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Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias – Stirring the pot…

September 12th, 2011 | 52 Comments |

Stirring the pot.
I couldn't help myself!
I swore to myself I wouldn’t get involved and would stay away from this fight as Ashley has got the fans at each other throats with the current state of affairs at SJP but after reading a recent ‘blog by my colleague on here, and the fairly large response to it, I couldn’t hold my water any further!

I had decided i would reserve my judgement on the current regime and thought it would be fair to see where we are at after the window has closed and we are a few games into the season, hopefully with a new striker and some sensible investment in place, I had hoped we wouldn’t be having the Ashley argument again as we all just want NUFC to move forward with sensible investment. But after the appalling lack of squad strengthening and ambition from the current regime, the nonsense printed in the Chronicle’s Q&A and amazingly some fans actually backing Ashley as a master of business and Professor in the school of running a football club, I feel the need to point out a few things missing from this boiling pot. What immediate springs to my mind is:

What about the fans feeling more interested and enthused and therefore more inclined to forking out more money to support Newcastle United as well? (more…)

What’s the deal Mike?

February 26th, 2011 | 60 Comments |

What are Mike Ashley's intentions for Newcastle United?
What's the plan Mike?
Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley continues to be a perpetual source of confusion, at least for this writer.

I’m confused. Which is to say that I’m more confused than normal. For starters I’m confused as to how an email address that has never been used by me anywhere and was only set up last week has ended up on some spam lists. It’s already getting about 10 emails a day offering to increase the size of certain parts of my body, reduce the size of others or somehow make me rich from under my duvet.

But that’s an aside. What I’m confused about for the purposes of this article is Newcastle United.

We have at the helm of our club a certain Mike Ashley and I confess to not having a clue where he’s coming from and, more to the point, where he’s planning on going.

Ashley has threatened to sell the club more than once and the last I heard was that it was still his intent to sell it, but that he needed to secure Premier League safety in order to get his asking price. Has that changed?

I ask because a man whose sole purpose is to create something to sell is going to approach things with a different intent than a man whose purpose is to build something for the long-term. I think this is important and I haven’t got a clue which category Ashley now falls into. (more…)