O’Neill spits the dummy over accusations of dirty play

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Martin O'Neill defends Sunderland's style of play.
Go on, nut him
Martin O’Neill disputes criticism that his Sunderland side were ‘dirty’ in the weekend’s derby against Newcastle United.

Martin O’Neill has been responding to accusations that the mackems are a bunch of dirty, fouling thugs whose only aim was to kick the opposition of the park on Sunday. Some of those accusations were at least insinuated by Alan Pardew, who said:

I didn’t like the way the game started. The first tackle [Cattermole on Tiote] set the tone for the first half. It was premeditated. I was disappointed with it and he could have gone off at any other time.

There was a physical pattern to the game and it was just a matter of who could keep their head and I was just hoping to get to half-time with 11 players.

Which I suppose could be interpreted as an accusation of dirty play.

Anyway, O’Neill is having none of it and has launched his own tirade upon Newcastle suggesting that we were the dirtier team:

I find it extraordinary that sort of interpretation has been put on the game.

How anyone could say we were the dirty side is beyond me.

The first two fouls in the game came inside the first three minutes and they were ours, but the next seven fouls over the next quarter-of-an-hour were all from the opposition.

At half-time, I think we went in with two yellows and Newcastle with four.

We also felt that there were a few yellow card decisions in there that Newcastle were lucky to get away with, so how anyone could say we were the dirty side is beyond me.

I was very proud of my players. We won the first half, had the best chance before the hour in the second-half and then held out successfully for half-an-hour with just 10 men.

It was terribly unfortunate that we conceded in injury-time, but I don’t think anyone could argue that we weren’t the better side on the day.

Well, I say I don’t think so – but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone tried.

The last half of the last sentence is certainly accurate.

There’s certainly no love lost between Pardew and O’Neill and the latter allegedly stormed off in a huff after the game without joining Pardew for a post-match glass of wine.

If it comes to fisticuffs my money’s on Pardew.

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85 Responses

  1. He obviously was watching a different game from the rest of the world.

    Their anti football tactics are even being talked about on their own fans blogs.

    I was sat not far from the half way line and believe me they were sent out to bully, kick and stop Newcastle playing at any cost!

    Dirty Makem Bastards!

  2. I’ll argue they weren’t the better side on the day. They were better in the 1st…

    We were better in the 2nd. Simple as that. Only one team was likely to win in the end and it wasn’t the dirty Scum. Was it our fault their twat of a player hit Tiote?

    Was it our fault they had about 7 defenders on the pitch at the end with no outlet to get the ball away for the lkast 30 minutes or so?


    There you go, an argument. Your move you dirty little leprechaun!

  3. MoN’s comments are designed to stoke up an argument. Even with all his thugs on the pitch the second half was ours, unfortunate goal at the end? Wha? I remember him as a bit of a snidey individual so no change there. keep playing your sexy footy, Martin, a few more bans and you could be fishing for players from the academy of light skill to end the season with. Nugget.

  4. I was sitting on the half way line in the East Stand – not much I can add to what BillytheFish said earlier – they came to kick, spit and spoil, and we were sucked into a “war” first half.

    Second half was totally different after Pardew had reminded them that we were actually a far superior FOOTBALL team, well capable of taking them apart.

  5. We had 29 shots, how were Sunderland the better team?! Yeah the sending off invited that pressure but it’s his thick player got sent off afterall. Some of our bookings weren’t even bookings, Cabaye’s for example. He attempted to block Bardsley’s clearance and at NO POINT did Cabaye make contact with him, yet it was a booking for some reason. What’s Martin been smoking? Tiote did do 6 fouls, but none of them warranted a booking on their own, therefore, it’s one yellow for persistent fouling. Shut up Martin and let it drop, you got lucky to even come away with a point

  6. O’Neill is a great manager – no question about that in my mind. I reckon all he’s doing is talking things up to try to get the best out of a particularly ordinary set of players…

  7. UTD111 says:
    March 6, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    “Second half was totally different after Pardew had reminded them that we were actually a far superior FOOTBALL team, well capable of taking them apart.”

    Sticking Ben Arfa on and playing against ten men certainly helped UTD111.

  8. The way I saw it, Sunderland came out intending to be physical and the mistake we made in the first half was trying to play them at that game. In the second half we thought we’d have a game of football instead and were easily the best side.

    They will no doubt point to the sending off giving us the extra freedom to play proper football, but the truth is we’d already altered our game prior to that.

  9. workyticket says:
    March 6, 2012 at 6:44 pm
    UTD111 says:
    March 6, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    “Second half was totally different after Pardew had reminded them that we were actually a far superior FOOTBALL team, well capable of taking them apart.”

    Sticking Ben Arfa on and playing against ten men certainly helped UTD111.

    I actually think teaming up the dynamic duo of Taylor and Gutierrez on the left was equally effective.

  10. worky>

    He looked like a bairn trying to fight his big brother from behind his Mam didn’t he? :D

  11. GeordieDan says:
    March 6, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    “He looked like a bairn trying to fight his big brother from behind his Mam didn’t he?”

    Aye GeordieDan. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what it reminded me of when I saw it in yesterday’s Mirror.

    Hugh de Payen says:
    March 6, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    “They will no doubt point to the sending off giving us the extra freedom to play proper football, but the truth is we’d already altered our game prior to that.”

    Aye, it’s true that we were better from the start of the second half with the intrduction of Ben Arfa, and it was their own stupid fault for getting a player sent off. However, we still had to scrape through with an injury time equaliser against a ten man team.

  12. That’s just a piccie…..

    Martin O’neill is well capable of taking care of himself – especially against some soft cockney!!

  13. UTD111>

    Really? I thought Penfold relied on Dangermouse to do all his fighting?

    O’Neill does live in a Postbox doesn’t he? Or am I thinking of someone else? :D

  14. Financial news – 2000 new jobs for Mackems

    The smart money’s going into blue pop and cheezy chips, as sales are set to explode!

  15. GeordieDan says:
    March 6, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    Really? I thought Penfold relied on Dangermouse to do all his fighting?

    O’Neill does live in a Postbox doesn’t he? Or am I thinking of someone else?

    That argument almost worked, until I looked at the piccie again and saw that the bloke keeping the “warring managers” apart is anything but a bespectacled hamster! :)

  16. my word ladies, put a sock in it. Fact is you did not like being played at your own game. For a few seasons now you bullied us off the park with Nolan, Barton and more recently Tiote. Now we put up a fight put our authority on you, play better than you in first half. The second reduced to 10 men we went narrow let you play your sideways football in front of us, and as we were narrow had you had room to play down the sides to. could’nt break us down until Ameobi shin it in. What a loadof Bollocks you lot spout!

  17. If, as this tit states, the stink deserved to win then how does he account for the fact when issued a free kick on the half way line they had the grand sum of one player in our half, they were running scared, scared shitless of HBA who was cutting them up and getting in behind them. F**k Martin you horrible little man and take your bunch of shit stinking group of reprebates with you.

  18. Mackem mate…..have a look in the mirror, can you really face yourself after souting that pile of garbage above?? Do you understand anything about football at all?

    Maybe you should stick to the Greggs pasties – something of which you have expert knowledge, being a pastie baby from birth.

  19. the mackem>

    What about the previous 14 or so fixtures then you silly boy?

    Its amazing that you show up and get 1 point off us and suddenly you claim the high ground? The reason you get beaten so regularly is that your team is always living in our shadow and contains players who we weren’t interested in.

    Name 1 single player in ANY position that is better for you club than our equivelant?

    That’s why we’re in 6th and your, well not are you? We were relegated just a couple of seasons ago, have spent nowt compared to your sad lot and we’re already far better again.

    I bet that really hurts mind. :D

  20. The mackem – they are being a bit harsh on you lad, but it’s probably because the truth is somewhere in the middle. We have come at you in the past with wind-up teams but really to fight fire with fire. You have every right to field a physical side to counter that but I think the problem is this time you relied too much on the heavy stuff when in truth it stunted your game. I thought that if you applied yourselves less to some of the early ‘welcome to the derby’ challenges early on and just played to Sessegnon and an uncharacteristically fired up Bendtner, you could have caused us more trouble. I work with a mackem and I know very well that your fans realise that Cattermole is more a liability than an asset most times. Even so, Williamson had to give you the penalty. 2nd half, we were in control from the off, Sessegnon’s card didn’t really affect the game, except you sat back with 10 men instead of 11. We should have had 2 goals but we blew it. Fair result first half, 1-0 to you. Fair result over whole match 2-1 to us.

  21. Tsunki
    dond mind the harsh comments, they’re welcome.
    Your right that it was probably somewhere inbetween.
    banter is what makes the derby fun, the game itself is a bloody anxious nightmare. Why be shy, I like the odd geordie forum to stir up.

  22. The mackem – ha ha know what you mean it’s the only match where I don’t know whether it’s fantastic or absolutely terrifying, I admit to watching a lot of this one through me fingers lol. Te banter is canny when it’s tinged with reality just can’t be chuffed when the slagging starts is all. Definitely can’t wait until we go to your place mind. Where we will win again ha ha.

  23. tsunki – look forward to welcoming you over. just sell Ameobi to some championship side in the summer will ya.
    Fact is that we feel we could have won comfortably with 11 men and you will feel that you should have won against 10 for a third of the game.
    We sure would settle for a home win apeice each season but we know the derby aint like that.
    Bring on many more two full blooded committed, passionate sides in the top half of the premier. Long may it last.

  24. Guys, until you stop the incredibly childish cheesy chips/mackems nonsense, u will struggle for credibility. Ur team had a right go in the 2nd half, and overall draw was a fair result. We will never knw if Sess not being sent off cost us the game. He wud certainly get in your team btw. Just settle urselves down tho, seriously. Show some class.

  25. The Mackem;

    I would rather see Sunderland raise their game and we could see a real quality match and I even don’t mind getting get beaten by a better football team, but not that shite we saw on Saturday. It was no different than playing Bolton or Wolves who also come to play anti football, but who do also sometimes nick the points!

  26. Definitely would have Sess very useful player looks busy all the time. We’d have to let Lovenkrands go though he he. Sessegnon is not an experienced foulmeister tho is he? Tiote did play act of course, but he didn’t need to ’cause the pillock elbowed him right in front of the ref! Oh, and can you answer me a question? What is your honest appraisal of former smogmonster Cattermole?

  27. BillytheFish – even the mackem spells his name with a small ‘m’ ha ha, we do have standards y’know :)

  28. Tsunki

    Have a look at the Salut Sunderland blog site and you will get a Mackem view…They want rid of the idiot, and have done for a while.

    They should have bought Shola in the summer when they had the chance…LOL!

  29. I also get a Mackem view also from my brother (apparently my mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby)
    He will tell you Cattermole is plugging a gap until they can get someone to replace him in the summer, but would like him out the club.
    The best comparison is Joey Barton who I would have thrown out of Newcastle years ago, but lots supported him.

    By the way, well done Nissan!

  30. Silly geordie opinions, AP was a disgrace, celebrating a missed penalty, how embarrassing, cheik the foul count to see who tried to intimdate. Find some dignity and you will gain some respect from the wider footie community

    Happy MONdays

  31. Isn’t it as sad as it is typical that mo’n has gone down the self-same path of ‘war of words’ that doubtfire went down?
    I guess he wasn’t paying attention.

    As for the deluded mackems, do you really believe or can you really convince yourselves that you had the upper hand footballingly in that game ‘cos you ‘won’ a pen that wouldn’t be given in the next 99 prem games & your skanky ‘keeper jumped the gun & got away with the save?

    Get a grip!

    As for having class, at least we’re on our own site shooting the shit!


  32. There is no doubt that Tiote winning the ball in the first 20 seconds made Cattermole get in and stamp his authority on the game. He should have been sent off as it’s the sort of scissor tackle that had Ben Arfa out for a season. It was an ugly move. That it was then followed up by another foul shortly after, that was almost as ugly, made the Toon lose their focus and they came out firing.

    Oneil is just responding to questions as best he can and thats by including stats when it helps support his arguement, ignoring them when it doesn’t and pretty much ignoring the run of the game.

  33. We had something like 4 times as many corners and goal attempts. They were in charge for about 35 mins out of the whole game…. From the 40th minute of the 1st half it was all Newcastle (including the 20 mins before Sessegnon was rightfully sent off) even though Tiote obviously did play act.

  34. Cattermole is a very good ball winning midfielder. People r tired of his suspensions, and his verbals on Sunday were just stupid. We weren’t dirty on Sun, although Catts tackle was a defo card. U had a lot if ball, ur at hme tho and we r going to struggle to retain the ball with 10 men. I’ve tried my best not to get to this pages hysterical, illogical analysis.

  35. Just looked at last three premier leagues and worked out a europa cup place probably requires 62 – 72 points probably about 66 at a guess,

    We are on 44 from 27 games , and need 22 from last 11 .

    Bearing in mind arse away is next need 22 from last 10 !

    22 points is 7 wins , 1 draw, Or 6 wins 4 draws…

    That means in 10 games cant drop a point ..

    Tall order I think !!

  36. Apart from the derby games. I am glad Sunderland are in the prem. At least it shows 2 North East teams doing well at the moment. So lets have a laugh and a bit of banter, coz I dont hate sunderland. 2 passionate teams that can beat any other team on the day as we have seen. Support NE football and be proud. Well thats my opinion. :)

  37. the lads played the only footie in the first half(first 5 mins the mags), you lot started the second half fast, Sess was sent off then we had backs to the wall. Tiote should have been sent off(how many fouls…)and the game would have been more even later on. Ben Arfa was your main man, credit to the lad. Apart from the goal which bounced nicely for you we looked comfy.
    AP did come across as a decent bloke before Sunday but he showed what a horrible child he can be, maybe he got carried away a little- give him the benefit- still no class though
    * hope Tiote is ok after he was assaulted by the smallest guy on the pitch-looked a nasty one !!

    Happy MONdays

  38. UTD111 spotlights “teaming up the dynamic duo of (R)Taylor and Gutierrez”
    – two under-rated players who allways give 100% and who it appears complement each other – not quite as well as Jose-Jonas of course, but probably better than Santon-Jonas.
    Which brings me back to the puzzle – did Santon come off for tactical or ingury reasons?

  39. In the last four Tyne and Wear derbies, Sunderland have had four players sent off, including two in the last game. This does leave O’Neill on a rather sticky wicket when trying to convince the world that his side aren’t “dirty.”

  40. Look if Tiote hadn’t have made some sort of meal about being hit, sess would have got away with it.
    You hit someone, you’re off, simple!
    All over Tiote’s ‘fouls’ were soft as…he didn’t even make contact with half of them.

    worky’s stat tells us everything. They need to go in hard to make up for the lack of skill. They work hard for mo’n, but player for player (Toon/mackems) there is no competition. sess is their best player & the only one that might make the Toon team.
    end of!

  41. How, Clint, I’ve just remembered to ask if you saw Stephen C’s comment a while back about how he had a spare ticket for the Arsenal game, not sure if he still has it though. Me and my mate are going down.

  42. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 7, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    *All of Tiote’s ‘fouls’…”

    That would make a good DVD. It would have to be a boxed set though :-)

  43. worky,

    no i didn’t catch that mate.
    D’y’think he does still have it, wouldn’t mind like, that could be top fun.

    Stephen, you out there?

  44. hey guys not sure if you seen this vid i got at the match on sunday ?? great atmosphere!! check it out ..

  45. Army69 says:
    March 7, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    “hey guys not sure if you seen this vid i got at the match on sunday ??”

    Aye, I saw it Army69. They were almost as bad as Pardew and O’Neill. :-)

    Clint, I’ll send Stephen an e.mail.

  46. i dont know about you lot but my ears have been ringing all day.

    ive been expecting a parcel and i cant here the bell for this ringing.

    more to the point, have you seen this link?

    Statue for shola?


    if they stick this on the pitch it might move quicker than he does.

  47. but yes i still have a ticket and yes it is yours if you want it.

    do you need travel from newcastle? or do you live in london?

  48. Stephen C says:
    March 7, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    “do you need travel from newcastle? or do you live in london?”

    He’s a North Londoner Stephen, I’ve just sent you an e.mail BTW.

  49. Is TOONEYE the only one to contribute a sensible viewpiont here ?
    Some of youse guys should be ashamed of yourself with all the vitriol being spouted including a few racist themes.
    And for you to encourage this type of behavior is certanly dissapointing WORKEY.
    The only difference between Sunderland and Newcastle fans is geagraphy and many come from homes with divided loyalties, in which case how do they relate to their siblings being described, as in some of the above comments?
    And dont tell me i dont get it, cause i attended games before most of you were born, both at Roker Park and St. James park, before fans were segregated.
    Where friendly banter was the order of the day, not the hatred and violence commonplace to-day.
    I dont get it where did it all go wrong?

  50. Stephen,

    Oooo nice!
    How much?

    I live close enough to walk to the ‘kenny Everetts’, in fact with the wind blowing in the right direction you can here the roar of an evening.

    Right, just gotta sort a shift swap with a buddy & i’ll get right back to ya’.

    Sweet mate.

  51. chuck says:
    March 7, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    ” Some of youse guys should be ashamed of yourself with all the vitriol being spouted including a few racist themes.”

    What “racist themes” Chuck? At the risk of sounding sexist, it more like two groups of daft lasses hitting each other with their handbags (or LiDL bags in the case of the Sunderland supporters).

  52. Well i ask you! would you feel comfortable going to watch a derby game at The Stadium of Light to-day ?
    My concern is where did this attitude come from over the years?
    I have my belief that the abolution of national service in nineteen sixty, which took most of the Workey Ticket eighteen year olds off the street and gave them a form of disciplin, could have had something to do with it.
    As it appears that era was the beginning of what was commonly refered to as “football hooliganism”.
    A mindless idiotic release of young male hormnes channeled into violent physical encounters with total strangers, because of local loyalties to a sports organization.
    I suppose the only answer is to have segregated areas at stadiums, where women and youngsters can attend without the threat of violence.
    And i myself when living in London in the late seventies, only accepted a Scalped tiket outside Stamford Bridge that was for the stand, not risking being kettled with the away fans or going to the shed end dealing with the crazies.
    It’s really too bad as it appears football is the only game on a worldwide basis that has to use segregation to keep fans from violent behavior.
    Too bad !

  53. chuck,
    there’s very little football violence these days mate.
    Plenty of lasses & bairns gan to the match without much issue.
    While it’s unfortunate that some will want a scrap, most don’t & just shout & sing & enjoy the atmos.

  54. chuck says:
    March 7, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    “Well i ask you! would you feel comfortable going to watch a derby game at The Stadium of Light to-day ?”

    Chuck, I’ve been to ANL v NF, Pigs v Anarchists and all sorts, not to mention games from the times when there was proper football violence. I’ve been punched, kicked, tear gassed, whacked with batons, you name it! I’m too old for it nowadays with all my war wounds though I must admit. The East Stand with the Zimmer frame brigade is more my style nowadays. :-)

  55. Aye,
    late 70’s thru 80’s was a very violent time.
    Enough to put you off a lot of the time.

  56. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 7, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    I live close enough to walk to the ‘kenny Everetts’, in fact with the wind blowing in the right direction you can here the roar of an evening.

    i didn’t realize taking it up the A***se hurt that much.

  57. Stephen,

    it’s looking promising, just waiting for a call to ok it mate.

    Give us a shout back with price & stuff.

    Cheers man.

  58. well the ticket is there so just give me the knod and ill reserve it for you.

    and as for derby’s at stad de shat i was there two seasons ago.i didnt have enough loyalty points to go this season 80 points was needed and it was two games into the season. it sold out before most people had the chance.

    ill send worky some pics on where i was sat. you might like them. but one thing i can say. its the safest away game ive ever been to.they have thick steel walls segregating the fans so unless you want to scale a 20 foot wall your not going to get anywhere.

    the only thing you have to look out for is flying chairs, coins and the odd shit or two flying by.

    after the game, they open the doors and keep the bar open so us geordies can have a pint outside until the scum disperse. its quite a good day out. if we win the scum dont stick around but if we draw they basque in the glory. i have never seen so many orgasm over a draw in my life.

    although i wouldn’t like to take the train.

    we normally take buses and they are supplied for free so its normally safe and sound. the police do well to make sure nothing happens.

  59. worky ive sent you an email with my mobile on there.

    feel free to pass on all my details.

  60. Stephen C says:
    March 7, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    “they basque in the glory. i have never seen so many orgasm”

    Sunderland supporters dress up in sexy lingerie and have orgasms during the game? I can honestly say I’ve never seen that before, nor would I want to!

  61. worky,
    aye mate,
    pass my email on to Stephen.
    I won’t be home ’til after midnight like.


    how much is the ticket mate?

    I should know in an hour if i can do a swap with me mate, should be good to go though.
    So put me down for some of that,
    thanx man.

  62. worky,
    ta mate,
    i’ll check when i get hyem.

    how much is the ticket mate, Stephen seems to have missed my question, or have i overlooked the answer?


  63. sorry clint i was wandering around the net for a few minutes.

    im busy looking for a decent xbox 360 so ive got a few items watching on ebay.

    so unless youve got a spare xbox 360 with 120 gb hd i think the price was around £38

  64. Stephen,

    that’s ok mate, soz for nagging.
    Sorry i don’t have an xbox to swap mate, but £38 is a pure bargain, cheers!
    I’ll sort you on the night, if that’s cool?

    When i get home i’ll mail you me phone no. & we’ll arrange it all.

    is it away end or home?

    Thanx again Stephen.

  65. bringing or kidnapping?

    just make sure you dont get him from kenny’s place apparently the roaring from there is obscene.

    but at least you will be able to spot them a mile off. they will be walking like john wayne at a gun fight.

  66. worky ive just sent you an email.

    although i have not received any email from you today in case you sent me one with clints details.

  67. its all gone quiet over here, oh its all gone quiet over here.

    i say its all gone quiet, its all gone quiet…

    its all gone quiet over here.

  68. Stephen,

    maybe everyone was watching the barca/leverkusen game mate.

    Some Beardsley lookalike scored 5 in a boring game.