Breaking news: Williamson denies FA charge.

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The breaking news is that Mike Williamson has denied the charge of violent conduct thrust upon him by The FA.

Williamson had been charged after an incident with Bolton’s Johan Elmander during the weekend defeat at The Reebok.

Williamson escaped punishment at the time as referee Howard Webb claimed that he didn’t see it, which left the door open for The FA to use retrospective punishment with the aid of video replays, just like they did with Joey Barton.

I’m not sure whether or not denying the charge is a good move in all honesty.

To me it looked like Williamson was gulty, although I don’t think he meant to go into Elmander as hard as he did, or with his head leading. Instead I think it was an attempt at a bodycheck similar to what Nicklas Bendtner did to Williamson a few weeks back when we played Arsenal in the Carling Cup.

Williamson is in risky territory now. The FA have obviously seen enough to warrant charging him, so I think it is unlikely that they will change their mind. That will mean that Williamson will face an extended ban for making an appeal that is deemed to be frivolous.

Of course, he could well prove his innocence, but I don;t remember many players doing such a thing when they have appealed an FA charge.

The fact that Williamson looks set to appeal will mean that he could be available for the weekend game against Chelsea as any appeal is unlikely to be held unil next week.

No doubt we’ll here more about this…

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136 Responses

  1. I think this is a silly move. The FA basically say admit it and you’ll lose 3 games if you don’t we will punsh you even more. There’s no way he will get away with it. They will seek to make an example of him now with a lengthy ban I supect. How dare you protest your innocence against the FA Mike, this isn’t a democracy. :)

  2. I’ve never understood this appeals process. How can it work if you appeal to the same people who made the judgement in the first place?

    The only reason I can think of is if CH needs him for this weekend so much that he’s willing to risk losing Willo for more games later on. Doubt it.

  3. Perhaps we could drop Willo, Collo and Barton into N.Korea armed with knuckle dusters, steel elbow thingies and some dog burgers…
    Sorry. Bit bored.

  4. Maybe the team decision was for Willo to take the bullet on this one? Have him avaliable for the Chelsea match so that he can either start up/act as cover incase either saylor/sol get injured etc but with an extended sentence…Hoping that Collo gets back in time to start/cover in case we have further problems. Or maybe he genuinely felt he hadn’t done anything wrong..either way he’ll undoubtedly be punished more.

  5. Maybe he felt he didn’t do anything wrong and it was a genuine accident.

    He should put together a legal team and take them to a proper court. He gets paid enough money. See how they like that the sad old gets. :)

  6. And In a proper court his legal team could show the jury a collection of the challenges off the ball on Joey Barton against Wolves. Maybe the FA can explain why nobody was charged with violent conduct in that game.

  7. his good disciplinary track record will work in his favour. No more than 3 match ban – starting after next 2 games. He’s taking one for the team without question

  8. I wonder how much say Williamson had in all this and how much it came down to his club/managers decision.

    The whole system is as bent as a fifteen pound note.

  9. The problem with the FA process is the charge is brought about by Video evidence without an explanation from the player, maybe if they asked first it would eliminate the need for an appeal, yes it was a body check same as Bendtner did but it looks worse, doesnt help that Elmander played Possum but then got up and played on.
    Seriously,if he had been head butted, he would have been injured or at least unconscious and unable to play on, we are being out foxed in the cheating department in this league and i could have put my foot through the telly on Sunday watching Simon Davies smirk at the replay of the last penalty award.
    That said, enough is enough, and we need to adapt quickly or we will run out of players at this rate.

  10. Didn’t someone say yesterday that the ref spoke to Williamson after the incident? Meaning he did see it and has reneged on that fact. Maybe Willo will say that.’ How can he say he hasn’t seen it when he had words with me afterward’

  11. Kangaroo court, total stich up!

    Not sure whether I like the idea of him being available for Sunday though.

  12. So he gets extra suspension for appealing? Wow. Here in America, most sports (if not all) allow for appealing without extra punishment. In fact the player gets to play during the appeal as well. I learn something new everyday following this club (on this blog especially).

  13. Anyone remember Williamson being punched in the face at Everton by Fellani? Wonder why that wasnt referred to the FA for further action?

  14. I assume everybody is watching the games right now.

    I think it’s an honest move by Williamson. He just might have some video footage of his own to prove that the ref did in fact see the incident

  15. is it good to see chelsea getting beaten by minnows, on one hand it’ll dent confidence even further but on the other they’ll be determined to put things right agaisnt the toon

    think I’ll go for the former :)

  16. watched twenty minutes of ajax and real madrid. madrid are different gravy. class all over the field. and they are resting five players.
    light years from what we see at st james

  17. hey budlovesapasty, don’t compare Madrid “B” Team to the Toon mate…not good for you…

  18. I think a big reason for appealing is if Colo and Mike are both suspended for 3 games i don’t think Hughton thinks big Sol can play 3 games in a row. But we shall see..

  19. Didn’t realise we were on the box on sunday like.
    Reckon it’ll go one of two ways. We’ll either manage to somehow take advantage of Chelsea being stuck in this rut or they’ll use us as whipping boys to get back on track, hopefully not the latter. I can see it being one extreme or the other though.
    They only really started to play football in the second half the night, looked thoroughly average first 45.

  20. Ross

    They are nervous right now and we should look to exploit it. Ameobi and Carroll up front should give their defence a nightmare.

  21. @24 – Thanks for the clip since I didn’t get to see the game.
    But seriously…that’s why he’s facing a 3-game suspension? That was hardly “Violent.” If that was considered violent, why isn’t Barton serving time in a cell? Oy…

  22. Team vs Chelsea:





    I would play Nolan up top as much as possible with him dropping into midfield when they have the ball.

  23. I would play this team…


    C.H and Nolan just don’t impress me at all atm.

  24. If you look at the games where Chelsea have not just been beaten, but thoroughly outplayed I.e. Liverpool and Sunderland. Both games saw Chelsea’s fullbacks pushed back by difficult, tricky wingers.

    We need Routledge for this game. I know he hasn’t been great, but he is the only player with a chance of pushing Cole back. We desperately need a RW.

  25. just watched the video – I really can’t see how that’s a 3 match ban, Williamson is right to challenge it – he can probably take a clip of every prem game this season where that happens and isn’t pulled up by ref or retrospectively charged, fvcking joke

  26. Maybe Elmander should be charged with unsporting behaviour – he went down as though he’d been hit with a sledge hammer then…… miracle on miracles, he’s fine.

    But worryingly this sort of behaviour’s becoming more the norm as time moves on – maybe the powers that be ought to insist on such players leaving the field for treatment? That might make them think twice before feigning serious injury.

  27. Get the stretcher on &/or yellow card the divers.
    They’ve pulled back from the fifa directive of a few years ago, where all players rolling on the ground went off. They always backslide away from rules that stop cheating or, as in the case of yellows for diving, hardly ever implement it.

  28. El Toro,
    chelsea didn’t like Ferguson in the league cup, did they?
    I’d play Routledge too btw.

  29. Referees are under tremendous pressure and scrutiny and its not helping that the cheating has crept back into the game, Blackburn have taken full advantage to start stop and disrupt the game, Davies conned a pen and watching Man City on Sunday I was amazed at the way De Jong fell to the ground after a nothing challenge earning the Fulham player a yellow card, hes got a nerve!
    But thats the reality and we have been naive in that department all season and have need to smarten up sharpish, we are top of the foul play league with Arsenal second, unbelievable.

  30. Just read that we may be going in for Anderson in January. I doubt it will happen, but if it were he would be Barton’s long term replacement imo. I don’t think Barton will be getting his contract extended and Anderson is a top talent when played in his natural position CM/AM (NOT DM!). I really do not know why Chelsea and Man United signed Mikel and Anderson only to turn them into DM’s!? What a waste of forward thinking talent.

  31. Aye,
    anderson, no ta.

    there is no way we are the ‘dirtiest’ team in the prem, it’s a joke the amount of yellows/reds that have been brandished to our players this season so far.
    A big % have been ‘nothing tackles’, the refs target players like Barton.
    Perch, Colo, Willo to name 3, have had yellows dished out for nothing.
    Maybe they should review all cards, in the ‘cold light of day’ after games, to deem whether they were, dives, fouls etc. Loads of cards, for all teams are pathetic & loads are due to the ‘victim’ cheating.
    Plenty are warranted & they are fair enough, but there’s a lot of ‘falling over legs’, before they even get to the leg & there are a lot of ‘big name’ players that get let off for horrendous challenges too.

  32. Micky,
    simply because some of our fans don’t like him.
    If the fans were in charge we’d have no players left every time we lost a game.
    Or even 10 mins into a game sometimes.

  33. El Toro,
    that doesn’t alter the fact that he’s been one of our best performers though, does it?
    Most of his ‘baggage’ is ‘off field’ too.
    People seem to forget that.
    Not dissing y’mate, just pointing out a fact.

  34. Barton is not only one of best player he is also one of the best midfielders in the premier league so for me he is a no brainer to get a new contract

  35. CLint

    It doesn’t matter to the fans (or majority of them), but since when did the fans have the final say? Do you really think MA is only concerned about Barton’s on the field actions? Do you not feel MA will want to offload Barton’s wages at some point in the near future? Seriously

  36. El Toro,
    Yes mate,
    most fans don’t care, y’right, but there will always be a vocal minority, won’t there?
    If MA sees Barton doing the job on the pitch, i doubt he’d care mate.
    He’s a hard nosed businessman, so he knows ‘you get what you pay for’ sometimes.
    When he’s over 30, if his game drops, he’ll get moved on.
    I’m not that bothered about ‘who’s on what’ tbh.
    No one cares what film stars, pop stars, artists make.
    It’s media lead bullsh, imv.
    They don’t like the idea of working class boys getting big money.

  37. If he didnt want to off load his wages in the championship why will he want to off load them now back in the premiership el toro? I think some people of to get over the whole keegangate thing , yes Mike Ashley is looking to reduce our overall expenses but he is not the scrooge some people want to paint him as.

  38. Ashley will be like any other businessman if he thinks he is getting value out of Barton then his wages won’t be of concern. Personally I don’t mind players being paid megabucks if they are worth it. I reckon Barton is worth it.

  39. My understanding of the whole situation is that MA gambled on our high earners to get us out of the Championship because losing players would have seriously hurt our chances of promotion. The gamble paid off, we are now back in the Prem, but we can now attract quality players for a lower wage because of our Premiership status. MA, like any other professional will no doubt look at that and see opportunity.

  40. Also, Joey Barton is in great form at the moment, but can people please stop saying ridiculous things like, “He is the best Premiership midfielder at the moment”. No, no he is not.

  41. El Toro,
    aye, no doubt.
    But it swings both ways.
    Cos we are prem, players want higher wages too.
    & clubs want more to buy those players in the first place.
    It’s all about balance.
    ‘Life’s a gamble’-Penetration(NE punk band) :)

  42. bollocks..he waved play on..or was i seeing something else..then didnt he stop the play..then went over..

  43. Clint

    I generally agree with your point, but we have already proved our ability to attract quality players on a low wage and for a low fee I.e Bassong and Tiote.

    He is doing wonders for me in the old Fantasy as well, mate. Come to think of it, my whole team are currently doing a great job. Have a look at my team.

    Van Der Vaart—-Nasri—–Cahill——-Nani

    Team and a half!

  44. all the top english players the refs say they have seen it and dont do anything about it..fu..king joke

  45. El Toro,
    i too generally agree back mate.
    It’s good that we’ve realigned our wages policy, it’s good for the club, especially since the new rules will kick in soon.
    We’ve got a jump start on that.
    & we can still & always will attract better players than a lot of clubs.
    Good team mate, got a few of them myself too.

  46. the biggest joke is fa would not allow carrol to play for england last they had to ask fa if they could put him in the squad..but john terry shagging players wives and rooney..and gerred in court..seen on ctv doing a lad in…but get in..

  47. The Youtube shot of Williamson/Ellmander is not good enough to see whether Willo gave him a Glasgow kiss or not. One thing for sure is that he blocked his path, which happens ALL the time in the Prem, without even receiving a warning never mind a three match ban ! In addition, listen to the commentary on the same link, reference to “roughing up” being mentioned, and no refernce to dirty play, sendings off etc. Basically the commentator was condoning some tough play by Willo, but play which is basically accepted as part and parcel of a mans game by the ex-pros. We all remember the BBC MOTD wazzocks, Shearer included counting the number of times Joey Barton got hit by Wolves. Where were the FA whn that premditated aggression was going on ?!

    Now if Willo DID give him a Glasgow kiss, then thats something different…

  48. Munich,
    if Willo did give him a ‘Geordie kiss’ ( :) ), there’d be blood/marks etc.
    So i doubt it.

  49. Clint …don’t forget Willo isn’t a Geordie…if he had of given him a Geordie kiss, Ellmander wouldn’t have got up again. Handbags at 20 paces more like. Am curious if Ellmander or Bolton have said owt about it ? Owen Coyle has played the game himself, he knows what goes on…

  50. Munich,

    Coyle’s a tough guy, i can’t see it like.
    More to do with that cop webb & the (sweet) fa.

  51. agreed the FA are on our case now, or so it seems…
    Webb..wasn’t he the same guy who missed De Jongs karate kick on Xabi Alonso in the WC final…amongst other horrendous tackles that day….

  52. Coyle & bolton would be more than happy with the game, doubt they’d give one…
    It’s not like elmander didn’t go on to score 2 goals in a 5-1 victory.
    It’s the fa trying to rub salt in.

  53. El toro I dont see any comments saying he is the best midfielder in the premiership at the moment. He is one of the best tho , just as a matter of interest who do you rate higher?

  54. MM,
    aye, the same webb.
    Why didn’t they retro send de mong off that day?
    Maybe cos webb was stood 5 meters away & is a mong?

  55. Anderson is a good player. One of the most talented in the prem. He is a typical example of Alex Ferguson playing 30 million euros for a skillful attacking midfielder and playing him out of position as a holding player. We should try and get him on loan, he’s a long term replacement for Barton/Nolan. He’s no Alan Smith, the guy would be a huge success at Newcastle he’s just been messed around thats all.

  56. still think its doon to the letter toon sent in aboot benny,what aboot treatment barton got at wolves nowt said,what aboot the elbow colo got at everton (twice)show on t.v.from that long haired git ect ect,double standards if you ask me

  57. Have we been linked with Anderson ?…

    Barton one of the best midfielders in the Prem….hhmm…great at the long pass, great crosser, but lacks pace …

  58. Johno

    Nasri, Nani, Cesc, Modric, VDV, Gerrard, Malouda, Arshavin, Scholes(when he plays)…Mate, I could probably go on for ages.

  59. But he still gets box to box Munich , he can tackle he can create and he can score , he is an all round midfielder and if he wasnt such an a****le off the otich he ‘d be an england regular imo

  60. webb has always dis-liked the toon for some reason if you look back over the games he has took charge,even going back 2 seasons ago when he dis-allowed that good goal at home to fulham that 1 point would have kept us up,i know you go down on how you go over a season and not one game,but just makeing point aboot webb

  61. ice,
    aye mate & Willo ‘checked’ for that arse goal in the cup, exactly the same, but a goal came from it.
    Double standards indeed.

  62. There’s something about anderson that rudolph doesn’t like.
    Ain’t seen him do anything, ever for manusa.
    It’s press bullsh anyway & he’s done nowt to prove he’s worth the money he has & would cost.

  63. You named 9 players el toro , 2 are out n out wingers in Nani n Maloudo , I could agrue that nasri n arshavian spend most of there time out wide as well ( but i wont ) but he even in that list he is in top 10 ( im not saying this is the definitive list either ) but he is a top player.

    N he is better than Gerrard

  64. CLINT always been double standards in all things with the toon,look back over the years if you played for toon it didnt matter how good you were your england chances were nil,or owt north of watford,until A.S.broke the mould,they mak you sick

  65. Gerrard is over rated Clint , always looks for the over complicated ball nothing simple , he does have a great shot but I wouldnt have him in my team

  66. Anderson is technically a quality player, don’t forget though, take those players out of that team and put them into a mid table team, say someone like Park, they would appear world beaters, and Anderson would be that in our team.

    However the money he would cost means we probably wouldn’t be able to buy him out right, however on loan? Could be good.

    Quick minded, good energy, tricky player, I like him.



    ?????——–Ben Arfa


  67. theres no chance if us buying anderson, man u will want a fair proportion of the 30 million back and he’ll be on top wages – sources are a bag o shite

  68. Barton is better than Gerrard!? Seriously, guys. I know footy is all about opinions but come off it.

  69. johnno,
    he loses the ball a lot in midfield, dangerous positions, like scholes too.
    & he goes missing in games too.
    He’s great when on song, but that’s not consistently every game.
    He’s a press darling, where they always say: ‘On his day, he’s unplayable’, to me that means: ‘it’s not always his day’-proof of inconsistency in my book.

  70. ice,
    i dunno what’s wrong with the fa mate.
    They do seem to hit certain teams/players & comfortably avoid sanctions against others.
    Enough to make y’feel that they have agendas like.

  71. Johno-you’d genuinely rather choose between the likes of Barton or Guthrie over Gerrard in our midfield? Nee offence mate but that’s mental. Gerrard has carried Liverpool single handedly for a long time, is a goal scorer and on his day, a wonderful passer of the ball. No one is top notch week in week out. It’s like saying you’d take Shola over Torres because Torres has been terrible In recent weeks. I love Shola but there’s no competition, much like Barton. He’s a similar player he just doesn’t do anything as well as Gerrard.

  72. TOONSY@83 aye mate same sauce saying today toon are trying to get benny deal sorted now,nowt better to write aboot imo

  73. You missed out essien. Getting on a bit but he is class. How about Kitely too?
    It’s subjective, but its irrelevant that there are better players than him in the league. He is one of our best players and we wont be replacing him anytime soon.
    Back on topic, what bugs me about the whole thing is not some paranoia that the world is out to.get us, but the fact that they won’t.overturn results when tv shows goals that should have or should not have been given. They claim its just how football is. Which I agree with. Why isn’t every decision checked after every game? Because that would be.ridiculous. why is it fouls? If the ref doesn’t see it.then it.should be tough, just like the old days.
    Sorry for the random full stops, this phone is playing silly buggers.

  74. Ross

    Hear, hear


    “it’s not always his day’-proof of inconsistency in my book.” :lol: love that

  75. Micky Toon

    I missed out a whole host of quality players to be honest.

    Do you use a HTC phone by any chance?

  76. Ice @ 101 – That Benny write-up is just a rehash of an article that was out not long after he broke his leg mate :)

  77. I would pick Barton over Gerrard , Gerrard is over rated and a selfish player always trying to garb the headlines. Barton plays for the team , Gerrard plays for himself. Liverpool would be better off without him , its all about him. Im honestly not trying to wind anyone up but I would pick barton over Gerrad all day long and Barton is a better midfielder

  78. Gerrard is a one off, one of the best CM’s this country has produced. He’s getting on now though and with injuries ect I don’t think he’ll be able to carry liverpool on his back much longer. They recon Carragher is finished already, he is just embarrassingly slow now and getting done by forwards time after time.

  79. In fact take Torres out of Liverpool and with Gerrard out, I think they would do well to finish mid-table.

  80. Hahaha – fcucking Joey Barton better than Gerrard.

    Aye he’s had a few good games this season but he seems to have gone missing a bit on the field lately.

    Wonder why that could be? Stupid thick twunt!

  81. Take a top play maker out of any team and they miss him, it’s just a question of how much they are missed…Bayern without Ribery and Robben, Arsenal without Fabregas, Liverpool without Torres and Gerard, Chelsea without Lampard and Drogba…

    That Tiote’s absence had such a detrimental affect on the toon performance at the weekend is scary..this time last year neebody had heard of him, now he’s wor main man..

  82. MM

    If we can hold on to him when the big boys come in at the end of the season, and they will, I think we will have done very well.

    I think it will be difficult though, Chelsea will want a replacement for Makelele/Essien, Man C will has money to throw around, Arenal have seen him totally outplay their midfield a few times now and will be interested.

    If it does happen and his head gets turned by his agent and the offer of London/big wages I think we need to ask ourselves who can we get to replace him, (coz it aint Smith) and what can we get off them in terms of their squad players/ start a bidding war ect.

    Im not saying I don’t want to desperately try and keep him or Ashley will sell but howay man look at the likes of Bassong ect, we thought he was the best thing since sliced bread but as soon as a London club came in for him his head was turned and he was on his bike.

  83. TOONSY@107 i see a certain other blog is running with the storey (benny),as you say its a re-hash like,he must have a mind-block :)

  84. Munich Mag i had heard of him but thats because i live in holland and seen him play ;) the fact is though if Hatem Ben Arfa had not been injured then we would of had 10 more points this season , him along with Tiote and Barton had the makings one of the best midfields in the prem

  85. Actually selling Bassong turned out to be a cracking piece of business considering we bought him for next to nothing and sold him for £8M or whatever. Then he wasn’t even playing much for Spurs and proved to be a bit of a one season wonder. Great to get one over on ‘Arry like that. I think it’s a different story with Tiote though, if we lose him to a bigger club, no matter how much money they give us or one of their players I think it will weaken our team for next season and we’ll be back to square one.

  86. Axel

    Imaging Tiote winning the ball back and giving it to Anderson, who then gives it to Barton, who then sprays it across to Benny who then Knocks it back to Anderson, who then floats it up to Carroll.

    We wouldn’t need any defenders. :)

  87. DJG have to laugh it was A.S.that told arry to go for him,was he doing toon a good turn or is it just he hasnt improved as much as first thought :)

  88. ———–Carroll———–
    ———-Benny(free role)—

    With Tiote winning the ball back DM. Barton and Anderson CM/AM. Jonas and Enrique left flank. Benny RW drifting inside and free role. Worth trying to get Anderson on loan till end of the season, thats not unrealist. He isn’t playing and wants to move. :)

  89. DJG that brings back memories of the Entertainers era they would be that good , well we can all dream :)

  90. Why didn’t Willo get a 4 match ban then, if he was ‘wasting police time?’
    Inconsistent to$$ers.

  91. Yea he is class but will never come here. IMO.
    pipe dream me thinks. Use Newcastle to get the bidding started.
    Same crap when rooney was leaving everton. used nufc to ramp up the price, then manure stepped in.

  92. clint the fa are a law unto themselves mate.
    Divvent even try and understand.
    If that was violent conduct then the whole game is fecked.
    we’ll see who gets away with what this weekend.

  93. JAY JAY sorry aboot that m8,basic saying people not useing net in right way ie buy ticket to about half way then to where your going you dont have to get off train to do it,on a £107 fare you can save min £50,showed a few ex durham/london.durham/manchester ect only buy first ticket to gratham then where you want to go,just trying to save you a few quid m8