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O’Neill spits the dummy over accusations of dirty play

March 6th, 2012 | 85 Comments |

Martin O'Neill defends Sunderland's style of play.
Go on, nut him
Martin O’Neill disputes criticism that his Sunderland side were ‘dirty’ in the weekend’s derby against Newcastle United.

Martin O’Neill has been responding to accusations that the mackems are a bunch of dirty, fouling thugs whose only aim was to kick the opposition of the park on Sunday. Some of those accusations were at least insinuated by Alan Pardew, who said:

I didn’t like the way the game started. The first tackle [Cattermole on Tiote] set the tone for the first half. It was premeditated. I was disappointed with it and he could have gone off at any other time.

There was a physical pattern to the game and it was just a matter of who could keep their head and I was just hoping to get to half-time with 11 players.

Which I suppose could be interpreted as an accusation of dirty play.

Anyway, O’Neill is having none of it and has launched his own tirade upon Newcastle suggesting that we were the dirtier team: (more…)