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The Good Ship Toontanic – day 14698.

June 4th, 2009 | 4 Comments |

The Toontanic.
The Toontanic.
Each day I seem to grow more weary yet I hang onto my hope. We are still deep rooted in the doldrums,  without fuel nor wind we can not move, Captain Shearer is full of hope for what might be, but he too wrestles with his imaptience to get things started. We just need a little fuel to get going – he awaits like an expectant father for the fuel to arrive.

However there is still no sign of the new fuel arriving, the passengers and crew are awaitng nervously, we dont yet know what fate has in store for us, yet we all grab at every whisper of optimism that it will be here soon, one more day thats all…. (more…)

Shearers style of play – what is it?

June 4th, 2009 | 12 Comments |

Is Shearers spending spree about to be announced?
Is Shearers spending spree about to be announced?
Many who commentate, pundits and the like, continually state it doesn’t matter how you play its the results that count. Alan Shearer himself on many an occasion states that the result is the only thing that counts.

I ask myself if Big Sam had went on a decent run unbeaten and grinding out poor results, would that be good enough? (more…)

The Good Ship Toontanic – Day 14697.

June 3rd, 2009 | 13 Comments |

The Toontanic.
The Toontanic.
I have been told we are out of fuel today, emergency supplies have been called for, hopefully the fuel company will authorise our credit note so the rumoured new Captain Shearer move us onwards once more.

It had been rumoured that they might allow Captain Mike walk off the plank onto dry land at Oman – I fear that wont be true, the only rumours of that come from on this ship, no rumours on the wireless from Oman themselves.

In the meantime we are in the doldrums, not a breath of wind anywhere – what does drift our way comes from the mouths of those tittle tattling. No news, but hope…….we always hope.

Are we unbuyable – unmanageable – uninvestable?

June 3rd, 2009 | 33 Comments |

Victim of Circumstance? or Pantomine Villain?
Victim of Circumstance? or Pantomine Villain?
Sky News this morning was reporting in general that owning a football club  is a thankless task. that the Premier League Teams are in debt to the tune of 3 Billion! Half of that is attributed to Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U – I certainly wouldn’t like to owe that sort of cash when the commodity is as fragile as a footballer.

I ask the following questions from an objective point of view: (more…)

Michael Owen – Needs a move to a Big Club!

June 3rd, 2009 | 11 Comments |

Today we see Steven Gerrard, a man on bail for an offence of violence, issue as rallying cry for Englands Michael Owen. Michael apparently can make it back to the big time by – wait for it – joining a big club.

Gerrard said: “I’m a big fan of Michael Owen, a good friend of his. I’d love to see him get a move from Newcastle to a big club and get his England career back on track. (more…)