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How fans can honour Sir Bobby.

August 2nd, 2009 | 17 Comments |

Sir Bobby at the Freeman Hospital.
Sir Bobby at the Freeman Hospital.
What has struck me, and I’m sure so many others over the past few days is not just the huge deluge of tributes from professional footballers, managers, big wigs, journalists and commentators, but also the universal response and outpouring of love from fans of all clubs, demonstrating the immense affection and esteem Sir Bobby was held in.

However the stories that have driven home for me what a special man he was have been the tales from Joe Public, people such as the courier who went to deliver a parcel to SBR’s home had the front door opened by the great man himself and was invited in for a coffee and a chat about football that lasted half an hour, the ex security guard from NUFC who standing outside in the pouring rain while the players and Sir Bobby arrived for training found, five minutes later, Sir Bobby outside giving him a brolley to ‘keep you dry son’ while Sir Bobby got soaked himself. The stories are endless but make you feel proud of him and the values he stood for. I feel immensely proud that this great colossus of a man was associated with and shared our love for this club. (more…)

Newcastle win 1-0 but go through the (slow) motions!

July 22nd, 2009 | 3 Comments |

My amateur photography
My amateur photography
Well the weather was drab, the performance was drab and overall it was, well pretty drab.

In keeping with the theme so far, the opportunity to go and see the lads again was off the back of my own game being cancelled. But as with the Darlington game, late notice meant the only person keen to make the trip to Huddersfield was me. Note to self – get some ‘reserve friends’ who are regulars to games as a fallback. As it happens, the timing was quite tight and so it was only viable to take my own car as most sensible folk would have already left.

Shoving a lovingly crafted sandwich and some pop on the front seat I headed to the services, dieselled-up and typed the postcode into the sat nav. It told me I’d be there at 7.35, so I was a bit sceptical about my chances of getting parked and into the ground and imagined some worst case scenarios of getting there late and missing half the game or not gettin there at all. As it turned out, I made good time and pulled off the M62 at 7.20 with 4 miles to go. Which was just as well because that’s where the traffic for the ground started. Having snaked slowly to within a few hundred yards of the stadium I dumped my car strategically just off the main road and asked some lads for directions to our end. That’s when the heavens opened. (more…)

Newcastle go-al bananas against pretty dire Darlo! [updated with match highlights and post match interview]

July 18th, 2009 | 21 Comments |

A more palatable form of happy slapping from Joey
A more palatable form of happy slapping from Joey
A Shola juggle and finish, a cameo from veteran Dean Windass, a terrible away strip, a rare goal from Jonas Guiterrez and seven goals from the boys in yellow. This one had almost everything. No wonder the travelling contingent thought it was “just like watching Brazil”.

Newcastle ran out 7-2 winners at a sparsely populated Northern Echo Arena but the harsh reality of it, is that Darlington were distinctly average and Newcastle barely got out of second gear to roll them over.

My day started by scrapping around looking for some company to take to the game with me. Alas, due to last minute organising I had no takers, so made the short but lonely trip down the A1 from Bowburn. Nonetheless, I was looking forward to this and as I turned on the multi-disc changer in the car and I came across The Stone Roses, I started to enjoy myself.

Parking up opposite the Copper Beech pub I hurried down Neasham Road anxious to get to the ticket office, after warnings of queues for ‘tickets on the day’. I needn’t have worried, as they were relatively small queues. Standing in line, I managed to duck out of an interview for Look North but couldn’t get out of camera shot when they asked the guy in front. I hope my hair looked ok. However, due to some bad advertising and organisation, a number of Mags managed to stand in what looked like a generic ticket queue, only to be told after 15 mins they wouldn’t sell us away tickets!! A short irritable while later I had my North Stand ticket in hand and followed some black and whites round to the turnstiles. (more…)

Better the devil you know?

June 11th, 2009 | 33 Comments |

Alan Shearer: Tempted in the wilderness by Fat Freddy?
Alan Shearer: Tempted in the wilderness by Fat Freddy?
As inevitable as it used to be to see broken teeth outside The Rocket in Longbenton on a Friday neet, Mr Freddy Sheperd chucked his hat into the ring as soon our sale was announced.

Local papers recently reported that Shepherd met with Shearer in Jesmond to discuss the present situation and what his plans are. It’s also claimed those plans heavily involve Big Al.

However as reported in several newspaper and particularly in The Guardian, this is the general consensus –

“Although Shepherd’s interest is known by Ashley, sources have indicated he is not sure who is providing the money needed to meet the £100m asking price. (more…)