Magpies v Baggies: Will the deadlock finally be broken in the Cup?

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Baggie Bird: Ready for a stuffing?
Baggie Bird: Ready for a stuffing?
The Magpies go head to head again, only 6 days after meeting in the league in an action packed 2-2 draw at St James Park. You may remember that the clubs both drew at the beginning of the season too, so will the deadlock be broken this time?

With reports that Peter Lovenkrands will be rested after two trips to Denmark in the past week following the death of his father, and Danny Simpson probably out with an ankle injury, it will herald a changed Newcastle team compared to the one that played on Monday evening.

Chris Hughton is likely to give some of the youngsters an opportunity to make an impact with Tim Krul, Tamas Kadar and Nile Ranger likely to be in contention. Hopefully, Shola, will move his backside tomorrow as he was ineffective and immobile on Monday evening. I can’t see Chris Hughton starting Ranger, probably preferring Carroll to partner Ameobi but let’s hope Ranger gets a decent run out at some point in the game. Pancrate is another player who travels and may be used in our less than mobile midfield. The injury to Danny Simpson may also force changes at right back, with Ryan Taylor likely to take up the mantle. Danny had a bit of a torrid evening on Monday, but how much of it was down to him picking up a knock it’s hard to say.

Whether Roberto Di Matteo decides to makes changes to the Albion team that lined up effectively on Monday remains to be seen, but the likelihood is he will also use the opportunity to rest some players with a large part of the long championship season still to come. With fit again forward Miller coming on for the substituted Bednar, it could be he starts on Saturday to build up his fitness.

With Newcastle unbeaten in 14 consecutive matches in all competitions, but with only one win in our last five, and West Brom winning only one of their last four home matches it could be a close one to call, especially so when you consider that the previous two matches have been draws as well! West Brom certainly seem to play better away from home, so lets hope that counts in our favour during our trip to the Hawthorns.

With the FA cup certainly way behind our promotion push in terms of levels of importance, I wont be too sorry if we get knocked out tomorrow. I’m going for a 2-1 victory to us.

Howay the Lads.

Match facts.

Kick off: The Hawthorns, Saturday 23rd January 3.00PM.

Referee: James Linington (Isle of Wight)

Newcastle United Squad.

Ameobi, Carroll, Pancrate, Butt, Nolan, Gutierrez, Enrique, Coloccini, S. Taylor, R. Taylor, Krul, Harper, Barton, Guthrie, Smith, LuaLua, Simpson (doubtful), Ranger.

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45 Responses

  1. Give the young lads a go, i’ll be happy if we win, but not totally gutted if we have a good go but come up short.

  2. i have a feeling that the baggies are going to rag our backsides today, they should have had more goals on monday would love for us to win but unless we control the game from the start i can’t see it

  3. Can’t see a result for us today. 2-0 defeat?
    Nobody’s mentioned the possibility of the dreaded draw! An extra game and our 4th against the Baggies – AARRGH! If they play like they did on Monday we’ll be in trouble – and I’m more worried about their cynical defending than their undoubted football – hardly any mentions of that in the papers – strange?
    Taylor injury? – not surprised – there were 2 straight red challenges – Bednar’s on him and one of the many (it felt like 17) on Jonas whenever he threatened to get going (it was the one later on in the game in our half – remember?)

  4. If true about Steve Taylor, this could really put the Kaibosh on things. Our saving grace has been our defence and if Taylors out when him and Collo have developed such a good understanding it could prove to change our season. Let’s hope its not that bad but George Caulkin is usually pretty reliable. Bl**dy hell

  5. huggton sed yesterday on official site we just have a few knocks from mondays game no more than u would expect

  6. Batty

    cashley probably order hughton to say that so we don’t expect a replacement signing

  7. Mornin all! Hope its not true about Taylor, the only reason big ash would want to go further in the cup is money! Promotion is a must this season!

  8. magpies – a bird feared by others, a bird of elegant and distinctive plumage.

    Throstle or thrush – a genital disease causing an irratating rash.

    Whatever happens we win the nickname game.

  9. its the perfect opportunity to try out the carroll ranger combination up front which worked in the early stages of the season.

  10. i can’t see any pictures on NUFC’s website in training yesterday with steven taylor in :-( so perhaps the story is true, but it seems surprising that their is no word from anyone else on this??

  11. Well if it’s true it wouldn’t suprise me.

    We have been very lucky with injuries this season – Injuries will happen, that’s why we need new players.

  12. Bobby Shinton : Musically, Magpies are known for thieving,
    Throstles (song thrushes) for their beautiful melodic singing.
    Another draw!
    Think again on

  13. last of the big spenders , where’s your ten bob going today ?……careful you dont leave yoursel a bit skint mind.

  14. cornish mag just go to and the game will be streamed there for your listening pleasure my friend.

  15. Injury to Taylor is a major problem. But it is likely they have kept it quiet to stop others putting up prices for their players if we are believed to be in a defensive crisis. Unfortunately this news gives Portsmouth some negotiating power.
    Don’t know about this idea, how about trying to get Beye back here on loan? Villa aren’t playing him and the Mackems are after him. He never let us down and probably had to move due to his higher wages. Just a thought! Bring him in with Marlon.

  16. Read that earlier Trojan…not really bothered to be honest…prefer a quick winger or a striker to liven things up mate.

    Williamson sounds like a rugby players name :)

  17. Would definitely take Harewood back on Loan for the season,don’t think he is premiership quality but neither are any of our current strikers so worth a punt.

    Can’t see us paying wages for Beye,must be on a fair wack at Villa and probably a bit rich for us right now.

  18. CH really does act the Ashley puppet.
    He is just so grateful for the job Mike can walk all over him :)

  19. hitman says:
    January 23, 2010 at 11:34 am
    shame aboot taylor like,but we have cover so no biggee
    <<<<<<< :lol: u must be joking

  20. trojan aye i reckon your right and i also reckon it could cost aboot 4 or 5 mill too get some 1 in who is as good as taylor so theres no chance of replacing him hitman must know summit we dont

  21. I have been saying this all season.

    One major injury and our defence is shaky.

    Just hope Jonas and Jose don’t get injured as we won’t create any chances to score either.

  22. If taylor’s out for the season we won’t get promoted i fear, lets see how good kadar looks against a decent team today, he might be first choice for the rest of the season.

  23. Stuart79 says:
    January 23, 2010 at 12:17 pm
    I have been saying this all season.
    <<<< i know u have but u p:ssed me off when u sed give ashley till the end of jan which u knew deep down nothin would change with the fat c@nt :lol:

  24. What a bummer if it is true, but I think we should wait to get proper word from Obama.
    Batts did you see the dirty dog Komfy was stalking the young ladies on here lastnight.

  25. batty,

    He has obviously give Hughton a little bit of money to spend, which is more than the majority thought he would give him.

    I still want the tosser out, the club will never be United until a new owner comes in.

    We might look back and say thank god for Ashley one day, but I’ll never forgive him for treating the club with such distain publicly.

  26. Batty you were on about “sweaty pies” the other day mate, komfort’s not the only pervy bloke on here!

  27. Surprised such a serious injury has been kept under wraps so well, I suppose the team sheet won’t lie and Hughton is bound to be asked after match anyway. Would like a decent team out and a cup run is all revenue for the club, Portsmouth are in deep shit and look lucky to survive the month, anyhow looking forward to the game and I predict the toon to win by the odd goal.

  28. I expect a few more injuries today…the baggies are trying to cripple us it seems.
    Think this will go to the wire and baggies to nick it marginally.

  29. I think the deal will still go through but as a loan, with a view to a switch upon promotion (Hopefully!) But we need to come out of the cup. More games = more chances of injuries. MA will not spend alot so we need conserve our players for the main aim of this season.
    If we don’t get cover at the back I fear the worst. Forest & WBA in auto slot for promotion and NUFC in the play-offs.

    In relation to Beye, we may not have to cover all of his wages and I bet he would rather come back to us than Sunderland!