Son of whiskynose praises Toon’s Cockney Colossus.

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Fergie Junior.
Fergie Junior.
Speaking in his post match interview after after Newcastle United’s 3-1 triumph over Peterborough, Posh manager, Darren Ferguson, gave fulsome praise to Newcastle United, and unpopular London manager, Chris Hughton. He even went as far as saying that his Peterborough United team played the club who WILL win the Championship on Saturday.

Firstly though, he expressed some disappointment with his own team’s performance, saying:

“We didn`t give ourselves a chance and that is disappointing.”

Getting on to Newcastle United and Hughton, he remarked:

“You have seen the team that will win the league. The manner of losing the first two goals was awful. We left ourselves a mountain to climb. They are on a roll at the moment.

“Chris has done a good job and stabilised the whole club, so it was always going to be difficult for us.”

Ferguson, like Hughton himself, has been the subject of some criticism recently. Despite performing miracles with a squad built on a tiny budget, and defying the odds to gain promotion in the playoffs last season, Ferguson’s Peterborough are currently lying bottom of the Championship with 11 points and only two wins this time ’round. He has also been linked with potential moves to larger clubs such as Reading and Hull City.

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33 Responses

  1. Chris H. might not be everyone’s ideal choice to be Newcastle’s long-term manager, but I would hardly describe him as unpopular. He is to be admired for the job he has done in terrribly difficult circumstances.

  2. Ole red wine nose was not a happy chappy, this afternoon, having lost precious points to Chelsea.
    Good game to watch, with Rooney and Carvalho both having outstanding games.
    Game could have gone either way and it`s certainly not over, looks like a three team race, Chelsea, Man. U. and Arsenal, who have come to-gether recently and are playing some really entertaining football, with high scoring results. (good man Arsene)
    Guess we will give all three a run for their money next season, following the takeover and spending spree, about to take place.

  3. T_F agree 100% batty and his bro should have been kicked out along time ago, so aswell as batty sleeping with Stardust he is obviously sleeping with Simon Cowell aswell the wee slapper.

  4. Worky are you sure it is whisky that causes it as I am sure its wine especailly fortified wine that gives that funny glow ;)  I could be wrong lol


  6. Why is Hughton hated so much when he has NUFC at the top of the table, won`t you ever be satisfied?  Our boy Dazza will be a top manager one day, hopefully with Posh but probably not. Interesting comments, but some of  the spelling is unreel.    lol

  7. stevestrik

    hughton isnt hated and if youre talking about proud geordie then you should know he is a wum

  8. “Why is Hughton hated so much when he has NUFC at the top of the table”

     he isnt hated surely you know that and no he isnt everyones first choice for a manager but it doesnt mean it has anythingn to do with him being cockney

  9. stevestrik says:
    November 8, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    “Our boy Dazza will be a top manager one day, hopefully with Posh but probably not. ”

    Steve, he really has performed a miracle there considering the funds he’s had at his disposal. I hope the Posh fans have more sense than our lot and don’t turn against him because Peterborough are bottom. He’s got the most he can out of  the team he has and needs a bit more cash now at this level.

  10. i have to agree he will be a top manager 1 day and if hes as good as his dad then hopefully hell be a toon manager 1 day

  11. After looking at some of the responses above i would like to say that i personally did not want Hughton as manager but hate him??????? i have not heard one single person say they hate him at a match-not one.Hughton is a nice bloke who is out of his depth but i would give my right arm to be in his position at this moment-nothing to lose but all to gain.I for one say give him his chance-he`s here whether we like it or not-we`ll back him because that`s what we do at the TOON,as for Ferguson,he dosnt  seem an arrogant cock like his dad-good luck to him but time will tell…Keep the faith…

  12. alan says:
    November 8, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    “we`ll back him because that`s what we do at the TOON”

    Surely that was sarcasm Alan? You can’t possibly be serious there! We’re always shouting for managers to be sacked like big kids who are sick of their toy at Christmas, it’s what we do.

  13. nufcbb says:

    “Surely that was sarcasm Alan? You can’t possibly be serious there! We’re always shouting for managers to be sacked like big kids who are sick of their toy at Christmas, it’s what we do.”

    My jaw dropped a little when I read that too, nufcbb.

  14. Hughton has done a brilliant job, and maybe, just maybe, he could actually blossom into a cracking manager.

    He needs a chance and some time. The only things which will hinder him are the pricks in charge of the club.

    We’re looking good at the moment, hopefully we can keep it up.

  15. By backing i meant the team-as i said we`r stuck with Hughton-like it or not,i don`t believe Hughton has done a brilliant job other than bonding the team together and how much of that was HIS doing,some of his decisions have been baffling to say the least-not least,such as his insistence on playing Harwood instead of Ranger who looks head and shoulders above Harwood.I would point out that by “WE” you should not include ALL “FANS” as i do not chuck my teddy out at the first opportunity,i hope that i am more intelligent than that and deem myself to be a FOOTBALL SUPPORTER  and a passionate Toon fan,i don`t hate anybody(though ashley comes close) and i don`t yell for sackings at the drop of a hat-we`v got Hughton-get used to it…..i didn`t want him but nor do i think Shearer is the new `messiah`Steve Coppell?Alan Curbishley ? better short turn prospects in my opinion(we don`t live in north Korea and i believe i am entitled to an opinion)So to sum up-please workyticket and nufcbb don`t tell me what i do because YOU DON`T HAVE THAT RIGHT.Hope you enjoy the rest of the season and take care,

  16. I don’t think I’ve heard one person imply they didn’t like Hughton. So I don’t think he’s unpopular. I just think the nature of his appointment was a little protracted and unnecessary. That in itself made the appointment unpopular, rather than being about the man. Being apprehensive about the man’s abilities doesn’t mean you don’t have regard for him, particularly the insularity implications worky, not sure I agree with those mate. Though it was effective like you say…..

  17. The fact is BBM – he has galvanised the squad with a determination that has been missing ever since KKs walk out. The players, staff and CH deserve massive credit.
    Irrespective of your thoughts – because his surname isnt Keegan – he has done a fine job this season – and deserves a round of applause – even some of the games we drew or lost we were by far the better team.

  18. ALAN
    Err !what exactly is it you are trying to say, either you hate Hughton or you dont ?
    If you do hate him is it because of footballing decisions ? hmmm!
    You mentioned Curbishley & Coppell, doubt those names will inspire many fans, it`s Shearer they want. (difficult to explain in a logical manner
    something to do with the Geordie nation,messianism and provincialism with a dash of racism)
    I blame it on Cockeys (mostly fat ones) the southern press and errr,………

  19. First of all, I would hardly say he’s unpopular – he’s done brilliantly to get a club in a horrible downward spiral to leaders.
    and secondly, how the hell can Peterbrough sack Fergie after leading them to back to back promotions, 2 years ago they were rotting away in league 2 now look at them, fair enough they’re bottom but still, done a great job getting them there