Barton finally shown the door by Newcastle United.

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Barton: Goodbye?
Joey Barton - Goodbye
In one of the most anticipated Tweets in human history, Newcastle United dissident, Joey Barton, has been on his Twitta page again. He once promised on there that he would “I will tell all when the time is right.” Earlier today on his Twitter page, he made a series of Tweets, saying first, somewhat mysteriously:

“I’ve seen this happen, in other people’s lives and now its happening in mine………..”The Smiths…….

Then the mundane:

“Training done for the day, off to buy some books and have a coffee.”

Later he then tweeted:

“I wont be commenting on situation at Newcastle again, as I feel it helps nobody and serves no purpose. Hope u all understand.”

And around an hour later at around 3PM:

“I will be making an announcement regarding my future, on here at 4pm today……..”

However when 4PM arrived, there was nothing to be seen from the tardy midfielder, but in a brief statement shortly before Joey’s much anticipated Tweet, Newcastle United announced on it’s official site that:

“Newcastle United can confirm that Joey Barton has been placed on the transfer list today (Monday). The player has been advised that he can leave the club on a free transfer.”

And all was clear. At the time of writing, Joey promised Tweet still hadn’t arrived, but we will of course keep you informed of any developments.

More ruminations and speculation on what this means for the club will follow later no doubt.


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34 Responses

  1. At the end of the day we are all frustrated by the goings on at the club , but going on twitter and saying all this crap does nothing to help. No wonder we cant make any signings with all the stuff these greedy players are saying.

    Gutted to loose a player of Bartons quality but the Club goes on and we all need to support the team. All this negative press we are getting is doing nothing for us and It can only be unsettling our current players and god knows what any potential signings think.

  2. I was getting a little fed up of his negative comments, would rather he say nothing at all than bring down the club with his version of truth – he’s basically using the anti-Ashley feelings to engineer a move away with him losing nothing in terms of money – smart but not great for fans.

    It’ll be interesting to see where he goes though, pretty sure a few weeks ago he said he’d only leave NUFC for a Champions League club…now that any transfer fee will basically go in his (& agents) pocket as a signing on fee, will he still hold the same standards??

  3. Barton’s latest:

    “Somewhere in those high echelons of NUFC, they have decided, I am persona non grata.”

    “I am on a free but the honour of wearing those B+W stripes, surpasses that”

    “One day the board might realise, what the shirt signifies. HONOUR and PRIDE. Thanks for your continued support……….. “

  4. well, can’t say this is all that unexpected. loved barton in the midfield. but a few things need to be considered: 1. barton’s twitters obviously (and even though i hate the owners and spent quite a while on this today: , i am of the firm belief that you don’t air dirty laundry, especially in a circumstance such as this that can affect the dressing room in front of such an important season. plus we all know how much the owners are scum, we don’t need to be told every other day by barton and enrique) which were not only unprofessional but playing with a egotistical sh!t like ashley and doomed to cause backlash 2.barton’s contract stalled and unless he had a phenomenal season – which we were all hoping for- they wouldn’t resign him and even then with pride at stake I doubt ashley would anyway 3. barton’s getting older and as we’ve seen our older players are being shown the door (which i disagree with as we need experience. send out someone like smith not barton) 4. barton only really had the one great season for us 5. regardless of what anyone says about the transfer market, we have bolstered the midfield so this gives ashley an excuse – as wrong or stupid as it is – to make this move.

    hate to see him go especially now that he has matured and grown up. talent and i wish him the best.

  5. I don’t comment on the blog often, instead choosing to laugh and enjoy reading others conversations about our club, but I feel right now like I have to. For all the Ashley sympathizers who continue to slag off Barton, or spin a positive light on whatever it is that is done at the moment such as “Nolan is getting on in years anyways, overweight, ect.”, I find it absolutely INCREDIBLE that STILL you can support or ignore the travesty that is going on, and be positive about it. Ashley is a greedy man, with absolutely no respect for anyone at the club but himself, including Llambias, from him down to the management, down to the players, down to us the fans. And for those who say that it is just business, that in any other business if u said such things about your employer you would be canned, true, but football isn’t just another business, its ENTERTAINMENT, and as such , completely different from anything else. And in a ‘business’ where u depend solely on one group of people to keep you going, it amazes me that the owner of that ‘business’ can disrespect and treat that group of people(the fans) SO poorly, and still get away with being such an arrogant prick, a tyrant and jerk. Treating this club in the way he does, when it means so much to all us fans who follow it is a tragedy. Also, I’m tired of hearing people slagging off on all the people who have come out to say things about how poorly the club is being handled.Even KK was lambasted by people on here when he said something. It truly amazes me that anyone, after so many people have come out recently to decry and state how poorly they and this great club are being treated, can STILL find ways to blame on anyone else but Ashley. I truly believe that they all loved this club, and felt that saying something to the public was the only way to get it across. It’s an absolute shame, what is happening at the club. It is being run into the ground by the morons up top. Absolutely crushing..feel like I did when I found out Carroll was sold, stomach dropped and all.

  6. Another one bites the dust.
    Getting boring now this club is a shithole.
    Good Luck Joey least you had the balls to speak out about the disease that has infected NUFC.
    Who next Jose?

  7. Haway lads, let’s let our feet do the talking and boycott that joke of a club we used to call ours. Anyone know how to bring down a helicopter? Would love to wake up to the news of ashleys demise amongst the smouldering wreckage of his downed chopper.

  8. Top scorer, then club captain and now Player of the Season (in some parts) all gone because the Fatman wants to run NUFC as another branch of Sports Direct :(

    I had some hopes for this season with JB involved but we now have a serious lack of quality, passion and commitment in the side and the squad. Ironically JB probably loves this club more than the Fatman ever would.

    “Somewhere in those high echelons of NUFC, they have decided I am persona non grata. I am on a free but the honour of wearing those B+W stripes, surpasses that.

    One day the board might realise, what the shirt signifies. HONOUR and PRIDE. Thanks for your continued support..”

    Looks like this season could mirror 2008-9 with the dressing room turmoil which JB referred to ?

  9. Can’t wait for the day Ashley sells.

    Joey should have been given a contract, then all this Tw@tter crap wouldn’t have happened.

    GET OUT OF OUR CLUB and take your puppet with you!

  10. I’m afraid he may be talented but Joey Barton is just an ungrateful, unstable moron. Last season was the first in which he regularly played due to imprisonment and constant injuries. The Toon hierachy are no angels but Barton is an employee paid to play football tothe best of his ability not to comment on managemen or transfer policy.
    Because Barton, Nolan and Enrique , and others, were responsible for our relegation we can’t attract big name players cos we aint in europe. We are rebuiling and clearing a pile of debt. None of these guy took us down they never took a pay cut!
    The quicker Barton and Enrique go the better.

  11. Andy,
    howay man, they have the same rights as anyone of us.
    Go through the proper channels if they have a grievance.

    If you slagged your boss/company publicly, you’d be out on your ear.
    if you own a co, & ‘do a Ratner’ everyone deserts the co.

    Simple really!

  12. He is a paid employee in a business more public and transparent than any other in the entire world…as such it should only be expected that when he is being mistreated, and the ‘company’ is as well, he has every right to come out and say something. In no other business do the “employees” have the power to come out and say something, otherwise they would

  13. Nolan out. Routledge out. Barton out – and no fee for the latter? Are more players are coming in(note players not player)? What are we doing?

    Our season was ruined last season by no cutting edge up front after Caroll’s departure and a lack of depth to our squad. If I’m not mistaken, the squad will now be smaller than last season and Ba has replaced Caroll – perhaps or perhaps not an improvement, I’m prepared to give the lad a chance.

    My faith, already sorely depleted post-Bobby, is stretched to the limit.

    How much more s!!t do we have to take?

    If there’s a plan from the club, do the decent thing and let us know what it is – communicate with the fans.

    Mike Ashley et. al. – you’ve lost many of us for good, you’re quickly losing those that retain even a minimal support for you.

    Act now.

  14. I don’t believe Management and I don’t believe Joey Barton either (end of the day he’s said it himself, he’s a businessman and will do what’s best for him).

    My biggest concern over the past two days is Pardews statement that we ‘need 1 more player’ – the fact that he thinks that is more worrying to me than if Barton and his negative twitter rants leave the club. We need 2xLB, CB, CF at least!

  15. its times like these when i need to recite the song follow in the nufc over and over in my head to remind myself why i would just give up with this. feck you ashley for ruining the toon

    i remember when i was in doubt
    me father said to me
    some say its only football
    but its heaven and its hell
    so cheer up geordie laddie
    its wor religion cant ye tell
    from the cradle to the grave
    the cathedral’s on the hill
    its the feeling of belonging
    the longing for the thrill
    its torture and its torment
    tribulation and its war
    its conflict and its passion
    its more than life you know
    we bleed black and white
    we’re geordies and we’re proud
    you’ll never hear another crowd singin half as loud
    rain sleet snow
    you know where we will go
    follow in the nufc

    unfortunately ashleys robbing us of this great club. sell it and leave fat cnnt.

  16. Now we need even more players and Ashley never seems to want to spend the money to get them. Work with me Mike!

  17. Spot on comments hoosiertoon. I can’t believe there are people who try to defend the fat shopkeeper. Jose says he is a liar, Barton says he is a liar, Keegan says he is a liar, Nolan says he is a liar, It’s been proven in court that he is a liar yet some people still defend him it beggars belief. Do some people not value Newcastle United football club and the ideals we once epitomised? The fat man won’t be getting a single penny from me.

  18. my dad, who is far clevererer than i, has this to say on the current management:

    “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first drive mad.” “O tempora, O mores!”

    which i think is Latin for: “We’re f88ked.”

  19. Firstly, Bartons comments throughout the summer on twitter have done nothing but damage our club, they bring negative press attention that is affecting our lure for potential new players, the current morale of the team so I’m glad he will be on his way, very good player, but life goes on, we can cope without him. Secondly, it is a bit worrying as to why one of our better players has just been released, one of our higher earners at that. In Barton and Nolan, we have lost the teams heart. It will be interesting to see now if we sign any other players, if I had to guess, I would say no and if that’s the case, I would be worried. Pardew has something to do with all this though, he is a liar, everything that comes out his mouth, pure lies. The club is rotten at the top, Ashley, llambias, f**k off out our club and take pardew with you!

  20. Not that I give too much of a toss for Danny Simpson but he is:

    “Lost for words”

    I’m assuming most the squad are? But what did he expect after Joey vented his spleen?

    You can’t transfer list someone and not have a replacement ready, but do we…

  21. Barton has shown himself to be a thug and a scumbag and whilst I would always hope that he could turn his life around and become a better person, he is just proving himself to be a recurring troublemaker who wallows in his own notoriety. He has to go quickly (to become somebody else’s problem).

    I’m no Ashley supporter but I can’t see he had any other option in this case. Let’s get past this. Something positive has to happen soon. Surely?

  22. I wonder what will happen if we don’t do well against Arsenal and the Mackems?…

    “Ashley out” chants will only result in one thing…Pardew being sacked and replaced with David Pleat (or something like that).

  23. @Joey7Barton you never know pal Liverpool might offer 6 mil even though your on a free !!!

    Savage is a twat, but that is funny. :-)

  24. Hoo NUTS,

    It’s the fat man that has to go man. Ever since Ashley came the Toon’s been doomed man – Doomed a tells ya.

    Newcastle’s squad is fast becoming like Frazer’s story aboot the “auld empty barn” – there’s fk all in it!

  25. the whole thing is a farce, its like Ashley enjoys making us look shit

    why the club would tie down an arsehole like Ranger to a 5yr deal, yet only offer the likes of Nolan or Barton 1yr is genuinely beyond me

    the sooner the cockney clowns realise this isnt the same as selling rubbish tracksuits the better in my opinion…