Hughton unfazed by Scunny defeat.

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Hughton unfazed
Hughton unfazed
Chris Hughton is calm about the fact that Newcastle United have only taken 2 points out of the last 12 and went down to Scunthorpe last night.

Talking about last night’s game, Hughton said:

The game plan was to come here and do well.

On the balance of play and chances it’s a game we should have won, but we have to do better.

They were able to turn us at times, they were always a threat and had a lot of energy in the side and at the clinical moments they got the goals.

We didn’t defend moments well enough and that enabled them to get the goals that they did. On the balance of play it’s a game that we should have won.

I think this is a pressure on us. We are a side in this division that everybody expects to do well and certainly our own supporters expect us to do well and that’s the pressure that we carry with us in every game. That’s a pressure that we’ve got to live with.”

Yes, that plus the pressure of working with a squad that’s down by 7 players on last season’s squad, which was itself already stretched.

By contrast, Scunthorpe manager Nigel Adkins was well-pleased of course. He said:

It’s quite simple, we haven’t hidden away from the fact that we have the smallest fan base and the smallest budget in the division.

But it’s what you do on the field of play. We’ve got a fantastic team spirit.

This is a great victory. When we got promoted, this was the first game everybody was looking for; Newcastle United at home.

We packed Glanford Park out, played against a top side and we have gone and got a victory.”

Hughton may not be fazed by the defeat but I’m feeling extremely uneasy about things at the Toon just now. I was pleasantly surprised by our excellent start to the season as I’d previously doubted we’d get out of this division at the first attempt, but reality is now beginning to assert itself. I know all teams have bad runs and that a good team will turn itself around from that, so maybe this is just a bad run that will end at home to Doncaster on the weekend.

But I can’t help but fear that the small squad, the inevitable injuries, the owner who is ‘not an expert in football clubs’, his on/off sale of the club and the lack of anything but temporary planning will also play their part in determining how we finish this season.

Hughton doesn’t believe last night’s defeat will affect his job prospects though:

It will have no effect at all,” said Hughton.

As far as I know they [the talks] are still going ahead. I’m still very confident the situation hasn’t changed.”

I suspect Hughton is being used by Ashley to signal his intent to take the club off the market soon if nobody comes up with the £80m he’s now asking. What does Ashley have to gain by appointing him permanently when Hughton has previously indicated he’s happy to do the job of caretaker for as long as necessary? Maybe Ashley is also thinking about stability and rewarding Hughton for his efforts but I suspect the timing of his announcement to appoint Hughton suggests ulterior motives – or at least additional motives.

Ho hum – let’s see what Saturday brings.

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59 Responses

  1. The club has no chance of being even reasonably successful until a clear out as taken place. That includes a new owner, new chairman, a new LONG TERM manager, new coaches and finally some new players.

    The longer this fiasco at Newcastle carries on the club will slowly sink down this league and Ashleys fortune will dwindle in size even more than it already has done.


  2. we can not move forward under ashley,he needs to put the club first and not him self,but we all no that will never happen.

  3. Ah well… long as Chris is “Unfazed” I suppose everything’s alright then!

    Jesus-H-Gobdancing-Christ!! Wheels off…..Crisis ON!!

  4. He will still be unfazed if we are bottom in this league. Nobody has anything to lose other than us fans. We have to force Mike out…he is a big JOKE…we are UNLUCKIEST club who got such an owner….

    Sheer frustration ….Will we have to go through same as last season. How can we cope with that ?????

  5. this can easliy be sorted,all fat ash has to do is spend a few mill on a decent manager that can get the lads playing,but he wont its pure madness,ashley is deliberately knee capping us.

  6. I was listening to the match on Century last night (although they seem to call it “Real Radio” these days…ho-hum…)

    The highlight of the commentary was when Sir Bobby Moncur couldn’t remember the puppet’s name and after a pause, called him “Chris Calderwood” LOL

    The puppet has obvioulsy made a big impact on Sir Bobby then!! :)

  7. Ashley is laughin at all us 40,000 + who turn up at St James’ Park every other week. He budgeted for 25,000 so he’s happy as Larry.

    The only way to get this disease out of our club is to make him have to put his hand in his pocket to subsidise the club again.

    Everything is paying for itself this season and he hasn’t had to put his hand in his pocket once – And he won’t either if we keep turning up to watch this pathetic regime!

    If you have an aggresive illness you need an aggresive cure I’m afraid.

    My seat will be empty Saturday!

  8. were all like an Alzheimer’s patient’s in a whorehouse,
    were constantly surprised that were getting screwed.

  9. Stardust says:
    October 20, 2009 at 2:25 pm
    Now Batty – 23 is a lie – you’ve never had a bright idea!

    Good news on Hooters though Batts – looks like we are rid of the cowards that are Shearer and Keegan. A brand new start – get in.
    <<<<<<aye super :lol:

  10. hitman well i reckon southgate got the boot because they have already got shearer lined up for the job :twisted:

  11. If Hughton Turns the turd down I reckon he’ll look at bringin Dean Windass in!

    That’d be in keeping with his total shambolic running of the club.

  12. Last night was painful but would have been worse if we hadnt seen it coming, pity the management couldnt remove their heads from their backsides and have a look around.
    The worry for me is that they have the contempt to try and explain it away in an offhand manner instead of telling it like it is, a bloody disgrace!

  13. lads lets look at the bright side we are still with in a good shout of promotion

    if hughton has been given the job then i cant say he would have been my first choice but we need to give some one time and whether hughton iwll or wont turn in to a super manager i dont know (probz not) but the worst thing we can do i start calling for his head at the very least to keep our dignity

  14. It would be something of a record though, calling for Hughton’s head before he’s even properly appointed.

  15. Hugh de Payen says:
    October 21, 2009 at 11:17 am
    It would be something of a record though, calling for Hughton’s head before he’s even properly appointed.

    Rather that than looking back in hindsight?

    Would you drive your car through a brick wall if you saw it Hugh?

  16. Stuart79, I made no comment as to the suitability of Hughton as manager, merely that I found it amusing that some are calling for Hughton’s head before he’s even been appointed.

    I’m not fully convinced about Hughton myself but every manager will get bad runs and, whatever other arguments there are for not appointing Hughton, I don’t think this short poor run of form is reason enough.

    We have to remember that Hughton’s working for an idiot, he’s down by 7 players on last season’s squad and he’s having to come to terms with Championship football.

    We are still after all in 2nd place on equal points with WBA.

    To be honest I don’t want to see anyone appointed as manager just for a season. I want someone appointed for 3-5 years and I can think of many candidates I’d prefer to Hughton, but if Hughton is to be appointed let’s judge him on what he achieves over the season instead of resorting the usual knee-jerk reactions of calling for a manager’s head after a few bad games.

    We’re doing way better than I expected anyway.

  17. Hugh,

    It cannot be a knee-jerk reaction if the views have been consistant from day one.

    I made the point 4 weeks ago that with this owner, squad and manager we wouldn’t get promoted. We were clear at the top of the league at the time.

    My opinion on Hughton has been totally consistant – I didn’t want him at the start, I didn’t want him when we were 4 points clear and I don’t want him now. Nothing to do with the last four games.

    I have many reasons but the last four games isn’t one of them – Although it does back up one view that he has no answer when teams find us out and learn how to play against us.

    We have reverted to long ball tactics – That to me is just not good enough and shows a few limitations.

  18. Fair enough Stuart, it’s just that I interpreted your first comment as applying to this current poor run of form.

    As I said, I have reservations about Hughton but if gets the job I’ll back him for the season and see how he does. That won’t stop me being critical of him because that’s part of what being a football fan (and blogger) is about but I’ll stop short of calling for his head until he’s had time to properly prove himself.

  19. Look no further than the dropping of Nile Ranger as one of the reasons we’ve gone downhill recently……

    I’m telling ya.

  20. batty says:
    October 21, 2009 at 12:45 pm
    bowburn thats what ive been saying for the last 4 games m8 just cant understand why hes doing it

    Because he’s a text book coach.

    If it’s not in the book he’s clueless! Who was that idiot who took over at Charlton after Dowie? Les Reed!

    Typical coach who isn’t made for management.

    Tinker, tinker and tinker. Just because the text book says so.

    You need to think on your feet and Hughton and Calderwood look like two rabits caught in the headlights when we go a goal down.

  21. I hate to say it, because I’d like to think they’re up to the task for a number of reasons but I agree –

    “You need to think on your feet and Hughton and Calderwood look like two rabits caught in the headlights when we go a goal down.”

    That’s exactly what they look like.

    Maybe that comes with experience though?

  22. “Maybe that comes with experience though?”

    Obviously (!), I meant NOT looking like that, comes with experience……

  23. bowburnmag says:
    October 21, 2009 at 12:36 pm
    Look no further than the dropping of Nile Ranger as one of the reasons we’ve gone downhill recently……

    I’m telling ya.

    Yep BBM – thats my view too.

  24. I wonder if chelsea fans are bleating this much after 2 away defeats on the spin, & liverpool fans-Probably?

  25. Clint – you have to expect bleating – we have a fanbase of sheep – so bleating is all you can expect.

  26. CLiNT FLiCK – howay, you’re a reasonable enough fella to consider that it’s more than just two defeats. It’s four games without a win and the manner in which we’ve failed to pick up more than two points, or score more than two goals, which is the crux. Allied to that, the ‘luck’ we’ve rode since the start of the season.

    There is a pattern –

    We were playing averagely and with elements of both luck and surprise, and considering the standard of opposition we’ve nicked a handful of games we might not otherwise have won. Lest we forget that two of our bigger wins were against pretty horrible teams. Now teams have sussed us, our luck has run out and some of our better performers are injured or suspended.

    It’ll be a hard, winter slog. Hopefully we’ll be in touching distance of the leading pack but if January comes and goes without reinforcements, we can undoubtedly kiss goodbye to promotion.

    I’m still staying optimistic though 8)

    Let’s see what Saturday brings….

  27. It’s the most depressing thing ever, everyone wallowing in the shit, just repeating the same crap over & over, ad nauseum.

  28. Hey CLiNT FLiCK, incidentally, I’ll still be there most games (assuming no miracle surgery to my knee) and I’ll sing and support etc like a good supporter should.

    But we can state the obvious on the blog, surely? That’s what we’re here for, in part, right? Telling it like we see it?

  29. bowburn, i hear you mate.
    But, it’s not strictly true, is it?
    I agree we’ve had 4 games where we’ve dropped points.
    The bristol game we shoulda won by a mile, but for their ‘keeper’s heroics & the ball just wouldn’t go in the net. The forest game, we shoulda had a pen, a good goal chalked off, their’s was off-side, smith falsely carded & now he’s suspended, need i go on?
    We’re in this league cos we deserve to be, we are at the same level as these teams & it’s totally arrogant for fans to believe we will/should just walk all over them.
    We represent a cup final: ‘go out & express yourselves, it’s Newcastle, at home, no-one will kill you for giving it a go’. That’s all their coach has to say. Money in the bank, it’s all gravy to them.

  30. Hey Stardust, I’m always happy mate! ;)

    Like any true football fan though, I like a good whinge now and again. Tis my pregogative. The other unseemly stuff (i.e. Ashley etc) is out of the ordinary but complaining about results etc and predicting our doom, that’s par for the course.

    And it’s still true what I’ve said!

  31. Bowburn, i like your style mate, you’re balanced & a true fan, as far as i can see.
    I’m not having a go at you, & you’re right, people can express what they like, it’s a blog.
    I’m just getting narked at reading the same stuff, win, lose or draw.
    It was the same when we we’re winning for some, just waiting & trying to predict our own downfall.
    Surely that wrankles with you too?

  32. CLiNT FLiCK – I agree and although I’ll be disappointed by it, I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to say we should roll these teams over. I’m just saying, it might be hard to stop the rot.

    And we should be, after all, aiming and expecting to get close to promotion? Just like a dozen other teams?

    It’s whether we do and why we aren’t going to, that’s up for discussion.

  33. If the collective are full of doom and gloom – we will reap what we sow. If we are optimistic and positive…..

  34. BBM – my god if youre a happy fan I would hate to meet a miserable one! (bit like Batty)

    Oh and by the way….youre still wrong lol.

  35. CLiNT FLiCK – Yeah, it is sometimes hard to stomach the doom and gloom, particularly if you’re trying to stay positive. Rightly or wrongly, supporters like Stu79 are in a perpetual state of negativity because of everything that’s gone on, and it’s hard to see an end to it, hence the pervading gloom. So I empathise with that.

  36. Definitely bowburn, we can expect nothing but tough games.
    keep plugging away, try not to get too disheartened WHEN we lose/draw, keep the faith & we should be somewhere close to where we wanna be. But it’s gonna take resolve, from us lot in particular.
    Sometimes you get beat cos the other team played better, got lucky etc. We’re not ALWAYS crap, that’s just dumb.

  37. Stardust, exactly.
    We MUST stay positive.
    Yes it stings when we lose, ouch!
    But we just have to get up, dust ourselves down & get on with it.
    To carry on calling for the head of ‘whomever’ is futile.
    All we’re in charge of, is SUPPORT.

  38. Yeah Clint re 47 – unfortunately we live in a world where everyone blames everyone else for their own failings and suffering – instead of simply doing their best at their thing and helping others to do their best in theirs.

    BBM – no its not Dean – sure theres a joke in there somewhere but I havent worked it out yet. Troy Stavers calls me David Icke lol.

  39. I pay for my ticket and I sing myself hoarse, I’ve always felt like I was doing ‘my bit’.

  40. Basically, we were always gonna hit a bad patch, it’s how we regroup & move on from said bad patch that counts.
    Hey, even Barca got beat at home by apparent no-hopers last night. Nothing can be taken for granted.

  41. summerof69 says:
    October 21, 2009 at 11:05 am

    “lads lets look at the bright side we are still with in a good shout of promotion

    if hughton has been given the job then i cant say he would have been my first choice but we need to give some one time and whether hughton iwll or wont turn in to a super manager i dont know (probz not) but the worst thing we can do i start calling for his head at the very least to keep our dignity”


    If all Newcastle United’s supporters were more like yourself, Newcastle United would be a MUCH better place. Your honesty enables you to hit the nail right on the head sometimes.

  42. That was a cool thing to say worky & also, very true. Nice one.
    Respect to summer of 69 too. :)

  43. “Your honesty enables you to hit the nail right on the head sometimes.”

    Why does it seem that ‘honesty’ is noble in this instance because it backs up your argument worky? 8O

    If I’m being honest, I ‘honestly’ don’t know how he’ll do, but I have my doubts.

    What I can’t get with, is why it took so long for Ashley to appoint him permanently or why he waited to do so amidst poor press for him with the tribunal and on the back of a stupid rant!! That gets people’s backs up and the proposition looks less attractive as a result. So people who may have otherwise been tempted to give Chris the benefit of the doubt, now actually doubt the appointment because the decision-maker continues to make himself look like a moron.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being honest and saying you don’t fancy Hughton for the job. In fact, arguably it’s the right thing to do. Doesn’t mean people won’t get behind him. If Hughton is here come January and Ashley is in charge, he should be (needs to be) allowed to buy and sell who he wants and be given some dosh.

  44. A very sensible post, BBM. A blind optimist is equally as culpable as a perennial pessimist.

  45. always with a reson that and that wake up u just lost 10 pionts in 3 weeks what the hell is he saying we were good in the fild that wont help nufc get back that is just bull sh