Newcastle United’s good form is down to positive thinking – Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard.

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Mind over matter?
Mind over matter?
If you thought that Newcastle United’s current position was just down to hard work and good management, you could be right. Or you could be partially right, because there might also be another reason for it. Dean “Midas” Maynard believes ‘positive thinking’ from himself and other fans, is the reason behind us sitting proudly on top of the Championship.

Dean “Midas” Maynard is a Psychic Expert from Durham, and has received recognition and review worldwide, for his reputation for bringing good fortune to many sporting teams as well as individuals including X-Factor winner Leona Lewis. Dean has been asked to use his ‘Midas’ or ‘golden’ touch to help celebrities with albums, singles, awards, books and many other projects.

He also does a lot of charity work, including association with The Meningitis Trust, Clic: Caring for Children with Cancer, The Tsunami Fund, Comic Relief, St Teresa’s Hospice and has supported a number of events.

Dean has appeared with Westlife on the Ant and Dec show, displayed his psychic talents on the Chris Moyles radio show and has appeared live on Soccer AM. But of course, by far his most high profile appearance to-date, is on…

Following from the last ‘BBM exclusive interview’ with former player John Watson, Dean took time out to answer some questions from yours truly:

BBM: “Dean, first of all, it’s a pleasure to have you do this interview for the blog and I know your website contains a brief summary of what you’re about but can you tell us a little about what you do and how it works?”

Dean: “I am called a Psychic but my work is not just about psychic ability, my obvious ‘midas’ luck charm is a great source of energy to people through every walk of life, whether it be a celebrity act, sports team or a member of the public looking for a change of fortune, there is a lot more armoury to my skills than just predicting outcomes, It’s also the after care and pushing my positive energies their way even after the show or event has finished. Years on and I am still involved with acts who I backed as far back as 2005.”

BBM: “So Dean, you’ve obviously found yourself in a bit of a niche market . Was your ability something you knew you had early on and did you always intend to do what you’re doing?”

Dean: “I have always made predictions even from a young age but if I am honest I fell into my ‘Midas’ work by accident. I was approached in 2005 to make a prediction on a football team (S********d) who were having a bad run of luck and when they won it got a lot of national press attention, a week later fans of an American baseball team contacted me after seeing my media pieces, I got involved with them and their team won the world series for the first time in 88 years. The rest as they say is history.”

BBM: “I won’t be dishonest and pretend I’m totally convinced by your methods but I guess you must come across a lot of sceptics? Has anyone ever got nasty about it?”

Dean: “I respect sceptics because we all have our opinions on things, but I don’t respect Joe Bloggs who feels he has to lay into me especially when they have never ever met or spoken to me. People who meet me will find I am a down to earth, easy going normal guy with no airs or graces, just someone who works hard wanting to achieve results for the people who put their faith in me.”

BBM: “You do realise that some of our bloggers will have a field day with your ‘positive thinking’ theory? The cynics amongst us are constantly given grief for contributing to the situation Newcastle is in and for not being more optimistic. Do you believe the fans’ mental attitude could have any impact on things going so horribly wrong at the club?”

Dean: “At the start of this season when I announced I was going to back Newcastle even lifelong fans said they thought this season would be a struggle and friends said and I quote “backing Newcastle would be the worst thing ever for my career” well at this moment in time it doesn’t seem too bad. Long may it continue. Also Whether people believe in it or not it is a proven fact that ‘Positive Thinking’ people get more success and more ‘lucky breaks’ it also makes you feel much better in yourself.”

BBM: “Obviously you to do a lot stuff within sports and football, so can we assume you’re a football fan? If so, do you support a particular team?”

Dean: “Because I get involved with a different club every season I find it hard to support one particular team but Newcastle are high on the list if I was pushed into naming one.”

BBM: “Might you know what the future holds for NUFC?”

Dean: As you know I have been backing Newcastle all season (copy of press release from June ) and I am very confident that they will be back in the Premier league next season. In fact this time next year I expect Newcastle to be in the top 10.

BBM: “What does the future hold for our modest little blog?”

Dean: “I can just see it getting bigger and bigger, it’s a great website, keep up the good work.”

BBM: “This is just for thre craic, but why are you standing in the rain on the photo in your website? Could you not have predicted a nicer day for it to be taken?”

Dean: “Ha ha, that day I was having pictures taken with Newcastle girl band Desire at the Baltic, They are stunning so it could have pissed down all day and I wouldn’t have been bothered.”

“Finally….can I just wish everyone a great Christmas and a safe and successful 2010.”

Thanks to Dean, and all the best for Christmas and 2010 from!

Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard

Sports & Celebrity Psychic, Luck Guru, Chat it’s Fate Columnist, X-Factor Blogger for & Psychic Predictor for Eclipse Racing

Also weekly X-Factor radio reviews with Star FM, Viking & Magic FM


“Dean is the Simon Cowell of the Psychic World” Mark Black, Radio D.J

“Football’s most famous fortune teller” Ben Kenyon, JPress

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29 Responses

  1. All said with the utmost irony toonsy (as per the interviewer rather than the subject of course…)

    worky – that was for the ‘authenticity’ purposes. 8O

  2. So basically he’s saying that positive thinking helps people succeed?
    Well f*ck me, he’s a clever c*nt, isn’t he?  What’s next?  Confidence breeds success?

  3. The guy could be right – If I’m listening to away matches on the radio and it’s a tight game (normally we’re winning 1-0) I silently shout NO GOALS COVENTRY, or whoever. Works a treat.

  4. My God! This man is an absolute genius … I love him. Hang on though – where was he last year?

  5. BBM nice one funny enough I had no positive thoughts about us last year and was allways waiting for us to get chinned, but this year im trying to think positive ;)

  6. Hmmm! seem to have heard that expression before, “The power of positive thinking” , probably one of the earliest self help books.
    Fraid it`s going to take more than positive thinking to get this lot in the PL top ten by this time next year.

  7. Does anyone know the song about colloccini? “Tell all the boys you know, hes got lovely hair” etc etc…

  8. is this the same guy that was on sky sports the last day of the season and said the toon would stay up ?

  9. What was the worst was when Shearer knew he had failed, knew he would fail next year but pretended he wanted the job.
    So he made his silly demands list up to make sure he wouldnt get it – Coward.

  10. wright iam off mr mackem  and i know what u realy think of sir alan what were ur words shearer is no 1s mug and he wont let any 1 take him for 1

  11. It’s not down to the fact our players are miles better than most players in the fizzy’s?
    It is a division miles apart from the prem and our extra quality is showing nothing to do with psychosis and paranormal waffle.