Pardew says no to free agents, so that’s it until January

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Alan Pardew is building up expectations about Hatem Ben Arfa's return.
Building up expectations
Alan Pardew puts paid to the idea of bringing in any free agents to plug any gaps in the Newcastle United squad, and he looks forward to the return of Hatem Ben Arfa.

You are probably not surprised to find out that this is ‘it’ now in terms of the squad until January. Pardew has previously told us that the loan market isn’t the way the club wants to go to plug any gaps – such as the striker we missed out on in the transfer window – and he has today confirmed that we won’t be pursuing free agents either. Pardew said:

I’ve no intention of bringing a free agent in. I’ll go with the group.

I think you have to remember I’ve got Hatem Ben Arfa training now. His imagination and flair on that pitch would have been a big asset for us – hopefully, fingers crossed, in two weeks’ time he’ll be on that pitch for us.

I can’t wait to see Benny back but I hope we’re not pinning too much expectation on the lad. I think we need to try and find additional midfield creativity from the likes of Cabaye and Marvueax too and I think Obertan has the potential to slot in behind a striker – in a Benny-type role – as part of a 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 sort of formation. Obertan is probably not what you’d call a ’rounded product’ yet but hopefully that’s something Pardew can work on.

I tend to agree with the policy of not using loan players and ‘temporary’ free agents if possible as I think it’s a short-term view of things. Sometimes you just have to, but I think if possible it’s much better to give some of the fringe players a go.

I still think Haris Vuckic has a lot to offer too. He looks confident and skillful and I just hope this thumb/wrist injury he has isn’t part of a long-term problem (didn’t he suffer similar last season?).

I didn’t think last night’s game was particularly impressive in terms of performance – Tiote played a shocker and Cabaye was a passenger for most of it – but we still came away with a point, mainly thanks to some great on-the-goal-line defending from the likes of Simmo and Taylor. Sometimes you just have to ride your luck!

I don’t want to get too carried away but if, before the season started, you told me we’d be 4th after 4 games I’d have laughed. Roll on Villa I say. If we can do to them what we did to QPR and get a point I’ll be happy, although I’ll be hoping for a much more convincing performance over all.

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26 Responses

  1. I agree. In seasons past we would have lost this game. Maybe after years we’re going to get a wee bit of luck.
    The players coming back in will improve things too.
    2 wins 2 draws. I’ll take it!

  2. We already have imagination and flair in Cabaye, but he’s not being used because we just hump the ball up top. Great point yesterday, but that was easily the worst performance since Stevenage. Why do we keep punting it up top? It must be a tactic he uses, yet it doesn’t work! It hasn’t worked in all of our games. We improved in the 2nd half of our previous matches because we kept it on the deck, and didn’t rush. So why not always play that way?

    Way too much expected of HBA’s return, he wont be up to speed for a while.

    My only real gripe at the moment (well this morning):-), is our formation and playing Shola. Shola should be a squad player, but Pardew loves him for some reason. Best is much better, and Ba just needs a few McDonalds meals and he’ll be back on track…

    If we play with 4 in the mid against Villa we will be overrun again… Darren Bent won’t miss those chances last night. And please don’t play Shola Pardew, give Marveaux or Gosling a go, Shola’s had enough chances these last ten years.

  3. We were rubbish last night! The big hoofs up the park are strange. Maybe we practiced the long ball for a month, expecting to have a big target man bought in the window!
    Nooo!! I’ve mentioned the window again!!

  4. Spot on Jimbob. What is it with Shola? He’s a lovely bloke and all that but at times its like having 10 men.
    Ba needs games and Best is brimming with confidence which is when players play out of the skin. Why hold that back!
    We need to keep scoring goals or quite simply we will lose very soon. Great defending by Taylor who has improved a lot and even Simpson who has been a bit naff had a much improved game.
    Totally agree re the long balls, extremely facile exercise.
    Fantastic position but we have really worn out lady luck and unless we pose a real threat at the pointy end we will just invite them on. Best defense is offense!! It is not rocket science which is why it gets so dam frustrating. If QPR had clinical finishers we would be looking at a embarrassing result.
    There is a very fine line between success and failure and we are about 3/5ths of 5/8ths of FA away from it.

  5. For the Villa game we must play 4-2-3-1.

    Best or Ba but not Shola needs to be the single striker.

    We need some flair between Tiote and Cabaye. Ben Arfa or Vuckic would normally occupy that position but in their absence I would play Gosling or Marveaux although I think Marveaux would be just as good on the left wing, his natural position.

    I thought I would never have to say it but Tiote needs to change his game or spend some time on the bench. There were times last night where he was dawdling on the ball and in some cases there were team mates around him but he declined to pass. This will not have been missed by Villa. Big (brave) decision by Pardew.

    Also not missed by Villa is the weakness at left back. Is Santon ready to replace Raylor? Another big (brave) decision for Pardew. If replaced, should Raylor replace Obertan to counteract the wingers of Villa.

  6. well stuart robson did say on ESPN,that alan pardew was a “long ball conman”,and you have to say,there is truth in that.he was bullish in his inteview before the game,”we have to send out a message,we could go into fourth,they have 5 debutants tonight,we need to control the game”.well we never controlled the game at any stage,we were second best,all over the park.
    yohan cabaye was non existant,and just spent his time jogging around.
    the ironic thing about it,is we would have been better off,if joey was playing for us.
    we have looked poor in every game we have played in,and you just cannot see,where the goals will come from.
    there are definately a few hidings for us in the pipeline,if we dont improve,the trouble is;can this team improve?.
    you have to question pardew also,he couldn’t motivate them before they took the field,and in the second half,there was very little improvement until the last 15 minutes.i wonder what his team talk was?,because it had no effect what so ever.

  7. Hmmm, I just watched that interview on ESPN Trojan, seems factual about the long ball doesn’t it? Every game this season has been like that and he used Harewood as the lump up top, maybe that’s why he likes Shola so much.

  8. We have the players to mix things up, and I don’t think we should ever play 4-4-2 as we don’t have the right strikers for that system. It makes us too predictable and static, too light in central mf.

    Not only Benny, but we should start to play Vuckic, Marveaux, Sammy Amoebi etc to give us some edge and spontaneity. I like the idea someone put on here of playing 4-2-3-1!

  9. It sounds like Santon is having a storming game for the reserves today. Hopefully he will play at Villa.

    Also good to see Kadar and Ferguson playing again.

  10. TROJAN 69 says:
    September 13, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    “well stuart robson did say on ESPN,that alan pardew was a “long ball conman”,and you have to say,there is truth in that.”

    Do people actually watch football games? I’ve been gannin’ on for quite a while now about how we make more long passes under Pardew than we did under his predecessor, but I just get pooh-poohed amidst talk of how Pardew is turning Newcastle United into Barcelona.

  11. Adam says: “we don’t have the right strikers for that system”
    the point is we do not have any PL quality strikers!

  12. James Beatie is a free agent would it not be good sense to get a striker who is five times the player Shola is?

  13. Jimbob says:
    September 13, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    “Shh, Worky we’re 4th!”

    Aye Jimbob, the masters of “el Joga Bonito”, Wolves, have been top four this season too, and Stoke are biting our heels in fifth.

  14. Just back from an extended vacation, the weather in “The “City” is perfect as opposed to the crappy summer in Europe.
    Hustled home to watch the game yesterday, shouldda not even bothered, pure crap !
    Long time since i watched such a poor game in the EPL, even the Spanish commentators were laughing at both teams.
    Not one Newcastle player had a decent game and the tactics were, hoof it up the pitch, we might get lucky.
    Fu**ing unbelievable, any other side would have destroyed us.
    Better take a good look at the league table, cause this is the best y’all are gonna see for this season.
    As for Pardew, well gotta be the worst coach in the fu***ng league, played the same stupid 50’s style (wow hold on, they played a more intelligent game then)football.
    I had projected earlier we could finish a couple of places above last years final placing, well i’m gonna take that back.
    The side was leaderless, had no tactical plan, was in total dissaray, clueless football and there was Pardew on the sideline, looking even more clueless than the side, never said a fu***ng word.
    Shola was awfull, Cabaye went missing, Tiote was awfull and started his card collection.
    We couldda used an inspirational leader, unfortunately he was playing for the other side, yeah, talking bout Joey.
    Niether of our CD’s had a good game and Saylor was terrible.
    Jonas wan’t at his best, then he did’nt have serice from Enrique either
    Niether Best or Obertan were upto standard, but Ba and Marveaux at least tried when brought on.
    I’m afraid if we are to play like this for the rest of the season, god help us.

  15. the scary thing about last nights game was,that was a proper nailed on,alan pardew side,it’s got his mark all over it.
    we looked very similar to the west ham side he bossed,from a few year back.same back to front hoofing of the ball,with shola instead of carlton cole,as his talisman.

  16. chuck says:
    September 13, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    “Just back from an extended vacation, the weather in “The “City” is perfect as opposed to the crappy summer in Europe…”

    Good to see you back on form Statler! :-)

    On the subject of crappy summer weather, I hear it got a little gusty at times over on your side of the pond this summer?

  17. Oh ! thought i’d mention Workey Ticket’s rant from yesterday, plus those of the opposition.
    Have to say i do concur entirely with WT’s take on the matter and have often given vent to similar opinions on this blog.
    My reason for mentioning it is, though most of us are of varying opinions, the fact’s dont change.
    Having experienced a number of owners from the Seymour’s through Ashley, IMO there has been little to seperate one from the other, all IMO placing self interest before that of the club.
    But it appears there’s a certain group of fans who condem any negative viewpoint , either in connection with the owner, management and even players as some form of betrayal of both the club and fans, strange !
    My personal take on Ashley and his reason for acquiring the club is a bit more varied.
    Sure IMO he bought it primarily as an adjunct to his retailing empire, something which could bring extra revenue (asian shirt sales ?)
    But also as a personal toy, something by which he could make money from (i’m sure the massive increases in EPL tv. revenue, had’nt escape his notice)
    It’s apparent the man is very hands on, likes a gamble and it’s also apparent he is very good at what he does in regard to retailing, whether he can apply those methods in operating a football club successfully, (top six, silverware)remains to be seen ?
    Then again is that a goal?
    As for liking the man on a personal level, thats an individual judgement.

  18. Workey
    Yeah missed the storm here, spent a good part of the summer fishing in Ireland, plus a bit of travelling, apparently the summer was crappy also on this side of the pond, ah well !

    I’m hoping this was a one off game, but FFS Alan Pardew ?
    Afraid i’m not inspired.
    The best news is the bookies have him, as a near favorite to get the push, but the thing is, we know Ashley is not about to attract a decent manager, aaaaauuggghh !

  19. ashley is taking the piss out of the toon army yet yous still bankroll him .i stopped going to SJP a few years back because of this .ive watched the toon for over 30yrs thru thick and thin and think this bloke is worse than seymour n mckeag put and 6 mates now watch blyth spartans coz at least they appreciate the revenue unlike this piss taking moron with his arsewipe of a manager. stay away [ i know its hard] n dont give him your hard earned dosh .

  20. chuck says:
    September 13, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    “Having experienced a number of owners from the Seymour’s through Ashley, IMO there has been little to seperate one from the other, all IMO placing self interest before that of the club.”

    Chuck, I know about Seymour Jnr from experience, just like yourself. Bit what about Seymour Snr? I’m not old enough to remember him, except from my reading of Newcastle United’s history.

  21. chuck says:
    September 13, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    Yeah missed the storm here, spent a good part of the summer fishing in Ireland”

    Ah well. If you’re moaning about the rain you shouldn’t have gone to Ireland! It is lovely and green there though.

  22. Chuck, what can I say ? Apart from its just as well I didnt write that as certain people would have been contacting their MP’s and demanding the inception of an Internet Police Force and hanging offences for disagreeing with the popular vote :)

    In all seriousness yesterday was a classic example of how shlte Pardwho really is as a manager. He’s got a squad stacked full of very decent midfielders yet a plethora of shlte strikers. So what does he do ?????

    If it hadnt been for Bothroyds profligacy we’d have lost that game heavily and people said Obertan had a great/good game ?????

    “Gabriel Obertan
    Never really got going and found it difficult to make his mark on the game”

    “Gabriel Obertan Flop of the Match
    Real anonymity, made worse by the fact that he seemed either unwilling, or unsure of how, to influence proceedings.” SAF rarely sells a good player but then again Pardwho has probably never bought one :)

    Apart from Obertan we do have enough quality in midfield to support one striker until January (when we all go through the same exercise in futility until Feb 1st). It’s up to The Clueless One to decide if he has the cojones or if he just wants to pay off his gambling bills ?

  23. Call yourself Supporters ?
    Bunch of mackems on here…the table don’t lie.
    Champions Lge here we come.

    P.S. Can we please get this bunch of tits out of SJP?
    I am at breaking point.
    Really Hacked off with it all now.

  24. Andy Mac
    fact is, yeah we have Cabaye, Jonas, HBA, Tiote and probably Marveau as proven midfielders, then we have Gosling as an unproven fill in for Tiote who had better clean up his act, everyone he tackles doesnt have to end up in the f***ing stands.
    We have an over the hill winger come striker in Lovenkrands, Guthrie who aint gonna make it, inconsistent!
    Not gonna talk about Smith.
    So whadda we got left, the kids ?
    It’s a long season and we will have injuries.
    As for the back four, we got the two central defenders, Colo and Saylor , who are decent, but only decent !
    Williamson spends half the game on his ass and for a big guy is poor in the air.
    Dont wanna talk about Raylor, awfull !
    Perch is interesting , versitile and should be given a start before Saylor, if he’s fit.
    But we need help across the back four and whats up with our new Italian signing ?
    Dont wanna get into our front men other than to say i would keep both Ba and Best, as back ups and sign two decent strikers, Fkuc the idea of using HBA as a striker,
    just another dumbass Pardew idea.
    What we lack more than anything is a leader on the pitch, we got rid of our best asset in Joey, who provided that inspirational role that lifted the side and made us a team that punched above it’s weight.
    Yeah, i know we are in fourth place, lets see how long that lasts.
    Christmas will tell the tale as to whether what accured in the summer (were a better team and all that shit)
    personall i dont believe it, and as long as we have Pardew calling the shots, god help us.