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Breaking news: Williamson denies FA charge.

November 23rd, 2010 | 136 Comments |

The breaking news is that Mike Williamson has denied the charge of violent conduct thrust upon him by The FA.

Williamson had been charged after an incident with Bolton’s Johan Elmander during the weekend defeat at The Reebok.

Williamson escaped punishment at the time as referee Howard Webb claimed that he didn’t see it, which left the door open for The FA to use retrospective punishment with the aid of video replays, just like they did with Joey Barton.

I’m not sure whether or not denying the charge is a good move in all honesty.

To me it looked like Williamson was gulty, although I don’t think he meant to go into Elmander as hard as he did, or with his head leading. Instead I think it was an attempt at a bodycheck similar to what Nicklas Bendtner did to Williamson a few weeks back when we played Arsenal in the Carling Cup.

Williamson is in risky territory now. The FA have obviously seen enough to warrant charging him, so I think it is unlikely that they will change their mind. That will mean that Williamson will face an extended ban for making an appeal that is deemed to be frivolous. (more…)