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Keegan gets costs. Ashley tried to buy Keegan’s silence.

October 21st, 2009 | 260 Comments |

Awarded £1.5m costs
Awarded £1.5m costs
Kevin Keegan is to be awarded costs after winning the tribunal for constructive dismissal against Newcastle United.

The full disclosure is as follows:

1. Introduction

In paragraph 54 of our Award dated 1 October 2009, we identified a number of consequential issues the determination of which we postponed in order that the parties could provide us with written submissions on those issues. We have since received detailed written submissions from the parties and, in this Supplementary Award, we set out our determination on those issues.

2. Award

First, we conclude that there is no basis for altering our award of £2m plus interest in favour of Mr Keegan. Clause 14.8.1 of the Contract is not subject to mitigation, as the Club agreed at the hearing. It is subject only to Clause 14.8.5 which does not apply here since Mr Keegan is not employed by ESPN. (more…)

Keegan was robbed.

October 3rd, 2009 | 58 Comments |

At least £6.6m down
At least £6.6m down
I must admit when I first read the Keegangate tribunal report I was staggered that Keegan had actually claimed £25m from Newcastle United. But as the Keegan-bashers grasped at that one remaining thing to hit him over the head with (I’m thinking about articles like this one in the Daily Mirror) I began to think about it some more and have now come to the conclusion that Keegan was actually robbed in all this.

First and foremost we have to bear in mind that Keegan has done nothing wrong. The tribunal ruled that he was constructively dismissed and was forced out of a job he didn’t want to leave.

So what would you estimate that has cost him? First of all it’s cost him the £8.6m outstanding on his contract, which is easy enough to calculate because it’s all down in black and white on the contract. Then there’s his claim for ‘stigma damage’. I do think that’s a fair claim because, let’s face it, this isn’t going to have Premier League teams jumping over themselves to employ him. It doesn’t matter that he’s innocent in all this – mud sticks. (more…)

Where is all the Keegan news?

September 30th, 2009 | 90 Comments |

I'm no puppet manager
I'm no puppet manager
These 3 gadgies sitting on the Tribunal panel finished listening to the respective Keegan and Newcastle United sides of the story on Friday and then wanted to give it the weekend to mull things over. Well they’ve had the weekend and two days now and we’ve heard nowt.

We simply want to know who won and how much was awarded to Keegan (assuming the general factivity of that statement). How hard can it be?

Don’t these tribunal judges realise how much speculation, scaremongering and general bickering fans have to put up with while they sit around deliberating on these things? If they think it’s hard being on a tribunal panel they should try being a Toon fan for a few months.

I’m suspecting Keegan won the tribunal and will be awarded about £9m although sources close to me suggest he may get a couple of million extra for all the mental anguish he’s suffered. And then of course the club will have to fork out for costs, which I would imagine aren’t trivial. (more…)