Watford – A Newcastle United away fan’s guide.

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Vicarage Road: The Hornets' nest.
Vicarage Road: The Hornets' nest.
Our next on the road encounter takes us to Vicarage Road and a clash with Watford. Vicarage Road is expected to be close to a sell out for this match as fans flock to see the possibilty of their team taking the scalp of the famous Newcastle United.

It’s been about 5 years since I was last at Vicarage Road but since then I hear that the ground is under redevelopment. I’m unsure whether this has been competed yet but it shouldn’t pose an issue for the travelling fans.

How to get there.

We’ll begin the 260 mile trip by heading south down the A1, joining the M1 and continue heading south all the way down to J5 (A4008). Leave at J5 and head towards the town centre. If you can’t see the ground then just follow signs for ‘Watford General Hospital’ as the gorund is pretty much right next to it.

It is a straight-forward journey despite it’s length and shouldn’t provide any problems apart from a couple of strecthes of roadworks with average 50mph speed-checks.

Somewhere to park?

Parking is pretty straight forward. The ground is not far from the town centre so you can use any of the shopping car parks, for a price of course. Alternatively there are some private car parks in industrial units aswell as school that charges £5 to park, all near the ground.

How about the train?

Not one of my favourite methods of transport but should you choose it then the chances are you will go into London Kings Cross and come back out again. Watford Junction is the station you’ll need for Vicarage Road which is about a 15 minute walk away.

Where to drink?

As mentioned previously, the town centre is only a short walk away so there are bound to be some boozers there that welcome away fans. A bit closer to the ground is a pub called ‘The Oddfellows’ which welcomes away fans. The Red Lion outside the ground is a pub to avoid so I’ve been told. Alcohol is unfortunately not served in the away end.

A bite to eat?

Obviously food will be available in the ground but the small councourse area means it may be difficult to gain access to the serving hatch, especially if we sell out our away allocation. There used to be a chip shop about a couple of minutes away from the ground that I remember was decent and reasonably priced.

Overall I hope those that are going enjoy their day out. Watford aren’t noted for any real trouble and the ones I have come across have always been pretty friendly.

Gaining 3 points and a rare away win would be nice!

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22 Responses

  1. If anyone is going to this game I can suggest a nice country pub near Hemel Hempstead railway station called the Fishery Inn. Its situated over the road from the station and is right on the banks of the Grand Union canal. Very picturesque indeed and used to be one of my locals. The station is only 100 yards away so you can park your car there have a few beers then get the train into Watford, its only three stops, Apsley, Abbots Langley, Kings Langley then Watford, and its only a half mile or so walk from Watford station to the ground.

    Hemel Hempstead is right beside the M1 so its a straight run in the car and the railway station is on the main Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow line, so the trains should be fairly regular, just make sure you dont get on an express train where the next stop is Euston station in London!

    A word of warning, if going by car you will have to negotiate the “magic roundabout in Hemel hempstead. Its a large roundabout with several mini roundabouts on the road around it. Its easy if you realise you can go left or right round the main roundabout, but normal rules apply to the mini roundabouts. Watch out for the ducks who regularly walk across the roundabout and road rather than use the stream and tunnel underneath the road!

  2. Watfords ground is still being renovated hence our paltry allocation of 2,500 tickets which sold out pretty much instantly before going on members or public sale – gutted

  3. Fancied this one but just got too much going on next couple of months to afford it. Including Boro and Bristol City away.

    Never been but apparently the atmosphere is a bit flat.

  4. stevep says:
    February 24, 2010 at 9:12 am

    “Watfords ground is still being renovated hence our paltry allocation of 2,500 tickets which sold out pretty much instantly before going on members or public sale – gutted”

    The East Stand there is a right old mess though, and has been condemned before it falls down. They’re so embarrassed about it that they try to chop it out of alot the photos. I’ll be going.

  5. Guys, I actually have a season tikcet at Watford, because I moved doown here and couldnt go without football!

    1) the Ground has not been “redeveloped”- all that means at the moment is that the one stand is closed.

    2) The Red Lion pub opposite the ground has closed down because it is just too dodgy.

    3) there is a chippy, the food in the ground is awful so defo dont eat in there.

    Finally, Come on the TOON, it is always near to silent the atmoshpere is crap and so having had a season ticket at newcastle for a while, its almost depressing! Those coming down, make a right lot of noise as usual and come on the win

  6. @Chris – does that mean you’ll be sitting in the watford end?
    What are the fans like? you reckon it’s okay to sit among watford fans (as long as I dont start singing my head off and jumping all over th eplace when we score :-)

  7. the watford fans are fine, I wouldnt make a scene (your more likely to get thrown out by a steward than given a slap by the fans). Also to the people that are saying watford are crap, they arent.

    This season at home they have been very strong and gave sheffield a united an absolute thumping recently. Also bare in mind they have Cleverly, who is actually top class on loan from united. They also have lansbury from Arsenal who is similar and Helguson seems to be able to score for fun at Watford.

    Anyone that thinks this match is a foregone conclusion, Don’t, because it isn’t. I think we might get a 2-1 win, but watford are good attacking and can defend so don’t expect a romp

  8. hi i am a watford fan and season ticket holder and as for our atmosphere being flat that is noncsense because u r a massive club that is comeing to play us nd our fans will raise the roof. if any newcastle fans our in the watford end u will be ok to celebrate unless ur in the rookery which is the stand behind the goal where it is watford fans only this is also where the main vocal supports comes from and where my seat is. unfortunatly i will not be there as i am working so enjoy ur day in watford and don’t be to upset when ur side takes one hell of a pasting You O’rnsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  9. @Brazilianbob

    I used to live near the Fisheries’ (Chaulden – slept right through the Buncefield explosion!) and I can certainly vouch for the pleasant sutrroundings. The food could be better, but the beer’s as good as anywhere else.

    I may well be going myself on Saturday.

    I’m working in Chelmsford until the back end of March so I could just whip round the M25, park in my old employer’s car park, and whip down on the train, as you say. Tickets £23.

    I’m sure I can manage to sit quietly and fold my arms for 90 minutes!

  10. p.s. that is a different chris, the atmosphere is flat compared to any other ground i’ve been too and pales into insignificance compared to a north-east derby!

  11. this game might be insignificane to newcastle fans but for all watford fans it means a lot and the watford fans where i sit will raise the roof also jay jay we might be crap but at least we don’t have to go back to 1992/93 for the last time we won a trophy

  12. looking forward to this one, as long as CH doesn’t go his usual 451 away lineup. hopefully we go straight at them. shown live at 10AM here in NYC, which is always a plus.
    any watford fans – what’s the news on demerit? i know he to had messed up his eye pretty badly but is he back playing yet?

  13. stevep just to let u know the alloction for away fans at watford has always been 2,500 but in cup game we give the away fans 5,000

  14. Demerit is fit and has been back for nearly 2 months now nd he is a rock at the back with his new centre half partner martin taylor who we signed from birmingham on a free who is also then player who broke eduardo’s anke

  15. i have one pub that is in the town centre that newcastle fans should stay away from and that is the one bell it is a proper dive that has a massive reputation for violence and it is a right dump

  16. this is a song for all u geordies that will be comeing to watford You’ve been shaggin,you’ve been shaggin,you’ve been shagin ant and dec you’ve been shagin ant ande dec. You O’rnsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  17. @chris – good to hear…well, maybe not so much for us.

    didn’t know you guys had picked up taylor as well. im sure any of butt/smith/nolan can match him for awful tackles…though to be fair, guthrie did a number on fagan against hull last season too…

  18. Watford has not atmosphere??
    i went to st james park and it was silent so much for world famous atmosphere.. also when u were two nil up by the end of the game the ground was half empty from all your fans leaving atleast watford fans watch the game until the death