Nolan’s plea for Barton to join West Ham – why in public?

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Kevin Nolan: Why in public?
Kevin Nolan: Why in public?
In a Mirror ‘exclusive’, former Newcastle captain, Kevin Nolan, has urged his former partner in crime, Joey Barton, to join Sam Allardyce’s ‘sexy football’ revolution at West Ham.

Nolan said:

“Would Joey Barton come here? Well, I came here, so I can’t see why Joey Barton would not come, it is a massive club.

“The way he has been treated over the last couple of years, he is probably looking for an escape.

“He knows I’m here, he knows Sam (who brought the player to St James’ park in June 2007) is here and what we are about – I can look after him and he can look after me!

“It would definitely be good for me. Joey is a great player to play alongside and he is a winner.

“He tells it straight, as people know, but deep down he is a lovely lad and I get on really well with him.

“He would be a great acquisition to the squad if we got him here.

“I’m sure the West Ham fans would love him and the players would come to love him. They read a lot of things about him – some of them are true, but others are blown out of proportion.

“With Joey, you have got someone [who] when he puts on the shirt, he genuinely wants to win, and he wants to do the best for the club and the players.”

This message is one thing, but it begs the question, why in a national newspaper and not on the telephone?

The two players are good friends and surely in contact with each other by the usual means, so why say this in the full glare of the media unless there are other motives, or forces at work? Whether it be agents, Allardyce, West Ham, a motive for revenge on Nolan’s part, or even Barton himself. It just doesn’t seem right somehow. Is Nolan naive enough to just blurt it out without thinking, or speaking with Barton personally about it beforehand?

Nolan of course, was very angry because he felt he was “betrayed” by Derek Llambias. Of his departure from the club he spoke, like others before him, in the most disparaging terms about Newcastle united’s much despised Managing Director, saying:

“I envisaged spending the rest of my ­career at the club. I was settled, happy and I adored the supporters.

“I was captain of a huge club and played with a smashing group of lads I had untold respect for. But ultimately I was forced out because I lost trust in key people at the club and when you lose trust in people it’s almost impossible to regain it.

“From January and shortly following the sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool, I was involved in ongoing discussions about signing a new contract ­between four and five years.

“I discussed the deal at length with managing director Derek Llambias and even shook hands on it. In my book when you do that man-to-man you expect them to see it through.

“But what we talked about and what they finally offered me was laughable. They did a U-turn on what we agreed They showed me no respect. I felt totally betrayed.

“Then they had the nerve to claim I rejected a new contract. What contract? A deferred option to increase my deal by 12 months with a bonus that hinged on the ­success of the team on the pitch the following season.

“Perhaps I was just naive. I thought I had a good relationship with the board. But when it all came to a head in the summer I knew my time was coming to an end.

“I had given the club everything but they didn’t want to give me anything in return, just broken promises. I ­simply couldn’t work with people like that. There was no way back for me.”

The plot thickens.

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23 Responses

  1. Nolan wanted ridiculous wages on a large contract, he was lucky the lambarse even opened negioations a couple of years in advance.

    Hes just bitter he is now in the championship again, so shut up nolan, you’ve proven that you’re driven by money.

  2. “the way he has been treated over the last couple of years..”

    so you mean how the club stuck by him and supported him through his legal issues kev? the horror! how could they do that to him!??!

    more recently, yea anyone can see why he’d want out, but come on.

  3. Come join my new yoyo club, there’s Me, Faye, Scotty and fat Sam too, oh and we play shit football!
    Get over yourself Nolan, Tosser!

  4. Why public?

    Because Nolan was paid by the Daily Mirror to do an interview?

    The subject was probably suggested by the journalist, who wrapped his quotes up into an “exclusive” story.

  5. “Come on Joey, Newcastle are playing hard ball but Ive found some desperated mugs in the championship that will be paying me well after my knees have given in”

  6. @Robby Bobson

    I’m sure he wanted a long contract on specific terms – does that make him totally unique in the world of football? Hardly. These sentiments have been echoed by a wide range of people – ex-players, current players, ex managers, journalists, as well as chairmen from other clubs; that the club is unscrupulous.

    A rationale perspective mate involves weighing up the evidence as a whole; not discrediting each and every source one-by-one, just to suit your agenda.

  7. Maybe he wants Joey to come and do his running for him because HIS legs have gone. Not often we get things right at Newcastle but not giving an ever-slowing Nolan another contract was the right decision.

  8. Sorry, but the whole Sam Allardyce and “Sexy Football” thing seems very disturbing to me, as all he has ever done before is Long ball kick and run!!

  9. Scottie says:
    August 23, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    “Sorry, but the whole Sam Allardyce and “Sexy Football” thing seems very disturbing to me, as all he has ever done before is Long ball kick and run!!”

    That was my attempt at a joke Scotty, a feeble one admittedly!

    I do agree with your assessment of Allardyce’s M.O. in broad terms. He isn’t exactly Cruyff or Guardiola!

  10. i think barton has already came out and said he wont drop down a division a while ago?

    im hoping one of the in house players pardew said he was hoping to sign was joey

  11. I like Nolan, he was great for us in the championship and last season.

    But, this really pisses me off when players do this in public. Also, he was the one who was whispering into Carroll’s ear about how wonderful Liverpool are and he did say “If they make a bid like that you should go”.

    He then went on Liverpool TV and stated how mint Carroll was. Could you imagine Gerrard doing that on Chelsea TV after Chelsea signed Torres?

    As I said, Liked Nolan a lot, but when a player says things about other players who are contracted to clubs in public, it’s very annoying.

  12. geordiedug says:
    August 23, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    “i think barton has already came out and said he wont drop down a division a while ago?

    im hoping one of the in house players pardew said he was hoping to sign was joey”

    Aye geordiedug, on Twitter not so long ago. You know what footballers can be like though!

    Me too.

  13. Nolan has been a player for a long time, and he hasn’t really done this sort of thing until recently, nor Enrique. As for Barton, enough said!

  14. Fulham defender Philippe Senderos has unwittingly revealed the somewhat saucy reason why opposition players steer clear of Joey Barton on the pitch.

    Speaking about the tweet-happy controversial Newcastle midfielder on ESPN’s Talk of the Terrace, Senderos said: “I think with Joey Barton, you know what to expect. He’s going to come strong in the tackle; he’s going to come in your face.”

    Senderos’ fellow guests quickly, who included Liverpool fan and musician MC Harvey, picked up on his hilarious gaffe and burst into laughter, as did the watching members of the studio audience.

    Host Nat Coombs quickly joined in the fun, saying: “I’m not sure he’d go that far,” while the big Swiss defender was able to laugh at what was a rather unfortunate slip of the tongue.


  15. A manager makes a player unsettled at his club and he is reported, a player does it and he is just missing his mate !

    nice one Fat Sam

  16. Elcrommo says:
    August 23, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    “A manager makes a player unsettled at his club and he is reported, a player does it and he is just missing his mate !

    nice one Fat Sam”

    Aye Elcrommo, it’s a possibility, but it isn’t the only possibilty.

  17. I saw the second half of the West Ham vs Leeds match and the game past Nolan by except when he got the ball and fell over. He is going to become an expensive millstone around West Ham. BTW, I thought Leeds were excellent.

    Nolan probably wants Barton because Nolan’s legs have gone and he probably knows that the Hammers fans will start to wunder what this lumbering lump, who is on a top contract, is doing plodding and waddling around the pitch.

  18. To say I’m angry about this would be an understatement.

    Nolan to me will always be a hero (4 goals against the unwashed) but for a player who apparently ‘loves the supporters’ he has a funny way of showing it.

    he has i clearly spitting his dummy out because he could’nt get his own way, a 5 year contract for a player who looked more and more like he was running under water on the pitch?? even the cockney’s at the toon are’nt that daft mate.

    anyway my final word I just hope Joey has more ambition and stays at a club where he is truely loved by the supporters if not the heirachy, so come on llambias listen to what the fans want and give Joey a new contract!!


  19. U Geordies r just bitter Nolan is on decent wages not because he’s a good player but also a great leader in the dressing room pardew is a mug he’s selling ur best players for no reason except to keep the fat twat happy in the board room and I’m a west ham saying joey Barton ain’t welcome he’s a c*** and s*** player

  20. I don’t see Joey going to West Ham. He is his own man and wants to better his position. Dropping down a division to go to West Ham can not be classed as any improvement.

    I’d love to see him properly settled and I hope he stays at the toon but people like Nolan don’t do him any favours by spouting out in public.

    I think that other prem clubs may see him as too much a risk but then again, they are probably just holding out until the eleventh hour – then it will be interesting.

  21. hahaha ganjaman get a grip Joey Barton is an absolute different class you silly cockney c**t, get back to watching your route one football and supporting your s**t team!!