Hughton “delighted” with Toon battering ram, Sousa bemoans first half fear factor.

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Hughton: Delighted with "high tempo start."
Hughton: Delighted with "high tempo start."
In the aftermath of Newcastle United’s 3-0 home victory over Swansea City, Chris Hughton and Swans manager, Paulo Sousa, have been giving their reactions to the game.

Hughton had said before the game that Newcastle United would have to “force the issue” with a team which had the second meanest defence in the Championship apart for ourselves, and they did, battering three headed goals past the hapless Swans within the first half hour.

“I asked for a high tempo start and after half an hour I was delighted. I couldn’t have asked for anything more” the Cockney Colossus crowed, adding:

“To get three goals in that period was tremendous and it has won us the game”

On the huge scoreline that was widely expected after the first half hour period, Hughton continued:

“It would have been nice to add a couple more, of course, but take nothing away from Swansea, they’re a side in form and we were never going to get it all our own way”.

He then predicted:

“You will see numerous games where a team has taken a lead and after half-time the result stays the same. But it was certianly an excellent first half and I am delighted with the result.”

Sousa on fear.

Meanwhile, Swansea manager, Paolo Sousa refused to criticise his team too much, citing a first half ‘fear factor’ in the mighty St James’s cauldron, and even praising them for their reaction to Toon’s early onslaught. Sousa moaned:

“I don’t think that 3-0 is a fair reflection of the game,” quickly adding:

“My team deserved far more than they got. But it was a good experience for us though. We started being afraid and conceded the first 25 minutes which is something we can learn from.

“It’s not easy for some players to come to a stadium like this with so many supporters.

“We felt that too much and it cost us. But there was a good reaction – we got better control of the game, were more like ourselves and finished the first half well.

“What we then saw in the second half is the picture I want to see in every game.

“We can’t be afraid to show our identity on the pitch. When we play with the right personality, we have everything else.

“This team just needs to be more mature. But this experience will help us be stronger in the future.”

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23 Responses

  1. still haven’t seen the goals , very suprised to see harewood notching a double…looks like shiela’s gonna be warming the bench for a bit longer.

  2. Yep, actually all taken pretty well. The crosses for the last two meant that they shouldn’t really have missed but still they were decent. Harewood did well with the first but they were pretty hapless at defending in the first 30 minutes. 

  3. Yep, all headers and the strikers were left with very little to do down to the quality of the balls in.

  4. Does anyone have a video link for highlights of the game? (There’s often one or two videos of the highlights from The Football League Show but haven’t found them yet)

  5. What’s the craic with YouTube’s rights? Anyone know if you can record something on a camera and upload it the nexy day or is it like a 24 or 48 hr rule?

  6. Worst 3-0 win I have ever seen!  We created three chances all game and were shown how to pass the ball by Swansea.

    However we won and we are now 8 points clear of third without playing well this season.

    Off topic, does anyone know of another pro footballer with a worse first touch than Harewood?

    I’m slowly getting more confident we can get promoted the more teams I see.  This really is a poor league.

    I fear for us IF we do go up though.

  7. anyone got any thoughts regarding the FA cup draw?…as much as a cup run would help confidence, i dont think its vital, i’d much rather preferr to just concentrate on the league. We play enough games as it is this season. Personally i wouldnt mind seeing us get a premier league team.

  8. Top of the league, winning ugly and nobody that happy Eh !
    Seems the fans  are   just    impossible to please,  god forbid  that we were halfway down the table , what then, suicide`s ?
    Hey doin good,     leading the league on the way back to the PL and without Beye, Bassong, N`Zogbia, Jenas, Duff, Milner, Shea, Little Mickey, who did I forget ?
    And the good news that Derick and Mike are really going to back the club and put their money where their mouths are, wont be long before we are challenging for a European spot , playing like Arsenal, with the lowest wage bill in the EPL, yeah !

  9. To be fair it would be fitting for us to be halfway down the table with our performances this season.

    The reason people complain is because people look at our position and think ah great, where’s the problem? The problem is the performances and how much we don’t look like an organised team. We get all these ugly wins which people love then get to the Premiership and get relegated relying on ‘winning ugly’ because we won’t get away with it.

    What is it, do we just go through the whole of the season not caring about the football and just being happy with a inevitably pointless promotion, because we’ll go straight back down. Newcastle United football club has not played good football in ages.

  10. Andy “The problem is the performances and how much we don’t look like an organised team.”

    We have only conceded 10 goals – and thats not organised?

  11. Green Arrrrrrmy in the cup, away aswell. Bit of a letdown,lol. We’ll draw the day. what  a dream!
    As far as current results go, i dont understand how anyone can be complaining. We have one of the best defensive records in the league. We’re top for god sake!..I’ve always went by the phrase “the sign of champions is playing badly and winning”..regardless of whether we play ugly or not, winning is all that matters as far as im concerned. And anyway, we couldnt have played too badly yesterday, given that we found the net 3 times inside 30 minutes. Anyone who expected Swansea to come out and lie down in the second half must are mental!, they got battered and obviously they were going to give it to us second half, fact is we held out, its another clean sheet and another 3 points, really can’t complain at the minute like.

  12. It’s quite strange really.  Were 18 games into the season and I’m no nearer to finding out what style of play Hughton’s teams like to play?

    Were not exactly good to watch, but I don’t think were a typical long ball team.

    I really do think were top of the league and doing well due to the poor teams and the fact we have the best individual players in the league.

    I think everyone of our players would get into every other Championship side.  So I guess we should be winning.

    Happy were top though.  But I am concerned about the mentality that there seems to be around the club at the moment – The as long as we win and get promoted mentality.

    IF we get promoted the ‘as long as we win’ mentality will be really hard to shake off and in the PL you don’t win games when you don’t play well, unless you’re top four.

    It will be a very interesting summer if promotion is achieved and lets be honest it were 8 points clear of 3rd and it’s not even December we really should go up.

  13. andy couldnt give a fck if  we scrape 1 nil wins for the rest of the season its because of fans like u we sacked big sam and got relegated

  14. Batty you got that out of your system there Lad. just watch your high blood pressure we dont want you kicking the bucket on us now

  15. What`, s with the name Argyle attached to Plymouth, Argyle is in Scotland  300 miles away and why dont they play in argyle socks and strips.
    Should`nt they be perhaps, the Plymouth Ho`s, or the Plymouth Drakes, (for sir Walt.) I mean he was into sports right, refused to fight the Spanish Armada until the game was over, what a guy !

  16. Chuck – I think its something to do with a  pub or street or something nearby. Cant be certain though.