Jose’s hamstring – It will take a few days to assess the damage.

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Jose: How long?
Jose: How long?
Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton, has been speaking again on the Jose Enrique hamstring problem. The left-back pulled up after 26 minutes of the Crystal Palace game yesterday evening, setting Geordie hearts aflutter.

In a post match interview, Hughton said that he wouldn’t know more until the morning, however, it now looks as though it may take a few days to truly assess the damage and estimate how long Enrique will be out of the side.

Hughton told local rag, the Chronic:

“If it is pulled then that could be a problem – I’m hoping it’s just fatigue because he’s played a lot of games.

“It will take a couple of days to settle down and then we will see what the extent of the damage is, if any.

“It’s one of the last things I wanted to see, particularly given the form he’s in and the position he plays.

“We’ll have to assess that one.

“Hopefully, the news won’t be bad.

“He came off very quickly once he felt it, and we hope it won’t be that bad.

“But I don’t know yet. It wouldn’t be right for me to comment on how bad it is.”

Enrique, possibly the best player in the whole squad this season, will undoubtedly be a big loss if he is out for more that a short period.

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40 Responses

  1. The seriousness of a need for a replacement will be determined by how long Taylor and Enrique are both out for. If Taylor is not out for long then i’ll expect Kadar to play LB.

    Speaking of which, any Taylor news?

  2. Fitz Hall is it ?
    Glad we are setting our sights high, guess we wont need Vidic or Terry then, save a few bob there.
    Bit concerned bout “El Toro” who`s shown tremendous improvement since his arrival and an obvious fan favorite.
    Question is can the side emulate the first half of the season, not going to be easy considering the blistering winning streak of Forest and the fact we were well beaten by the Baggies, third place is unacceptable.
    Does this side have what it takes ?

  3. Chuck, Toonsy…. after Rooney’s recent performances, I wonder if he’s worth a punt too?

    If he shows promise, he might even get the offer of a proper job with us!!!

  4. chuck! whats your problem u slag off newcastle and the fans! are we top of the table and 8pts better off then west brom yes! so tell me if they said we would be 8pts better then the third team with 20 games to go would u have bitten his hand off and taken it yes! as for players you are on about has any of the top teams in the prem spent any big money no! we dont need people like you we only want to go up.

  5. lesh :D. I was awaiting Chuck’s response. To suggest that either of them would look twice at us, even if we were in the prem, is laughable.

  6. fitz hall , another championship donkey – a 3 1/2 year contract will do him nicely – that’s the going rate aint it.

  7. If the next signings are of the standard of Williamson and Routledge i will be more than happy, young hungry UK based fit players, tried and tested, essential for the future of the club.
    Its not the gamble with these players as it has been with us in the past buying overseas for fortunes only for them to not settle in the area or adapt to the football.
    Robinho is a good example of this, we will never be in the position again financially to take big hits on players so Fitz Hall would do for me along with Vaughan from Everton.
    I seriously didn’t expect any signings and i am happy to have been proved wrong.

  8. Chuck,

    You have said on a couple of posts we were well beaten by the baggies, but this was in the fa cup which has no bearing on the league, we had changed 5 players since the match against them a few days before and were penalised by ridiculous refereeing in the cup game and should have won the league game.

    also it does not matter how many times west brom might beat us from now till the end of the season or how many times they have beaten us in the past as we are not going to play them again this season and we are 8 points clear of them. as for forest despite their “blistering streak” they are still 3 points behind us with a worse goal difference and we have a game in hand.

    and i am assuming it is tongue in cheek but talk of wanting to sign players like terry and vidic is pointless, and anyway remember the last time we signed one of the top cb in europe? a certain marcelinho played approx 20 games in 5 seasons. i would rather we continued to sign solid unspectacular players then return to the days of marquee signings who couldnt give a damn.

  9. Nice ones toonsy, chuck took your bait…

    he seems to bite quicker than Stardust who, judging by his absence, is still under sedation!

  10. Yeah Troy and his coke head charver mates (Mike and Owl heed).:)
    Gut feeling we seem to be linked with a few more defenders….who is leaving Collo or Taylor..?They have brought in some pacifiers and maybe the expensive assets are going in the other direction,my money is going on Collo being shipped to Madrid £7-8m and Taylor to Everton as been linked a few times to them. (Maybe).

  11. SJT – I reckon Taylor’s injury aint as bad as is being made out and it a mask to stop him getting sold! I love a conspiracy theory :)

  12. hitman says:
    January 28, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    “didnt know that worky,it just flashed up on newsnow”

    I knaa hitman, it’s just the Daily Mail though. If they ever print a story that had one iota of accuracy or credibility in it, that would be a major news event in itself! :-)

  13. we have be linked with two defender fitz hall and osman chavez honduras player who is training with celtic. to replace jose on loan

  14. toons – as convenient as it sounds, I’ve said nowt about the Taylor ‘injury’, as I didn’t want to get people radged-up, but that was my initial fear. Because he played on and didn’t look like he struggled. Ligaments aren’t generally the sort of thing that you can run off and then feel again later.

    But if you put the pieces together, it doesn’t look great.

    I’m still not convinced Taylor would want to go but you never know!!

  15. bowburnmag says:
    January 28, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    “But if you put the pieces together, it doesn’t look great.

    I’m still not convinced Taylor would want to go but you never know!!”

    Taylor IS injured and he is out for a while you radged up conspiracy theorists! He isn’t going.

  16. worky – Fair enough, just find it funny that nowt has been mentioned about the extent of the injury and anticipated length of absence.

    You know, I saw a picture of the training ground and thought there was a new, humanish shaped tree in the middle of one of the pitches. Was that you worky?

  17. If you guys want conspiracy theories check out a documentary on you tube called “Loose Change” if you believe any of it you might want to cancel your nest trip to the States…
    Personally, we will not sell any of our better players at any price as promotion is the Holy Grail this season…

  18. toonsy says:
    January 28, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    “worky – Fair enough, just find it funny that nowt has been mentioned about the extent of the injury and anticipated length of absence.”

    toonsy, I think that it’s a “grade one” ligament injury with a sprain, but no tearing. Geordie Deb is NUFC Blog’s medical correspondent though. She’ll know more about that sort of thing.

  19. I was at last nights game and while it wasn’t the best advert for football the fact remains newcastle are 3 points clear with that game in hand , now if we can win that we will be well on the way to promotion.

    It’s very disappointing when a lot of the talk is regarding our style of play when clearly points are the only thing counting at this stage of the season , i would urge everyone to get right behind the club and the team and stop all this negativity.

    If the manager can tempt victor moses to the club would also be a very positive move

  20. Sure I just saw on san that Moses agent says that we are one of the clubs to have enquired about him or am I going mad

  21. ssn have being saying that the toon have put a bid in for victor moses agent is thinkin what club to let him got too.he what we need

  22. I’m not going mad, Newcastle, west brom and forest have all made bids according to Moses agent

  23. what do reckon lads! if we have made a bid then good! if we got him why not play jonas as a free role with 1 up front 2 wingers in moses and routlege. then jonas could run throu midfield with smith and nolan or gutheri holding then we would not get upset with are slow midfield getting up or down. so we are on the front foot and not going back 4 them.