US bid faltering. Carroll speaks. Hughton laments.

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Carroll speaks
Carroll speaks
Apparently the Sheard-fronted US bid is in trouble. According to The Chronicle, the talks between the bidders and Seymour Pierce broke down after the US consortium failed to provide proof of funds. That’s not quite the end of things though as Derek Llambias has been teleconferencing with them, although no progress has been made.

In my experience teleconferencing takes a bit of getting used to. It’s all too easy to assume the mentality one does when watching television, forgetting that with a teleconference the people on the screen can actually hear what you’re saying.

I can remember a colleague of mine coming into the teleconference room, pointing to the screen and saying (I remember the phrase exactly even though it was 20 years ago): “who’s the fat, spammed-up, centre-parter?” and a small voice came out the speakers saying “my name’s Ian actually.” I was incapacitated with laughter for most of the rest of the conference.

So for that reason alone I predict the US bid has had it, leaving Barry Moat as the only viable candidate to take over the Toon at the moment.

Various newspapers have been quoting Andy Carroll’s claims that the squad has pulled together magnificently:

We don’t what is happening with the club, all we need to do is stay together as players and work hard

“Whether or not it’s the cup or the league, we just want to keep winning.

“We’ve got a group of lads here who just want to win football matches and take us back to the Premier League.

“We’ll just get on with the job – we know what we are working with.

“Every team we have to play this season wants to make a name for themselves. That makes it extra tough.

“We need to stick together as a squad. If we do that, we’ll keep picking up wins.

“We know that every game is likely to be physical in the Championship.

“All the games so far have been hard.

“We know that we are going to have to work hard in every game.

Chris Hughton has been lamenting the injuries of the Fenham Eusebio, saying:

His contributions have been excellent.

“His contribution regarding goals has been a great asset for us at the start of this season and we have to replace that.

“Shola has been a really important part of things so far this season.

“It’s not just goals.

“It’s his influence off the field.

“When a centre-forward is scoring goals, it lifts the confidence.

“For him as a person around the place he’s been on a high.

“He’s scored goals and has played well, he’ll be a big miss.

“His career here has contained highs and lows, like most players, but the most important thing has been that he’s played well.

“With him being a Newcastle lad who has a feel for this club, he will be fighting as much as anybody to be back.”

I must have missed the estimates about how long Shola will be out with this injury, although I vaguely remember a month being mentioned. We have Lovenkrands now and it looks like we’re still trying get to a Marlon of some sort on loan (either King or Harewood), so hopefully we’ll cope until Shola returns.

There’s a Marlon Michael Jackson who plays for Bristol City (currently loaned to Hereford) if Hughton fancies an off the wall punt.

That’s all there is for now. To the untrained eye that was a bit like those news roundups I used to do but a source close to denies this is the case. “It’s nothing like a news roundup – hardly even a summary,” he said via teleconference.

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78 Responses

  1. Fenham Eusebio!! Brilliant
    Not sure these yanks were genuine bidders anyway. So no lose imo. We are really lacking up front as we all know maybe centre back and left back as well. I think Lovenkrands will give us something different maybe get behind defences because all or strickers are big target men.
    Pity about this international break would have liked to keep going on a wee run of games.
    BBM really opened a can of worms yesterday although i got what he was trying to do. Keep it up folks. Worky, Debs, Hugh and BBM your doing a great job!!

  2. norn iron i would actually say that the internatonal break works in our favour as it gives any players that are feeling tired a good rest and it gives lovenkrands longer to work on his fitness which he will no doubt be lacking after missing out on pre season

  3. 69 what the fukc are you on about eh , give the tired players a good rest !!! …the season has just started for fukc sake ,get real you fool these pampered shithouses would crumble if they had to do a hard days graft.

  4. “Apparently the Sheard-fronted US bid is in trouble.”

    Of course it is. Sheff Wed fans could have told us that weeks ago, they know what he’s like.

    Moat can’t afford it really either. The big beasts aren’t interested, so we are just left with the hyenas to pick over our remains.

  5. Roy Cropper says:
    September 5, 2009 at 1:37 pm
    69 what the fukc are you on about eh , give the tired players a good rest !!! …the season has just started for fukc sake ,get real you fool these pampered shithouses would crumble if they had to do a hard days graft.

    chill out there is no need to throw insults of course they are gonna be tired they have played some tough games and some are coming back from injury so the break will give the mtime to get a bit of fitness back before we have to play

  6. i’m very chilled out until blithering idiots like you come out with crap about players being tired 4-5 games into a new season !! soft lad.

  7. Caleb Folan, what a name. Like sumik oota Starship Troopaz osumik.

    Captian Nemo, arrow anchor, arrow anchor.



    I was told a couple of weeks ago that Moat has the money and his main backers are seriously wealthy but they just wouldn’t pay over the odds for the club.

    With Keith Harris saying last week that local interest was important I presume he meant Moat and Harris has said in the past the club won’t be sold to someone who cannot afford to invest in the club.

    Fingers crossed.

  9. Stuart, you old gold dealer you. I remember the conversation. There’s got to be a promotion clause in all these potential deals. Otherwise we’d be bought by now. I said initially, MA’d be daft to sell now. He’s here until the end of the season. No doubt.


    …starting for Peru.

  10. Who am I to say?
    Who am I to say?
    Am I just a hypocrite?
    Another piece of your bullshit
    Am I the dog the bit, the hand of the man that feeds it?

    Do the dog, do the dog
    Do the dog, not the donkey…

  11. Rodzilla says:
    September 5, 2009 at 9:59 pm
    Roy Cropper, I really fancy your wife. She’s an easy lover.

    You fancy Hayley or is it Harold?

  12. ok it’s bed time, night rodders , batty , stuart79 & worky your not a old get just old ..but ya alreet man..neet neet for noo then.

    ….69 if you wanna see the summer of better show me respect sonna.

  13. Rodzilla says:
    September 5, 2009 at 10:25 pm
    …and Stuart, any hole’s a goal mate

    …as long as it hits the net, loverboy.

    Wish someone would have told Xisco that!

  14. Worky, am I close to getting barred from here yet?

    ….one thing’s for certain, I can’t stop talking shite.

    Way of the jungle.

  15. Bats, Ed couldn’t ban me if he tried. I’ve just abstained since ‘Rodzilla’ purely through hurt. It cut me. I was offended pretty badly. Piss easy to go back under another nickname. Not the point.

  16. batty says:
    September 5, 2009 at 9:58 pm
    “worky have u been pondering”

    I’ve been out watching the football.

    batty says:
    September 5, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    “rod how can he ban you if your useing proxy sever lol”

    There are quite a few ways, batty.

  17. now, 52 times, there’s an enigma. One whose points were always meticulously defined, yet obnoxious at times. Intelligence is often overruled by shocking spontaneity.

  18. Stuart, who knows mate, and it doesn’t really matter anymore. But I had massive fingers pointed up my non-existance. Blame it on the FEDs

  19. worky , i really dont think you should be going out on a sat night when you’ve got a few of the lads round like..

  20. How! Rod! RSS feed from Ed’s ‘blog LOL

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    What’s all that stuff he writes about keeping it clean for the bairns?

  21. Rodzilla says:
    September 6, 2009 at 12:38 am (Edit)

    “….don’t bother checking this out..”

    That was the best one Rod! I ended up watching Johnny Cash and Jose Feliciano on there.