Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias – Stirring the pot…

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Stirring the pot.
I couldn't help myself!
I swore to myself I wouldn’t get involved and would stay away from this fight as Ashley has got the fans at each other throats with the current state of affairs at SJP but after reading a recent ‘blog by my colleague on here, and the fairly large response to it, I couldn’t hold my water any further!

I had decided i would reserve my judgement on the current regime and thought it would be fair to see where we are at after the window has closed and we are a few games into the season, hopefully with a new striker and some sensible investment in place, I had hoped we wouldn’t be having the Ashley argument again as we all just want NUFC to move forward with sensible investment. But after the appalling lack of squad strengthening and ambition from the current regime, the nonsense printed in the Chronicle’s Q&A and amazingly some fans actually backing Ashley as a master of business and Professor in the school of running a football club, I feel the need to point out a few things missing from this boiling pot. What immediate springs to my mind is:

What about the fans feeling more interested and enthused and therefore more inclined to forking out more money to support Newcastle United as well?

The sheer nerve of Derek Llambias to speak to the fans like they are gullible idiots is the final nail in the coffin for me. How the hell did we get so far apart when it comes to public relations beggars belief!

Just look at last season look at how close we were to having an even better first season back in the Premiership, and now look where we are. We have gone from a club on the move to a laughing stock again in the space of nine months! It was all there Ashley had a perfect chance to improve and invest in a team and move us on in a sensible way thus generating excitement and revenue, not just in the North East but in every supporter around the world that follows the Magpies.

But look at what he’s done, its gone! Everything! From beating Sunderland 5-1 with a home grown number 9, to a team now relying on cheap and cheerful imports and the remaining squad members not knowing if they are coming or going, or playing for the club or themselves!

For me, Ashley redeemed himself getting the club back up but then wasted another golden opportunity to finally make a success at the club by first removing Hughton for Pardew and dismantling a fantastic foundation upon which we could have built something special on by selling the core of the team and cashing in.

It’s quite clear to me he has had enough and has reverted to what he knows best which is the Sports Direct model of doing business and will try and recoup as much cash as possible from player sales, TV revenues, sponsorships and whatever else he can turn a profit on is up for grabs with him selling the club when the time is right for him to whoever he likes

Even if you don’t agree with a single point I have made, as I am only commenting from the outside looking in on what about just about everyone who has had dealings with Mr Ashley at NUFC has said or written. Just about every player and former manager has made a point of calling the regime. That’s alot of people all singing the same tune which must be an indicator from the inside that all is not well at Newcastle United?

Watch the video below which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and then tell me Ashley is good for NUFC after dismantling instead of adding to that squad of players.

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52 Responses

  1. Good stuff Geordiedug.

    Why is it every time somebody makes a decent football video on youtube, they ruin it with poncey music?

  2. We are going to miss the lads that have moved on maybe not straight away but if we are losing a game you could rely on joey or kevin to rally the players and maybe get a draw WE WILL MISS UM….. Fair enough we made some handy enough signings but lets see how they do when the shit hits the fan and we loose a couple of games i hope they have the balls to stand up and be counted on the pitch

  3. Sorry, We have gone from a club on the move to a laughing stock again in the space of nine months!
    Please will you explain why we are a laughing stock now and not when we forking out 102k per week for MO who then told us we were as small club with no ambition?

  4. Personally, I think that perhaps the most salient point is the one right at the end:

    “I am only commenting from the outside looking in on what about just about everyone who has had dealings with Mr Ashley at NUFC has said or written. Just about every player and former manager has made a point of calling the regime. That’s alot of people all singing the same tune which must be an indicator from the inside that all is not well at Newcastle United?”

    Mike Ashley and his cipher have generated contempt throughout the footballing world, and this will have an effect on the club. For a start, it’s why we have to scrape the barrel in terms of manager recruitment, as no one of any substance would want to come near the club after the Keegan and Hughton fiascos unless, perhaps, they were offered an obscene contract which the club will not give. Players talk amongst themselves too.

  5. The best arcticle I have ever read on this particular blogsite. You where spot on, cant really add anything to that

  6. Sorry lambsarse but I for one don`t feel beholding to you or Ashley. Ashley bought the club without doing due diligence, then he gets us relegated with his mismanagement of the club. The fact that he lost a load of money is his problem and down to sheer incompetence. Now not only is he trying to recoup that money but he is treating us the consumers like half wits. Get down on bended knee because you should be eternally grateful what Mr Ashley has done and he won`t put his hand in his pocket unless you do so! Sorry Lambsarse you and Ashley can go and whistle!

  7. Ex-players want to ingratiate themselves with the fans as they leave & the ‘ashley tip’ is an excellent, built-in excuse.
    Don’t be fooled by that mate.
    Notice how ac has said next to nothing.
    Nolan wanted more money & was prepared to drop down a league to a desperate team to get it.
    Jose was never gonna sign & kept his options open ’til a champs league came in…Oh wait?..
    JB, well, made his position untenable, & got what he ‘asked for’.
    But hey, each to their own.
    Big fat NA to players who want away.

    They musta drugged Cabaye(french double winner), Santon (inter milan) etc. for eg.
    Howay mate!
    It’s alright to be angry though man.
    Better to get it out now,
    than let it fester for months & months.

  8. MAapologist says:
    September 12, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    “Please will you explain why we are a laughing stock now and not when we forking out 102k per week for MO who then told us we were as small club with no ambition?”

    You’re right, we were something of a laughing stock under Shepherd, but this constant harking back to the sins of Ashley’s predessor is a fallacious argument which has become very tedious.

    In terms of our profligacy, we have merely gone from one extreme to another and we are still a laughing stock. However, could you imagine Ashley and Llambias persuading someone like Bobby Robson to come and manage the club now under the terms he accepted? I don’t think so somehow.

  9. It’s fair enough saying that this lot couldn’t get a ‘SBR’ to coach the team, but the last lot sacked him for coming 5th.

  10. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 12, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    “Na, no vid this end!”

    Clint, it could be that you need to install the latest Falsh plugin on the browser you are using.

    Are you using ‘Firefox’ by any chance?

    Have you checked whether your browser has said you need to install a Flash plugin?

    Try another browser.

  11. Funny how the world and his wife now write Cabaye(League and Cup Double Winner) as if that was part of his name ?

    I’m pretty sure, although I cannot guarantee this of course, that Cabaye had team mates helping him win those titles. Unfortunately we didnt buy them :(

  12. Ashley and Llambias treat us like sh!t. The recent “answering” of questions proves that. They were “answers” in name only, and really just vague repeated excuses that lack real logic and facts. However, I don’t think that loosing barton and nolan is as bad as its made out to be. The moral support they could provide could be completely eclipsed with their on and off field performances – nolan has no pace and 99% of his goals come from being in the right place when a carroll header hit the ground (If you look at his scoring record, its nothing post-traitor) and barton’s explosions are what made us a laughing stock. enrique would have been poisonous to the dressing room to keep. and carroll on paper is a godsend – local lad, number 9, the next shearer. however, all of his baggage and his jumping ship showed his true colors. and I would do the 35 million all over again. immediately i was gutted, but the transfer showed the cracks in the squad and how carroll was the goals we scored. if we had lost him without any return we would have been screwed. with the 35 million we have improved the squad as a whole. the problem lies in llambias and ashley attempting to do just enough to keep the fans and team complacent and nothing more. they should have been more ambitious this transfer season. we had the moeny and im all for frugal spending but only having to shell out another million for pieters and maiga each should have just happened no resistence

  13. Funny how everyone we sign is shite, when it’s patently obvious that they aren’t.
    But if it suits your poo-pooing of a perfectly decent point.

    ps…No, i won’t shut up. Despite pas/ag attempts.


  14. clints right, we’ve made good and even great signings. the problem is that ashley and llambias want to keep us complacent and pull the wool over our eyes. they’ve done just enough for us to argue. if they did nothing we’d be in the streets. they know how to playu the supporters just enough and that even more dangerous which is why we need them out.

  15. Johnny says:
    September 12, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    “they’ve done just enough for us to argue.”

    It’s divide and rule Johnny, and also using fear by constantly bringing up the spectre of Shepherd and his previous mismanagement.

    Ashley brought in a new media guru (Wendy Taylor) for a reason.

  16. worky,
    join the dots Re: recent posts, add a dash of humour & an (obligatory) over-reaction, shake & you’ll get it mate.


  17. If I was a Geordie in London getting abuse after putting £280m into a lemon, to keep the club in existence and become an established top 10 team in the premiership I would say f*ck the lot of you ****ney tw@ts I’ll relocate the club back in my beloved Newcastle!

    Stop whinging, and judge on the football – it’s our best start in years, Cabaye was a steal – be positive, your like a load of old women!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I’m assuming it was my post that prompted this one. Fair play, Ashley’s not perfect. The point I’m saying is that he WILL sell us eventually, but at least we are reasonably stable for the meantime

  19. worky i agree and rob wake up man

    the mgmt (and not pardew – that man has my respect for dealing with the pie eatin bastards upstairs) is shopping in second hand stores and finding savile row suits and stealin em before anyone else can. i love that we got cabaye and tiote cheap but you can bet that if either were 7 mill or more we wouldnt be cheerin them on each sat. the problem is that the know how to do just enough to keep people like you relatively happy. I’m pumped with out players and the start we’ve had. but im worried for the future

  20. “But after the appalling lack of squad strengthening”.

    I would call the failure to replace Andy Carroll appalling, but other than that we have done well.
    Time will tell, but we have defenders and midfield capable of getting into Europe.

    One player, one single 20 -odd goal scoring striker and we would have a tremendous squad. Hardly appalling lack of squad strengthening.

  21. Total bollox. Well run club decent team about to go 3rd. Go and support the Mackems their buying and business plan seems to be what you like.

  22. I doubt ashley will be selling NUFC any time soon, eventually, probably, not for a while yet though.

    I’m here for the football personally.
    Aye, it’s rollercoaster ride with the Toon like, always has been in my life.

  23. Get off their back – yes we are all upset we didn’t get the last signing over the line but the targets on the list were very good players. Gamerio, Erdinc, Cisse etc., accept that better younger improving players will be harder to get over the line than the washed out has beens we’ve bought in the past!

    We signed some very good players, the squad is stronger, younger, faster and we have plenty of cash available for January!

  24. but mick what happens before he sells???. and rob – I was reserving judgment until transfers past and i can no longer defend a pair of fools who could have gotten two internationals (one a 23 yr old on the dutch team that was in fifa finals last year) just by shelling out another mill for each with a surplus of over 50 mil on transfers in their back pocket. frugality is great, but investment (that would be 4% of the surplus) is just common sense and necessary

  25. Kamar says:
    September 12, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    “I want to know why there is a picture of an old man making a huge vat of semolina.”

    Because he’s stirring a big pot Kamar, as it says in the title.

    My choice. I’ll get me coat…

  26. Look I accept DL did not come up with the final signing we all craved for, and you must question his negotiating skills, but I do think he was very close to getting the one he wanted and didn’t want to go to the next one on the list!

    I am giving him the benefit of the doubt but January must see this signing in the bag!!!!!

    In the mean time it gives our exsisting strikers a chance to shine! The time we were short of strikers after getting rid of Owen, Viduka & Martins a certain Andy Carroll seized his opportunity!

  27. “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over” – Joseph Goebbels.

  28. Rob says:

    “If I was a Geordie in London getting abuse after putting £280m into a lemon, to keep the club in existence and become an established top 10 team in the premiership I would say f*ck the lot of you ****ney tw@ts I’ll relocate the club back in my beloved Newcastle!”

    An established top ten club was roughly where we were before Fatman brought in his famous 5 year plan when he took over :)

    (Actually I need the “crying my eyes out” emoticon if anyone knows how ?)

  29. Rob – if you had made a net profit of 36 million in transfers alone (including this past window) would you not see the value in investing another 16? that’s 20 left in the pot for january and with that reinvestment, we’d place higher and earn more money at the season’s end. we need to feed reasonable money into the club to build. i’m not saying go out and drop tons on marquee signings. thats foolish. but gradual reinvestment with mostly 5 mill and less players with a couple 7-10 mil players is a solid plan. its not that we didnt get a few signings so we’re pissed. its that the unwillingness to spend an extra mil or two for progress down the road is foolish.

  30. worky,

    Then there’s the little matter of who’s gonna buy, hey?

    We all gan on about MA selling, but who’s gonna buy?

  31. I think a few on here need to go to wikipedia & type in ‘Moneyball’.

    That may give you some answers.


  32. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 12, 2011 at 6:18 pm (Edit)


    Then there’s the little matter of who’s gonna buy, hey?”

    Clint, if no-one wants to buy Newcastle United, wouldn’t that be a sign that Ashley hasn’t turned around the club as much as he would like us to believe? ;-)

    The match banter is now up BTW.

  33. Rob says:
    September 12, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    “and become an established top 10 team in the premiership”

    Weren’t we 12th last season and in the Championship before that? How’s that an “established top 10 team” Rob?

    It sounds a little premature.

  34. worky,

    turned the club, turned the fans.

    There’s constant turning gannen on mate.

    When/if the club is stable, then there’s a chance.

    A ‘would be owner’ will look at everything from books, receipts, fan base, potential, futures, plus others, no doubt.
    It could be sweetness & light, but if it ‘seems’ or looks poison, they could well be put off.

  35. Clint @ 45: quick, how many World Series have the Athletics won under Beane? People are fascinated by how he runs a team-but his teams win nothing.

  36. We’re much more than a striker short of a decent summer for transfers. We were outplayed by QPR FFS. We may have had a decent start, but betters teams will rip us apart.

    The squad is much weaker than the one that started last season, and a bad run of injuries, the inevitable Tiote suspension etc could have us in freefall.

    To not replace Carroll in 7 months is totally unforgivable, and I don’t believe a single one fo Llambias’ excuses.