Ashley will not prevent Pardew playing Barton

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Alan Pardew says he alone will decide whether Barton plays against Arsenal.
Alan Pardew has the final say
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew talks about Joey Barton’s potential selection for Saturday’s game against Arsenal and a dispute between the board and players about bonuses.

It appears that there will be no further ‘boardroom revenge’ against Joey Barton for his renegade Twitter activities beyond the fine he has already received and that Alan Pardew will have the final say as to whether he plays against Arsenal on Saturday.

The usually reclusive Pardew gave an interview for once and had this to say when asked whether he needs to clear Barton’s selection at board level:

It’s my decision. I’ll probably talk to Joey before the start of training on Friday but I’m not sure whether he’ll start on Saturday, whatever answer he gives me.

On whether or not Joey will actually see out his contract at Newcastle, Pardew said:

Only Joey will determine that.

I’ve said to Joey that he won’t play for me and I won’t include him unless I think he’s pulling for us. He’s in the process of weighing up what he needs to do.

I’ve offered Joey an olive branch – to me his crime wasn’t that great – but my dressing room has to be united, we have to fight as one. I think Joey’s in a better frame of mind. I think he’s beginning to get his head around that it’s a difficult decision for him.

Perhaps Joey’s collection of olive branches needs no further additions and maybe a contract is what he was hoping to be offered. Just a thought.

Personally, I’d be surprised if Joey does play on Saturday. I doubt his anger at the club’s transfer policies and his own (non-)contract situation has suddenly gone away and I think the only reason he stopped Twittering about it was because of the club’s gagging order on the players. In fact, I’d be surprised if he even makes the bench but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Pardew has also apparently solved a long running dispute about bonuses. I didn’t know there was one but it seems there was and it has now been sorted out. Pardew said:

I think it’s very, very important that we all try and build a new understanding.

It’s important that the club and players have agreed there’s something in place to reward you for what you do.

I made it a big priority. It’s important the board and the players are together. At any football club that’s what you need. There has to be a mutual respect.

Of course, as the manager it’s difficult sometimes because you’re in the middle. I’m employed by Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias, but my loyalties are just as strong to the players, who I represent and care about and want to try and enhance their careers and make them better players.

Reports that Alan Pardew is to head to the Middle East to broker peace there too cannot be confirmed.

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21 Responses

  1. this whole barton situation has me clueless.i have no idea how the club could put him up as a bosman when he’s still on contract and how ashley even Thought of letting go of a player for free.

    Oh,btw, funny ending

  2. any progress on the replacement for enrique front?
    i hope we don’t end up having to play james perch there.for the life of me i don’t even know why he’s still here,the hapless berk.that ferguson kid is Waaaaay better

  3. Er Ashley out please,

    and sick of blogging aboot barton and enrique , but waddya fink aboot score on saturday ??

    Got Draw 1 – 1 methinks will have to enter the prediction league …!

  4. I’m starting to like your intro’s whenever pardew has an interview…in a rare interview, the reclusive pardew ;-)

    I look forward to the next one…

  5. Morning Hugh,
    Totally off thread, but was reading a new book yesterday and your name appeared albeit spelled slightly differently. I feel that either you have the same interests as me, or there is something a little more substantial about your Nom-De-Plum. I am perhaps way off line or maybe spot on in my assessment.
    You may be crafty but I am not if you get my drift. !!

  6. I like Joey as a player.

    I guess an apology and handshakes all round might get him back in the team?

    We need him when we play the less skilful but more physical teams.

  7. Hugh
    Yes, you got it . I was trying to be discreet in case you were on the square. (the book was The Seccond Messiah by the way. A real insightfull read.)

  8. About Perch …

    He always tries 100%.
    Never pulls out of tackles (hence the fistful of yellows)
    Was in his first season stepping up a league.

    Colo, Nolan & Jonas were awful in their first season with us.
    Nolan was an EPL player and Colo & Jonas internationals, yet they struggled.

    New season – new slate?
    Give the lad a chance.

  9. I was looking at the squad and wondering who would be in the 25 this season.

    1. Harper
    2. Krul
    3. Colo
    4. LB / ANO
    5. Williamson
    6. Simpson
    7. Perch
    8. Raylor
    9. Saylor
    10. Cabaye
    11. Guthrie
    12. Gosling
    13. Smith
    14. Jonas
    15. Tiote
    16. Vuckic
    17. Ben Arfa
    18. Marveaux
    19. Lovenkrands
    20. Ba
    21. Best
    22. Ameobi
    23. Ameobi
    24. Abeid
    25. Obertan
    26. Striker / ANO

    If we get a new left back and a centre forward then someone has to drop out. I have assumed that Ranger and Barton have gone but Smith is still around. I cannot recall last years 25 but it would seem a bit risky naming only two keepers. I’m assuming that some of the younger players like Ferguson, Donaldson, Airey, Tavernier etc will not be included. A bit harsh on Ferguson but has young Ameobi put himself in the first team through recent performances.

    Thoughts anyone?

  10. Isn’t there a rule that says players under 20 at the end of the season don’t have to be named in the 25 man squad and can still play?

  11. Scott, you are correct. My omission. Apologies.

    Found this on the Premier league website the jist of it is:

    Of the 25 players, eight must be Home Grown players.

    Clubs may call upon an unlimited number of under 21 players.

  12. When people say we have a thin squad I’m assuming they understand the Premier League rules (as clearly I didn’t!).

    I suppose Ferguson, Donaldson, Airey, Tavernier etc plus Foster can all now be eligible.

    Looking at the list there are only a few who have no premier league experience.

  13. Kamar, I think with keepers there’s some sort of ’emergency protocol’ that allows teams to change their squad if all the named keepers are crocked.

  14. ref enrique..

    has – comical alan – said whether or not he’s (again) been assured from mike that all of the money from this transfer will be reinvested into the playing side of things?

    or has it (again) been earmarked for more essential maintenance works at the training ground.

    top of the league in training facilities! we deserve a cup & a spot in europe for this at the least.

    well done mike.

  15. I’ve hear that Ashley is to spend the money we get for Enrique on a load of those fancy Dyson hand dryers for the bogs. Is it true? A mate of mine blagged a load of them literally off the back of a lorry and he’s been told that they were destined for SJP.

  16. Boaz (18)
    Discression has never been my strongest suit mate. Your obviously a PILLAR of society yourself with a name like that. LOL.