With Newcastle United, the pen is mightier than the sword!

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The clue is in those three words Mr Lovenkrands
The clue is in those three words Mr Lovenkrands
I’m sort of chuckling even as I write this. I say ‘sort of’, simply because it’s turning more from a chuckle to a kind of hysterical low mewling sound. That’s what this club is doing to me and to others. The fact that the board continue to display such incompetence and such a lack of decency and respect for those at the club and the supporters is bordering on the ridiculous.

The latest debacle is the letter Peter Lovenkrands received through the post informing him that his services were no longer required. He’d earlier gone on record as saying he’d be happy to stick around if offered the right deal. And in return he receives this unwarranted kick in the teeth.

It makes you wonder whether for some reason they’re doing a lot of this on purpose. But perhaps the right hand literally doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Maybe the right hand meant for the left hand to give the letter as a matter of formality once he (the right hand) had maybe had a quiet and decent word in Peter’s ear first, instead of as a direct alternative. And while the right hand is organising a well deserved charity game and honouring Sir Bobby Robson at St James’ Park, the left hand decides it would be a great idea to send many potential punters across to Holland on the very same day for a game in Utrecht. This presumably for a low-key outing inside the stadium and a higher-level kick-off away from it, what with the makems an hour down the road and the fact we’re in notorious hooligan territory to begin with. If that’s not grounds for intent to incite a riot or someones idea of a late April Fool, I don’t know what is. The left hand has a lot of explaining to do.

But I digress.

Since Chris Mort left, the vast majority of updates we’ve received (when they’ve actually bothered to update us that is) have come via the media but via the written word. The statements have lacked charisma and inspiration and quite often substance and so ultimately having waited long periods between communication we’re often left fairly disappointed by what they have to say.

This ‘letter’ incident again seeks to prove the current regime lack class and definitely lack the business acumen to survive in this game. Binning Johnny Bloggs off the golf section at Sports Direct via a curtly worded and cowardly letter is something they might have got away with in the past. But doing so with a reasonably high profile footballer and at a club so media-drenched as ours, I mean how did they think they’d get away with that?

Conversely, the cynical hacks out there with their pithy remarks and damning reviews use the written word effectively and smartly to condemn a club dying on it’s feet. Despite us not being a ‘big club’, the media and opposition fans don’t half take an interest in us and a delight in our misfortunes and misdemeanours. More often than not it’s because we provide them with the ammunition to hurt us. This being just yet another opportunity for them to sharpen their weapons and inflict more wounds. How many more of these gaffs do we need to endure before we’re rescued?

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16 Responses

  1. I’m not a violent person, but the recent turn of events at our club is enough to turn me into a full on black garter pub radgie.

  2. Good post BBM. I’ve stopped attempting to understand the communication methods they employ at the club as there clearly aren’t. Add to that mix a regime under siege wanting out of town as soon as possible, the lack of focus or accountability and the Lovenkrands situation is inevitable. To be honest I don’t have a huge amount of sympathy with him. He was on a short term temp contract that he expected to end and only a few weeks ago was proclaiming his need to play premiership football and he would see what else was out there. Seemed quite happy with a move to the mackems and now nothing has materialised he suddenly wants to stay and fight the cause – yeah right. If he was on Alan Shearer’s list I’m sure there would have been words in his ear to stay. My guess is he wasn’t, he was out of contract and so away you go. I agree it should have been done professionally but when was the last time anything too professional happened at Newcastle United? Lets hope this nightmare ends soon

  3. I would have like Lovenkrands to stay and its shocking that they send a letter telling him not to turn up at pre season training. Hopefully Ashley loses all the money he has left. Could not happen to a nicer person.

  4. i see that fellow david craig is back on ed’s blog and saying its defo freddie and just waiting for the green light from harris and shearer already has coachs and transfers lined up and hopes to be on the flight to ireland for training camp. Probably bullshit but its entertaining

  5. Joseph

    It’s amazing how some people like to speculate as if it’s fact. I guess it’s wishful thinking on behalf of some fans sadly to have FFS back on board making tropy signings we can’t afford and wittering about the geordie nation and all that daft stuff he normally spouts. If there is a god he won’t let him within a mile of the place

  6. If it was true the real David Craig from sky sports news would be telling everyone about it.

  7. “I guess it’s wishful thinking on behalf of some fans sadly to have FFS back on board making tropy signings we can’t afford and wittering about the geordie nation and all that daft stuff he normally spouts.”

    Like being a street fighter from Byker. I love that one. It even rhymes.

  8. ‘Like being a street fighter from Byker. I love that one. It even rhymes.’

    Yes that was one of his most memorable utterances, I guess to try to give the impression of the common touch – although that was very evident already, him being common, uncouth and all that

  9. Why couldn’t we just end up with a fairly normal chairman like David Dein?

  10. deb – Probably.

    I just meant because he’s a bit of a parody. He’d fit in well round here.

    Bit random though, I concede.