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Local produce?

June 7th, 2009 | 15 Comments |

Kevin Keegan: Geordie messiah?
Kevin Keegan: Geordie "messiah"?
So recent rumours inform us that the front-runner to take over the reigns at Newcastle is a local consortium. Which brings us to an interesting question – is that what all Newcastle fans desire? Do we believe that the only people who could understand us sufficiently to be in a position to manage us effectively, would need to be ‘one of us’?

If you listen to the media, experts and opposing fans (even the odd NUFC fan) then it would seem that it’s exactly what we need. The premise being, however, not that they agree we are a unique club and a special brand of supporter but rather that we are somewhat insular, over-expectant and delusional (the word has lost all meaning it’s used that much). These tendencies thus leading to our downfall in times of trouble, when we become distrustful of the ‘outsiders’ in charge at our club. At which point we drive them out with pitchforks and banners. Apparently, we love our local ‘messiahs’ and collectively we are our own worst enemy. Of course the myth is so much easier to pedal when you ignore the fact that the main protagonist in the argument, Keegan, was born in Doncaster. Minor details though. (more…)