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Walking in a Hughton Wonderland? Newcastle 3 Scunthorpe 0.

March 18th, 2010 | 226 Comments |

Unassumingly efficient?
Unassumingly efficient?
If anybody looks back and wonders when the tide of discontent finally turned, then last night’s game might well have been it. When the third Newcastle goal went in, there was a hearty and sincere rendition of ‘Walking in a Hughton Wonderland’ ringing around Level 7. For those who aren’t aware of the significance of that, it implies a form of acceptance from the most vocal part of the ground and arguably the most vociferous. Not perhaps, acceptance of those on the board but a firm nod of appreciation at the man who probably deserves it above anybody else.

The singing was spontaneous not contrived. It was a natural response to a moment when we ultimately put yet another win beyond any doubt. There was a relief in that chant, from fans who you sensed were previously ready, willing and able to let the manager know they had his back but unwilling to break ranks from those who lumped him in as part of the Ashley crew. It almost happened against Preston and there was a spattering of pro-Hughton singing but it was half-hearted and almost through gritted teeth. (more…)