Newcastle v Derby – match banter!

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Following on from the previous games threads, I thought it would be a good idea to put up another article for the Derby game, that you can just use for the match banter. Once again, yours truly will be in attendance but not all Toon fans are lucky enough to be there..

Of course the game is on Sky Sports but as not all posters are based in the UK, it might not be possible to for them to watch directly. So if anyone can find radio, video links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do. Squad news is on the preview article but hopefully we’ll get line-ups on here before the start.

As I’ll be on my way up to the game or in an appropriate watering hole, I might not be able to update with team news and craic from the build-up, as and when we find it out but hopefully one of us will. Poor form for them and a blip for us, plus the added incentive they have to topple us on telly, means owt can happen. But I’m going for 3-0, and hoping, the bad weather doesn’t stop me getting there or the trains. Speaking of which, I’m pushing so catch ya all later!!

Howay the lads!

Team news to follow…



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83 Responses

  1. A must win now West Brom and Notts Forest are currently winning. Ryan Taylor MUST start on the right and Smith in instead of Butt then i predict a 2-0 win.

  2. derby were our bogey team wen we were both in the epl
    only team they beat was us and got a draw against us but thats all in the past i reckon 2-0 as well
    colo and taylor are unstoppable and big alan smiths back

  3. smith will make the diffrence also agree with Toon-Factor we need R Taylor on the right and i would fancy a Carroll – ameobi partnership upfront to get a few goals .

  4. This is the first time in a while that our players have had a bit of pressure on them with results not going for us today! Lets see how they react eh?

  5. Taylor cracked the bar 1st half…that’s about it Jay Jay-you aren’t missing much matey

  6. These commentators are bleeding awful. They’ve mistaken R. Taylor for Guthrie, the Leazes end for the Gallowgate and Carroll for Gutierrez. Howay, man at least do your bloody homework before you go to a match!

    We’re playing well but so is Derby. We’ve both made a couple of mistakes but Derby’s defence has been fairly solid so we can’t say much about that. Addison has been fairly solid for them, as has one of their full backs that I can’t remember the name of (Connolly, maybe?).

    It’s interesting how fluid Newcastle can actually be. Not necessarily in passing, but in formation. We play 4-4-2 but Enrique tends to move up into a more midfield position (he is playing a WB after all), then Nolan wanders up to AMC so we’re really playing a 3-5-3. Interesting to watch it happen, actually.

  7. However, i do find it amusing that we seem to be unable to bury teams near the bottom like Scunny, Peterborough, Sheff Weds, Barnsley, and at the minute, Derby.

  8. @toonsy: It’s the same reason we got relegated last season – we’re Newcastle and we’re too big of a club to be beaten by these low profile teams. Complacency is a huge issue with the team and whereas it mightn’t show on the pitch but who knows what’s going through some of their heads?

  9. Jonas has been the main man for us first half like. Looked incredibly dangerous down the wing and he’s given their full back a proper roasting on more than one occasion. Taylor was unlucky with the free kick but probably should have done better 1 on 1 with the GK. I’d have also liked to see Loven leave the cross he took on for Carroll but to be fair he did very well with the effort in the end and was unlucky.
    We should be winning here though, and every time they go forward they look to be creeping back into the game more and more. Need to score early.

  10. I think he was just unprepared for it, Ross. Need to make some changes. Maybe put Guthrie on for R. Taylor on with Ranger for Carroll.

    Big Al doesn’t look too happy, haha.

  11. Thump-aye, Sir Alan didnt look overly impressed lol. Rob Lee looking like he was getting him to sign his programme was pretty amusing though.

  12. We’re really frustrating to watch like. Its a complete turn around. We’d leak goals in the past, now we’re solid at the back and toothless in the final third. We need playmakers and straight up goal scorers. Fair enough goals have been coming from the midfield this season with the likes of Nolan but we need a striker that 1 on 1 will finish 90% of his chances. Addison has been good at the back considering he’s supposidly shattered. Dunno if that means he’s playing out his skin or we’re just giving him an easy time. End of the day they’re 18th or something in the league, we’re at home and the pressure is on. 3 points is a must.

  13. toonsy-we’ve been completly dominant for large parts of the game, we just lack any real class/drive in the final third. To be fair, we shouldnt be drawing. Both Taylors should be on the scoresheet and it should be 2 nowt.

  14. Ross – Should be 2-0? You sure? Them players have got what their effort has deserved, a large round of booing from the crowd.

    The bottling begins at christmas, just like under keegan with that 12 point lead.

  15. Christ, that was more frustrating then most of the crap we pulled out last season.

    Admittedly, if Addison had man of the match I don’t think I would have any complaints (Jonas got it, didn’t he?) because he was outstanding for Derby today, but we missed so many open chances (McLoven one on one with the keeper, Nolan dwelling on the ball in another one on one situation etc) the lads only really came alive in the final 5 or 6 minutes.

    This is a game we should have walked.

  16. @toonsy: I said the exact same thing to wor lass earlier. It’s like history repeating itself only in the second division.

  17. well at least we are still top and unbeaten at SJP , We need another run of wins starting next match .

  18. 4 points dropped, poor form, no strikers to speak of even those on the books, need something from the January Sales

  19. Reading (a)
    West Brom (h)
    Palace (h)
    Leicester (a)
    Cardiff (h)

    Next 5 games. I dont hold out much hope of extending the lead before the end of January!

  20. Poor stuff but credit to Derby, they battled like beavers :D

    Never nice to know that Brom will be closing the gape even more :(

  21. Oh well. 10 points now down to 6 and we’ve played a game more, so thats potentially down to 3 points.

    Bottling at christmas as i said earlier!

  22. toonsy, when i’m saying it should be 2-0, i’m not taking the blame away from the players. Its the fault of both Taylors that it wasnt. R. Taylor should have comfortably slotted passed the gk one on one, he had acres of space and plenty of time. S Taylor should have netted from the header without issue also, free header on the edge of the 6 yarder with the GK’s feet planted, put it down at the floor and either side of him, and we’ve won.

  23. I posted an article on the BBC 606 page (as funkyjesus) about how Ryan Taylor is a player who never gets any positive talk from fans, media and the club itself. He only gets abuse.

    As a right back who is played more in midfield, he has been a vital attacking player for us this season, with two goals and several assists yet he only gets a reward of bench warming and when he does well, it’s ignored and he gets abuse for things others would get a pass on.

    He fluffed the one -v- one today, yes but several others did but I have a feeling Taylor will be the one moaned about while Nile Ranger will get a pass for missing an open goal.

    I want to start a campaign to get Ryan Taylor more respect.

  24. I wouldnt say Ranger missed an open goal. It was heading in until a quite ridiculous save was produced. Even after a hand got to the ball it still bounced on the line, he wasnt far from scoring. I’m not hanging Taylor for missing his chance, obviously i’d have rather it fell to a striker, but 1-1 i’d have expected him to do better to be honest.

    Same goes for S Taylors chance. You’d maybe rather it fell to someone like Carroll but end of the day he was 6 yards out with the whole goal to aim at.

  25. Hey lads, Ram in peace here. I can certainly understand why you would be dissapointed with that result, but to be honest we have not defended as well as that for some time, and even then you could have put 3-4 past us. Just one of those nights. Make no mistake, you are a class above most if not all in this divison.

    ATB for your promotion push.

  26. U_Rams – yes the derby defense held up quite well, savage imo played very well and made a couple of great blocks.

    however, as a newcastle fan, it would not be right for me to make a comment that doesn’t have some criticism in it!

    The thing that peeved me off with the match was that our lads looked like they couldn’t be arsed and that they were just messing about until around the 87th minute. I’m glad Hughton was frustrated throughout the game and will hopefully see this game as an example that we need some more quality players.

    Jonas, my word what a display he did well with Enrique who imo did well except bloody hell he should not be taking our freekicks and must have given away the ball with bad passes about 12 times that match.

    My MOTM for Newcastle : Jonas, followed by Ryan Taylor
    My MOTM for Derby: Robbie Savage, followed by Miles Addison

    Worst player for Newcastle: Kevin Nolan. Completely messed up a one on one, gave away possession much too much, and didn’t look bothered at all.

    Worst player for Derby: Hard for me to choose, I’d have to say Hendrie was pretty useless at times.

    Anyways, hopefully Hughton sorts out this superiority complex that seems to still be instilled in the players mindsets.

    Looking forward to Reading Away on January 9th.

  27. The match I have to say was what should have been

    a Ram to the Slaughter, but they only brought a butter knife.

  28. after letting the result sink in , i would have to say it was not that we played that bad on another day it would have been 3or 4 nil . We do need a goal scorer but who ? beckford is not proven above div 1 and as for Boyd is the scottish prem the same standard as the ccc and could either of those do a job if we get back to the prem ? Its time to send the scouts out around europe and find a player that we could bring in on loan untill the end of the season .

  29. U_Rams – Fair play mate. Addison had a stormer today and how Jonas was given MOM before i’ll never know! Savage (annoyingly) played well today. Hope it all goes well for the Rams until the end of the season – apart from the return at Pride Park of course ;)

  30. Is Houghton being out coached i wonder, his substitions are bizzare and he is almost sticking by players rather than fixing what is wrong with the side.
    Carrol grafted away and was troubling their defence and his replacement was like another centre half for Derby, Shola at his infuriating lethargic worst and Lover boy stays on despite contributing bot all.
    Midfield over run for the umpteenth game and crying out for legs and invention and i just dont think Houghton gets the best out of the players, i keep hearing accolades towards the likes of Holloway at Blackpool that he gets every last ounce out of his team, dont think you could ever say that about our manager.

  31. bigbadbob – I think the problem is motivational. Most of the games we have dropped points in (apart from forest and qpr) have been against teams in the lower half of the table. This complacency and “we’re better than the rest” attitude needs to stop or else we are in danger of blowing, what has been, an excellent first half to the season.

  32. Can anyone actually say their suprised by the result and the performance?

    Off memory I think we created one clear cut chance from open play. Not really good enough.

    That has been our stock performance all season though.

    We could really do with some creativty in centre mid. We looked like the Championship version of Bolton/Blackburn.

    WBA, Cardiff and Forest will all beat us at home if we carry on playing like this.

    One worrying aspect – Hughton was happy with the performance. No creativity, no quality (Taylors free kick apart) and we didn’t look like scoring. Yet he’s happy.

    That said were still 8 points clear and that allows us the odd cock up. We’ve had two so not too many left now.