Any old Iron anyone?

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Making a fist of it in The Championship?
Making a fist of it in The Championship?
‘The Iron’ awaits Newcastle United this evening, and no, not the dreaded domestic variety which partners an ironing board, but The Iron of sunny Scunny fame. Scunthorpe, built on one of the largest iron-ore fields in Europe, is home to one of the country’s major steelworks, and the link with iron provides Scunthorpe United with their nickname.

Scunthorpe have been up and down (the various divisions over the years) more than a tart’s knickers, from successful promotion to subsequent relegation the next season, and have yo-yo’d around between divisions one and three.

Moving from their previous home, the Old Showground, to the new purpose built Glanford Park in 1988 was a big step forward for the club. Currently one of the smallest grounds in the Championship with a capacity of 9088, away fans who normally have an allocation of 1678 tickets, are housed in the South stand. Previous high profile players Kevin Keegan and Ray Clemence, both played for Scunthorpe in the late 60’s before leaving for Liverpool.

The 90’s saw two Wembley play off visits for The Iron, and they must have enjoyed their trips to Wembley, which continued on into the last decade. Scunthorpe were League one champions 2006-07, before seeing a break in 2007 from Brian Laws wo had been with them for 10 years.

The new boss Nigel Adkins led United to a record breaking season in 2007, which saw them promoted as champions of league one on 91 points. However, that yo-yoing trait wasn’t over as 2008 saw them hit the banana skin again as they slid back to Division one.

Last season saw The Iron win promotion back to the Championship, after beating Milwall in the play-off finals. So to tonight, the 3-1 win against Sheffield United last Saturday would be a welcome result for The Iron fans, who’s team came into that game on the back of a couple of defeats. Scunny are now in 18th place in the Championship with 14 points after 12 games.

With Scunny losing half of the 12 league games they have played, and having conceeded 22 goals to our 6 we should be able to predict a win. If only our strikers had more of a habit of finding the net, if we had players who played in their rightful positions, if we had width, pace, creativity, sufficient attacking options, not a makeshift defence, but hey this is Newcastle so anything could happen.

Team news thus far –


We can pick from a ‘full squad’, with the exception of the injured quartet of Coloccini, Steven Taylor, Barton and Amoebi. It would appear that Hughton is going to persevere with Carroll and Harewood and leaving Ranger on the bench (aarrrggh!!!).

Scunny squad

Goalkeepers: Joe Murphy, Josh Lillis, Sam Slocombe.

Defenders: Marcus Williams, Kenny Milne, Cliff Byrne, Rob Jones, David Mirfin, Jake Picton, Niall Canavan, Andy Crosby, Jordan Spence.

Midfielders: Andrew Wright, Sam Togwell, Matthew Sparrow, Grant McCann, Martyn Woolford, Michael O’Connor, Josh Wright, Ian Morris, Garry Thompson.

Strikers: Paul Hayes, Gary Hooper, Jonathan Forte, Ben May, Adam Boyes.

Courtesy of .com – the news is that striker Ben May (ankle) and defender Kenny Milne (knee) are both out, while midfielder Michael O’Connor serves a one match ban after five bookings.

Frankly we know nothing about any of this lot, which is why there is as good a chance of another banana skin as anything else. However, I do still predict a win but only if we play much better than the dross served up at Forest on Saturday evening. Hughton, buoyed by his recent good news, needs to stop the rot before it really begins. Starting tonight!!

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13 Responses

  1. like ive just says on .com if we carnt turn owa scunny the neet,ashley needs to think again about giving CH the job,im not having a dig a scunthorpe,BUT COME ON.

  2. I think we’ll be too good for this lot. The players will hopefully be up for it also. 0-2 with Ranger getting on the scoresheet.

  3. SpartanChris – go to your profile, move down to profile picture. ‘Browse’ for a photo on your computer (i.e. one you’ve saved somewhere), select the file then ‘upload’ and it should be hey presto!!

  4. Chris.

    When logged in, click ‘Profile’ in the login section. Then scroll down to ‘Profile Picture’, click the ‘Browse’ button and upload a picture of your choice from your own machine.

    Divven’t forget to click the ‘Update Profile’ button right at the bottom before you’re finished.

    Hope this helps.

  5. too good for this lot,the same team that beat sheff utd 3-1,too good to avoid defeat at blackpool.
    some people seem to overestimate how good newcastle are,we could lose this game quite easily if we,re not up for it.

  6. So Ashley is staying and that brings the end of this latest embarrasing episode in our history.

    My self imposed sabatical can now end.

    I was on this blog after the Plymouth game saying the start was false and we would be found out. All I got was abuse.

    Shame I was right!

    The club will never move forward while this cancer is here! He has to go. We will never be united while he owns the club.

    Hughton was/is never the answer. I feel sorry for him but he’s not the man.

    Promotion? Doubt it.
    Top Six? Doubt even that.

    The only way to make an impact is to stop going to the games.

    Ashley has budgetted for crowds of 25k this season. He’s sitting pretty while 40,000 plus ‘mugs’ turn up.

    If the captain of the titanic knew he was going to hit an iceberg do you think he would have set off?

    Well I seen this iceberg 1 month ago and I see further ones ahead.

    Ashley has created a war zone – Only rubble remains of what was once a great and proud football club. We the fans are just callaterral damage in Ashley’s eyes.

    I will no longer be callaterral damage and for that reason my season ticket will be staying firmly in my wallet until we have had a good purge of all the evil within the club.

    We need someone to rebuild this club. It will take a hell of a long time, but a man who doesn’t want to be here just isn’t going to do it.

    Anybody know any brickies?

  7. Stuart79 says:
    October 20, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    “I was on this blog after the Plymouth game saying the start was false and we would be found out. All I got was abuse.

    Shame I was right!”

    Yes, that’s the usual Newcastle way. Two or three poor games and everyone should be sacked, whether it’s Harvey after thirteen years, Robson after five or Hughton after no time at all. No wonder everyone thinks we’re so pathetic.

    Welcome back to hell BTW Stuart!