Jose Enrique – ‘Newcastle are very different now’.

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Enrique: We are a different animal now
Enrique: We are a different animal now
Man of the moment Jose Enrique has won many plaudits this season, not just from our own fans, but from fans of other teams who are casting admiring glances at the Spanish left back. And for us Toon fans it was seeing Enrique open his scoring account on Monday night at a rain soaked St James’ Park that put the icing on the cake of the victory over Nottingham Forest. In fact further than that, the subsequent celebration’s put the cherry on top of the icing on the cake as it’s been so long since it has been so apparent that a player clearly loves being here that it was a joy to watch.

That 2-0 win on Monday night now means that it is virtually impossible to miss out on promotion back to the Premier League, a promotion that could be confirmed as early as Saturday should results go our way, and from a purely selfish point of view I hope it is confirmed as I, along with 4,400 other mags inside the gorund plus probably a lot more without match tickets outside the ground, will be there at London Road to see it. In the build up to Saturday, Jose Enrique has been talking all things Newcastle United, including what he thinks of our fortunes in the Premier League next season. After a shaky initial introduction to life on Tyneside, Jose now looks settled and is one player that we all know for sure will be fine in the Premier League.

Jose seems to think that this time around, Newcastle United wont be the pushovers they once were. If this season is anything to go by then I can’t see how anyone can disagree with him. This group of lads really look like they want to prove a point, relegation hurt them and they are here to rectify it, something enrique alludes to here:

“The Premier League will see a very different Jose Enrique to the one I was when we went down, but it’s not just me but the whole team because we are all better now.”

“We are a very good Championship team. We work hard and are together and we can do well in the Premier League too. We know that in the Premier League it is a different level and a bigger challenge.”

Of course we know we will need to strengthen the squad in the summer with the right kind of players, but if players like Jose step up to the plate again then is less of a need for drastic investment. Few can deny that Enrique has been excellent this season and his current level of form is down to remaining injury free for most of the season and his ability to link up with Jonas Gutierrez on the left wing. Enrique continued:

“Of course, we need new players, but that is normal for any side going up. It is good to have a big squad but I know we already have a team of top players.”

“But for me, this is the first season I have played with only a few injuries and it is the first time I have been able to play regularly with Jonas Gutierrez and that has helped too.”

The Spaniard then praised manager Chris Hughton:

“A lot of credit must go to Chris Hughton, who had a long career as a coach but has now proved what a good manager he is. I worked under Sam Allardyce, Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer, but Chris is the best. The others are famous names, but it is not always about that.”

Strong praise indeed, and Enrique believes that Hughton is being unfairly criticised after recent media reports suggested that Chris could be moved out in the summer in favour of a more high profile name:

“Chris has had one season and grown into the job. People who say he will not be as good a manager in the Premier League are being unfair.”

“The club want him to stay, he is keen to stay and certainly the players want to work with Chris next season. Everyone was so happy when he was given the manager’s job on a permanent basis because it was so well deserved and he is the man to take this club forward.”

There can be no doubt that Enrique is now part of the furniture at St James’ Park and shows an affection to the club and the fans that is always nice to see. Hopefully he will stay on Tyneside for a lot longer and you never know, we may very well end up with our own real life ‘Julio Geordio’.

Jose, Jose Jose, Jose….

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123 Responses

  1. They talk about it a lot but “Team Spirit” is worth its weight in gold and cannot be produced at most clubs for love nor money.
    Everton and Stoke have it and its a precious commodity which allows them to more than compete with a group of so called inferior players.
    We need to keep the manager and the majority of this squad and add sensible home grown players, no overseas gambles, and the momentum will carry on.
    The teams that fail on promotion are those that make too many changes and our near neighbours on the dark side are proof of that, the are still at it spending 100m plus just to avoid relegation.
    I just hope we dont sign any more big time charlies like Martins, Viduka and Owen, young hungry fit players is what we want. Morning rant over.

  2. I don’t miss the big money buys….the ones we had where shocking and should never of kicked a football again.

    With smart investment and good team spirit I think we will be ok next season….bottom half but moving forwards all the same.

  3. Listening to Talk Sport on Wednesday morning and they were rubbishing the players as hoplessly inadequate for the Prem, mediocre in the Championship and worst of all, they were speculating on who’s going to be our NEXT manager!.

    It’s as though they just can’t abide the idea of Newcastle having some success and are intent on making mischief and unrest.

    I’m not advocating blind and unfounded praise for the Forest result and others, that we’re virtually promoted and that Hughton’s done a marvellous job for us, but let’s have some fair coverage – not the red-top garbage that TalkSport and the rest of the Murdoch group rubbish churn out!!

  4. What a great article, nice for CH to receive the praise he deserves. And worky was right Monday night, I recall a post he made saying that journalists hate that they don’t get nothing out of him, and here is one admitting it while still admiring the way in which CH does it. Why can’t everyone do that instead of just inventing their own bullshit stories, caulkin has managed to write a decent article while getting nothing out of CH and he thinks it’s great, where as that rest of them think, oh shite, CH hasn’t spilled the beans again, let’s go with joey barton gooses Ann widdecombe at charity event in the mornings paper. Pure unfounded bullshit. By the way I have it on good authority that louise Taylor run 100s of child slave labour camps across eastern Europe and Asia.

  5. off topic – parents bumped into Steven taylor at Tesco (K Park) yesterday – no visible damage / injury to his face?? whats going on?? surely with broken jaw / cheekbone there would be bruising at least??

  6. jettson – I’m not surprised, due to the fact the club are saying nothing to the press, they’ve prob made half the crap up and completely exaggerated the whole thing. I’m surprised Louise Taylor hasn’t got Taylor lying in a ditch dead with the Carroll and co eating the flesh from his bones in a pact with the devil to ensure promotion

  7. Stevep in louise taylors defence it can’t be easy writting a story with toonsy hanging out the back of you :lol:

  8. jettson- a friend of mine had his jaw bust last christmas and you couldnt really tell a couple of days later… apart from when he tried to talk… then his jaw flapped about a bit comically… it was broken in two places mind!

    once he had surgery, there was just a bit of swelling and a slight effect on his voice.

    more to the point, why’s he at tesco?

    woulda thought waitrose eh!

  9. BULL will be again key to our team in PL. He play with heart, improved a lot this season. We should see best of him in next couple of years. I am sure BULL and SPIDERMAN will give lot of problems to PL defences next season too.

  10. hope so sahota… got to admit, they do link up really. however Jonas couldnt get round perch on monday night… so i’m a bit skeptical on how he’ll perform in the epl.

  11. That is a good article by george caulkin , i think the foundations are been laid at the moment and it will take time and luck to get us back towards the top of the premiership but I think Hughton is the man for the job

  12. The only players that were on big money that i miss are
    ok,DUFFER is having a magic season and was great for us too.
    BASSONG didn`t cost us much at all and has ahd a few injuries but otherwise is having a solid season again.
    Shame he had to go.
    The others i don`t miss at all-

    Anyone think if FOREST don`t go up we could get a couple of their players?
    Any ideas on who would suit?

  13. Marty , i liked the look of Perch from the other night , havent seen him play really other than the other night but he did impress

  14. Although a lot of youngsters from across Europe and south America will cost a few million, the sell on value or ammount of time they can play at a high level means you are usually in a win win situation.

  15. That`s true Johno,he was impressive.
    I`m sure Hughton and co. have a list of wanteds already lined up.
    Looking forward to it now.Probably many unknowns.
    I reckon if Zamblera and Xisco got as much game time as BEST then we might have got to see what they are made of.
    Again it`s typical NUFC and we cannot give foreigners time.

  16. I dunno about Zamberala as he seemed to bomb at a reserve level but agree with Xisco , he has not been givene nough time to settle to see if he is a decent footballer , will he get time if he returns in the summer? I dont think he will , tho up front id love us to try sign Kevin Doyle sell Best and loan out Ranger for next season

  17. Xisco was pants, the reason players dont get playing time is usually because they aren’t showing much on the training ground, he’s hardly pulled up any trees since his move to Spain and bar the top 4 are prob CCC quality teams
    Zamblera was homesick and couldn’t hack it living in a foreign country (fair enough)

    Ranger will be an interesting one as it looked like he may have a good future, I reckon he’ll be off come summer as I can’t see Hughton picking him ahead of Carroll, Lovenkrands, Ameobi, Best or a new summer buy.
    Hopefully we’ll loan him to a decent CCC team next season to get some decent playing time rather than selling him

  18. stevep,i think xisco has scored 1 in 18 games in a poor team,got shot imo,IF anyone will have him m8

  19. johno toon,would have liked wolves to go down so we could try for doyle cost them 6.5mill,good player would be better with 2 wide men,attitude is v.good could have joined bigger club with a lot bigger wage but picked wolves (not money grabber)

  20. Stevep i think its unfair to say Xisco is pants , look how long it took Collo and enrique to settle and show what good players they are , tho i cant argue that he has done nothing since going back to spain and prob does suggest the level of player he really is! Tho that is contradicting in saying give the lad time I think its ingeneral we need to give players more time to settle,

    Talk about stiing on the fence Johno :)

  21. SteveP’s right on Xisco. We only get to judge based on the big matches, but the rest of the club have to judge based on training, attitude and performances in reserves games, training games and so on.

    They all get the same chances there, and clearly Xisco isn’t displaying anything like the same ability or attitude as the others, or he’d at least be on the bench. Although it was only rumour, I do remember someone quite reliable saying last season that he’d refused to even play in the reserves. It would certainly explain a lot.

  22. Back on Toro Nino – I’m going to show my wife that pic on the official site of him celebrating the goal. It may make her look forward to her first Toon game (Plymouth) a bit more.

    As for a yellow card for getting your shirt off: if I looked like that I’d never put one on…

  23. Well said Jose,
    love the way the lad raises CH to the top of the pile.
    I’m sure Chris won’t thank him for saying it like, him being the modest type.
    But the guy has earned the lads respect & it looks like the team, to a man, will walk through walls for him. Who’da thunk it?

    I seem to remember people claiming Carroll was just a kid, & he’ll improve etc.
    Pity some other players don’t get that support & understanding.

  24. Clint – agree we’re a fickle and inconsistent lot. I think the fact that Carroll is getting any support at all (not that it’s vocal; just a lack of derision) is down to the sheer stats he’s getting at the moment. I don’t think he’ll ever be a favourite like Jose, but you can’t argue with his performances.

    (Although he had forgotten where the trigger was on Monday, that volley showed incredible skill.)

  25. Anybody think that Mourhino’s recent statements are lining him up for a return to the PL once it’s confirmed that we are promoted? ;-)

  26. It’s just a hell of a lot harder for kids to come from another country, learn a language, settle in, no family a few miles away & expect miracles.
    Some times in happens, but rarely. Carroll’s a local, so totally knows the craic & how to deal with it. Foreign kids don’t, they deserve better from us imv.
    Fans nearly always prefer goal scorers to ‘keepers & defenders, as fave players.

    Like, Harper 20 clean sheets this season so far, surely that has got to be the same as scoring 20/30 goals in the season?
    He hasn’t had anything like the plaudits he deserves.
    Not many ‘keepers get 20+ clean sheets in a season, in any league.

  27. I thought it was as much about Routledge’s brilliant delivery.
    Carroll coulda got his long, gangly leg to it from the half way line, couldn’t he?

  28. clint,seem to remember a guy between the sticks at m/u that won the lge for them a few times with 1-0 wins,krul reminds me of him if given the chances next year like m8

  29. Aye it’s poss ice.
    Still think he’s got a lot to learn like.
    Good ‘keepers take a while to become.
    The best one’s are usually a bit older like, aren’t they?

    Krul could be excellent, if he bides his time.

  30. always helps if they play more often as well as is showing with with the kid at norwich,getting rave reports now,but agree they must bide there time (just a Little)

  31. One of the keepers will be sold – They both have great potential but they can’t both play.

    If we get an offer that gives us a profit one will go, especially while Harper’s still around.

  32. Aye Forster looks canny too.

    Haven’t heard/read many moaning for given’s return, which was nice!

  33. stuart,spot on mate my thinking too,but which one,both about same value,mind they are saying epl clubs watching

  34. Don’t see why we should get rid of one like.
    Surely we need 3 capable ‘keepers at the club, just in case?
    It’s not like they can’t be loaned out, is it?

    I know we’ve got Soderberg & Alnwick too, but they’re bairns, learning their trade.

  35. dont think fans would say anything about given,he just got fed up to back teeth with the show,and harper just waited his chance,(long wait like)

  36. It’s the clubs policy. If they get a good offer they will sell – Which one? Whoever we get themost for I imagine.

    Also I see Billy Davies is backing me in my campaign to give us a chance of staying in the PL next season – Although I think the figures he’s talking about are a little high.

    He should know a little more about what is needed than any of us, he has been there and done it – Or couldn’t do it shall we say due to certain restraints.

  37. Loved it on Monday night when the bull scored been waiting for it to happen for a while now so I was jumping for joy, then to see the way the whole side got involved with the celebration was just as good when jonas cloth lined him and then shouted PILE ON. I really can’t remember the last time our team looked to enjoy being a Newcastle team for a long long time.

    Has Jose only got a couple of years left on his contract, during the summer we really need to tie him down as it won’t be long till some big boys start calling. As I think he will be up there in the top 2 or 3 LBs in the prem.

  38. Davies derby team didn’t have anything like the strength we have though.
    So would’ve had to spend a hell of a lot more.
    Bit like comparing apples & oranges.

    We do need to spend some cash like, but £60m is a bit far-fetched, just to come 17th or above.

    I guess that’s his sting in the tail after saying ‘nice’ things about us, hey?
    He giveth with one hand & with the other he taketh away.

  39. davies chance went in jan when club would not back him and bring in 3 players he needed,look like it might cost them 30-40mill now,as they have blew there chance,were playing better than wba at one point imo

  40. Been shouting for three years shoot everytime he is in the opponents half. Miss my first game in 3 years and he goes and scores.

    What chance Smudger grabbing a goal before the end of the season?

  41. Aye 60M is a bit extreme like – That should get you into the top 7/8 although Villa have spent more and are still struggling, not to mention the Mackems.

  42. Aye ice,
    a little outlay can go a long way, just look at us.
    A lousy £5/6m has all but got us over the line, allowing us to ‘pretend’ players were injured, to rest them.
    Whey hey.

  43. Aye,
    Stuart, good point.
    But i still feel MO’N ain’t as good as some claim & it’s just starting to go a little stale down there.
    Even spuds is more to do with the manager than the cash spent.
    As for the queersiders-Pfffftttt! What a rabble!

  44. I don’t think Davies was having a pop at our squad to be honest, I think it was a general statement about promoted teams.

  45. I think Davies was having a pop at his board for not backing him and if they go up ( which i hope they do ) he will want alot of cash to spend

  46. I wouldn’t say no to O’neill like.

    Although Spurs did spend a fair bit under Jol I think – They got lucky with a few buys which they could sell for massive profit ie Berbatov and Keane. They even mastered the art of selling a player one year and buying them back cheaper 6 months later.

  47. Well – seeing as Stuart types the same point into every single thread – I would like to reiterate. I couldnt care less how much we spend – as long as improvements are made.

    Steady progress is the best way to achieve long term improvements and growth. Improvements have to be made prudently and in line with the financial regime. To shout and scream for any cash outside of that is immoral and delusional.

    If we want a long term successful future – you can not spend 1 penny more than you can afford – otherwise the slippery slope starts and it then becomes a gamble (and we saw what that failed gamble nearly cost us)

    Have we all learned nothing from the last 10 years.

  48. Seeing as though you’re hear I will reiterate that if we got 6 Rooney all on free transfers I would be delighted.

    The fact is that it cannot be that easy to do that or everyone would be at it.

    Although I’m still not too sure why I am even debating football matters with you, considering you don’t rate Steven Taylor(Remember positional sense?) and you also don’t rate Andy Carroll and wouldn’t have him anywhere near our first team – Where would we be without his goal contributions this season? Just above Middlesbrough probably.

    All your credibility left, along with your life Stardust a long time ago.

  49. I think that Davies article has been spun and edited a bit. The £60m thing does admit it’s “greedy” and his other comments show he’s fully aware that NUFC are not Derby and are far better prepared for the prem.

    Personally I don’t think we need anything radical at all – just the ability to retain the current spirit when things (inevitably) don’t go so well.

    We already have at least 2 of our back 4 prem class. Jury is out on Simpson and any of our CBs other than Colo and S Taylor. Perhaps another RB would be a good purchase.

    I think Routledge and Spidey are up to the task. In the middle we have a profusion of ‘pretty good’ players – Smith, Guthrie, Nolan and Barton for a start. But you do have to wonder if they’ll be enough or whether a serious investment is needed there to raise the bar further.

    Up front is the same. We have several strikers who have shown they can walk over CCC defences, but are any of them capable of 20 premiership goals in a season?

    Either way, I think 3 players at a few million each will do it. More than that and you upset what we’ve got, and I honestly think what we’ve got is good enough to stay up; any more is just risk mitigation.

    As for any talk of other managers: bite my hairies. We have a brilliant manager and he’s going nowhere.

  50. stuart would not like to see us spend big money,spend wisely,if they go wrong,not to much to worry about,i get more pleasure seeing cheaper guys like williamson,rout,coming good to prove it can be done,and maybe another way is poss,at a lot less risk. imo the best managers in the epl are the everton and fulham guys,outside the top 3 like

  51. No I dont see Carroll as a great player – I made the call and time alone will tell if that’s right or wrong. Not just a handful of games in one year.

    And time again – when we are in the PL – will show if Taylor has learned anything – (you keep on making an absolute fool of yourself re the positional sense point which suggests you’ve never played the game).

    I imagine even BBM would agree with me as he has played at a decent level – and the second these things aren’t instinctive – you’re in trouble as the pace is so fast.

    But you see Stuart – you grab at short termism to prove your point – when only long termism can provide the answer.

    I dont expect you to understand that or even agree to that – its far easier for you to ignore realities and delude yourself for another day – just for you to post the same thing in another day – everyone cant wait for you to type the same thing another 20 times today, and tomorrow, and the day after……..

  52. Stardust @ 53 – yep, I think I agree with you!
    I need to go lie down….

    That said, let’s not forget that we’ve been running at a loss of about £20m a year. We’re not really in a position to have a go at ‘unsustainable business models’ elsewhere. We’ve gone up partly because we’ve been heavily subbed by our owner. (‘why’ is a different matter which I won’t start now!)

    After the performance in January I honestly have hope that CH and Ashley will find the right balance again and we’ll see a modest but significant adjustment to the squad which enables us to at least shoot for a top-half slot, with survival being the minimum acceptable result.
    I’d be more than happy with that, especially if the club made a profit in the process, which I think it will.

  53. For what it’s worth: on Carroll:
    1. I don’t think he’s got the IQ to be a truly great striker.
    2. I do think he’s got the instinct and the guts
    3. While a few months ago I didn’t think he could develop the technical skill or positional sense, he’s starting to prove me wrong.

    Can’t see him doing a backheel like Shola’s though. That guy does give us something else. His goal was classic Strolla too – looks like a fluke, and yet they keep coming. And let’s not forget that when he did get a decent run in the prem his stats were excellent.

  54. Whumpie

    Just reading between the lines – but Graham Carrs appointment should tell us all they are serious about scouting for good players at the right money.

    And I am more than impressed with CH’s eye for a player – and his recognition of problems (the balance with Jonas and Routas purchase)

    Ok Best hasnt set us on fire yet – who knows if he ever will – but he wasnt number 1 choice anyway – the good thing is – if Best does fail – we will recoup what we have spent on him. I’d rather do that every time than gamble 10m and sell for 2m when they fail.

  55. icedog says:
    March 31, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    I’m not advocating turning a good player away because he costs less than £10m. If we can beat other teams to these good players for next to nothing great, but they are generally supplementing the cash purchases made by clubs.

    Realistically we will need to buy players for a decent amount of money (£5m) but if we can find them on the cheap all the better.

    But consider this – We haven’t had a scouting system in place for 12 months and we only appointed a chief scout about a month ago so were asking alot to be in a position to find these good cheap players.

    Anyway on to Stardusts lame Carroll argument – You state I’m only looking short term, you’re right i am – This season, we couldn’t look any further ahead. If you had your way Carroll wouldn’t have played and we wouldn’t have had the benefit of his goals.

    You can look long term all you want but if we didn’t get back into the PL we didn’t have a future – Carroll has given us that chance.

  56. Agree with you at 60 Whumpie – I dont see him as having the class of say – Lovenkrands (movement, touch and instincts) – but he has improved the last part of this season – but unfortunately his court trial is around the corner – so the road ahead for him is anything but smooth.

    Fingers crossed for the lad – as nothing would make me happier than to see him come good.

  57. Granted – if I had been choosing I would have brought Ranger on – he is a far better team player in my opinion – he can control the ball int ricky situations, bring other players into play and the goas will come – I am certain of that.

    But CH made the call to play him and I am thankful that it paid off.

    Unlike yourself Stuart – I dont need to see Carroll fail to feel good about myself. I am more than happy if he proves my instincts wrong. I want whats best for NUFC not myself. You on the other hand love your lame arguments and call out “I was right” when a player scores a goal that suits your argument. Thats akin to a playground mentality, time and time alone will judge on all matters as to whether calls were right or wrong.

  58. stuart,mate i agree with a lot of your points thing that gets my goat,mind i might be wrong people are reading into your posts things that are not there for there benifit,anyway this is what the blog is for,to put YOUR point over right or wrong its your right imo

  59. I’ve never called out ‘I was right about anything’ quite the the contrary – I held my hands up in January after Ashley invested in new players.

    I would be absolutely delighted if Ashley gave Hughton a reasonable amount of money to spend next season (If we cannot find all these great cheap players).

    I do agree on Ranger, though it would appear Hughton doesn’t really rate him.

  60. icedog says:
    March 31, 2010 at 2:10 pm
    stuart,mate i agree with a lot of your points thing that gets my goat,mind i might be wrong people are reading into your posts things that are not there for there benifit,anyway this is what the blog is for,to put YOUR point over right or wrong its your right imo

    Totally agree icedog, some argue a point that hasn’t even been made!

    Totally lacking in debating skills – Shows a lack of social skills too in my opnion.

  61. Stuart – posts like 67 are the kind you were making late last year and in January – and are good to read – its when you become all negative in advance of anyone doing anything that it becomes depressing.

  62. “Shows a lack of social skills too in my opnion.”

    Au contraire Stuart. You need to learn people are drawn to optimists and upbeat folk. No one surrounds themselves with pessimists and doom mongers – unless they’re up there in level 7 wi’BBM lol.

  63. I think we need to be realistic about the timescales when it comes to Ranger. We have a lot of more experienced strikers and we had to focus on promotion. Ranger did well – for his age – but he was never going to come in ahead of Carroll who has a lot more 1st-team experience and is more of a known entity.

    And, again, we have to bear in mind that CH sees these guys every day, not just on match days. If he makes a call we don’t agree with it’s probably because he’s got more information on which to base his decision.

    On another note: anyone else sense that Ashley will be back in a Newcastle bar buying fans drinks some time next season? He was as ecstatic as anyone when Jose scored, and I think he’s starting to get back to the reason why he bought the club in the first place.

  64. Whumpie says:
    March 31, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    That will depend how the team are doing next November – If were bottom all the songs will start again, if were top they might let him in Powerhouse.

  65. stuart,keep going my old son i enjoy reading your posts,(right or wrong)along with many others

    i never say anybody is WRONG,i would say i agree or dont agree,because it could me that is WRONG

  66. Whumpie – I hope that Ashley has learned a great deal the last 2 years and I hope the fans have too.

    The fact is next year (providing we go up) we will be in the best position for a decade.

    I think its time for all sides to forgive and forget – we and realise we are all on the same side.

    It is sad though – I dont expect an element of our fans ever to agree to that.

    NUST should now withdraw from their futile attempts to gather money to buy us. The financials (on promotion) will dictate that we are so far out of reach that they should back down gracefully and get behind the club.

    Whats worrying is that in a season of good news for the club – they have continued with their hate campaign – I find that distasteful.

    Anyway – Here’s hoping!

  67. whumpie! 1 think i wouldnt agree about carrol u said hes got no guts.sorry what games you have been watching more guts then any player in england or he wouldnt bother going for no balls or bull dozing his way to score headers.

  68. I think the NUST will be adjusting their stated aims towards a contributory fans’ representation rather than outright ownership – at least in the short and medium term.

    And yes, they should stop the mud-slinging now in favour of a more positive approach where they bring something new and positive to the table… rather than trying to burn its legs.

    Not that a lot of it wasn’t justified at times, mind…

  69. Asim – just a misunderstanding there. What I meant was that Carroll has huge courage and determination. I think that plus his strength and ever-increasing technical skill make him a formidable striker.

  70. NUST have gone towards supporter representation now instead of buying the club – They haven’t said anything official but the whole raising money issue has gone awefully quite.

  71. We’ll definitely need to spend to be comfortable in prem
    Don’t think we need to spend 60 million like, 20 million should do it.

    Right back – Simpson has done well but he’s been skinned quite a few times by CCC players so I dread to think what some of the better prem players will do to him.

    centre back – Collo has improved and done well this season but it’s the championship and I still have my doubts about him in the prem, seeing that forest players getting free headers / shots worried me a lot
    Hopefully he’ll have a great world cup and we’ll sell him for 15 million in order to buy a prem class CB

    midfield – we’ll need a good holding midfielder, butt will be gone and smudge should be sold so that frees up around 120k a week in wages

    striker – we need a 20 goal a season striker, carroll, lovenkrands can’t even get that many in the championship so no chance in prem (i’m not having a go at them as they’ve done well but just think we’ll need a proven prem striker)

    That should do it……….. hmmmm maybe billy davies was right after all :-)

  72. I think Platini’s new rules – and his endorsement of the German system where clubs MUST be 51% owned by supporter trusts – mean that NUST will have their chance in the next few years. All they need to do is be reasonable, realistic and start building bridges with the club. There’s no reason why the fundraising can’t continue as long as people don’t see it as more than a way to get a stake – not a way to make a decent profit.

    Hey – it’s football. Nobody makes a decent profit!

  73. steve,

    Personally I only think Enrique, Barton, Taylor (s), Jonas, Harper and

    I’m hopefull that Colo will have gained confidence from this season and will be good enough, same too for Carroll.

    I do worry about Nolan and his lack of pace, Smith’s general play, Guthrie’s general averageness and Routledge has had quite a few PL clubs but he has ended up in the Championship, although watching him recently he certainly has impressed me. But something niggles me about the number of PL clubs to have given him a chance.

    Williamson is one who I think might be able to cut in the PL but it’s a wait and see.

  74. So if the reports of £15 million are correct, what do you think that will buy us come summer???

    I’m a huge Jimmy Bullard fan (bought him for us in Fifa 10 :p) think theres any truth to that?

    What about a guy like Pavlyuchenko? Out of favour at Spurs,can score, but too expensive?

  75. Stu – Them players you mention should give us at least a head start though, surely?

    I mean the likes of Stoke and Birmingham plus any other prmoted team don’t have the luxury of 5 PL players before they even start.

    I personally think the back 4 and goalie are fine with the exception of RB and a back up for jose (still).

  76. Mike – The only thing is while Bullard may be a good player, he has only played 9 or so games for Hull since he’s been there. To stop up we need players that will be fit regularly, plus he is 30/31 years old.

  77. Also, there is a World Cup in the summer which is just like free scouting. There will be an unfancied team with a few players that are worth having. That is how the Senegal players, Czech players and Russians (Pavlyuchenko) got their chance over here in the first place.

  78. toonsy says:
    March 31, 2010 at 3:41 pm
    Stu – Them players you mention should give us at least a head start though, surely?

    Well if we only play 5 a-side and until one or two get injured.

  79. I’d have Bullard – But only on a pay as you play.

    Would like O’Hara too, possibly Shawcross and Belhadj.

    But I suppose the budget will determine who we can go for.

  80. Well first of all I am really happy we’re close to the main target.

    Regarding next season I think we will do ok (i.e. stay up) – with some clever recruitments (and sales) I actually think it’s possible to “comfortably” end next season in mid-table. I do not want a major squad overhaul but some recruitment will be needed (and talent/ability/mentality is in my opinion much more valuable than tags like “proven PL player” – nonetheless the first two might come naturally with the tag, but I’m not so sure about the tie between the tag and mentality).

    Speaking of keepers; I hope we secure promotion/”the title” with a few games to spare and then let Krul get some games this season (and other youngsters too for that matter). Even though it might not be the standard view among fans, I would actually accept a sale of Harper (for the right price) since I belive we have a (at least one) top keeper in the making. However, I wouldn’t mind us keeping Harper for another season either, but then I would like to see Krul out on a season long loan spell to some decent CCC or say a Dutch/Belgian/Scottish club.

    All in all I do belive we as fans can look at the future with quite some realistic optimism (as long as we accept the fact that we won’t be a top-6 side in the very near future), although there are still major question marks hanging over MA’s ownership (will be an interesting off-season).

  81. Stu @ 87 – Cheers fpr only quoting the bit that made your point relevant ;)

    The fact is that teams that come up dont often have Premier League players already. By your own admission and also others opinions, we do.

    Er-go we have a head start with the 5 players mentioned.

  82. Isn’t it interesting that “The Bull” rates Hughton above all the other managers?
    Whilst I would accept that Shearer had very little time and was a novice, and Joe Kinnear was just ******* hopeless, nevertheless it includes Sam “the greatest living English manager (his opinion)” and Kevin “The Messiah and brilliant player motivater” Keegan.
    Of course he’s bound to be influenced by results, as success breeds high morale and foster team spirit etc., but nevertheless…..he didn’t actually have to say that in those exact words.

  83. Random thought – Will we have a new strip next season? Haven’t we done a deal with Puma?

  84. magpie6699 says:
    March 31, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    I think he’s more likely to be influenced by who is current manager is, rather than results.

    He could well be right, we will never know now but I don’t hear many players saying anything negative about their current manager – Maybe Reira at Liverpool, but he’s a prime example as to why you shouldn’t be negative towards your manager as he is now being sold.

  85. Not sure who is voting on the NUFC official site – but the merit marks are more than a little off for me.

    Seventy-Eight – Alan Smith

    Seventy-Three – Andy Carroll

    Sixty-Seven – Jonas Gutierrez

    Fifty-Nine – Kevin Nolan

    Fifty – Jose Enrique

    Forty-Five – Steve Harper

    Thirty-Eight – Peter Lovenkrands

    Thirty-Two – Wayne Routledge

    Thirty-One – Fabricio Coloccini

    Twenty-Six – Danny Guthrie

    Twenty-Two – Shola Ameobi, Nile Ranger

    Seventeen – Tim Krul

    Fifteen – Marlon Harewood

    Thirteen – Tamas Kadar

    Twelve – Steven Taylor

    Eleven – Mike Williamson

    Eight – Patrick van Aanholt

    Five – Fabrice Pancrate

    Four – Ryan Taylor, Leon Best

    Three – James Tavernier, Zurab Khizanishvili

    Two – Joey Barton, Nicky Butt

    I mean – Routledge above Collo? Carroll above (name your list)

  86. Stuart79 – sure, they always rate their present manager – unless they want away like Rieira. But he could have just said “CH is a great manager” or that sort of thing – but what he actually said was that he was the best he’d played under. Just thought it was interesting.
    In a similar vein, Shola’s comment about the team spirit about the whole place being the best since Sir Bobby is also interesting. Without diminishing KK’s man-management skills, and of course recognising that it also reflects on the pool of players we have left after getting rid of the moaners, it still says something. Again, Shola didn’t have to express it like that.

  87. Stardust – bizarre – when you think that most fans rate Jose, Colo or Steve H as our stars over this season. And has Mike Williamson had many bad games compared to (say) Wane Routledge?
    PS on a totally different note I see Harris Vuckic played 70 minutes for the juniors. I know there are a lot on here who really rate him so has to be good news that he’s on the way back.

  88. A thought… and not a very optimistic one, perhaps…

    Promoted teams often ‘Do a Hull’ where they maintain the buzz of their promotion charge up to when they lose their first few matches, then plummet as the relity check hits them.

    I wonder which players will keep their quality once we come up against a few top-end prem teams?

    Back to recruitment: I think £15m will be adequate to be honest. Two reasons:

    1. We already have one prem-qual player in all but 3 or 4 positions. Not good once you get injuries, but a good starting point.

    2. Player values are about to plummet as teams try to get their debts under control. A 20-goal striker will no longer command anything like a £20M price tag.

    Talking of such stats: SteveP @80 – you say none of our strikers have managed 20 goals in a season, but would you put money against any of them not getting to that tally in the last few games?

    A lot of prem clubs survive with several 10-goal men and one 15-goal man and I think we can do that too. Funnily enough I think Shola may be good enough for the latter. Honestly. And Carroll could hack it too; depends how he deals with getting beaten regularly by the Manures of this world.

  89. @Whumpie – you’re right but I think that a striker who can’t get 20 goals in a fairly poor championship will struggle to hit double figures in the prem
    Don’t forget that while Shola effectively has 9 goals in 9 starts in championship (making him our most prolific scorer this season) he’s only ever hit 10 goals in a prem season (2003-2004) and most seasons scored a lot less

  90. For the record Sholas prem goal stats are…

    258 games
    50 goals
    ratio of a goal every 5.16 games

    9 games
    9 goals
    ratio of a goal a game

    Think that says more about the championship than Shola and doesn’t fill me with confidence about our other strikers :(

  91. SteveP – good point, but while we’re mangling stats…

    Shola has never started more than about a quarter of the games in a season. That’s because there has always been a Michael Owen or equivalent out there in front of him… and because he breaks easily.

    When he HAS started, his scoring rate has been ridiculously high; higher than the aforementioned overpaid deserting (crocked) scouse git.

    So I suppose it comes down to keeping him fit.

    So much for that idea, then.

  92. stevep says:
    March 31, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    “@Whumpie – you’re right but I think that a striker who can’t get 20 goals in a fairly poor championship will struggle to hit double figures in the prem”

    Steve, you omitted to mention that the only forward who has had enough appearences to score twenty goals is Andy Carroll, with 31 appearences in all competitions. Lovenkrands and Ameobi have scored almost a goal every game, but they have only had 18 or 19? and 10 appearences respectively.

  93. SteveP @104 – ooh, good stats!

    I wonder what happens if you take his last few seasons, though? Those 258 games include a stack of sub appearences and quite a few when he was still a youngun running about like a horse falling down stairs.

    But yes, it does probably say more about the opposition than him. Sadly.

  94. Shola has consistently been blighted with injury which hasn’t helped him. He is no world beater, but when he gets a run of games he does score goals, and has done at prem level only to be halted with another injury.

  95. This TEAM is capable of mid table next season-as good technically if not better than Stoke or Birmingham.They ARE together now, and for me the key question is will they still be after losing regularly against the top sides. Team spirit is easy to build when you win regularly.But when you start losing against the big guns- we’ll really see if we have it.
    We are losing a few of the older players literally or because of their legs (we also have a few players who get injued on a regular basis), so I think we need a few strong players with pace – a fast CB, midfielder and striker.Having said that I think this time Routledge will make the step up as long as he stays injury free-like Shola.Also carroll will have to grow up fast.

  96. Strolla is in my opinion a bit like Crouch when he is not scoring he looks real clumsy which makes people think he is a bit useless. I do think he done well when Stardusts fav Roeder was here and he got a decent run but it seems everytime he starts getting into playing and scoring he ends up picking up injuries. So maybe between Carroll, Lovenkrands + Shola with hopefully Ranger getting an odd chance which I think he deserves we should be ok. I know we have Best but I haven’t seen much from him that makes me believe he can do the job.

  97. Anyone hear what Billy Davies said ?

    “Newcastle are the best equipped in the league but will need 75m to survive”

    What is this Billy?

    Look at your team!

  98. bordeauxtoon says:
    March 31, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    “We are losing a few of the older players literally”

    Are they becoming senile and wandering away from the training ground?

  99. GoodOldDays says:
    March 31, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    “Anyone hear what Billy Davies said ?

    “Newcastle are the best equipped in the league but will need 75m to survive”

    This is not about Newcastle United really. This is about Nottingham Forest, Billy Davies and the Nottingham Forest board. What he’s really saying is that Billy Davies wants that kind of money to get promoted, and stay in the Premier League.

  100. Yep, Davies is having a thinly veiled pop at his own boards ‘transfer comittee’ for not backing him in January. They have been bickering between each other for a while now.

  101. How can people just dismiss Nolan, just cos he has no pace.
    Like all players, prem or otherwise, need pace.
    That’s BS.
    He’s scored a bunch of goals, been voted ‘best in class’ this season, still gets up & down the pitch, played in the prem most, nearly all, of his career.
    Pace shmace!
    carrick for manu has the pace of a arthritic snail & a gait that’s stiffer than the average MS sufferer.
    Howay, give the lad a break, y’dafties.

  102. Aye toonsy,
    that’s gonna help forest’s cause isn’t it?
    Davies concentrate on y’own thing.

  103. CLiNT FLiCK – Nolan isn’t as natural as Carrick though. He’s slowed down and looks sluggish at times. Unless he loses a stone and gains a couple of yards, I’d have doubts about him. No reason why he can’t do those things though.

    Ameobi… an enigma. And unfortunately one that ultimately always seems to leave you feeling like slightly let-down. Whether it’s his half-hearted efforts on the pitch, when he clearly has ability. Or his inability to stay fit. Again, another one that we probably can’t rely on for 15-20 goals.

  104. I think we could do with a right back, two midfielders and at least one but probably two strikers (assuming he won’t give Ranger a go).

  105. What happened to all the singing! We have no good songs, the team trots out to a tune with no lyrics every home game! I’ve written a song about Jose Enrique. What do you think? It’s called “We all know that Jose’s going to score” a twist on the Scouser’s “We all know that Torres is going to score” hope you know the tune!

    “He took the ball from Harper’s pass, ole, ole
    He turned you twice with two drag backs, ole, ole
    He crossed halfway with lightning pace, an eye for goal and a grin on his face – we all know that Jose’s going to score”

    “He’s passed the ball to Spiderman, ole, ole
    He’s on his bike like an olympian, ole, ole
    He’s into the box with time to spare, and your full back is having a mare – we all know that Jose’s going to score”

    “He’s got the ball inside the box, ole, ole
    He beats a man by the penalty spot, ole, ole
    He smashes the ball into the net, he whips of his shirt and flashes his pecs – with your lass whor Jose’s going to score”

    “La la la la la la la la la, la la
    La la la la la la la la la, la la
    la la la la la la la
    la la la la la la la
    We all know that Jose’s going to score”

    Repeat until hoarse

  106. BBM been my shout as well for while now, 2 problems with strikers need one who can cut the mustard in epl,how much will it cost out of budget,can both be found?

  107. GS, They bulldozed a lot of schools and even the Brazilian people are dubious about the cup.
    They think the government have sold them down the river by spending all the money on The Olympic Games and The World Cup whilst doing nothing for the people.
    There have been riots in nearly all the major cities!