themselves. One thing most people agreed on however was that it would be a shame to see either player feel that they have to leave the club that they both sweat blood and guts for.

But yesterday came the first real indication of how things could pan out, and judging by the training ground pictures captured yesterday, it seems that Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor will be able to manage to put any differences behind them and continue working together, which of course is great news!

Without knowing any details it is hard to tell just what is going on in all fairness, although from those pictures on the official club website I think it is pretty safe to say that both players will be with us next season. Perhaps they took it upon themselves to solve any issues for the good of the team? Or perhaps the player’s used their new found team ethic to get through to the pair of them that they can both be very important player’s for us next season as we embark upon the challenge of staying in the Premier League?

Whatever happens, it has to be for the good of the team. Perhaps the club did play this right after all? The media blackout and internal investigation may have been carried out correctly for a change, something we aren’t used to at Newcastle. Chris Hughton’s repeated refusal to be drawn on the subject could have been just what the doctor ordered to resolve the situation, and it looks like it has paid off as both player’s look to be getting along just fine in training.

Whether Steven Taylor is fit enough to make a cameo appearance against Ipswich on Saturday is a matter open for debate. I personally think that the game will come too quick for him although I would like to see him brought on as a substitute in our final home game of the season in front of a packed out St James’ Park. Taylor will be with the squad even if not deemed fit to play, he has a medal to pick up after all!

“He will absolutely be part of the celebrations,” Chris Hughton said.

I wouldn’t have expected any different. The team is now just that, a team, something that Chris Hughton and the players have made sure of this season and something that hasn’t been seen at Newcastle United since the days of Sir Bobby Robson.

Newcastle now really are United!

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33 Responses

  1. I as much as anyone believe that there is alot of fiction behind this ALEDGED bust up and imo its been blown way out of proportion by certain people no names mentioned LOUISE TAYLOR… and possibly never even happened… not even one picture of tayls with ‘wire in his jaw’??

    However, I’m not quite sure what the big fuss over these training photos are? I’ve seen people raving on about how they are proven to be fine and everything is going to be great. These photos do nothing to show that ‘everything is fine’ between them. I mean for God sakes there is only one picture that has the two of them even in the same picture and they are not even next to each other or speaking to each other or anywhere NEAR each other, they just happen to be in the same training exercise group! Sounds like we are also jumping to conclusions… possibly??

    Anyway, glad Tayls is back!!


  2. Maybe one of the more commited members if the squad could pass on some words of wisdom to Vukic and get him to focus on where he’s at rather than where his agent would like him t be?

  3. Three characters have gone missing without a trace…

    geordie deb.


    Hugh de Payen.

    Has there been a mass cyber murder ?

    We believe the cyber police should be called with the arrest of Toonsy for questioning without delay.

    Comments welcome.

  4. I believe bowburnmag is locked away training his liver in preparation for Saturday night. I shall not comment on the comparative location of Deb. ;)

    I agree with Roscoe about the Taylor/Carroll story; I suspect there’s something in it, but very little.

    I hope we keep both these lads because they’ve never led their heads down through all of this and they are just the sorts of players that can help us compete at the top level without becoming the beyatch of some rich idiot from dodgy foreign climbs.

    I hope Tayls gets to stick a boot to turf on Saturday – preferably when we’re already 5-0 up so he doesn’t have to risk his injured bits!

    Gawd, I wish I was coming to that match. Anyone interested in buying a kidney? One careless owner…?

  5. Are you making the trip up here tomorrow, toonsy?

    I’ve got a real problem. I’m going out for a meal Saturday night for my anniversary, but I want to go to the match and get a few drinks down me.

    The question is – Do I have a drink at the match and get a bit pissed, then I will be a bot worse for wear at night, or do I just drive to the match and not have a drink, then get pissed at night?

    Problems, problems.

  6. A tricky one Stuart and something to be seriously considered.

    However, there’ll be matches to see next season but make an a**e f yourself, p****d on your anniversary night and there may be no-one to celebrate with next year.

    Mmmm…… that really does call for a lot of thought!!

  7. We’re only being allocated 16 medals so based on first team league appearances they’ll goto…

    Harper 44
    Nolan 43
    Simpson 37
    Collocini 35
    Guthrie 34
    Gutierrez 33
    Enrique 32
    Carroll 32
    Smith 30
    Taylor S 21
    Lovenkrands 18
    Taylor R 18
    Williamson 14
    Routledge 13
    Butt 10
    Ameobi 10

    They’ve all played a massive part in the season at some part so well done to them all, now give Ipswich a thrashing on Sat

    I know there’s quite a few people saying we should play young uns on Sat but these players have got us promotion and deserve the chance to celebrate especially given some def won’t be here next season in prem (Butt, Taylor R at least)

  8. Stuart, while I sometimes go with the mantra “it is easier to seek forgiveness than permission” I also think the brownie points earned on Saturday could lead to far more post-match beerage next season.

    Tis a quandry.

    As for centre-backs, if we can keep Tayls, Colo and Williamson, we’ve got Kadar (whom I seriously rate) and I think One-Size is worth signing if possible.

    Does anyone else think Tayls could become competition for Simpson for RB? I just think it’s a more natural position for him and he’s shown real attacking spirit. Not sure he’s got the pace, though.

    Up against the better prem teams, I think a back four of Tayls – Colo – Williamson – Enrique would be pretty fearsome. Any thoughts?

  9. Ed says:
    April 23, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Three characters have gone missing without a trace…

    geordie deb.


    Hugh de Payen.

    Has there been a mass cyber murder ?


    Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

    Some of you may have heard of Sean Ellis, the man who became part of a wolf pack. Well my absence is due to engaging in a similar activity, but with clams. It took me ages to win their trust but now they’ve accepted me and taught me their ways.

    I can reveal that the species is quite misunderstood. They are in fact deep thinkers and if they had opposable thumbs (or indeed thumbs of any sort) they’d be running the planet.

  10. Interesting thought Whumpie – but I’m not sure of several things. Is Williamson going to be up to the Prem? Has Colo improved that much from last season? Would Taylor be willing to be a right back given that he’s probably our best centre back?
    Personally I think we should keep Taylor at CB and definitely sign a right back as I think Simpson is weak, lacking in stature and possibly not good enough. Any thoughts?

  11. Maybe there’s a comprimise.

    I might just go and have a few pints, not go overboard and just have a little kip when I get back before I go out again.

    Anyway, I think we could be looking at a 4-0 win omorrow and I even think Leon Best might score!

  12. Stu don’t be so positive about the game man or we’ll end up loosing badly! And in answer to your predicament; definitely get a few down you then have a nap, best solution. I had dinner with the girlfriends parents after my 20th- I hadn’t slept all night and sat down to dinner at about 8 o clock, around about 8 30 I fell asleep face first in my bowl of pasta. Luckily they saw the funny side.

  13. Ed says:
    April 23, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Three characters have gone missing without a trace…

    geordie deb.


    Hugh de Payen.

    Has there been a mass cyber murder ?

    Still alive and kicking…

  14. Oh no, the secret about clams is out! They are so far ahead of use humans. They saw the volcano problem coming eons ago and learned to live underwater where they would not risk airline disaster. We have much to learn from clams.

    Hey, put and keep Taylor in the middle if he is better than anyone else at that position. If this year was a learning experience for any of us, it was that people perform best where they are best suited to play. Look at Carroll, once they got him to striker, he found his niche. With the youngsters, like Vukic, move them around and see how they do, then slot them into that position.

  15. Stuart 79

    In answer to your dilema – can i suggest moderation in the afternoon and you reap the rewards in the evening

  16. I dunno, I always feel worse having a few pints then a kip.

    I would personally pull the ‘once in a lifetime’ card. Tell your other half that these sorts of celebrations don’t come along often for a Newcastle fan. Then to soften it all up a bit, say that you have the rest of your lives to celebrate being together.

  17. Devonmag: is there any other side to someone falling asleep in pasta than the funny one?

    Hugh: crack-up.

    Georgio: yep, I think all 3 CBs are up to the prem; not so sure about Simpson yet; depends who you’re playing.

    And I think Tayls will take any position offered, to be honest. But yes, I think we need a new LB and RB in the summer. Van Arnie back for LB would be great.

  18. So, Hugh @ 10, you’ve formed an attachment with clams?

    Clams – deep thinkers eh?……… Boom boom!

    Toonsy @18….. would recommend that Stuart “pull the ‘once in a lifetime’ card” and tell his “other half that these sorts of celebrations don’t come along often for a Newcastle fan. And, “then to soften it all up a bit, say that you have the rest of your lives to celebrate being together.”

    A potentially dangerous tactic Toonsy: there is a chance that Mrs Stuart might not be keen on the rest of the life bit!

    My advice would be to have a couple of drinks pre match, enjoy it and then the anniversary evening with you good lady. Remember, it’s her night as well.

  19. I’m going to play it by ear, see how I feel and go from there.

    I’ll get dropped off at 1pm and decide if I want coffee or lager!!!!

    Wonder what I’ll decide…

  20. Stuart… oh the pressure…..decisions decisions decisions!

    Tbh, I’m surprised you’ve got the guts to even think about going to the match on anniversary day.

    If I did that, I’d come back to a silence and a face like tripe!

  21. Hugh-nice post! Glad you are enjoying your time among the bi-valves. But give them opposable thumbs can the accumulation of heavy-duty weapons be far behind? Perish the thought.
    As for the team, if all is well with Tayls and AC it can only be a good thing. Also, I would like to see us well ahead by halftime against Ipswich and some of the youngsters given some pitch time.

  22. @Stuart – why dont you just take her to the match and kill two birds with one stone – if she stays of fthe drink she can even drive you home :-)

  23. Stuart: don’t discount the awesome power of shedloads of Taurine. A couple of cans of Relentless are usually to get me from post-pint stupor to ‘bring it on’ mode.

    Also, the atmosphere will probably do the job of lager anyway. I was stone-cold-sober at Plymouth and I felt pretty much off my tits at the end…

  24. lesh says:
    April 23, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    I have a very good relationship.

    stevep says:
    April 23, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    No tickets! Also no interest in footy. Although from a footy mad family.

  25. Williamson worries me in the prem, he doesn’t clear the ball convincingly and can be found out for pace. Simpson worries me a little bit more, however, def bring in competition at RB.

    No thanks to One-Size, maybe we can check the French league for another young CB for backup?

  26. Stuart – best wishes to you and your partner – enjoy your weekend and in particular, the anniversary you’re celebrating.

  27. All very boring stuff, no one cares about your sad little lives, guess the seasons over, nowt left to discuss eh !

  28. esh says:
    April 23, 2010 at 3:59 pm
    Stuart – best wishes to you and your partner – enjoy your weekend and in particular, the anniversary you’re celebrating.
    <<<< yes stuart best wisshes too u and stardust

  29. Have a great weekend, all. Enjoy that match and the massive, much-deserved party which will no doubt ensue afterwards! I’ll be there in spirit.

    Well, I’ll be down here in Devon downing single malt, which is sort of similar..

  30. Chuck: yep, the sun’s out and it’s Friday afternoon. Not a lot of banter to be had.

    But here is a thought on the new kit.

    Given we still have Northern Rock as a sponsor, can I FINALLY get to see a well-stacked female supporter alter her replica shirt to say Northern Rack?

    It’s a rubbish gag. Terrible. Yet it needs to happen. Seriously.

    I need a pint.

  31. @Stuart – why dont you just take her to the match and kill two birds with one stone – if she stays of fthe drink she can even drive you home :-)