Old Newcastle United sign finally sells for £15,536.13 on EBay.

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Newcastle United East stand  sign.
£15,536.13 raised from sign sale.
Eight days ago, the letters which used to make up the famous “Newcastle United” sign were offered for sale on the online auction site EBay, with all proceeds from the sale going towards a night in Asper’s Casino for Mike Ashley, Derek Llambias and Alan Pardew the “Newcastle United Foundation” charity, who in their own words endeavour to:

“Use the local passion for football to encourage learning and promote healthy lifestyles that will make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and families in our region.”

After a week of bidding, the letters finally went under the virtual hammer for a total of £15,536.13 (minus commission). The higest price paid for one individual letter was £3100.00 for the first “N” in the sign to go on sale, though the other “N”, which was exactly the same went for a far more modest £959.99. The chepest of the letters was the letter “I”, which went for a mere £555.44.

Bidding on the items closed in the hour leading up to the start of yesterday’s match against Tottenham Hotspur, where the new inproved sign, enhanced by two beautiful Sports Direct logos on either flank, was proudly on display.

Well at least the proceeds went to a good cause.

You can see the 15 now closed ebay listings, and what each letter brought individually, here.

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73 Responses

  1. that picture reminds me of a dreadful joke –
    of the careless girl who fell through a D just like that one –
    her obitury read “died as she was born – through a hole in the letter”.

  2. Was the ‘N’ of Newcastle bigger than the ‘N’ in United?
    Or is it just bragging rights, for having the ‘N’ of Newcastle?

  3. if you think that joke was dreadful, them I admit my football predictions are even worse. We have turned down Derby’s loan request for Perch – so my brilliant theory that it was a preliminary to signing a CB (one out one in policy) was rubbish. I hang my head on both accounts.

  4. It was a pretty decent idea though, selling it off for local charities, especially for helping bairns.

    I like!

  5. The Bookies (Footylatest.com) are taking Newcastle and Alan Pardew seriously if nobody else is, as they are now offering just 28/1 to finish in the top four at the end of the season, having started the season at a massive price of 250/1.
    They ask “Newcastle Utd now serious contenders for Europe?
    I have avoided mentioning the subject (tempting fate) but it’s great to see us getting recognition at last!


  6. supermac says:
    October 17, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    “if you think that joke was dreadful”

    Supermac, nowadays I think you have to a of “a cartain age” to remember the term “French Letter”, which for our younger viewers was an old term for a condom.

  7. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 17, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    “It was a pretty decent idea though, selling it off for local charities”

    Clint, I think the “Newcastle United Foundation is part of the club, or very closely allied with it at least.

    I think their overall message is “Scum, stop eating those chips and play some friggin’ football instead!”

  8. Well.
    let’s hope they take salads with ’em while brow beating the little gets, hey?


  9. I AM VERY GRATEFUL TO PARDEW and ASHLEY especially for appointing Mr Pardew our saviour, Alan Pardew is a genius, he seems to make the right tactical decisions most of the time. he ihas the respect of the lads, he should be made an honoury mayor of newcastle. he says it himself he doesnt care what people think about him what he cares about is newcastle winning, which is what i care about too.( without criticising Hughton who did wonders for us but seemed to win all the ones we were likely to lose and lose all the ones we should have one( it was an exciting time too so thank you))

    Yesterdays game against tottenham shows the fight the toon now has and while i am gutted it wasnt a win it was a good result considering the opposition.

    Ashley has invested over 10% of his wealth in newscastle, without him we would have not got the backing of the banks and would probably be languishing some where in the depths of the second division. in this economic climate we need to be frugal, and the transfer strategy at the TOON seems to be just right, I am delighted with Mr Carr you are better than your son, you have made me laugh with joy at the quality of your signings, and seeing them play is even better.

    Anyone that wants to criticise ashley should be willing to hand over 10% of their wealth to a transfer kitty for those big money transfers,

    and to Llambas his communication is pretty bad but i approve of your mission statements, the clubs going in the right direction, you don’t affect it so much as you don’t affect me, lack of communication can be good too because it doesn’t tell our competitors what were doing either. I love it where i think the club is going. at least you havent slagged off anyone in the toon.

    i prefer the way we are when those fat cats get bored of their clubs newcastle should be in a position to strive for the top. so lets put some backing in the whole team. the managers and the directors.

    I was once offered 33% of man city, for a very small fee, even though it was a lot too me; i was a NUFC fan and will always be a NUFC fan , i did not want it. that club is now in the top 3 of the premiership. i in a certain way once used to look at it as a loss for me for all the money i could have made; however i also once sat next to a director of man utd and he told me a pound invested in football is a pound lost. (How lucky I was not to take up the offer)

    a big thank you we are looking like a top ten team, keep it up and lets progress together,

    to MR Ashley thank you for your investment
    to MR Llambas thank you for not saying too much
    to MR Pardew, thank you for your tactical nous
    to MR Carr thank you for your eyes
    to THE TEAM you are playing out of your skin, please please keep punching above your weight you are outstanding when you do. keep it up



  10. ED says:
    October 17, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    “I AM VERY GRATEFUL TO PARDEW and ASHLEY especially for appointing Mr Pardew our saviour, Alan Pardew is a genius”

    Steady on old chap! I wouldn’t quite put Pardew in the Isaac Newton league just yet.

    Didn’t you post that comment earlier today too? Do you work for one of Mike Ashley’s PR companies? :-)

  11. workyticket says:

    “Didn’t you post that comment earlier today too? Do you work for one of Mike Ashley’s PR companies?”

    Its only because you said if you keep telling people BS they ‘ll eventually believe it so Ed’s taken you at your word !

    I think he’s on a mission so expect more of the same :lol:

  12. I think ED needs to stop sniffing whatever solvents are around him….

    Ashley has lost more in casinos/the recession than he has “invested” in our club (remember its not an investment, just an open ended loan)

  13. While on the subject of things that make me laugh….

    “As long as I am the Sunderland manager, the one thing I want to do is finish above them [Newcastle], and I am sure Alan Pardew is the same” – August 2011

    “Is it just to be judged on finishing above Newcastle? Well, I’m sorry. There’s a bigger picture than that. Unfortunately – if we keep thinking that way, then whoever is manager here – or at Newcastle – they will find the same difficulties” – October 2011

    Does anyone have the sack race odds ?

  14. Easy cash loan expert knows what he’s talking about… Think Worky might delete his post as ‘spam’ so I’ll re-post it here, because it’s excellent…

    Easy Cash Loan Accept says:
    October 17, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    “Interesting, I’ll rummage around for that article and do some a lot of digging. I’d prefer to come to the subject some day. But again, what your describing to me feels like like easy “attention” and not immersion. however that’s the nice issue regarding science: folks get to fight regarding operationalization of terms and also the one who shouts the loudest and publishes the foremost usually gets to win.”

    Right on brother.

  15. Actually in regards to my post at 19, I think the ‘I’ would be alright to maneuver , but the ‘D’ looks horrendous.

  16. Is it any wonder that those letters, when rearranged, spell out “I Want C*nts Fleeced” ?

    Presumably Fatman bought them all and has them lined up along his driveway ?

  17. and Newcastle United Football Club translates as “Club of downbeat intellectuals”

    That’ll be us then :lol:

  18. AndyMac says:
    October 17, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    “Is it any wonder that those letters, when rearranged, spell out “I Want C*nts Fleeced” ?

    Presumably Fatman bought them all and has them lined up along his driveway ?”

    You think Mike Ashley’a a fan of ‘shaven havens’ Andy?

  19. Apparently no lack of delusional fans on the blog (ED), but have to admit he also has a vivid imagination, 33% of Citeh, etc.
    Probably a wind up on a not that interesting subject to comment on (the sign)

    Well we got Wigan next, better feast on the the three available points, because things will get considerably tougher as we enter a more demanding schedule.
    28-1 for a fourth place finish, that does that say ?

    Gotta say the side played well and in fact imo shaded Spurs, we cudda-woodda-shudda, took all three points.
    Now Spurs are no slouches but we actually outplayed them, Bale was AWOL,as were all their big players, im sure Arry was pissed.
    And this is a team i touted for a top four, funny old game innit ?

    As for criticism, hey constructive criticism !
    Doncha think its about time Pardew gave a start to both HBA & Marveaux, arguably our most skillful pair.
    I would like to see a 4-i-4-1, with Marveau-Jonas-HBA
    and Cabaye, with Ba up front.
    The two striker option is not really working (how long will it take Pardew to fiure it out) and this rigid tude. resulting in him using a one size fits all lineup,(if it aint broken) instead of a side consisting of our best matchups, against whoever our opponents are.
    Hell we have midfield strength in depth, use it.
    I think we saw that Santon looks the part, so why is he still on the bench, with Raylor struggling, hell Cabaye can take care of the set piece attempts.

    Deja vu, from the West Ham days, where Tevez and his sidekick were sitting as the hammers were sliding to-wards relegation.
    Ah well, it’s only football !

  20. workyticket says:

    “You think Mike Ashley’a a fan of ‘shaven havens’ Andy?”

    I’ll pretend I know nothing about “havens that are shaven” :)

  21. chuck says:

    “Now Spurs are no slouches but we actually outplayed them, Bale was AWOL, as were all their big players, im sure Arry was pissed”

    I just wondered whether Bale was put out of his stride with Arry putting him on the right for the first twenty five minutes on Sunday presumably to put pressure on Raylor ?

    Bales stats 30 passes, 16 completed and only 2 crosses

    Compare that with Jonas 36 passes, 26 completed and 1 cross and assist.

  22. Ah!
    It’s nice to read a bunch of rankling on sites about how bad spuds were & how ‘upset’ certain players are.
    It just goes to show how much respect the Toon have if old ‘arry felt it necessary to change his winning formula of his ‘in form’ team yet still couldn’t kill us off.

    All the time forgetting that it wasn’t so much them not turning up, more us not allowing them to overrun us.

  23. bale actually couldn’t ‘do’ Raylor.

    Well done Ryan Taylor, seen as a weak link but generally playing manfully.
    Well in lad!

  24. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “Nibbled to death by okapi, nibbled to death by okapi, nibbled to death by okapi…”

    Tall cans in the air

  25. jimbob,
    did you get it mate?

    Good lad!

    All y’gotta do now is decode what i meant.


  26. Jimbob@35…I fancy you could be right there mate…Simmo out Santon in…perfect opportunity actually, get the lad bedded in against supposed lesser opposition before the tough games arrive…

  27. Bale had a bad hair day, unusual for him.
    You gonna come at me with stats. here, hell this is not the NBA or the baseball leagues, we can see as the game progresses who’s doing good and who shouldda stayed in bed.
    Those stats on Jonas must be outstanding, he usually blows at least 75% of his possessions.
    Same problem with Obertan, wasted possession, both these guys either run into traffic (head down) or fail to get a cross in.
    And there are stats to fit any situation.
    I wanna see HBA and Marveaux introduced, plus Santon, i wanna see some nice football, that has an end product.
    Before i go gotta say, our one indispensable player is
    Chiek Tiote, had an unbelievable game, the defense who are getting so much credit couldda stayed at home he is so good, breaks up attacking plays one after another.
    Hope he got a decent contract, as it wont be long before we start getting offers for him.

  28. jimbob,
    when bale got nowt outta Raylor, ‘arry tried him against Simmo. So AP put Santon in for a workout, if he can challenge ronaldo, he can fettle bale.

  29. chuck,
    Jonas scored a corker v wolves last time out & expertly assisted Ba this time, what’s wrong with that.
    If we could only get 100% out 100%, 100% of the time, now that would be something, hey?

  30. On Santon, it would be nice to get the Dutch LB in at Christmas, with Simpson, Perch, Williams and Raylor used as backups (for the time being until we can replace them with better players) defense solved.
    Which would mean two in, a striker and a first class defender, to finance it dump some of the deadwood.
    Smith-Guthrie-Lovenkrands, thats if we can ?

  31. chuck says:
    October 17, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    “You gonna come at me with stats. here”

    Chuck, have you seen our new NUFC Blog stat room yet? That’s Jimbob at the controls.

  32. chuck says:

    “to finance it dump some of the deadwood.
    Smith-Guthrie-Lovenkrands, thats if we can ?”

    Ever heard of the term “pig in a poke” Chuck ?

  33. chuck,
    the only problem with getting shot of all of your ‘squad players’ is, the ones that come in (who are ‘better’) will want game time & not be as prepared to wait to take their chance. Then you have an upset apple cart.
    Them’s the breaks like.

  34. @ me @ 48,

    then you have more, better players & the youth gets further down the pecking order, & disillusioned.

  35. Clint
    Yeah he scored, and yeah it was a nice goal, but when and how often does that happen (statistics)same with the cross yesterday.
    You know these are as rare are hens teeth and his real worth is in his defensive role, perhaps he should be given a try at the Tiote role ?
    Hell he can run all day, who knows and we do need a backup for wor chiek, ye knaa !
    Sounds crazy i know, but hey, the guy played as a defender for Argentina, so why not as a midfielding defender, which we already know he can handle.

  36. workyticket says:

    “Chuck, have you seen our new NUFC Blog stat room yet? That’s Jimbob at the controls”

    That’ll be Captain Jimbob at the helm then ? :)

  37. chuck,

    i do get ya’ mate.
    But he’s doing real well this season, he looks well focussed & is doing some great stuff.
    I reckon he’d be good ‘in the hole’ sometimes.
    He does a lot of good work that obviously goes unnoticed, helping out at the back, being an outlet, buying time, creating, easing pressure & scoring the odd blinder.

  38. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 17, 2011 at 9:07 pm


    Clint, there’s some hilarious text with the original version of that photo. That was supposed to be the home computer of the year 2000 or something like that.

  39. Yeah i know both Smith and Lover boy are getting long in the toth.
    Yeah i know Clint, that everyone wants a game and the fact is, injuries plus horses for courses can provide playing time.
    Not every PL side puts out the same eleven week after week and it will become necessary when playing in Europe.
    Look at the side put out by Man U. against Pool, not a first eleven by any means.
    Even Players like Anelka, Torres and Carroll are finding it hard to get games.
    But if we are to compete near the top in this league, we are going to have like other sides, to platoon for the particular game and have quality in depth.

  40. worky,



    i agree mate.

    for me, AP is bedding Obertan in, he’ll put HBA & Marveaux in soon. As injuries start to happen the team will develop anyway.
    But some of the bairns need to know that if they do well, they’ll get in.
    It’s very fine balance.
    We don’t have to rotate as much as ‘euro’ teams. But we do rotate for cup games.
    We can’t mess with an unbeaten formula, it’s a rod for your own back.

  41. chuck says:
    October 17, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    “Yeah i know both Smith and Lover boy are getting long in the toth.”

    That’s a bit rich coming from someone who remembers Jackie Milburn Chuck! :lol:

  42. Worky

    Looks like something from the old “Flash Gordon” tv series.
    Or the “twi-light Zone”.
    So that’s what Cpt. Jimbob looks like, hmmm!
    Need to check out Andy Mac & Clinton, next, anyone who remembers the Robledo brithers gotta be Geezers or should i say gadgies.
    Ok enough already it’s Amstel time in the city.

  43. Hey that’s a compliment, i hate to admit it but Albert Stubbins was another of my heroes, don’t go spreading that around now, as there’s a certain amount of people who believe you automatically become dumb upon reaching a certain age.

  44. chuck says:
    October 17, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    “Hey that’s a compliment, i hate to admit it but Albert Stubbins was another of my heroes”

    Aye Chuck, he was a Geordie Yank as I’m sure you know. Stubbins is probably much more of a legend on Mersyside nowadays and was the only footballer on the cover of “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Cclub Band”. Maybe it was the war with him though. He spent much of his time with us when Adolf was on the march, the League Championship was put into mothballs and the Wartome League was on.

  45. Yeah, I’m looking on fine form in that photo.

    We have to update out TV set at some stage though.

  46. Clint,

    You’re on about Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy maybe…

    I dunno why though as yet, so I’ll settle for being 3/4 of the way there. :-)

  47. Clint,

    Tescos mate… They have a surprisingly diverse range at an affordable value…

    No blue and white stripes for me though, their ‘value’ range doesn’t include clothing. :-)

  48. jimbob,
    nibbled to death by okapi is a closed groove at the end of a ‘Damned’ album, the original ‘Machine gun etiquette’ vinyl.
    ie. a ‘stuck record’…


    Hey, i take back my thoughts on Tesco’s clothing range.


  49. Ha, yeah I got the Damned part of it, and the lyrics, not the ‘stuck record’ part though. I catch your drift… Clever.

    It’s also in HGTTG, as one of them supposedly die of being nibbled to death… Or something.

    I haven’t figured out what that wheel on the computer does yet. There are no peddles, so I’ve ascertained you can’t drive it anywhere…

  50. LauraCol,

    it’s probably that suit keeping him warm…& all the ‘tech’ in close proximity. Those old tubes get pretty toastie.