Jonas succeeds where Barton and Nolan failed and gets a new contract

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Jonas signs a new 4-year contract with Newcastle United.
Loves playing for Newcastle
Jonas signs a new contract with Newcastle United, much to Alan Pardew’s relief.

It seems that Jonas Gutierrez has managed to see eye to eye with the club in a way that Barton and Nolan couldn’t because the club has signed him up for another four years.

He’s previously expressed an interest in playing in Italy, but it seems his desire to stay at Newcastle overrides that. Jonas said:

I’ve said many times that I love playing for Newcastle. I love the city, the fans and the team. So I had no hesitation in signing a new contract. It has been a good start to the season and this is a great place to be.

I am proud that the manager and the board see me as part of the long-term future of Newcastle. I have always given my best here and I will always do that.

And Alan Pardew followed up with a shock speech on the matter, saying:

Jonas is an integral part of the future of Newcastle United and we are delighted to have signed a new contract with him. As a seasoned international player, he adds a different dimension to our play when he is on the field and is a huge asset to us.

Jonas can turn a game in an instant, he has marvellous ball skills, a terrific work rate and in my time here, has hardly missed a game.

That’s the sort of consistency, fitness and performance wise, that a manager looks for in a player.

Much has been said in the past about his lack of ‘end product’ or that he ‘flatters to deceive’ but I’ve always liked him, not least because he always has a good work rate and – as Pardew said – he’s spent very little time outside the sick room with a note from his mam.

I think there’s more to his game than a ‘left winger’ too and he always seems willing to get back and defend when it’s necessary. In fact, I seem to remember him starting a left-back a couple of times.

Whilst we’re talking about contracts (well, I am, anyway), unless some deals have slipped under my radar (and please correct me if they have), the following are due to expire soon:

– Steve Harper: January 2012
– Tim Krul, Shola & Nile Ranger: June 2012
– Danny Guthrie, Sammy Ameobi: July 2012
– Alan Smith, Peter Lovenkrands: August 2012

I wonder what the club’s plans are for that lot?

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90 Responses

  1. It is good to see a player who seems to enjoy playing for the club get rewarded. He is switching wings a bit this year as well.

  2. I think you are a bit behind on the contract status of certain players. As mentioned above Shola got a new deal (to 2014) as unfortunately did Ranger (to 2016). According to .com who are pretty reliable on these matters Krul is 2014 (though we should sign him up now on a longer deal) and Harper is 2013. Rather worryingly sammy is 2012 so I expect him to be offered a new contract very soon. Smith will almost certainly be allowed to go, which leaves guthrie and loven to be sorted – not so sure what will happen here.

  3. Take Loven out the back and shoot him.

    Buy Sammy a Gold pair of boots.

    Get Gutherie sold for 5m….or less.

    Buy Martin Marvin (23, french, some reported interest in the creative souchaux midfielder)

    Buy Darnel Situ, and another CB.

    Buy New Top Striker.

    Team complete for next season, ready to do well in Europa!

  4. So whats it all about ?
    Jonas probably tested the water, but could’nt come up with anything better than what was on offer.
    Which does’nt necessarily mean he wont be sold, just prevents what happened with the two scousers.
    Could be a test case in regard to whether the business plan will include veterans, playing into retirement ?
    and for Jonas brings a certain amount of security, plus better the devil you know.
    But who knows ? lets see !
    As for Pardew, more psych-babble !

  5. Still no bites from the pro Fatman/anti JB brigade :)

    You know the ones who said that Nolan was too slow and Joey was too outspoken because thats what the company line stated so it must be true.

    Bottom line – Joey is 28 and wanted a four year deal. Jonas is 28 and got a four year deal.

  6. Good luck to Barton and Nolan who moved on without a new contract, but you can’t help feeling that there is a much more settled squad without them and the fact that we now have a group of players who do not need to strut their stuff and be Cock o’ the Northeast.

  7. I read our little friend Owen wants more playing time and would move to a smaller club to get it for the remaining years of his career. I’m feeling confident that NUFC is now “too big” for him.

    Would SAF make him buy out his contract or let him go on a free?

    How would the lads at Scunthorpe take to his daily arrival in his helicopter?

    Howay Jonas, you and your agent see the financial hard times coming and secured your future. Hope some of the others have the same crystal ball. You too, Ranger.

  8. I heard we interested in a French play-maker, Marvin Martin. Weird how there midfield is strong and they are still chasing more when we need strikers and defenders…

  9. Bottom line Jonas is a professional and Joey is a liability. I notice he was virtually anonomous in the QPR game. If anything team spirt and togetherness seems to have gone up since the big heeds left.

  10. Martin would be a major coup, if we manage to bring him to St. James,s Park.
    But with what looks like a heavily accented French side already here, could perhaps be an attraction.
    As for an overabundance of midfielders, as opposed to defenders, you have a point.
    Sure we need backup across the back four and hopefully they will be brought in during the next window.
    On the other hand, you never have enough quality in depth and if it bothers you about the cost (Like our accountant/fans) we could no doubt get rid of some deadwood.

  11. I’m quite happy Jonas has signed on. Now if Colo signs one I’ll be amazed and delighted at the same time. Which is a great feeling. :-)

  12. DJj
    You think so ?
    Joey was imo a much more essential and productive player than Jonas will ever be for this side, i think you got your players mixed up Jonas has how many goals and how many assists ?
    Sure he tracks back and runs the length of the pitch with the ball, but his end result is just less than pathetic.
    We don’t know as yet what kinda deal Jonas got, but Joey, certainly got what he was looking for, good luck to him !
    Anyone really believe we are going to see Jonas at this club for another four years ?

  13. Some of the Guthrie hatred is sickening. He is a good squad player to have. He gives his all for the side, and has vision, passing, and a decent freekick on him.

  14. Just a shout out to Chuck. Why so serious? It’s been good times since Barton left, and Jonas has one of the best engines, and a phenomenal work rate comparable to any top player in the League. He helps out in defence, is a full Argentine international, and he does not tweet. That last one should be deal breaker.

  15. barton didnt get a deal because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and turned down a 4year deal in Jan. Jonas is a model pro and is more mobile so I think he could easily play well til he is at least 32

  16. Nolan is slow and Barton is outspoken? I don’t think that is the company line, it seems pretty obvious to me.

    They still have things to offer as footballers, but I think we are probably better off without them. You can never trust Barton.

    I think Coloccini will thrive in their absence and it gives Ben Arfa the chance to not be a baby like he was in France and really be a force. Hopefully he will take that chance.

    I have said this before but I think there was a plan to get rid of the “players committee”. AND, a lot of people were moaning about Nolan being slow well before he left and he didn’t do that well after Carroll left, did he?

  17. “barton didnt get a deal because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and turned down a 4year deal in Jan”

    However, sources close to the club have told NUFCfans that Barton had been offered a lucrative 2-year contract extension to his current deal back in January and the same deal remains on the table today.

    The source said that during negotiations in January, improvements were made to what is now ‘a very good contract’ and probably the best deal the club can offer.

    Unfortunately that’s not what Joey and his merry men recounted. Mind you Jose said his “wonderful new deal” amounted to the same offer he was already on :)

    “Jonas is a model pro and is more mobile so I think he could easily play well til he is at least 32”

    JB will still be playing in the BPL at 32 not to sure about Jonas.

    BTW Joey’s 29th birthday occurred after he left the club !!!!!

  18. The other side of the coin though Chuck is that we didn’t do well when Nolan and Barton were out last year and we might miss their fighting spirit (literally and figuratively in Barton’s case).

  19. Dani,
    agreed re: Guthrie mate.
    As for Jonas, glad he’s been retained, Colo next!
    A bit of experience goes a long way.

  20. Personally I would take Cabaye over Barton every day of the week. Forget the off the field stuff, that is a bonus. Regardless of that Cabaye is in a class above Barton. The club have done a great piece of business there IMO.

  21. Haha Andy, yeah but Jonas is nearly a year younger than Barton, he only turned 28 in July…

    Cabaye is class, and eventually he will play for a higher placed team, he was a real coup. He is better than Barton, no question… Just because I rate Cabaye higher though, doesn’t mean I don’t rate Barton.

  22. Colo could play until he is 33+ at the top level. The guy is never injured (hopefully stays that way), and seems to be getting better. We must break the bank to keep him, and I’m sure Pardew knows this.

    Whether the fat dancer and Mutley knows this is another matter!

  23. Barton did well in the ONE SEASON he played for us, ta JB.
    But Cabaye…no competition, pointless & ridiculous argument.
    Marveaux & Obertan might even turn out better than JB.


  24. Jonas signing will defo ‘encourage’ Colo, that & him being club captain will surely help matters?

  25. Yep one season Clint. The rest he was in jail or trying to undermine Shearer. If Shearer were manager then for good, Barton would have been kicked out a while back.

    Marveaux looks like a neat player. Obertan’s gotta do more, though he was very good on Saturday.

  26. I’d be amazed if Colo’s contract is extended Clint, but it deserves to be. Every player at the club says he is the best player, and I don’t think they’re wrong.

  27. jimbob,
    aye, one season does not a legend make!
    Obertan is probably slightly guilty of trying too hard to impress right now. After not making the manure team on a regular basis.
    When he gets his head round that & settles down a bit, he’ll relax & play to the top of his game, imv.
    Marv rocks, you can just tell.

  28. His apparent wage mate is astronomical, might not fit in with this ‘cap’, but Ashley was the fcker who signed him, so no excuses really on that one.

  29. I think ya’ can extend a little extra for the club captain like.
    For me, the capt should always get more & the ‘Boss’ should be on more than any player.

  30. BeeGuy says:
    September 27, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Sorry Beeguy, your comment was held because you mentioned Scunthorpe. The site thinks it’s a very naughty word.

  31. The real good thing about extending Jonas’ contract is that if any team fancies him, he’ll cost ’em.

  32. Jimbob, good point, at that point it was highly likely that Barton would have been shown the door and after 3 seasons of nowt. One swallow doesn’t make a summer, are we supposed to reward him with 4/5 year contract and huges wages because of that one season. No thanks. I will watch the rest of his career with interest but with the replacements we have I don’t think we are gonna miss him at all.

  33. Marveux looks class. What has impressed me is that he looks tidy and like he can make decisions. He might cross it, dribble, shoot, take it inside. He doesn’t just do the same thing every time. Hope his injuries are behind him. Could be a blessing in disguise that he isn’t being over loaded with games atm.

  34. DJG, I saw Marveaux in the flesh at S’thorpe (avoiding moderation here), he looks smart. A front four of Marveaux, Ben Arfa, Jonas and Ba is sexual… In footballing terms of course…:-) I’d still have Natalie Sawyer up top (or do I mean on top?) :-)

  35. Aye I thought Marveaux was a shout for man of the match against Forest. Looked sharp and his touch and dart in between two players for what lead to the pen was sublime!

  36. Joey Barton is a prick, good footballer, but an embarrassment, Kevin Nolan proved he was just greedy, jonas loves the club, works his socks off, if he’s good enough for maradonna then he’s definitely good enough for me,

  37. Weird. I had a dream last week jonas had loads of grey hair and the club wanted rid. I was telling anyone who would listen how important he was in terms of our defence and he he must be kept at least as a squad player.

    Anyway, glad he’s signed up, if a little surprised given our recent “policies”. Great squad player, gives us tactical options and full back protection. Looks like he could flourish with the movement of players like b arfa, Cabaye, Marv etc.

    The real target should be Colo though. It is SO important we keep hike for another 5 or so. He IS our team. Keeps the ball on the deck from the back, organises the defensive line unlike anything we’ve seen for years and epitomises our team spirit and on top of that calms everyone down with his assured control and reading of the game. Sign him up ASAP.

    Re Guthrie, he’s a good lad but dithers on the ball way too much for a pl player. He’ll have the ball in acres and with loads of time but with his lack of spatial awareness will turn, under no pressure, into an opposing player and lose the ball, watch him next time he plays. I bet he does it twice at least.

  38. Apart from Krul and Harper, I doubt we need or would miss the rest. Lets hope that the jonas contract also keeps colo happy as a fellow country man. And those deserving a contract will get one including colo. I think Bartons game at Arsenal and his grabbing incident did him no favours in the boards eyes. I think MA wants NUFC off the back pages for the wrong reasons, and Barton can be volatile at any game.

    – Steve Harper: January 2012
    – Tim Krul, Shola & Nile Ranger: June 2012
    – Danny Guthrie, Sammy Ameobi: July 2012
    – Alan Smith, Peter Lovenkrands: August 2012

  39. Geordie al @ 52 I don’t suppose you want to buy 8 killos of cocaine and lots of cheap women do you? Just thought I would strike while the iron is hot after all what’s good for maradona ………

  40. I think both Guthrie and Lovenkrands get something of a raw deal from some of our supporters. I agree that neither are close to a regular first team spot just now but there are some short memories around. Both of these players have had a big influence on the team over the last few years. Guthrie was one of our best players and for me still should get the nod over Gosling who, while getting lots of fans wishing to include him in the current team, has done absolutely nothing to date to warrant inclusion. Meanwhile Lovenkrands scored several vitally important goals when we were really struggling not so long ago. Guthrie is still a good squad player but maybe the years seem to have caught up with the Dane. I’m still thankful for their contributions at important times though. Exciting times that we don’t have to rely on these guys now anymore eh?

  41. Well,
    we, just like any team, have to have squad players, fact of football life.
    Look at tevez, don’t wanna sit on the bench, don’t wanna play…What agit!
    Every team needs players that sit & wait for their shot.
    Lovenkrands scored a brace last time out, a great header & a cool pen,. Albeit v lower league oppo, but hey, he came in & scored 2 goals & sent us on our way to the next round.
    Squad players are important.

  42. big money, 28 years old, new contract, 119 games only 7 goals and 19 assists. What was the policy again?
    No great objections, but the only logical conclusion is that was to increase his transfer value.

  43. supermac,
    he always gives 101%, rarely gets injured, gets all over the pitch, backs up the LB, can play across mid field & wing back.
    That’s a few good reasons there mate.
    He also loves the place, gets on well with everyone from the fans up to the board room. Top, experienced, all round pro!

  44. supermac says:
    September 28, 2011 at 10:36 am

    “119 games only 7 goals and 19 assists.”

    So that would mean that Gutierrez has made more assists per game than Sylvain Marveaux (17 in 123 games), and Hatem Ben Arfa (19 in 185 games).

    Does this mean that Marveaux and Ben Arfa have “no end product” too then?

  45. Agreed Worky and Clint. Top player.

    I’m afraid their are still people who think he’s shite though, I’m not targeting anyone on here, but I do read some crap about him sometimes.

  46. jimbob,
    people will always have their fave players & conversely, if not perversely, hate certain players.
    Every player frustrates you sometime or other, they all make mistakes, but overall, Jonas ‘leaves it on the field of play’ & after all, that’s what we wanna see isn’t it?
    He draws defenders, 2 at a time usually, creating space for others to exploit.

  47. That’s the way it is mate, you’re right.

    Dunno how the weather is your way mate, but it’s 27 degrees in Sheffield… Finally! :-) I’m off to tan… Catch you later mate.

  48. tits up bambi busted on yet another ‘sex’ charge.
    Oh dear!

    Oh yea, class A drugs too.

  49. I’ve always rated Jonas, I was saying 2/3 seasons ago he was the most fouled and underprotected player in any of the recent leagues we have been in, thats what made him look a bit hopeless at times. Also he doesn’t seem to have to drop back to help out so much. What does that say about Enrique V Raylor as defenders or about the general team play as a whole now.

    As for Joey, QPR play some pretty football but unless thay get a decent striker, I can see him back in the Championship next year, that would give him something to tweet about. :)

  50. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    September 28, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    “Also he doesn’t seem to have to drop back to help out so much. What does that say about Enrique V Raylor as defenders or about the general team play as a whole now.”

    Grumpy, if you have a left back who’s comfortable with the ball, can pass and go on attacking raids, and a left winger who is in sync with him and knows when to drop back and interchamge, isn’t that a good thing? Personally, I would say that this interchagablity is more indicative of good team play than players being more static in their positions.

  51. worky,
    with the midfield we now have at our disposal, there’s also less need for the full backs to join the attack so much & therefore concentrate on defending.
    Is that even better?

  52. CLiNT, Thats more or less what I was getting at, but also I can’t help thinking we may have been underestimating Raylor and he can get forward and score goals. Another big plus is that having 2 forwards attacking on either flank makes the opposition have to defend more stopping their defenders getting forward.

    Jose aint exactly shining at LPool either as it happens.

  53. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 28, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    with the midfield we now have at our disposal, there’s also less need for the full backs to join the attack so much & therefore concentrate on defending.”

    You mean we’ve moved away from the boring old tactics of inferior teams such as Barcelona or Chelsea, where full backs such as Dani Alves and Ashley Cole have to support inferior midfileders such as Pedro, Xavi, Iniesta, Lampard etc in attack? :-)

  54. Grumpy,
    i’m a fan of demarkation to a large extent.
    It’s good if defenders join the attack now & then, especially set pieces & stuff. But their main job should always be observed first.
    Just like Strikers should start defending from up front too. Nowt worse than a gap at the back cos a FB wants glory & finds himself out of position giving the oppo a great breakaway opportunity.
    It’s good too that midfielders help out a the back & that big strikers get back to defend corners & free kicks.
    Or what?

  55. Worky

    “You mean we’ve moved away from the boring old tactics of inferior teams such as Barcelona or Chelsea, where full backs such as Dani Alves and Ashley Cole have to support inferior midfileders such as Pedro, Xavi, Iniesta, Lampard etc in attack?”

    Worky, I think you’re being a trifle pedantic there mate. If only we had such players!! ;)

  56. We haven’t quite got to that point yet worky.
    But i’m all for a very interchangeable midfield & getting away from the old 442 thing.
    Not wrong with the odd foray from fb’s, just not relying on it as a mode of attack.

  57. Yes, our defence has held up well so far but it’s six games Clint. All kinds of teams have been in this kind of position at such an early stage. The wise man looks at things over the whole of the pitch and in the long term rather than let himself be swayed by temporary ups and downs.

  58. Indeed.
    It is a refreshing change that we have started to gel a decent defense & we still have Santon to come in.
    I’m waaaaayyyy to auld to get carried away mate, not my style.
    Cool as ice & a third as cheerful.


  59. Another 3.5 games & we’re quarter of the way through the season.
    There’s a sobering thought!

  60. Wait, do I see a comparison between Raylor and Enrique up there?

    Let’s try and stay tethered to reality. A lot of rationalization above, but I’ve come to expect that from my fellow Toon supporters.

    This does blow the age explanation for not signing Barton & Nolan out of the water.

    Great to see Jonas tied down. He’s not a liability at all and stability is a good thing.

  61. tuncy.

    tunyc says:
    September 28, 2011 at 5:38 pm
    Wait, do I see a comparison between Raylor and Enrique up there?

    Why is that an unrealistic comparison, both are left backs and have played in that position for us. Big difference is that we seem to be winning better with Raylor. Or are you saying that you can’t match Enrique’s inferior quality with Raylor’s obvious superiority. ;)

    Seriously though I did qualify my comment by saying we might have underestimated Raylor, might not have done either, a few more games will show.

    The earlier comment re Bambi I thought was referring to Shola not Bramble. Nice to see we don’t have another lump of sh!t clinging to our club, giving us more bad press.

  62. 1. Ryan Taylor is a right midfielder, not a left back.

    2. You put too much stock in winning three early season games against inferior competition.

    Raylor is well be a decent player for us but I’m not deluding myself that he’s at the level of JE, especially as long as he’s playing out of position.

  63. CLiNT FLiCK says: our “position is based on good, solid defense, is it not?”
    as much as I enjoy the dizzy heights of 4th, and that a young team have jelled so quickly – I have to admit that luck has had a big hand in it!
    I’m not knocking it, I hope we ride it for a bit longer, but we will see what we are made of when it runs out.
    8th is a realistic assesement – we have glaring deficiencies in defence and (still) attack which will hurt us when the injuries & bookings start to add up.


  64. no doubt we’ve had some good fortune. QPR should have stuffed us and we faced arsenal at a good time. Our squad is quite thin in some key areas, but we have some good quality shining through. I’d be over the moon if we finished 8th this season and then (hopefully this time around) strengthened the squad in the areas we all know it needs strengthening over the summer. Only time will tell.

  65. supermac says:
    September 29, 2011 at 12:04 am

    “We done the reserves!”

    Aye, 5-3. Santon’s right knee didn’t fall off, and Ranger didn’t commit any crimes for 90 minutes either, allegedly, which is good news I suppose.

  66. Tripp says:
    September 29, 2011 at 1:04 am

    “I’d be over the moon if we finished 8th this season”

    On the strength of our squad as it is now, we should come eleventh Tripp.

    If we do better than that, we’ve overachieved, if we do worse than that, we’ve underachieved.

  67. Tripp says: September 29, 2011 at 1:04 am
    “I’d be over the moon if we finished 8th this season”

    don’t listen to worky! 11th indeed! I’m sticking with 8th.