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Kevin Keegan: Geordie messiah?
Kevin Keegan: Geordie "messiah"?
So recent rumours inform us that the front-runner to take over the reigns at Newcastle is a local consortium. Which brings us to an interesting question – is that what all Newcastle fans desire? Do we believe that the only people who could understand us sufficiently to be in a position to manage us effectively, would need to be ‘one of us’?

If you listen to the media, experts and opposing fans (even the odd NUFC fan) then it would seem that it’s exactly what we need. The premise being, however, not that they agree we are a unique club and a special brand of supporter but rather that we are somewhat insular, over-expectant and delusional (the word has lost all meaning it’s used that much). These tendencies thus leading to our downfall in times of trouble, when we become distrustful of the ‘outsiders’ in charge at our club. At which point we drive them out with pitchforks and banners. Apparently, we love our local ‘messiahs’ and collectively we are our own worst enemy. Of course the myth is so much easier to pedal when you ignore the fact that the main protagonist in the argument, Keegan, was born in Doncaster. Minor details though.

Rightly or wrongly, I would agree our fans are quite expectant. A good proportion of our fans are from a generation of ‘close but no cigar’. They liked it and they want that back. Is that something to be chastised for? The reason people got excited about Keegan’s return was that he was the reason for that generation’s expectations. No matter how long he had been out of the game and how out of touch he could be, his very name resonates the most exhilirating period of football seen at St James in recent years. So why wouldn’t we get exicted? Of course with hindsight, KK’s third coming was one of the worst things to happen to the club, feelings mixed on who was ultimately to blame.

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15 Responses

  1. I can’t speak for anyone else obviously but my priority with a new owner is to have someone who knows what they’re doing.

    If they happen to be ‘local’ then that’s a bonus but it’s not something I’d consider unless all other things are equal (and they never are).

    I must admit I was quite keen to have Shearer as manager – or at least as some part of the rebuilding process – while Ashley was there. That was because I didn’t trust Ashley but I trusted Shearer to represent the best interests of the club (and us), which I felt was important after relegation.

    Now that Ashley’s leaving, it’s not so important (assuming we get a decent owner). I do actually think Shearer has it in him to do a good job, so I’m certainly not concerned about him being manager, but I won’t be upset if another decent manager is appointed instead.

  2. I just want a manager for at least 3 years. What I’d give for some kind of stability.

  3. Actually, the article wasn’t finished but I can see why you might have thought it was workey! Suppose it reads ok.

    I was going to bang on about Shearer and then the re-introduction of Sheperd into our midst. Possibly if I had people would have ended up switching off anyway so you might have dones us a favour!

    Being ‘local’ is the last requirement as far as I’m concerned for those in charge. I agree Shearer has the potential to be a great manager and I see no better position than the one we could be in, i.e. the club being controlled and directed by a group with sound finances and achievable objectives – consolidation, re-group and back into the Premiership pronto. If Shearer has that, he could be a big success here. But again, the fact he’s a local legend is for me, the last requriements as a gaffer. I like his character, his desire, his morales, his attitude and I believe he will prove to be a great manager as a result of those things.

  4. the plus side of having a local consortium and manager is whatever desicions they make it will be the best interests of the club. we do need someone who has experience in football though to help out on the boardroom level if the buyers interested do not have any experience in football.

  5. but i agree its not a must to have some local people involved

  6. Can’t speak for the others but I’ve been entertaining my little girl on ‘dad day’ as the missus was at work all day. I’ve also been gardening, drinking wine, reading stories, shopping, eating and farting. Not necessarily in that order.

    I’ve got 20 mins or so before I’m kicked off by the missus so I’ll be attempting to rush another article. Though I’ve not been inspired as to what subject to write about. Possibly about the rats jumping from our sinking ship. Anybody heard or read anything about any updates at the club?

    Spoke to a mate last night who reckons Carver is almost definitely waiting in the wings should Big Al get the nod. Common knowledge probably though and perhaps a moot point if they mess it up so badly that Shearer isn’t installed.

  7. only news recently is about ashley meeting this consortium today. nothing new there then.

  8. anyway ive been up all night and all day so im off. laters lads and lasses.

  9. And I meant KK was born in Doncaster not Scunthorpe. Freudian slip on a fact that I always give people grief for when they get the fact wrong….

  10. Bowburn Mag

    Competency in running a football club is a clear requirement wherever they come from! Sounds obvious but whoever these speculators are, they need to ensure they have a strong knowledgeable management team in place with a clear vision and strategy, provide reasonable funds and backing for the manager and try to ignore the fans rantings if Rome isn’t built in a day. If they are from the area great as they may be better equipped to deal with the fans’ psyche and hopefully if they live in the region they will have some moral obligation to the long term future of the club, but is it necessary? Absolutely not.

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  12. bowburnmag says:
    June 7, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    “Actually, the article wasn’t finished but I can see why you might have thought it was workey! Suppose it reads ok.”

    Sorry Bowburn, was it a draft? Finish it off and say it’s a new, improved version with extra Shearer and Fat Fred! They do it all the time in the publishing world. ;-)

    Thanks Deb, I did. It was Ukranian fried chicken.