Newcastle United v Nottingham Forest match banter!

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Let's hope Forest can't do the double the neet!
Let's hope Forest can't do the double the neet!
Well, it’s another match at St James’s Park this evening, this time against the double European Cup winning Nottingham Forest.

The Forest of that era were one of the best teams it has ever been my privilege to see. While they may not be quite as good as they were in those halcyon days under Brian Clough, they should still pose a stern test for the lads. Indeed, they did when we played them round at their place, The City Ground, beating us narrowly by one Dexter Blackstock goal to nil. That was in the middle of a rare dip in form for the Magpies though, when goals seemed to be quite hard to come by for a few games.

As usual, you can also check out Toonsy’s excellent match preview for all the usual pre match speculation, gossip and such. The team news doesn’t seem to have changed very much since that article was written, with Shola Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands, Alan Smith and Mike Williamson all vying for a place after spells on the sidelines through injury, with Fitz Hall probably out with a hamstring strain, and Steven Taylor oot for the rest of the season with knee and cheekbone problems. On the Forest side, defender James Perch should be returning to the squad, though Newcastle will not be mesmerised by the midfield skills of Paul McKenna in this one, and full back, Julian Bennett, will be missing too.

This time there will be UK TV coverage once again, courtesy of Sky Sports, but if anyone has any good video links to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be much appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

We will of course try to get the team sheet up when it becomes available.

Howay the lads!

Date: Monday, 29th March, 2010.

Time: 7:45pm.

Venue: St James’ Park.

Referee: Alan Wiley


Newcastle United: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Kevin Nolan (c), Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez, Peter Lovenkrands, Andy Carroll.

Subs: Tim Krul, Tamas Kadar, Joey Barton, Leon Best, Alan Smith, Ryan Taylor, Shola Ameobi.

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176 Responses

  1. this game should all but finish off their automatic promotion hopes …. 3-1 the toon

  2. None needed Dave, I’m right :D

    Anyway, onto the small part of the match that I will be able to watch:(

  3. Actually, me and barton are both right :lol:

    I will be playing with my cars shortly Dave. How is your colouring in? :lol:

  4. Glad to see Williamson, Jose & Jonas back in the starting line-up. HTL Put your boot on their neck and don’t let them up. Sorry to see Kadar back on the bench but maybe he can spell someone on the back line later in the match.

  5. Guys, I’m worrying about tonight :lol:

    It’s worked so far this season so i shall continue worrying ;)

  6. Evening lads, would love a win the night, this is where we need to push on, business end of the task from here on in.

  7. Footy, beer and ironing, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, toon toon, black and white army

  8. Never ever heard it pronounced “howay”, always “howeh”, unless you were attempting to sound posh that is ?
    The old time roar in the day was, “Howeeeeeeeah Newcasiiiiile” sounded much better than that dumb toon toon chant.

  9. areet icedog, know what you mean mate it will be zipping all over the place. Wish i was there but midweek games i just cant get to sadly. great effort from Carroll, made it look easier than it was. Theyve started quite well like, and that was never a foul!

  10. That Williamson no bo**ocks style i like just hope he is quick enough for the prem

  11. Why isnt that a yellow card? Thats a complete dive, the moment he hits the line he’s throwing himself to the ground.

  12. Dunno why Carroll didnt pull the trigger like, had 2 great chances from point blank range

  13. We’re starting to knock it around quite well, looks like we’re building in confidence and are applying pressure, Routledge starting to get more involved

  14. That Perch is looking a pretty decent player. I remember us putting a bid in for him in Jan. Would have been a good signing at the right price…

  15. Who played that reverse ball to Routledge down the middle there? Excellent vision and a great little pass to set us off into space. We look a little reluctant to pull the trigger at times though? Carroll is on fire, he should just have a pop

  16. Christ, even the goalmouth scrambles are managing to stay out!..That perch looks a player mind, he’d have done nicely as RB back up, lol. One of these chances has to be taken like. We’re banging on the door. Enrique hasnt got a goal for us yet but he’s got a hammer of a left peg, would be canny to see him get one before the seasons out given the year he’s had.

  17. We’ll win this, just need to wear em out, put pressure on the keeper, it’ll be 2-0 no doubt

  18. icedog-i’d love to see him get one like. He’s been brilliant this season and seems to be one of the “big names” who’s really taken the club and city to his heart. He always says he loves the toon in all his interviews, would be chuffed for him if he got one

  19. dave,its toonsy im”e worrying about he will have no nails left at this rate poor sod

  20. We’re not getting the bounce of the ball the night like. Every deflection is just falling the wrong side of Mcloven.

  21. Love hearing commentators trying to pronounce foreign names in accents and failing. Who is “Janas Geetieres” lol

  22. Hope the fans keep up with their GREAT support today. It just may prove to be the difference. They sound terrific.

  23. The longer the scoreline stays like this the more the grow in confidence. Thats a bit of a dive from Shola an’all.

  24. This is getting squeeky bum time! They are on top at the moment. I was hoping to see Joey at some point but dont think itd be wise with the conditions

  25. Dunno why Jonas is trying to shoot from there to be honest. Again that through ball from Routledge takes the smallest of deflections and cant quite find Loven. He seems to be getting the bit between his teeth at the moment though, coming inside regularly and looking to get involved.

  26. Its a shame we dont have another decent RW as I think it would be very interesting to see Routledge in the CAM role, he is our most creative option

  27. Swivelled with his back to goal, from quite an angle, hit it the moment he turned with his left foot and it went in off the post.

  28. najikhin86 says:
    March 29, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    “someone tell me how the goal from shola went in please?”

    Low left foot shot dragged along the floor, past a Forest player and in off the post, najikhin86.

  29. Either way a smashing bit of business in my opinion Ross. Of course we need to see how he does at a higher level but for me he has been great

  30. Raffo-the fact that clubs like spurs and villa bought him shows to me that when he was younger, he had promise. He wasnt exactly a pivotal part of either set up but he himself has admitted since moving to us that when he was younger he was maybe more interested in the finer points of life as opposed to getting his head down and playing football. He’s matured now and i think he’ll settle with us and will turn out to be quite a player, i was chuffed when we got him and he’s produced in the games he’s played.

  31. raffo says:
    March 29, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    “If it stays like this I will Worky”

    It’s disgraceful that Shola hasn’t got one vote yet, though I admit that I did vote for either Enrique or Colo. I can’t remember now as I couldn’t make my mind up between the two at the time.

  32. Ross – Well I hope that he also does some good work off the pitch and gets Rangers attitude changed.

    Worky – 3 mins to go and then he will have one!!

  33. ross aye mate think the pennys dropped,that was his fault playing daft lad,always had it like

  34. I’m actually chuffed, sitting here with a huge grin on my mug that Jose has got that goal like. Absolutly gutted i cant make midweek games.

  35. Is anyone a little worried that Enrique may be poached in the summer? He is looking a real player and I would hate for Cashley to cash in on him

  36. Raffo I dont think he would go mate he knows he’s loved.
    Icedog your right :) 2-0 im well chuffed I should be a pundit or a Tipster :lol:

  37. Thank goodness had it going here in the US. Great game…though man, everyone looked so tired. Glad to see the Bull got his first…what a celebration and feeling that must have been. Sucks not being able to jaunt over to the games at wanting…
    Good to see the win.

  38. Thanks for the links. Much appreciated. Great game. So happy for Enrique getting his first goal. Cheers, Jilly Bean :)

  39. Woah Shola Ameobi
    Woah Shola Ameobi
    Now That’s what i’m talking about.

    Great goal, great assist.

    What an excellent team display, everyone played their part.
    Another (20th) clean sheet.
    There was only ever gonna be one winner in that game.
    Also, the ref had a blinder, took no crap, thanx.

  40. I wish I was back in the Toon for this weekend. The makings of a historic celebration.

  41. Yes way Jose,
    Top goal son, welcome to legendary status man.

    The crowd was excellent too, they sucked the ball into the net.
    Blistering noise.

  42. tell you what, i didnt realise it was Jose’s first goal EVER, for any club, lol. Nee wonder he was on cloud 9! What a goal for your first ever, play a one two, burst into the box, beat a man and slide it calmly into the box with his right foot, brilliant. He had a proper grin on his face aswell. I think he’ll stay next season. He’ll want to play prem football and he’ll be doing it with a club he’s happy at and he seems to have developed real feelings for. He seems like one of the lads that you couldnt even make leave, if his contract is there, he’s playing for us.

  43. God man, even pundits still seem to think that we’re a bunch of delusional idiots. “success next season is staying in the league, try telling that to 50,000 Geordies”…think you’d be surprised at how many of those 50,000 are well aware of that mate! Plank!

  44. top game tonight – we looked good against a decent side –
    really pleased for jose and good stuff from shola, the players seemed to be really glad for jose as well, i half thought he’d be out for rest of season due to crushed ribs :)

    kin fantastic

  45. Every player put a shift in.
    Can’t see how anyone could mark one of ’em down even one point.
    10/10 all round.
    The importance of that game wasn’t lost on one of ’em.
    Game of the season, coming through with flying colors.

    We never allowed forest a foothold in the game.

  46. Stuart @ 156 I think you might be right mate. But Forest played good footie at times so I dont think it will be easy for BC. ;)

  47. Stuart

    I agree. This defeat would have really hurt Forest and i can see them stuttering over the finish line with about 2 wins for the rest of the season.

  48. Forest approached the game like a cup final, and they will feel as if they have just lost one.

  49. Alreet m8s-

    What do Paul Bunyan and Newcastle United have in common? Apparently, they both cut down the forest. :D

  50. Billy Davies looked gutted – They are a young team and they were looking at automatic promotion. Also lets not forget that they have now lost 7 on the bounce away from home and Bristol City are playing well.

    Although we still have to beat Peterborugh and that won’t be a gimme.

  51. Gutted I couldn’t watch the match but well happy about the result and pleased for the bull getting a goal as well.

  52. Can someone tell who it was from our dug out who did the Jurgen Klinsman impression on the pitch after we scored the 2nd? I couldn’t tell from whewre I was.

  53. Sound alright judging by the comments on here clint. Or are you trying to make me feel better :)

  54. Wow!
    Amazing words from forest manager there, full of praise for the Toon.
    Very big of him.

  55. They will be mate, they’ve run ’em a few times already.
    You may get the full interviews too.
    It sounded like the old days, the crowd was right in the game, great atmosphere.
    You could feel what it meant to everyone.
    Another giant leap towards promotion.

    Toon Toon.

  56. jayjay-make sure you see them, the set up and finish for Jose’s was pretty special, his celebration said it all, i’m surprised he made it to the post match interview and wasnt limping away from his first ever goal considering everyone minus Harps was on top of him for the pile on! lol

  57. Ross,
    Ameobi showed his skills tonight, amazing.
    Held the ball up, scored a crucial, blinding goal & set up Jose.

  58. jay jay-aye, we take 3 points, Forest lose away and we’re up. Purely then down to winning the league.

  59. Jose,Collo and Williamson were outstanding tonight.
    Perch looks to be a very good defender, get him signed up.
    BTW,well done Shola you changed the game.