Is it only a Mata of time for Coloccini?

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Fabricio Coloccini.
Coloccini: Domino effect?
As we fumble, twist and turn our way though this current transfer window, is it me or can August just not end quick enough now?

As transfer windows go this has certainly been a roller coaster ride of emotions, ranging from optimism that we might invest and strengthen the team with those early signings, to realism that we are Sports Direct the football club, and will be run that way accordingly with every player up for grabs at the club, with cheap foreign bargains being the way forward in Ashley’s eyes.

After a fantastic start to the season I have tried to reason with myself that surely we wont sell anyone else? As we could build on this start to the season, and with a couple more additions to the squad we might stay clear of trouble this season. But with rumours pretty much every day about comings and goings i find myself cringing as I read the daily news feeds, expecting to see rumours turning into bids for our top players with Ashley seemingly happy to sell regardless of the team.

I now find myself watching like a hawk how other clubs dealings could affect us, with the Torres deal initially kicking off the Carroll transfer in the last window, I can see it all happening again! With Chelsea in the market for a midfielder and Michael Essien’s injury, Tiote seemed like the ideal player to fill Chelsea’s void, but much to my delight, Modric became their priority and with fingers crossed, I was hoping the huffy little playmaker would move to Stamford Bridge ending Chelsea’s need for our star man! But just when I thought we were out of the woods they go and get Juan Mata from Valencia which might turn out to be even worse for us!

Colloccini has been linked with a move to Valencia thoughout the Summer and I dismissed this immediately as Valencia seem to have serious debts and are a shadow of their former selves. With the curly haired one on around £80 thousand per week at the club, and Ashley wanting in the region of £8-10 million I foolishly thought for this summer at least our new captain ain’t going anywhere, especially to Valencia. But with 20 million plus now in the Valencia bank account, I now feel the dreaded reality that should they put a bid in the club will ready the chopper and be glad to get him off the wage bill in accordance with the Sports Direct model of business and Ashley lining his pockets once more.

I hope I’m wrong and just have a serious case of doom mongering, but with Carroll and Enrique both ‘unbelievably’ still not replaced at the time of writing and the thought of losing Colloccini too, September for me cant come quickly enough!

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30 Responses

  1. GeordieDug>

    Very good point mate, Fatman would have no hesitation selling Colo at the “right” price.

    Pathetic that this fool has anything to do with OUR club.

    Fingers, eyes and everything else crossed that doesn’t happen and at least 2 more come in.

    Going to be a nervy last few days of the window though!

    Nowt new there though. As you say we’re getting used to his cheap, tacky strategies now.

  2. I am of the belief that every player has a price. Have been for years, but I also think that you should always know your Market and have 3 replacements lined up. If they cost more or less they shouldn’t leave you any worse off. Say colo was sold for 12 million… Who would replace him as the passer at the back. 3 names on a post card

  3. Colo has 2 years left on his current deal and turns 30 this year. Ashley won’t offer him a new contract and will be happy to sell him off next summer. I don’t think we’ll lose im this summer but stranger things have happened. I think i’ll be more worried come january but deep down we all know this is his last season in a Newcastle top.

  4. I hear that we`ve pulled the plug on the Pieters deal ssn. I`m afraid you could be right more to go out of the door and bargain basement buys or loans to come in. Rather than building on what we have got Ashley out asap.

  5. I’ll be glad when it’s closed! I’m not at all convinced wewull have all 3 of Barton, Colo and Tiote still at the club. The Muntari link is a bit worrying so far as the latter is concerned. Hearing Van Aanholt is available to loan, get him in I say with a view to buy. Also have a feeling Erdinc will still end up here.

  6. I would swop Tiote for Van Aanholt and Sturridge because we need a left back and a quick forward but also I believe Cabaye could quite easily replace Tiote as the holding midfield player with Gosling (or Barton) as his partner.

  7. Yes I agree with all of what you say, lets just pray we dont lose anymore or the paper thin squad will go from a promising start to being shredded. I object to us selling good plyers then having the reluctance to replace them with the same level of skill at a affordable price.

    While we will always have good players, to attract players we need to have ambition and not be seen as a cheap club run by an odd ball.

  8. I can see where the concerns lay with Colo making the move back to Spain, somewhere he has gone on record saying he would like to return at some point in his career before ending his career back home in Argentina. However i dont think we need to fear any interest from Valencia as that is all it will amount to, interest. Valencia will in no way shape or form be able to afford Colo’s wages and for that reason he will not leave us, that coupled with the affinity he has built with us fans and the city aswell as a love for the club, i can’t see him leaving anytime soon. He is also our captain and i feel this will galvanise him into great performances on the pitch and helping to push the team as high up the table as possible.

    Valencia themselves have already spent money this season, bringing in Pablo Piatti and also Sergio Canales on loan from Real Madrid.

    I think Colo is safe, for atleast this season!

  9. colo out ??? I dont think so but if he dd would Bassong in leave us much worse off ??

    Im sure though some people on here would be dissapointed if we had a good season or a good cup run, some would even be dissapointed if we won something as it would slow down their pardew and ashley vendetta.

    just support the team, thats our job,

    As for the current lot in charge in pardew we have a manager who i think really wants the club to do well and play in an attractive style and a football man through and through.

    In ashley we have a man who has made massive mistakes but really any worse than those in the past

    How much did the halls make, how many personal cheques did they or Shepherd write out, what did mckeag invest before then and seymour briought us keegan as aplayer and sold how many after that ! before then he took over when the drectors such as westwood wouldnt write a cheque for £16k to save the club

    Im no ashley fan but no ashley hater either he has a job to do that means this club exists until his time to omes to pass it on, if he makes a profit so what, thats what owners the world over do, time spent worrying about him is a waste of time, it wont make one jot of difference, as for the bloke being an idiot yeah right thats why his business does s well or is that a fluke, as for those who say anyone can buy gear cheap and sell it on ok go and do it and then when you have enough buy the club if not shut up and support the team.

    i much prefer the days when we didnt hear from chairmain anywhere and hardly anyone knew the name of the referees and newcatle really did have the best and most loyal supporters the world has ever seen, not the moaners who seem to come out these days

    bring back the scarves—

  10. Qpr have been given permission to speak to joey barton. Good riddence or good luck? Personaly I like him but feel the changing room will be a better place without him. Although I don’t think the team will be. What are your thoughts?

  11. Personally I believe his ability outweighs his potential to disrupt the harmony of the dressing room. Losing a very good player unfortunately.

  12. Barton on way to qpr.


    We won’t replace him and we will buy Carlton Cole and Wayne bridge. Both on loan.

    Good artice Geordiedug by the way.

  13. if he goes then we lose a bit of grit and bite which barton brings to the side which would be a huge loss against tough/hard for the ball opposition, his passing abilities are second to none so that will be a huge loss as well, see how things pan out first.

  14. it will be a huge mistake to lose joey barton,but if he does leave,that will be the only way we get the fullback and striker,unfortunatley.
    joey leaves and the 60 grand a week,he’s on will be split between two players coming in.

  15. Sorry but this is fcking stupid.

    Again a player is gone in a second, yet we have signed no one.

    I’m just sick of it. Regardless of if it’s Barton, our squad is getting smaller and with no signs of increasing.

    I’ve had enough.

  16. Trojan, no it wont mate, deep down you know like me, we have been shafted again this window.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  17. I think below is roughly how transfer out goings are delt with by the club, todays example is Barton, but it could easily be anyone else…

    *ring ring*

    Warnock: Hello, could I speak to Mr Ashley please.

    Ashley: Speaking

    Warnock: Hello Mike, I’m interested in one of your players, I…

    Ashley: You can have him

    Warnock: I haven’t said who I want yet

    Ashley: doesn’t matter, you can have him.

    Warnock: OK…Well I’m after Joey…

    Ashley: I’ll throw in Jonas and Colo as well if you like? Buy one Argie, get the other free?

    Warnock: Well, that was easy, if only other clubs conducted their transfer business like you. God bless you Mr Ashley, I salute you.

    Ashley: You’re welcome, spread the word, everything must go. NUFC closing down sale is on baby. Muhahahahaha

  18. @ 9 bb

    yep i thought this was a none starter until the mata deal and in my eyes it went from a dead deal to a possibility hence the blog even with his wages i can see this happening before the close of the window as the players dont seem happy at the club.

    i think alot of fans would be happy with a good cup run and stability in the league i see what your saying about the blind haters of all things ashley but i also think it boils down to fans being frustrated aswell

    i cant agree with bringing in the past owners! they have nothing to do with our current situation other than shepherds massive overspending programme of the last 10 years! which ashley the great business man should have realised when he bought the club in the first place!

    i for one dont just want to exist! im a geordie though an though and i pay my money and will support united full stop. i believe that the club in the right hands can progress and become a sensible profitable competitive football club in the premier league.

    i have no problem with ashley making a profit the man is a very good business man but his policy of buy everyone low sell everyone high will never be popular and should never be accepted! as it makes no sense to just sell all of your best players! to undermine your mangers and take the p#’s out of the fans after his OWN ill advised mistakes!

    we are not sports direct we are a living breathing entity a football club is not just a business! and ashleys methods after having his fingers burnt by his OWN mistakes are hard to swallow and the fans have every right not to be happy with the way the direction the club is going!

    the majority of fans just want to support the club and understand we are no man city or chelsea but they expect to see the club at least having a go at trying to be competitive and gradually building up a team with sensible investment over the coming seasons and what is even more frustrating is we are nearly there we have the basis of a very good team to which we can build on with sensible investment???????

    so sit there and moan at the moaners wave your scarf and put up with the best players being sold and the clubs premier league status being gambled away to line ashleys own pocket as not a penny of the money recouped is being invested which is a bloody disgrace!

  19. geordiedug

    Top article, and I agree entirely with your response to bb @ 19.

    I’ll never get this “we’ll be OK – just keep waving the scarves” and “anyone who thinks the management’s shafting the fans is evil” sh|te.

    As ever, it’s like a tragic version of The Stepford Wives reading some of the cr@p posted here.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  20. well jimbob, we are just going to have to wait and see what happens,but we probably will get shafted again.
    i’m just hoping that with joey going it will free up space on the wage bill.if anyone should be leaving,it should be smudger,who does f all.
    i cannot understand why a player who is influential,should be allowed to leave.
    i dont see the logic in mike ashley’s motives,as we will struggle this season,if he continues to sell or let go our better players.
    i see we have come around to carlton cole,being mentioned again,what’s the betting we end up with him?
    also that french kid who’s played for the boro,for a few year,is being linked,marvin emnes.
    he was crap when boro were in the prem,but because he has knocked a few in this season,this hasn’t gone unnoticed by newcastle’s hierachy.

  21. TROJAN 69 says:
    August 24, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    “well jimbob, we are just going to have to wait and see what happens”

    Terrifying isn’t it! :-)

  22. if joey gans to qpr,and he has a bad day,and he kicks off,blue peter’s garden gannin’ to take some stick.

  23. TROJAN 69 says:
    August 24, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    “if joey gans to qpr,and he has a bad day,and he kicks off,blue peter’s garden gannin’ to take some stick.”

    I actually remember Percy Thrower gannin’ radgie over that Trojan. Dennis Wise and Les Ferdinand were innocent.

  24. aye worky, i remember the rumours flying around,that it was big les ferdinand and a few of his pals,who done the damage.

  25. TROJAN 69 says:
    August 24, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    “aye worky, i remember the rumours flying around,that it was big les ferdinand and a few of his pals,who done the damage.”

    I remember old Percy saying that whoever did it must be “mentally ill”.

  26. Who needs top class players? We’ve done OK against two top quality sides (:)) so we’ll be OK for the next season.

    Reality is both Arsenal and Sunderland were poor and Arsenal look as though they’ll be out of the CL unless they get Fener’s place. Mackems are even worse, having lost to Brighton last night without putting up a fight.

    However the difference between these two teams and NUFC is that the other two have the ability to patch up their squads before the window closes !

  27. Can’t understand posters like bb who slag off loyal fans who have genuine concerns about the club. He mentions that the Hall’s made money yes but under John Hall we made a hell of a lot of progress too being one of the Elite teams in England can you really see that happening under Ashley? We also made money under Sir John Hall having £100 million in the bank before Shepherd took over. A lot is made about the debt we have as well does anyone know how much of that is the mortgage on the Stadium which should be self-financing. I don’t think anyone minds Ashley making profit if he is actually making progress with the team but to make it from obviously asset stripping the club and the lies that they tell is what angers a lot of fans. I’m not going to give insults to any fan on here whether they love or hate Ashley as it is we the fans that have the best interests of the club at heart.

    bb states “Im sure though some people on here would be dissapointed if we had a good season or a good cup run, some would even be dissapointed if we won something as it would slow down their pardew and ashley vendetta.”

    I very much doubt that any fan no matter how much they hate Ashley would be dissapointed with any of those things but I for one can’t see it happening if I was proved wrong especially the winning something then I would be over the moon but personally don’t see us progressing under Ashley I see us being mid-lower mid table team if we are lucky and selling off our prized assets season upon season until the fat man gets enough money to knick off.

  28. Breaks my heart to see toon being taken apart by the only billionaire who got us relegated and a manager who seems quite happy to see players leave without asking why cant believe enrique went for less than we sold him transfer window shuts soon and nobody in how much more can we take from this idiot who knows nothing about football championship again ashley if we do not get a LB and CF