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Ref injustice! Manchester City 2-1 Newcastle.

October 3rd, 2010 | 96 Comments |

Martin Atkinson - The man in question.
Martin Atkinson - The man in question.
As days go, they really don’t get much worse than today given what we had to witness at Manchester City this afternoon.

The performance was sound enough for us, we played well enough throughout the game and deserved something from the match, in my opinion anyway.

Referee Martin Atkinson though had an absolute shocker as he took control of the game this afternoon.

If his decision to award a penalty to Manchester City after Mike Williamson won the ball from Carlos Tevez, outside the box I hasten to add, was harsh then his decision not to award a penalty to the away side was ridiculous after Joleon Lescott took away the legs of Shola Ameobi in the City penalty area. (more…)