Pardew: “Hello, we’ve got all this and now we’ve got these as well”

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Pardew talks about Newcastle United's prospects for next season.
He speaketh again
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew thinks we’ll have a strong side once it settles down.

Alan Pardew may have been conspicuously silent up until the end of last week, but he’s making up for it now.

In an interview with The Sunday Sun, he has been countering his earlier, rather pessimistic statement – in which he intimated that Europe is beyond our grasp for financial reasons – with a slightly more upbeat assessment of things.

When asked about where he thinks we’ll finish this season, he said:

To be honest I’m not going down that line until such time as I see one or two players coming in. Our expectations I will gladly give you on August 31.

We need one or two in for the squad to say ‘Hello, we’ve got all this and now we’ve got these as well’.

Eh? Not really sure I understand that last bit, although it’s a cracking quote that had me spluttering Earl Grey for a while. Still, never mind, I’ll look forward to his estimate of our expectations on August 31st (I wonder if he fancies entering our Prediction Competition … I might email him).

He then goes on to talk about the players we’ve already added and his hopes of adding more:

We have introduced a couple – or two or three – very good players. And we’re going to add to that.

Once we see the team settle down, and I don’t think that will be in the first three or four games if I’m honest, we’re going to see a strong side.

We’ve still got some very, very good players here. Cabaye will certainly be a big, big player for this football club. We’ve got Cheick Tiote still at the football club when everyone thought he would be going – we’ve got Coloccini here, he’s one of the best centre halves in this division.

We’ve got three goalies who could be number one, we’ve got Gutierrez still at the football club, Enrique still at the football club, we’ve got Danny Simpson at right-back still learning his trade, we’ve still got a lot of assets outside of what’s gone on this week.

So it seems that according to our manager we could be in for a tough start to this season. That would match the way our pre-season friendlies have gone if you happen to believe that friendlies are any sort of indication about the season ahead.

I think he’s right actually. We have a much-changed midfield and a new striker and it’s going to take time for the players to ‘click’ and read one another correctly. We have to make sure we do enough though, as at the start of a season a few bad games can plant you at the root of the table, which has its psychological downsides.

Pardew is adamant that we’ll be adding to the squad though. And previously he’s stated that he hopes we’ll add to it before we play Arsenal, so it could be an interesting week in terms of transfer speculation.

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27 Responses

  1. He’s adamant we’ll be adding to the squad. He’s been adamant about lots of things since he came to Newcastle and it has all turned out to be hot air. Why believe a word he says? Has something changed?

  2. If he replaces what we lose between now and aug 31st and adds a couple (obertan and a striker) then we do look like a decent side that will play good attractive football. Will it be good enough for the Prem? Only time will tell, but if we can’t finish above bottom 3 then ashley and his cronies( inc pardew ) all have to go

  3. I think he knew when he took the job he knew he would get the ocassional shafting. I now think he realises it is a lot worse than ever imagined. he is contradicting himself every time he speaks. there is only so much a man can take and he could easy walk away unless the debt rumours are really true

  4. you just have to look at his face on that photo,he looks like dodgy car salesman.
    i wouldn’t trust him with someones pet cat,whilst they we on holiday for two weeks.

  5. thats the thing when will the team finally click hopefully pardew has settled the new boys in but from the outside looking in would help but feel the team may be a disjointed with tiote overseas with his visa issues cabaye not seeing much of first team action and of course the futures of barton and jose.

  6. i for one feel a tad bit sorry for pardew, hes obvo nt going to b able to use this 35million that was promised to sign his own players, why do u think keegan left?? false promises from the men above, just another one of ashleys puppets, why not save yourself a bit more cash ash and you manage the club, SACK THE BOARD we are going nowere under this greedy business man.

  7. this bloke should be plying his trade at the edinburgh festival – he’d meck a fortune.

  8. Couldn’t care less what he says. He has no power anyway, and I fear the players feel the same way as I do.

  9. thou do have to say just bought the newcastle home top its the one top would sleep in so soft and silky :P

  10. deanomc, divvent feel sorry for him,if reports are correct he agreed to become newcastle manager about five weeks before hughton was sacked.
    if that’s true,then the bloke has no honour,and deserves to get shafted,as he knows fine well,what mike ashley is like.

  11. the bloke is doing a good job, we’ve scored for some quality players and i like the fact he’s not scared to get a few young uns into the mix. if you look at other clubs business so far we are doing tremendously well in comparison (and he’s not even finished yet). As for Mr Ashley, i like the bloke and he will do great things for us in time.

  12. pardew was apparently living in a hotel in the north east for a few weeks before hughton was sacked, suggesting he took the job long before the sacking

  13. What he has said and what he has done are complete opposites thus far.
    We need a few more than “one or two”
    Carroll money still intact……

  14. Trojan@14….so what if Pardew was waiting in the wings for CH to be sacked. That’s the fickle nature of football, haven’t you realised that by now ?

    Don’t forget, some of Newcastles finest sons sold the toon to MA for a huge wedge and laughed up there sleeves as they did so. Now Ashley is ripping the heart out of the club, and taking his cash with him. Pardew is part of this mob, but I really believe he is also getting shafted big time. Thats why he talks nonesense most of the time, cos he’s got nee idea what’s going on…

  15. The season doesn’t start on the 31st Alan!! It starts next week incase you didn’t know!!

  16. There really is no point to this constant negativity from fans on forums such as this [and yesterday in the ground] Screaming for Ashley to leave is pathetic, do any of us really think he will? However I suspect that the negative vibes will eventually seep through to the players if it hasn’t already. Now some of us think that’s down to Ashley, although the 3 guys who came in didn’t seem to think so at the time and it appears that Obertan will be here next week so Ashley hasn’t put him off either. I didn’t used to think so but I’m beginning to feel that the fans are becoming a liability….we’re meant to support the team, yet all they are getting is constant slagging off of the owner and the manager…not guaranteed to up spirits ready for the big kick off I suspect! Can’t we understand there are two interested groups in football…the fans who spend money, and everybody else who takes money from the game. SKY takes money, owners take money, radio commentators take money, players, agents, pie sellers are all in it to take money….us..the fans supply it. Every wage hike to Barton, Enrique etc comes from our pockets, every 35million spent on an overrated striker comes from our pockets…if we get 4 new playes on free transfers then great that’s less money the club will want to claw back from us. If Ashley had spent 35 million on players I suspect he would want money back to cover other outlays, and you can bet your boots where it would come from! We all want success, but do we/can we all afford £1000 season tickets like manu fans or arsenal? Just think if we were as great as we want to be and had been in last season’s CL final, it would have cost us £300 for a ticket, plus the cost of traveling all over Europe to get there. Some of us who are screaming for success on here need to understand they might get it but it may be without us, lots of fans who used to go to the games before the Keegan revolution can’t afford to go now, how many will fall by the wayside if those times were to return? I’d rather the club gained slow success by sensible spending than hock the future in a FFS kind of way then rob us all blind to pay for it!

  17. munich mag, i’m not one of these people that think ashley is “ripping the heart out of the club”.
    i do think somewhere in his subnormal head,he wants newcastle to do well.i just dont agree with the way he’s going about it,in other words,his plan is s**te imo,and it will never work.
    as for the fickle nature of football,of course it exists,but i’ve never seen managers doing each other over,like your suggesting.
    i’ve always thought there was a cameraderie between managers,as they know the nature of the job and how hard it is.i dont think i’ve ever seen a manager agree to take a mans job,before he gets the sack.

  18. These days, Alan Partridge quotes aren’t really that “funny” any more are they.
    Pardew says nothing that stops fans/players from feeling that they are being ripped off, lied to etc.
    As well as just talking just crap in general, his character just doesn’t have what it takes to make you believe that he actually knows what he’s supposed to be doing either – take the latest u-turn over JB for example, what a load of bollix.
    You can feel sorry for him if you want but it was Ashley’s choice for him to be here and repay his gambling debts at the toon – not because of his masterful managerial acumen.

    Being that he is such a crap actor as well, I think he should apply for a job in that other cockney show down south called “Eastenders”. He could dress up as a woman, I think he would make a marvelous tranny like.
    He could become the new resident comedian/drag artist down at the old Queen Vic.

    His catch phrase could be “Get oot of my cluub”. Spoken in his own London twang trying to do a Geordie accent that WOULD be fkn funny.

  19. Joe soap
    Thanks for the ten year olds vision of how things work, if you have any more brilliant opinions be shure to share them with us !

  20. Chuck…thanks all the same, but ….I’ll leave the 10 year old’ comments to the bedsheet boys and the ‘stand up & sit down merchants”. It may be a simplistic viewpoint, and sorry to bore you with it if that is the case, but one or two fans seem to not have caught it yet!
    [Jimmy my computer is a good speller also]

  21. So joesoap Man utd, Arsenal, Liverpool fans never have negative comments about owners etc… Funny I thought it was the Man u fans protesting against Glazers and Liverpool fans protesting against Hicks and Gillett so how you can dare try and put the blame the fans for the players potentially underperforming on the fans is beyond me. If Man utd can carry on winning trophies then it must mean that their players are mentally strong. That must also mean your implying that our players are mentally weak if they can’t handle a negative atmosphere not aimed at them and that has been generated by the owners lack of ambition. I don’t think that anyone on here expected us to spend £35 million but expected us to invest in the team to get vital cover/ quality in the positions we are weak in i.e LB, ST, possibly CB, RB cover. The negative vibes are coming because of the owners lies. The lies are probably what has got the likes of Cabaye to sign for the club as he has probably promised them European football after this season something that seems very unlikely under the current owner.

  22. its a f*****g joke we will be lucky if we stay up this seasone poor signings more lies 35 million no where to be seen and a chairman who has no clue on how to run a football club. dark days to come what a f*****g shame.