Hughton salutes Fab-ulous Pancrate.

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Pancrate: Fab-ulous?
Pancrate: Fab-ulous?
Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton has been lavishing effusive praise upon new Toon arrival, Fabrice Pancrate on the club’s official website. Hughton has had two weeks in training, and one reserve match against Hartlepool United to assess the ex Paris Saint Germain frontman, and felt he had seen enough to offer the Frenchman a contract until the end of the season, and possibly beyond. Meanwhile, the club were still waiting to see whether Pancrate will be eligible for the away match this evening against Preston North End at Deepdale.

On the coming of Pancrate, Hughton gushed:

“I’ve been impressed with Fabrice since he first came in a couple of weeks ago and that’s why we’ve signed him. He’s done well in training and did very well with the Reserves last week.

On what the fans might think of his style of play, Hughton continued:

“He’s a player who could excite the fans here because he has the ability on the ball, has bags of pace and likes to go forward.

“He has played at a good level throughout his career and that experience will be valuable”

Match Fitness.

Pancrate has not played much at all this year though, except for trials at several clubs in both the Premiership and the Championship, so like Toons other nippy winger / striker, Peter Lovenkrands, who faced a similar situation regarding pre season training and the like, he may need a little fine tuning to get fully up to speed.

“He doesn’t have match sharpness yet and he is not fully 100% fit yet, but it won’t take him long to get to that point.

“He is fit though and has played training games and obviously in the reserve game as well, so we won’t be waiting long for him to be ready to play a big part for us.”

Going by what NUFC ‘Blog’s “Man in the stands”, Bowburn Mag, wrote on Pancrate’s performance in the Hartlepool game, he doesn’t seem to be far away.

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131 Responses

  1. I hope the guy proves a useful squad player at the very least.

    I find it extremely annoying when fans always complain about how our big money signings are rubbish and how there are bargains to be had on the free market/cheaper players yet when we actually sign one, he is crap and “is cheap for a reason”.

    I hope he does as well as Lovenkrands did last season.

  2. I agree, we have to get behind ALL of the players, I think he`l do well as a toon player, we need directness (if thats a word) and this guy has it in abundance.
    give him a couple of games to get fitness and i think we`l be shouting “theres only one pancake”
    3 points tonight, and a couple of goals with a clean sheet will do just nicely, 6 points clear of 3rd.

  3. spot on wickywoowoo  some people just like to moan about players for the sake of it , in recent seasons thier are 2 french lads that have come in on the cheap and done a job (Bassong & sibeirski) if he does as well as those 2 then he will be an excellent signing

  4. Look, in a sense we are lucky to get these guys for only wages, both Lovenkrands and San Pancrazio are decent wingers with a bit of pace.
    Also both also experienced,  with perhaps a season or two left in the top flight, which will be of enormous importance during that first season back in the PL (if promoted) a season where survival is the name of the game.
    In the meanwhile the  careful recruiting of young replacement`s should be the priority, that and the system begun during the early Ashley period, that of looking to stock the minors with talented youngsters, that we can groom for the future.
    That`s how a team is built, not by going out and stocking it with overpaid trophy players, spending enormous sums in the process.
    Have no doubt  Ashley will agree with the last sentence.

  5. We’ll, i’ll wait until i’ve seen him play before forming an opinion on him, and how good he is/isn’t. After all, he wasn’t good enough for Sheffield United whilst on trial there!

  6. Anyone got a quote pertaining to Pancrate not being good enough for shef utd, or is that just perceived, cos he didn’t sign for them?

  7. CliNT FliCK – Aye, that happens quite a lot. I can imagine it now at Sheffield United. “Yes, he is quality, he doesn’t cost anything, lets not sign him up”

    Think about it, there must have been something wrong for the Blades not to sign him up.

  8. Although Pancake does make the bench. Harewood gets another chance, lets hope he shines this time!

  9. This will be a toughy.

    As for Pancrate – I don’t know many mid season free transfers that turn out to be any good but we can but hope.

  10. Stuart79 – I was trying to make that point to CLiNT FLiCK, but it seems that common sense means nothing unless it has quotes to back it up.

  11. Yeah, found both of Iraqgoals and, but u need to be a premium member, otherwise it closes in 30 secs :\

  12. We got more joy playing on the floor. Now we are hoofing the ball up, Preston have come back into it.

  13. At 60 mins, i’d take Harewood off and put Pancake on. Put Nolan up front, Guthrie in the middle and the new lad on the right.

  14. Were the fcuk  is the creativity, ive seen more in Norway football then with us, Harewood is useless, jonas and jose are trying some stupid stuff although jose’s passing as been ok, i cant see us win this one guys?

  15. Toonsy
    Yes Harewood hasnt shown me he knows how to play football, hes just a headless chicken on steroids!!

  16. According to teletext, Shola only “narrowly” missed out on tonights game. I thought he was still a few weeks away as it stands?

  17. Toonsy maybe you can’t read.

    Nothing down the right side. Simpson Guthrie and Nolan are never in the right place they are not pushing forward as three and there is no back tracking. mind no surprise from Nolan coz he cannot run

  18. Toonsy
    Ranger is on the bench. where do you get your information.
    By the way i think you would be better than Marlon the plank

  19. what does CH see in Marlon.
    In the last four games i haven’t seen him have a shot at goal.
    So much for giving young players a chance

  20. I have some directions for Harewood. Leave the ground, follow signs for M6 south, get off at Birmingham and stay there!

  21. Good management by Chris to pull A. Smith aside to say a word or two to avoid the sending off..

  22. we are waiting for the moment rather than going seeking the victory.
    CH looks happy with a point

  23. My first site on .org by the way. Still bummed .com has closed down, but alright. In with the new, out with the old it is.

  24. I wouldnt know what to do about Smith. Do we keep him on and run the risk of him getting a red and a suspension. Or keep him safe, play Guthrie in the centre and bring on pancake.

    Good finish by Nolan. Great hold up play by Rnager.

  25. We need to watch that Jon Parkin. Big and strong, we need to stand up to him and hopefully bag another on the break.

  26. I have concluded Today that Jonas is not a finisher. I really dont Know what CH sees in Harewood. He is sh@t.I wld rather have Lovenkrands than That Hare.
    But 3 points is 3 points and he has been in the team that has got it for us so I love him.

  27. A hard ugly victory , the lads are proving they have the bottle to win promotion . The longer the season goes on and we are top the easier it will get  . The rest of the teams now know they can not out fight us and we have a better squad . HOWAY THE LADS the premiership awaits . 

  28. CH is a lucky charm so we shld hold on onto him.
    Today is my anniversary off to be with my wife see u lads.
    EPL here were are.

  29. Good management by Chris to pull A. Smith aside to say a word or two to avoid the sending off..

    agree looks like hughton is showing signs of good man management

  30. Harewood is terrible – quite possibly the worst striker we’ve ever had in a toon shirt
    poor game in general but good 3 points
    Nolans goal & celebration was ace

  31. Every team is gonna try & stifle us, especially at their place.
    So, we just have to be strong, wear them down, & snatch a win.
    Any team worth it’s salt can do that.
    & we’re becoming one of those teams-HARD TO BEAT!
    At last.
    Toon Toon

  32. batty, all these teams are gonna raise their game when they meet us.
    It’s understandable, we’re a massive scalp on their c.v.
    & if they take us, they get a massive boost.
    We just have to weather their storm.
    Where you based mate?

  33. Shit, their really milking defoe atm.
    Didn’t Len Shackelton score 6 on his debut for us way back v newport?

  34. Whitley bay, got a couple of mates from there.
    Loved going there as a bairn. lol.
    Got a few stoke mates too, good lads. They’re loving being in the prem.

  35. burnley & stoke are both doing ok, don’t think they’ll go down tbf.
    hull, portsmouth, bolton, wham, wolves seem like a better bet for the drop.

  36. Have they knocked it down, or did it fall doon? lol
    Bit full on argentine aggro on ssn then. ouch!

  37. clint a lot of stoke fans are calling for pulis to be sacked lol but no i cant unless  peter reid does his magic

  38. But anyway, i just want the lads back up where we belong, & quick style.
    At the team are putting in some gritty performances in this time round.
    Just goes to show what can be done with a bit of stability &
    the same manager for a few months.
    A lot of managers woulda caved by now, after all that’s happened.
    So CH definitely deserves a big chunk of credit.

  39. No way (pulis), are they f******* stupid.
    He’s dragged them from obscurity into the top half of the prem.
    Football fans never cease to amaze, do they? lol

  40. They’re doomed if monkey heed gets the job like.
    Did y’think stoke are hedging their bets there, or what?
    benitez would be gone if he was at any other team too.

  41. Well enjoyed the game – lots effort – scrappy game but over the moon – CH showed true leadership having a quiet word with Smith – and am I the only one that doesnt get Carroll? Lots of effort but surely if youre a hold up centre forward you actually have to control the ball or head it on to someone?
    Harewood and Carroll were the weak links for me tonight, nice to see Ranger come on with 30 to go (but should have left that Jonas cross for Guthrie) .
    For me later on I would have took Harewood off – pushed Nolan just behind Ranger (which would compliment both players and bring in the whole midfield – something which was lacking all game)
    But all in al,l a great well grafted 3 points

  42. I don’t blame Carroll, it is hard to have a quality game when you have someone who cannot cross (Jonas)

  43. Tbf stardust, just heard CH interview saying Carroll was ill & only played cos R Taylor twisted something in the warm up.
    But basically i agree with your report.
    Nolan is doing what i hoped he would, head down, gets on with it, scoring some great goals, tonights was a top draw turn & shoot.
    Keep it coming lads.

  44. Doug – did you watch him today? He never made one run to the front post – actually not him nor Harewood – they hides behind defenders – an absolute sin – their movement was non existent which allows defenders to double and treble up on Jonas.
    Only on one occasion was Jonas helped by movement and it took Enrique to drift out from the box to the line dragging out his man, making space for Jonas who then cut in and had a decent shot.
    In Jonas’s defence he is right footed

  45. Clint – 124 noted – it begs the question why Ranger didnt start then – or even Lovenkrands. I’d be mightily pee’d off if I were either of those two and a sick man was put on in front of me. (dont want to have a go at CH who is doing a great job)

  46. Good point mate, about  Ranger/Lovenkrands.
    But we don’t know the dynamic do we?
    Those 2 could probably make a good partnership hey?

  47. To be fair Clint – theyd be my two up front – they would be far more creative and their movement is far superior to the other two.