Coventry City v Newcastle United – Match banter!

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Sky Blues
Sky Blues
Thought it might be a nice change to stick an article up that we can just use for the game tonight. Not all of us are lucky enough to be there tonight, particularly some of our fans farther afield. So this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

And if anyone can find radio links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be appreciated. I have an important date at an exclusive nativity play tonight but hopefully I’ll be back in time to update with team news and craic from the build-up, as and when we find it out.

Results went our way last night and with our recent good form, there’s an excellent opportunity to go seven points clear of second place and get some daylight between us and the chasing pack tonight. Hopefully, despite the distractions off the pitch, we’ll be very much focused on it, even without top goalscorere Kevin Nolan. And new man Fab Pancrate will itching to build on his great goal on Saturday.

New songs for Pancrate as it happens (spread the word) –

‘Fabrice Lightning’ to the tune of ‘Grease Lightning’ (I had to look up the lyrics…)

Fabrice lightning, you’re burning up the far touchline
(Fabrice lightning, Fabrice lightning)
Fabrice lightning you coasted through your reserve game trial
You are supreme, your tricks are mean, Fabrice lightning
Pan, Pan, Pan etc Pancrate…

‘Run for goal to the tune of ‘Run for home’ by Lindisfarne

Run for goal, run as fast as you can
Oh-oh running man, running for goal
Run for goal run, run as fast Fab Pancrate
Oh-oh running man, running for goal.

I’ll leave you with those to ponder (I know, I’m a lyrical genius…) and so until later men (and ladies of the blog)…

I’m back…

And perhaps a couple of surprise changes for the game tonight? Nicky Butt comes in for the suspended Nolan, but would be expected to play in a slightly less advanced role. Which is perhaps why he’s dropped Guthrie to the bench and put the more attacking and pacy Fabrice Pancrate on the right. But maybe the biggest surprise is that Shola comes straight back in to replace Marlon Harewood after his long spell out. Andy Carroll doesn’t even make the bench, which will undoubtedly raise eybebrow and gets tongue wagging. But for now, it’s all about what happens on the pitch.

Howay the lads!!


Us – Harper, Simpson, S Taylor, Coloccini, Enrique, Pancrate, Butt, Smith, Gutierrez, Ameobi, Lovenkrands.

Subs – Krul, Kadar, Khizanishvili, Guthrie, R Taylor, Harewood, Ranger.

Coventry City – Westwood, van Aanholt, Clarke, Cranie, Barnett, Gunnarsson, Cork, McIndoe, Eastwood, Best, Morrison.

Subs – Irelan, McPake, Bell, Hussey, Madine, Grandison, Jeffers.

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139 Responses

  1. Howay the lads. Big big chance tonight, not only to put 7 points between us and West Brom, but to put us 12 points clear of 3rd place. Dont blow it lads, to motivate you just look at the run we went on last time we had a chance to be 7 points clear of West Brom :D

    I’d like 2-0 to the toon, but i would acceot a draw to be fair.

  2. Not wishing to spoil your enjoyment, but I’ve seen that play before and it’s not particularly exciting. Basically, the man and his wife can’t get a hotel room, and then end up sleeping in a barn, and she has a bairn there, but then people get them presents and it ends on a happy note (although I have heard that the bairn dies at the end of the series). There’s no explosions nor nowt.

    Merry Christmas :-)

  3. Just posted this on the previous thread, but does anyone think a loan move for james beattie would be good if harewood goes back to villa? If the lads don’t take their foot off the pedal with our points gap then we should win this. i’m gonna go 1-3, ranger to bag his first goal tonight!

  4. JackP says:
    December 9, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    “Not wishing to spoil your enjoyment, but I’ve seen that play before and it’s not particularly exciting. Basically, the man and his wife can’t get a hotel room, and then end up sleeping in a barn, and she has a bairn there, but then people get them presents and it ends on a happy note (although I have heard that the bairn dies at the end of the series).”

    They’ve turned Kevin Keegan’s autobiography into a play now?

  5. you guys are a bunch of tossers. fxxxxg newcastle are a pile of shxxe. if you go up you’ll be back down in no time. so much expectation from your club but honestly you deserved relegation last year. it was way overdue…losers

  6. “Not wishing to spoil your enjoyment, but I’ve seen that play before and it’s not particularly exciting. Basically, the man and his wife can’t get a hotel room, and then end up sleeping in a barn, and she has a bairn there, but then people get them presents and it ends on a happy note (although I have heard that the bairn dies at the end of the series). There’s no explosions nor nowt.”
    If that’s not Christmas Spirit what is…. 
    Come on Newcastle, I’m just hoping we’re going there to attack and please no Butt, he hasn’t been convincing in a game for a long, long time.
    Go toon!

  7. bill baxton Beattie would walk to the toon just for the chance that we would take him for a trail ;)

  8. Getting abit carried with Pancrate we’ve only seen a glimpse of what he can do.  He could be another Laurent Robert Brilliant one minute Fustrating as hell the next. Until he can perfrom consistently the jury is still out.

    I think we need to bring in a “Good Goalscorer” in January. Harewood & Lovenkrands don’t set the world alight.

  9. Still say no the Beattie, what is he now 32?

    Looking forward to listening to the game tonight, kills me that I cant gan nee more, always next year if things pick up. Hoping for a decent performance against a struggling team, tonight we have a great opportunity to 1) extend the gap between us and WBA and third also 2) advance our GD as its worth an extra half point in the bag.


  10. NewcastleMole I agree that its a bit early to judge Pancrate as for Lovenkrands I think you are a bit quick to judge him considering he is only just getting fully fit now mentally aswell as physically

  11. Mole what sort of player do you think we’ll be able to attract in this window? I dont fully agree with the statement as regards Harewood and McLovin in the last 2 games have done exactly what has been asked of them (no more no less) 4 goals between them in two games, does me mate.

    McLovin had a poor start to the season playing out wide which aint helped then the problems with his old man, he’s got his chance up front like he asked and has scored, and we won. Give the lad some time he’s earned that the last two matches surely.

    Harewood has showed some glimpses of being able to do us a good job in this division AS long as he gets his fitness up. The lads hardley played in the last couple of seasons and is ring rusty but has bagged 3 in 8, not great I know but they have won us matches, is that not what we have needed?

  12. yacka the sort of player we will attract in jan will be the sort of player ashley will be wiing to spen on if u get my drift m8

  13. Lovenkrands – yeah he’s scored 2 in last 2 (Close Range header and a tap into an empty net) you’d expect any player in that position to score. If he puts in some good performance ill give him credit. Having a cool name doesnt make him a brilliant footballer.

    On a side note i’d like to see Harper for England.

    “although playing outside the Premier League will count against him”. What is Beckhams excuse? We “know” Harper is capable of being England’s No1.

    I liked reading that article until it got to the bottom.

    Nicky Butt, who has not been a regular this season, will come in for the suspended Kevin Nolan and Hughton added: “For someone of his age, whether he is at fit as he was at 24, I don’t know, but  he can’t be that far off. He is a very tough individual.

  14. games usually streamed by nunited4eva on ustream  (audio only)

  15. Yeah Batty I know exactly what your saying and how true that is.

    Mole sorry but we had strikers last year that got in good positions and still missed he aint hes there and putting them in who cares whether they are from 2 yards or 30. The thing is he scored and in the future all that will be against his name will be goals per game. He scored 2 goals that aided in 6 points what the hell do you want 3 Gutierrez goals against Peterborough and a Pancrate special every game from him. He was one of the few in the run in last season that looked like he could live in the prem.

  16. Oh and I would hazzard a guess that CH isn’t to happy with Carroll as he doesn’t even make the bench

  17. Not too sure about Butt being on, would have preferred to see Guthrie moved into the centre alongside Smith
    We should win tonight and it looks like a fairly attacking line up – come on

  18. Shola starts then. What encouragement! Well Ranger lad, you’ve done brilliantly every time you’ve come on but Shola is coming back from 3 months out so we’re gonna bypass you and put him straight back in the side, ok?

  19. would of preferred Guthrie instead of butt but apart from that a good attacking lineup for tonight . Lets hope Ameobi carries on the scoring run he had before the injury .

  20. Butt starting again for some stupid reason. We’re not winning this one today lads. Look forward to zero creativity coming from the center of the pitch.

  21. @AndrewT

    Coventy havent won since sept. 4 Points from poss 27  theyre there for the taking so if we don’t then there’ll be serious questions to be asked.

  22. bbc iplayer game coverage stops once the game starts if you’re outside north east region :-(

  23. BBM we need you to start slagging jose off ;)  I cant wait till he gets a goal, um maybe tonight could be his night

  24. Sounds like they’ve started quickly, whipped a few canny balls into the box however Butt has thoroughly wasted our first corner. Sounds like we need to calm down a bit like.

  25. Hi ALL
    I was wondering if someone could help me. I am a Toon fan that lives in South Africa, i am trying to get tickets to the READING vs. NEWCASTLE game, but i do not know which is the best way to book the tickets online? Can anybody tell me what is the best way of getting hold of tickets.
    Thanks so much

  26. Mark Lawrenson calling Ameobi fat? He needs to look in the mirror! The guy has more chins than a chinese phone book.

  27. Steve R – I’d say get yourself a 12th man membership. They cost £10, but it means you’ll get priority ticketing for away matches.

  28. How is Pancrate with set pieces?..he’s a winger, surely he can whip a ball into the box. you’d think they’d give him a crack over Butt?
    Steve R-As far as online goes, i’d stay safe and use the official site, if i was you. I dunno if you can have them shipped overseas, if not and you’re certain you’re going just buy them and pick them up from the box office or something?

  29. So some people are listening to Mick Lowes and Ando?

    They reckon we’re too complacent.

  30. Toonsy- I hate Lawrenson. His voice grates on me like no other and i think he chats complete sh!te if im honest. The moment i heard his voice i was gagging for a ustream link because i couldnt face listening to his whining voice for 90 minutes. the moment it appeared i changed.

  31. Mark Lawrenson still holds a grudge against Newcastle because we sacked him when he was our Defensive coach.

  32. NewcastleMole your right mate, I thought we got worse when he came in as a defensive coach, he is just a total knob and slags us every chance he gets

  33. Sounds like we’re breaking on the counter quite quickly but being slightly sloppy and or wasteful when it comes to the final third. Seem to have calmed down a little and are starting to play slightly more now though.

  34. African Geordie – We may be used to dull football, but we certainly aren’t used to winning so many games. Its a results business as they say.

  35. @ toonsy

    Lawro would prob tell you he was the best coach we’ve ever had.

    Butt should be taking any of the set-pieces imho, also his passing is shocking.

    We lack creativity paticularly through the middle.
    Smith, Butt, Ameobi & Lovenkrands.

  36. Sounds like Steven Taylor has taken a knock, not brilliant for us like, hopefully he’s areet. Clear contact with Loven and nothing has been given? Shola had a canny penalty shout turned down aswell, poor reffing.

  37. Mick Lowes and Ando claim the ref is having a complete mare. They’re pressing forward, cant be letting them get shots off and hit the bar like.

  38. Worky-John Anderson is starting to get annoyed now, you can hear it, sounds like the referee is just waving away blatant fouls and then giving them the 50/50’s/penalising nothing challenges from us.

  39. 1-0 Well Done Ameobi

    Don’t sit back and sit on the 1-0 go out and search for the 2nd now.

  40. Ur right tho African Geordie it has been poor. We win games but we certainly don’t dominate them.

  41. This is just unbelivable ,it shows that luck is smiling on us ,to score a goal bang on half time .

  42. I dont know how I can explain our winning…..
    You can say good team work, others teams are scared of us, CH is a good manager or CH is a lucky charm.

  43. good on strolla – difference between us and other teams is our defence and the ability to finish our chances – at least at this level

  44. CH has to make changes…..
    Guthrie for Smith or Butt at 60
    R. Taylor for Pamcake.( I miss Taylor) at 75
    Ranger for Strolla at 75

  45. African Geordie-apparently the referee has had a complete howler to be fair. Shola had a good penalty shout turned down, Loven was clipped either on the edge of/in the box and it was waved away, along with one or two seemingly clear fouls elsewhere on the field being ignored.

  46. Refs down in this division are sh@t but thats all part of football. I still think abt the disallowed goal at Fulham (H) that got us relegated but I remember that  on Martins goal at Boro(H), Nolan was offside.
    Thats why I love football and it should stay that way.

  47. Worky-There were two incidents if my mind serves me correctly (dunno how realiable that is though mate, lol). There was one indcident where i remember Mick Lowes mentioning how Shola clearly thought he had been fouled in the box, and i’m sure they mentioned there looked to be contact. Lovenkrands was then clipped which they said was definitly a foul but they didnt know whether it was in the box. Loven then went to ground later i think, but they said there was no way he was going to be given it?

  48. haha, batty are you asking if thats me? nah mate, its Wor Tino!…after he retired and put on a few pounds like.

  49. Getting bored of this ref canny quickly like. If the way Ando is reacting to some of his decisions is anything to go by, he’s seemingly just ignoring some obvious fouls on our lads.

  50. Batty-if you see that picture full size its canny funny like. Proper cheesin grin on his face. Glad Ranger has finally got on the scoresheet, hopefully that will set him off. 7 points clear at the top of the league going into christmas though? We couldnt ask for much more.

  51. Batty we still have inside players like Zurab, Enrique, Butt, and SMITH who havent yet scored.

  52. Big Dave-I’m a massive fan of Ando like. Ever since i’ve moved up to Edinburgh and havent been able to get to the match week in week out he’s always provided me with a laugh when he gets frustrated.

  53. We’re not destroying teams but we’re beating teams and keeping clean sheets. In fact I would go as far to say that we must have more clean sheets than a Nunery now?

  54. Warwick-one better than i thought, cant be bad like! lol. Looking forward to seeing the goals and really happy Ranger bagged one. Sounds like the ref was rotten though. We really need to keep this up, would be my first football related happy xmas for years!

  55. How long has it been since we had a strong defence? We’ve been crying out for one for years, we can really build from this.

  56. Warwick Hunt That is the one position we are real good in. we are blessed with a prem league back four

  57. Batty i think we have 26 games left if we win 20 and atlest 2 draws  which I think we are capable of doing that would give us 107 pts which would beat Readings record of 106 :)

  58. Howay the lads!
    Keep it coming lads.
    10 goals against in 20 games-get in there.
    Ameobi, well done son, great turn & left foot shot.
    Ranger kept his cool & slotted home for his first for the Toon-Good lad!
    Toon Toon

  59. aye clint it dus  i just hope ashley pulls his finger oot and spens some of that 60 mill we get when we get promoted

  60. Aye batty, that would be nice. :)
    I meant best goal difference, not goals for.
    If we get straight back, we deserve money spent on the team.

  61. Right, no slackening off, just keep winning & piling on the points & pressure.
    It’s good to know that we can lose an important player like Nolan, go away & still win.

  62. jay jay,
    the lads ground out a decent away win without conceding.
    ameobi with a great turn & left foot shot inside the box(left corner, bout 12 yards).
    Set up by Enrique.
    Ranger, Harewood lays the ball into the path of a charging, overlapping Enrique who puts in a great cross, across the front of the goal & Ranger control taps it home…Wheels away to celebrate his first Toon goal.
    Harper tips a cov shot onto the bar in the first half-great save.

  63. We aint even broke into a sweat this season and can’t stop winning….c’mon fat Mike f**k it all up in January as per usual.

  64. Hey lads. Begrudgingly say well done tonight. Strange tactics you have away from home. I hope they aren’t as boring up at st james’. Seriously though, our lads worked our socks off tonight, played some neat stuff, hit the crossbar twice and had more chances. That’s the difference though. You had 3 chances and scored 2. Great finish by shola but shouldn’t have been allowed to turn. Was surprised by lovenkrands. A bit slower than I thought and a bit of a sky diver. Believe me the 2 penalty shouts were not fouls. Ref was crap though. Harper went down once like a sack of spuds too even though he’d just punched the ball out. Naughty. Gutierrez is class. Smith was ok. Young simpson looks tidy. We made colo look class lol! Good luck lads. Wish us some we’re gonna need it. Here’s one for ya… Leon best our top goalscorer, contract runs out in june. He ain’t signed. We’re looking a good bet for relegation. We have no money. Sell him in jan? Bearing in mind we couldn’t afford a replacement…..

  65. By the way, cov fans were quiet cos half of em were there to see newcastle. Saw 2 scousers from the pub at the game???!!!! What the hell is that all about. Your away fans are impressive.

  66. Good craic davyboy. All the best sunshine, football doesn’t need to see Coventry City in the third tier.

    Some of us remember 1987 too well.
    Keith Houchen, Oggy, Bennett, Mick Gynn, Peake, Killer, McGrath, Big Cyrille.

    Hope you get sorted.

  67. Over the moon three points bagged Nile bagged his first best GD in the league worth half a point ifwe keep it up. Now just get ready for a tough game at Barnsley on satda.

  68. Cheers bowburn. Killer used to drink in me old man’s local. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

  69. W’ll, i was going to join in and best of luck to Cov, but after a friend (Cov fan, i found the other one!) posted on facebook saying how crap we are, they can go fcuk themselves!

  70. and i 2nd toonsy all these c@nts were laughing there heads of last season at us and were praying we would gan doon agen so fck them